UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 18-19, 1919

Volume OE - Page 228

                         Reno, Nevada
                      September 18, 1919

An informal meeting of the Board of Regents was held in the Of-
fice of the President of the University on Thursday, September
18, 1919, at 10:15 A.M.

President Clark invited the contractors who were bidding on the
new Education building and the State Architect, Mr. F. J. De
Longchamps, to be present, as the object of the meeting was the
opening of the bids for the building.

Mr. Pratt and Mrs. Hood were the only Regents present.

Mr. Pratt opened the bids, which were as follows:

    Stewart and Chafee
        Proposal No. 1              $113,068
        Proposal No. 2               103,405 (Unaccompanied by
        Proposal No. 3               112,607  certified check)

    Charles W. Wara
        Plumbing & Heating Contract $  9,177
        (Certified check for $458.85)

    Roush and Belz
        Proposal No. 1              $103,239
        Proposal No. 2                93,816
        Proposal No. 3                89,987
        (Certified check for $5200)

    Jacob C. Meyer
        Plumbing & Heating Contract $  9,486
        (Certified check for $500)

    Reno Plumbing & Heating
        Plumbing & Heating Contract $ 11,250
        (Certified check for $575)

    E. K. Fowler
        Proposal No. 1              $ 93,339
        Proposal No. 2                83,116
        Proposal No. 3                79,979
        (Certified check for $5000)

    Harry Kelly
        Plumbing & Heating Contract $ 11,950
        (Certified check for $600)

    Mathews Construction Co.
        Proposal No. 1              $105,186
        Proposal No. 2                95,970
        Proposal No. 3                96,628
        (Certified check for $5300)

Mr. Pratt inquired if any of the contractors wished to examine
the bids, receiving a negative reply.  He then asked the Presi-
dent to state to the contractors how soon the certified checks
might be released.

Inasmuch as Judge Cheney and Mr. North were both out of State,
the matter depended entirely upon the ability of Judge Curler
to leave the office in Elko and come to Reno for a formal meet-
ing of the Board.  The President assured the contractors that
he would wire Judge Curler at once and he felt sure that the
Judge would make every effort to reach Reno tomorrow, if it
were at all possible; otherwise, the meeting would occur on
Saturday, Monday, or whatever day Judge Curler could be here
and the award would be made promptly.

Upon this understanding, the contractors adjourned, and, after
some discussion, the two members of the Board of Regents left
also, with the understanding that if Judge Curler wired he would
be here Friday, the meeting would be held at 10 o'clock; if he
could not come until Saturday, the meeting would be at 10 o'
clock on Saturday, the President to notify these two members of
Regent Curler's reply.

                             Miles E. North
                             Acting Chairman

C. M. Beckwith