UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 17-18, 1982


Pages 17-31



September 17, 1982

The Board of Regents met on the above date at the University of

Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Vice Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June Whitley

Members absent: Mr. Robert A. Cashell

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

Mr. Donadl Klasic, General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Acting Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairman Curry (UNR), Jones

(UNLV), Heise (CCCC), Horton (NNCC), Lambert (TMCC), Dwyer

(WNCC), Hoffer (DRI), and Kendall (Unit), and Student Associ-

ation Officers.

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 Noon by Vice Chairman

Mc Bride.

1. Mrs. Whitley moved that the Board recess for a closed per-

sonnel session for the express purpose of discussing the

competancy of a University of Nevada System employee. Sec-

onded by Mr. Karamanos. Motion carried unanimously.

The Board reconvened at 1:10 P.M. with all members present except

Mr. Cashell.

2. Adoption of Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and

filed with permanent minutes) containing the following items

was recommended:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting of August

20, 1982, as corrected by removing the word "tenure"

in the title of Item 12, and inserting the words

"emeritus status".

(2) Accepted gifts and grants as contained in Ref. C and

filed with permanent minutes.

Accepted the gift from Dr. Peter S. Bing, who donated

2800 shares of Baxter Travenol Laboratories common

stock to the School of Medicine and approved the sale

of such on August 30, 1982, for the sum of $110,250

with the proceeds to be used for faculty salary sup-

plements at the School.

(3) Approved the appointment of the following individuals

to the College of Arts and Science Advisory Board, UNR,

replacing members whose terms have expired:

Jaci Jones, Principal, Wooster High School

William Ligon, Chairman, Executive Committee,

Security Bank of Nevada

Dr. Robert Clift, Physician

Approved the appointment to a second 3-year term for

the following:

Thomas Wilson

Rollan Melton

Robert Pearce

(4) Approved the settlement in the case of I. J. Jordan,

CCCC, as contained in Ref. C-2 and filed with the

permanent minutes.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Seconded by Mrs. Gallagher.

Motion carried.

3. Report of the Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee met at 9:00 A.M., Septem-

ber 17, 1982, and Chris Karamanos, Chair, presented the

following report:

(1) Received the following report from Mr. Roger Honour,

Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith on UNS In-

vestment Performance Analysis for the quarter ending

June 30, 1982:

A. For the past 7 years the 91-day treasury bills

realized 9.6%, stock investments realized 7.3%

and bonds realized 6%. No-risk investments were

the best return for the 7-year period.

B. Valley Bank investor managed $4.6 million with a

return of real dollars of $925,000, with 28% in

the equity market, 17% in the bond market and

55% in cash investments.

The portfolio was up 9,5%, 6.4% annually, and the

manager ranked in the 61 percentile for all man-

agers tested, but top 2% for the year ending June,

1982. The fund performed better in the past two

years as opposed to a 5-year period. This fund

met the goal (set at 6%) with 6.4%.

C. First Interstate Bank managed $9.1 million with

48% in equities, 21% in bonds, 29% in cash and 2%

in other investments.

Over the 7-year period, the realized return was

9.5% with the manager being in the top 6%. The

manager's timing score for the market was number

one of all managers tested. This portfolio out-

performed the rate of inflation by .5% or $500,000.

D. Both funds total $15.5 million with an average

return of 9.1%, which is in the top 7% of the funds

monitored. Bonds were the weak point of the port-

folio. An increase in the equity position brought

down the performance for the last quarter of 1982.

However, the two funds outperformed by $2.8 million

and outperformed the rate of inflation by 1/10 of


(2) Received reports from Monte Miller, Valley Bank of

Nevada, Tom Josephsen of the Security Bank of Nevada,

and Bob Lee of First Interstate Bank.

(3) Heard a presentation from Mr. Jim Braden, President of

American Bank of Nevada, to procure a loan from the

University Investment Fund in the amount of $2,250,000.

The collateral for the loan would be real estate with

a fair market value of $4.85 million. Any decision on

a loan of this type was postponed pending further dis-

cussion by the Committee.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval. Seconded by Mrs. Whitley.

Motion carried.

4. Report of the Budget Committee

The Budget Committee met on September 17, 1982, and Ms. Del

Papa, Chairman, submitted the following report:

(1) Discussed at length the Governor's request for addi-

tional budget cuts. Regents Mc Bride and Gallagher

reported on a meeting with the Governor's Office staff

held on Thursday, September 16, 1982.

Instructed Chancellor Bersi to report to the Governor

on behalf of the Regents as follows:

That the University of Nevada System is willing to

do its part in this pending financial crisis; how-

ever, inasmuch as our institutions are facing the

largest enrollment in history, we have returned to

the State our fair share to date ($3.6 million in

July, 1982). We shall continue to look for areas

where cuts could be made, but hope that other State

agencies will also do their share.

The Board reiterated to Campuses that the number one

priority is teaching and research, but given the fi-

nancial picture of the State, Presidents and others

in the System shall continue to explore avenues where

cuts might be made.

(2) Approved of the following recommendation from the Sys-

tem Professional Compensation Committee:

That the Board of Regents abandon the step salary

pattern within ranges/ranks and adopt a salary

range/rank parameter system using the 1982-83 sal-

ary schedules as a base point effective immediate-

ly. It is understood that this "system" would

permit each Campus to adopt the rank and salary

pattern of its choice exclusive of the base point


Dr. Dywer, Faculty Senate Chair, WNCC, related that

Senate's objection, stating they felt this would cause

a great disparity in salaries for faculty teaching the

same courses at the different Campuses.

(3) Authorized UNR to utilize Capital Improvement Fee Funds

for the following projects:

College of Agriculture Greenhouses - The College wishes

to construct two greenhouses at the Valley Road

Field Laboratory. Bids were received on this proj-

ect on July 22, 1982. The low bid is $82,000. The

College has $72,000 available for the project. Au-

thorized $14,000 in CIF funds ($10,000 to award the

contract and $4,000 for contingency and develop-


Swimming Pool and Related Improvements - There is a

severe problem with peeling paint and resultant

pitting in the swimming and diving pools at the

Lombardi Recreation building. If left untended,

this problem will soon lead to holes and possibly

force the University to close the pools. The pools

need repainting. Related problems include locker

room surface repairs and replacement of rusted

vision screens. To correct these problems,

$51,304 was approved in CIF funds.

Purchase and Development of Lots for Parking - In order

to provide adequate parking for the Lawlor Events

Center, funds were originally set aside in the

anticipated project budget. When bids came in

higher than anticipated on this facility, these

funds were shifted to support the cost of construc-

tion. It is imperative that the University acquire

and develop several lots north of the Center for

parking purposes prior to the completion of con-

struction. Authorized UNR to negotiate the pur-

chase of these properties and subsequently to

develop them, using CIF funds. The Board will be

kept informed of the progress of negotiations and

the costs of purchase and development. With the

recent transfer of surplus funds from the new

Business building, the CIF now has adequate funds

to proceed with purchase and development.

Remodeling of Ross Business and Clark Administration -

With the opening of the new Business building,

the University would like to proceed with plans

to move the Controller's Office from Clark Ad-

ministration to Ross Business and various admin-

istrative offices to vacated space in Clark Ad-

ministration. Substantial remodeling is required

in association with these moves. Precise costs

have not yet been determined, but are estimated

at $100,000-$200,000. Authorized UNR to expend

from the CIF funds necessary to complete the re-

modeling, not to exceed $200,000.

(4) Approved a special course fee of $20 for JOUR 375,

Photojournalism at UNR.

(5) Approved the per credit fee of $1.70 currently paid by

graduate students registered for six credits or less,

and the $.20 currently paid by graduate students for

7 credits or more, to be allocated to the Library,

for "research-related materials and general services".

These funds were formerly earmarked for Library re-

search-related materials only.

(6) Approved the following 1982-83 Estimative Budgets:

Student Fee Research Book and

Library Operations Fund


Opening Cash Balance $ 1,000

Student Fees 30,000

Total Revenue $ 31,000


Wages $ 15,000

Fringe Benefits 150

Operating 15,850

Total Expenditures $ 31,000

Office of Communications and

Broadcasting Production Services


Sales and Service $ 34,500


Professional Salaries $ 22,000

Classified Salaries 500

Fringe Benefits 2,812

Operating 3,400

Ending Fund Balance 5,788

Total Expenditures $ 34,500

Engineering Research & Development Center


Opening Cash Balance $ 34,290

Indirect Cost Recovery 5,710

Total Revenue $ 40,000


Classified Salaries $ 990

Wages 990

Fringe Benefits 20

Operating 32,000

Out-of-State Travel 6,000

Total Expenditures $ 40,000

UNR Marching Band


Opening Cash Balance $ 2,000

Transfer from Other Funds (SUCIF) 70,000

Total Revenue $ 72,000


Professional Salaries $ 4,697

Graduate Fellow Salaries 14,900

Fringe Benefits 737

Operating 51,166

Out-of-State Travel 500

Total Expenditures $ 72,000

P. E. Student Fees


Opening Cash Balance $ 10,789

Student Fees 30,000

Total Revenue $ 40,789


Professional Salaries & Wages $ 26,500

Fringe Benefits 265

Operating 7,000

Ending Fund Balance 7,024

Total Expenditures $ 40,789

Recreation Building Use - ASUN Fee


Opening Cash Balance $ 2,240

Transfer from ASUN 25,000

Sales 1,400

Total Revenue $ 28,640


Professional Salaries & Wages $ 13,000

Fringe Benefits 130

Operating 13,010

Ending Fund Balance 2,500

Total Expenditures $ 28,640

Building Use Fee


Opening Cash Balance $ 10,768

Building Use Fee (Non-Student) 14,800

Total Revenue $ 25,568


Professional Salaries $ 1,200

Classified Salaries 5,955

Wages 6,500

Fringe Benefits 1,133

Operating 3,500

Ending Fund Balance 7,280

Total Expenditures $ 25,568

A. M. A. Medical Education


Opening Cash Balance $ 24,230


Professional Salaries $ 18,218

Fringe Benefits 2,650

Ending Fund Balance 3,362

Total Expenditures $ 24,230

Fleischmann Foundation Gift


Opening Cash Balance $212,715


Operating $212,715

Savitt - Gift Medical Library


Opening Cash Balance $113,459

Interest 13,615

Total Revenue $127,074


Ending Fund Balance $127,074

Belz Memorial Gift


Opening Cash Balance $ 28,640


Wages $ 6,000

Fringe Benefits 60

Operating 6,500

Out-of-State Travel 1,000

Ending Fund Balance 15,080

Total Expenditures $ 28,640

Bing Fund Gift


Opening Cash Balance $ 85,940

Interest 6,000

Total Revenue $91,940


Professional Salaries $ 83,499

Fringe Benefits 8,441

Total Expenditures $ 91,940

Continuing Medical Education


Opening Cash Balance $ 47,522


Residents' Salaries $ 47,051

Fringe Benefits 471

Total Expenditures $ 47,522

Scarlett Bequest


Opening Cash Balance $309,321

Interest 37,000

Total Revenue $346,321


Residents' Salaries $ 50,000

Fringe Benefits 500

Ending Fund Balance 295,821

Total Expenditures $346,321

Phase V Building Gifts


Opening Cash Balance $ 23,290


Ending Fund Balance $ 23,290

Nevada Bureau of Mines Indirect Cost Recovery


Opening Cash Balance $ 5,000

Indirect Cost Recovery 20,000

Total Revenue $ 25,000


Operating $ 10,000

Out-of-State Travel 10,000

Ending Fund Balance 5,000

Total Expenditures $ 25,000

Geology Summer Field Camp


Opening Cash Balance $ 12,766

Student Fees 17,500

Total Revenue $ 30,266


Professional Salaries $ 2,600

Fringe Benefits 26

Operating 16,500

Ending Fund Balance 11,140

Total Expenditures $ 30,266

Mining Engineering Gifts


Opening Cash Balance $ 88,960

Transfer from Other Funds 10,000

Miscellaneous Gifts 5,000

Total Revenue $103,960


Professional Salaries $ 8,045

Wages 20,500

Fringe Benefits 290

Operating 50,000

Out-of-State Travel 5,000

Ending Fund Balance 20,125

Total Expenditures $103,960

Art Department Lab Fees


Opening Cash Balance $ 9,463

Student Fees 19,300

Less Refunds 2,500-

Total Revenue $ 26,263


Wages $ 2,000

Fringe Benefits 20

Operating 22,050

Ending Fund Balance 2,193

Total Expenditures $ 26,263

Melton Gift Fund


Opening Cash Balance $ 63,991

Interest 7,200

Total Revenue $ 71,191


Wages $ 2,500

Fringe Benefits 25

Operating 5,000

Ending Fund Balance 63,666

Total Expenditures $ 71,191

Historic Preservation Program


Opening Cash Balance $ 18,657

Endowment Income 53,535

Total Revenue $ 72,192


Professional Salaries $ 35,039

Classified Salaries 6,510

Fringe Benefits 5,520

Operating 6,000

Out-of-State Travel 1,000

Ending Fund Balance 18,123

Total Expenditures $ 72,192

Space Request - Facility Scheduling


Opening Cash Balance $ 5,864

Sales and Service Revenue 22,500

Total Revenue $ 28,364


Classified Salaries $ 4,019

Fringe Benefits 565

Operating 18,780

Ending Fund Balance 5,000

Total Expenditures $ 28,364

Police Department


Transfer from Other Funds $ 88,784

Reimbursements 72,694

Total Revenue $161,478


Classified Salaries $ 64,723

Wages 48,975

Fringe Benefits 9,541

Operating 38,239

Total Expenditures $161,478

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the Budget Committee Report

with the words "and research" to be added in Item (1) B

after the word "teaching", so that the statement includes

teaching and research as the number one priority of the

System. Seconded by Mrs. Gallagher. Motion carried without


5. Report of the Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee met at 11:30 A.M. on Friday,

September 17, 1982, and Chairman Gallagher submitted the

following report:

(1) Briefly discussed the public hearings on tenure and

Code revision recommendations which had been held dur-

ing the week and announced the following schedule:

Immediately following the close of the regular

Board meeting, the Committee will reconvene to

discuss the changes and to begin preparation on

a draft document.

The draft will be mailed to Faculty Senates,

Presidents and staff during the last week in

September. Responses to the draft must be re-

ceived within 60 days, with the 60-day time

period beginning with the date of the mailing.

The Committee will submit the final recommenda-

tions to the Board for consideration at the end

of the 60-day period.

(2) Agreed that the draft of the proposed changes on tenure

and Code would become a reference and be filed with the

permanent minutes.

(3) Approved the concept that before the termination or

deletion of any degree program, Department, School or

College, a recommendation for such action shall have

been forwarded to the Board of Regents for action.

Vice Chancellor Fox was directed to work in concert

with the Presidents to produce detailed procedures

for deletion of programs and to make them a part of

Chapter 20 of the UNS Handbook.

6. President Crowley presented Mr. Allen Hopper, Vice Presi-

dent of Activities, ASUN, who reported on the rock concert

held recently and then presented to Dr. Crowley an amount

of $4372 from the proceeds, which is to be used for the


7. Dr. Crowley also reported that faculty member, Ann Ronald,

who had been granted a sabbatical leave from UNR, has just

published a book, "The New West of Edward Abby".

8. Approval of Emeritus Status

Dr. Crowley requested emeritus status be approved for Dr.

Donald W. Marble, a faculty member in the School of Veter-

inary Medicine, who is retiring from the University on

January 15, 1983, after more than 26 years of service, and

that he be promoted to Professor of Veterinary Medicine


Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Mo-

tion carried without dissent.

9. Approval of the Board of Trustees, DRI Research Foundation

Dr. Murino requested approval of the following members for

the DRI Research Foundation Board of Trustees:

Robert E. Armstrong 2 years

Frank N. Bender 1 year

Fred D. Gibson (Chairman) 3 years

Robert F. Hammond 1 year

Sherman Miller 2 years

Cravens L. Wanlass 3 years

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Mrs. Whitley seconded. Motion

carried without dissent.

10. Change in Board Meeting Date

Mr. Mc Bride announced that the next meeting has been moved

from October 15, 1982 to one week later on October 22, 1982,

and will still be held in Las Vegas.

11. Nominations for the UNR and UNLV Long Range Planning

Committees on Athletics

Mr. Mc Bride announced that Mr. Cashell will be appointing

the UNR and UNLV Long Range Planning Committees on Athletics

next week and asked that if Regents have further suggestions

for Committee members they be forwarded to Mr. Cashell im-


12. UNS Land Water Rights Inventory

Vice Chancellor Dawson introduced Mr. Edward Pine, former

Vice President for Business, UNR, who presented his report

on the water rights inventory on land owned in the northern

part of the State. Mr. Pine related that some titles need

to be cleared in that several still carry the name of the

original donors/owner. He also suggested a policy be de-

veloped with regard to water rights and sale of the land

but retaining all water rights if at all possible.

Dr. Murino related that DRI is in the process of planning

a research development park which will require water rights

for the land before Sierra Pacific Power Company can make

the necessary connections to the water system.

Mr. Pine stated that the report, identified as Ref. B and

filed with the permanent minutes, has been approved by

Sierra Pacific Power Company and the Federal Water Master.

Ms. Del Papa moved: 1) to accept the report; 2) to direct

General Counsel to clear titles of these holdings; 3) di-

rected that a meeting of DRI, Sierra Pacific Power Company,

and the College of Agriculture and the Federal Water Master

be held to determine the status of the water rights at the

Main Farm and other properties; 4) that a policy be develop-

ed for consideration by the Board on the acquisition and

sale of land and water rights; and 5) that the report on

land holdings be Systemwide. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion


13. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Bersi reported that the Legislative Committee to

Study the Personnel System, headed by the Honorable Joe

Dini, voted yesterday (September 16) to accept the majority

report of the Task Force on State Personnel, which includes

a recommendation that State statutes be amended to provide

that the unclassified service of the University System would

consist of professional staff as defined by the regulations

of the Board of Regents. He voiced appreciation and thanks

to the Presidents and members of the Board who worked so

diligently to help in getting the recommendation approved.

14. New Business

Mr. Buchanan asked that UNLV prepare the Phase II of the

program in Exercise Physiology for presentation at the

December meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Acting Secretary of the Board