UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 17-18, 1955

Volume 7 - Pages 163-165

                     September 17, 1955

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in the Presi-
dent's office on Saturday, September 17, 1955.  Present:  Regents
Hardy, Lombardi, Thompson and Ross.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 2:35 P.M.

Mr. Ross stated that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss
reports that appeared in the local newspapers concerning the
selection of someone to make an investigation of the University
(as per legislative action).

Following general discussion on the advisability of approaching
the Legislative Commission.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried that the following letter be sent
from the Board of Regents to each member of the Legislative
Commission, with a copy to Legislative Counsel Springmeyer.  Mr.
Thompson expressed himself as favoring an approach by the Re-
gents to the Legislative Commission, but not in the form of a

    Dear _______________

    Recent newspaper accounts of your steps toward appointing
    a group to make an investigation of the University of Nevada
    have been read by members of the Board of Regents with con-
    siderable concern.  With confidence that the Legislative
    Commission would seek to act with sincere impartiality and
    good faith in this matter, the Board of Regents wishes to
    remind you of the following:

       I.  The President and the Board of Regents were among the
           first to recommend a thorough study of the University.

           We specifically asked that an inquiry be conducted
           into all phases of the University by an impartial
           board of competent educators, nationally recognized
           as qualified to evaluate the program of a Land-Grant
           College and State University.

      II.  The fact that we were in full support of such a study
           was used in statements during debate upon the floors
           of the Legislature.

     III.  During the above discussions, verbal assurances were
           made by some members of the Legislature that the Board
           of Regents would have an opportunity to concur in the
           selection of the inquiry group.  The Board of Regents
           must have confidence in the group if the study is to
           have any real effect upon the future of the Univer-

           The State Constitution says that the University is "to
           be controlled by a Board of Regents".  The members of
           the Board of Regents are elected by vote of the people
           of the entire State for 4-year terms.  They are re-
           sponsible to that electorate.

      IV.  Since the University of Nevada is a Land-Grant College
           and State University, it must look also to the follow-
           ing groups for approval of its program and operation:

               1.  Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Univer-
               2.  National Association of State Universities.
               3.  American Council on Education.
               4.  Association for Higher Education (N. E. A.)
               5.  United States Office of Education.
               6.  Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher

       V.  While the Legislature was in session, the Regents re-
           quested the Attorney General to contact some of the
           above organizations for suggested steps and competent
           individuals.  The Attorney General passed the received
           recommendations on to the Legislative Counsel.

           In addition, the Legislative Counsel made his own in-
           quiries of these organizations and has received recom-
           mendations from them.

      VI.  National authorities in education have repeatedly
           emphasized that the proper study of a Land-Grant
           College and State University is a very complex task.
           Only those people experienced in such studies and
           the organization and operation of these institutions
           are in a position to evaluate with any degree of
           accurate judgment.

     VII.  At your meeting of September 2, 1955, the Legislative
           Counsel recommended Dr. Dean Mc Henry, a Professor of
           Political Science at U. C. L. A. to direct this study.
           Our inquiry of Dr. Mc Henry reveals the following

               1.  Dr. Dean Mc Henry was never offered the posi-
                   tion of President of the University of Nevada
                   and has not made such a statement.

                   a)  He was proposed for the position in 1950,
                       but Dr. Love was selected and appointed.

                   b)  Because of the previous proposal and con-
                       sideration, he was on the list of poten-
                       tial candidates in 1952.  He was not in-
                       terested in being a candidate at that time
                       because he was seeking political office.

               2.  We have been informed that Dr. Dean Mc Henry
                   was not on the lists of people proposed by the
                   above mentioned organizations to participate
                   in the study.  His name was unknown to the
                   offices of these organizations.

               3.  News accounts indicate that Dr. Mc Henry had
                   agreed to make the study in close cooperation
                   with the Legislative Counsel's office.  The
                   Board of Regents does not believe this is
                   wise.  Once the individual or group is select-
                   ed, he, or they, must be completely free of
                   any individual or group.  The study and report
                   must be conducted with complete independence.
                   History of such studies indicates that the
                   most satisfactory studies have been made by
                   independently operating boards.

    VIII.  The Board of Regents wishes to request that the person
           appointed to direct the study be one who is recommend-
           ed as competent by several of the organizations named

                             Very truly yours,

                             S. E. Ross, Chairman
                             Board of Regents

It was agreed, by consensus, that the letter not be released to
anyone other than the addressees.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15 P.M.