UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 17-18, 1924

Volume OE - Pages 395-397

                         Reno, Nevada
                      September 17, 1924

The adjourned meeting of the Board was held in the Office of
President Clark at 7:30 P.M. Wednesday, September 17, 1924.
Present:  Chairman Pratt, Mrs. Hood, Judge Talbot, President
Clark, Architect De Longchamps, Drs. Adams, Hartman and Sears
and Comptroller Gorman.

The architect submitted plans for a Science building, which, if
fireproofed, would not come within the estimated amount which
Mr. Mackay is willing to pay.  The building would need to be
made smaller in order to come within the estimate.  After a
general discussion as to probabilities, President Clark asked
architect De Longchamps if he would be willing to continue to
work with the Heads of the Departments and the Board of Regents
and to draft such plans as finally were agreed upon for presenta-
tion to Mr. Mackay, with the understanding that if Mr. Mackay
approved one of his plans, Mr. De Longchamps would be appointed
as the architect for the new building, receiving the usual archi-
tect's fee understood to cover all this preliminary service as
well as the due drafting of final plans and specifications and
architectural responsibility for the building during its con-
struction.  Mr. De Longchamps stated that he would be perfectly
willing to take his chances with Mr. Mackay, with definite under-
standing that he should receive no compensation for his services
unless and until Mr. Mackay approved plans drawn by Mr. De Long-
champs and that then his compensation both for this preliminary
service and for his regular duties as architect should be covered
by the usual architect's commission.  Judge Talbot then moved
that the Heads of the 3 Departments interested, Chemistry, Phys-
ics and Mathematics, cooperate with Mr. De Longchamps to the end
that he submit two sets of plans to the Board at their October
meeting, one set to be the set for the building even larger than
to come within the maximum proposed to Mr. Mackay and the second
to be a reduced set.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

Comptroller Gorman read the bids for fuel oil, which had been
submitted at a previous meeting of the Board, as follows:

    Union Oil Company.  Market price and not to exceed $1.50
    per bbl. to February 28th or $1.75 per bbl. from March 1
    to August 31.  It is understood by Comptroller Gorman
    that this oil is not always shipped from the refinery but
    often is shipped directly from the wells, which means an
    inferior grade of oil.

    Standard Oil Company.  $1.15 per bbl. now and not to ex-
    ceed $1.40 prior to February 28th, and $1.65 per bbl. from
    March 1 to September 1, 1925.  This oil is from the re-
    finery and not direct from the wells.

    Shell Oil Company.  Market price and not to exceed $1.40
    per bbl. to February 28th, 1925, and not to exceed $1.65
    per bbl. from March 1, to May 1, 1925.  An 8 months' guaran-
    tee.  Oil loaded from refinery and not from wells.

After lengthy discussion as to the merits of the respective
contracts, Mr. Gorman maintaining that the contract from the
Standard was the best because of the shrinkage factor in their
contract, and Judge Talbot and Mr. Pratt feeling that the
Standard had had the contract for several years and that the
University business should be divided among the several oil
firms, Judge Talbot moved that the oil contract be given to
the Shell Oil Company.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            No
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

Judge Talbot brought up the matter of closing the Campus to
automobile traffic.  President Clark stated that signs limit-
ing the speed of automobiles to 20 miles an hour on the Campus
and requesting that mufflers be kept closed had been placed
along the driveways at proper intervals, that student cards were
not being given parking privilege near recitation buildings but
were parking in the rear of the Gymnasium or outside the Univer-
sity gates.  All these things in combination he felt had re-
duced the noise from any automobile traffic to a minimum while
in no wise embarrassing drivers of automobiles.  President Clark
was requested to secure written reports from Dean Adams, Dean
Hall and Dean Stewart and from Librarian Layman as to the in-
terference, if any, being caused under these changed conditions
to the proper carrying out of lecture, recitation and library
work, and to present these reports at the next meeting of the

President Clark read a letter from Governor Scrugham in which
the Governor requested University aid in the exploration and
survey work in uncovering archaelogical remains in this State.
President Clark was authorized to write the Governor that while
the University had no funds to give toward such exploration and
survey, it would cover the expenses of members of its teaching
staff while in the field during such periods as they severally
could be spared from University instruction until such times as
funds, either Federal or State, might be available to cover such
field work expenses.

The matter of heating the two Dormitories was again taken up.
Chairman Pratt and Mr. Gorman had gone into the subject very
thoroughly and after due consideration had decided that probably
keeping the present plant in operation during both day and night,
and running full capacity for the hours during which the plant
customarily functioned and at half capacity during the night
hours when previously the plant had been shut down, putting the
circulating pump now in use at Manzanita Hall, in Lincoln Hall
and installing a circulating pump at Manzanita Hall on the
return flow pipe would solve the difficulty.  This would neces-
sitate the employment of an additional man on night shift from
about November 15th to March 15th, but there would probably be
some saving on fuel since the system would not cool off at any
time during this period.  After discussion of this subject,
Judge Talbot moved that the action of the Board in directing
the installation of the temporary heating plants at Manzanita
and Lincoln Halls be rescinded and the Chairman, Mr. Pratt and
Mr. Gorman be continued as a Committee to install a 2 1/2" pump
on the return flow pipe at Manzanita Hall, install the present
1 1/2" Manzanita Hall pump in Lincoln Hall, and make such other
alterations as they think best and to make any reduction in radi-
ation in the Agricultural and Education buildings which they deem
feasible.  Also that during cold weather an additional man be
employed so that the heating plant will run all night.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             Walter E. Pratt

Carolyn M. Beckwith