UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 14-15, 1875


Volume OA - Page 99

                       State Land Office

                         Carson, Nevada

                      September 14, 1875

The Board of Regents met pursuant to adjournment.  Present:

Alfred Helm, C. C. Stevenson and W. C. Dovey.

The minutes of the preceding meetings were read and approved.

Bills described as follows were allowed:

    W. C. Dovey         Traveling Expenses                $ 15

    C. C. Stevenson     Traveling Expenses                  15

    D. R. Sessions      Traveling Expenses                 125

On motion of Mr. Dovey, it was ordered that the Secretary of

this Board be allowed a salary of $200 per annum, payable


On motion of Mr. Dovey, after the consideration of bids for the

construction of a Dormitory and fence on the grounds of the

University at Elko, the bids of B. E. Garbutt and S. Lake were

accepted at $5337 for the Dormitory and $897 for the fence, and

Mr. Helm authorized and instructed to enter into contract with

said Garbutt & Lake for the construction of said Dormitory and

fence at said price, upon the condition that the work shall be

completed and delivered on or before the 15th day of December,

1875; that payment therefor shall be made, $2000 delivery of all

materials on the ground and upon the completion of the frame of

the building; $2000 upon the completion of the first coat of

plastering and the balance ($2234) upon the acceptance by this

Board of the entire work; said contractors to give a good and

sufficient bond in the sum of $3000 for the faithful performance

of the work.

On motion, the Board adjourned to meet at the call of the Presi-


                             Alfred Helm


Sylvester H. Day