UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 13-14, 1917

Volume OE - Pages 98-103

                         Reno, Nevada
                      September 13, 1917

The meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order at 2:20
P.M. in the Office of the President.

Present:  Regents Curler, O'Brien, Abel, Sullivan and Baker and
Acting President Lewers.

A letter was read from the Sagebrush Editor and Business Manager
asking the usual assistance from the Board, requesting that the
same however, be increased to $300 instead of $250.  Mr. Curler
offered the following motion:  I move you that the Sagebrush be
allowed the sum of $250 as in former years and that the Secretary
be instructed to notify the Editor and Business Manager of the
Sagebrush that in the preparation of the budget the Board simply
made allowance for $250 and have no more than can be expended in
that way.  Vote:

    Dr. Sullivan         Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Had not arrived when the vote was taken
    Mr. O'Brien          Had not arrived when the vote was taken

A letter was read from Dr. F. C. Lincoln relative to quarters
for the Tonopah School of Mines and the matter was referred with-
out motion or further action to the Acting President (see former
action File 6-13 and minutes of August 2, 1917).

A communication was read from Mr. Frederick M. Lee of San Fran-
cisco relative to continuing the audit.  It was moved that in
response to Mr. Lee's letter of August 17, 1917, that he be
notified that the Board of Regents does not wish to have him
continue the audit any further.  All voted aye.

A letter was read from the Johnson Service Company of San Fran-
cisco dated September 5, 1917, accompanied by a catalogue, rela-
tive to a heating system for the Agricultural building.  It was
moved that in reply to the letter from the Johnson Service Com-
pany in regard to installing a heating system in the Agricultural
building, at the meeting of the Board on August 24th, it was de-
cided not to establish such a heating system and the Board sees
no reason now for changing this decision.  Motion was carried.

A letter was read from Dr. James relative to the mode of paying
his salary and the Secretary was instructed without motion to
write Dr. James stating the decision was made in this regard by
reference to the minutes covering his appointment, and quoting
these minutes to him (see minutes of July 13, 1915).

A communication from the Automatic Refrigerating Company of San
Francisco dated September 11 was placed before the Board and
Secretary was instructed to state to that Company that the
Board does not wish at this time to take up the matter of put-
ting a refrigerating plant in the Agricultural building.

Regent Curler reported to the Board that a check for $9.65 repre-
senting refund on a scrip book 11361 had been reported as sent
to the Comptroller's office, but the same had not been received.
Mr. Curler gave to the Board his experience with the use of the
scrip books vs. tickets.

It was moved by Regent Sullivan that the Comptroller be authoriz-
ed to execute a bond to the Transcontinental Scrip Bureau of San
Francisco in order to secure the refund of $9.65 on Scrip Book
No. 11361.  All voted aye.

The matter of the position of the Board relative to the salary
having been paid Mr. Brown, Emeritus Professor, was discussed
and the following motion was offered by Mrs. Baker, that in
response to the question of the Comptroller as to whether or not
he is entitled to pay the salary of Professor Emeritus Brown to
his widow, it is the understanding of the Board that it is not
under the law permitted to do so without formal action on the
part of the Board and the Governor, and the Secretary is in-
structed to write to the Attorney General on behalf of the Board
submitting to him for his opinion on the following questions:

    1.  If at the time of his death we would be authorized to
        put his widow on the payroll of the University if it
        should be made to appear that he left her with insuf-
        ficient support?

    2.  That if under this law we could use the money that has
        heretofore been paid to Professor Brown for the support
        and education of his minor children instead of giving
        it to the widow?

    3.  If we put his widow on the salary roll of the University
        whether we have any power to rescind that action prior
        to her death and take her off?

Regent Sullivan took the Chair.

The matter of Miss Sameth's letter referring to a previous let-
ter was taken up and the following motion offered by Regent
Abel:  I move you that in response to the letter from Miss Elsie
Sameth under date of April 9, 1917, that the Board of Regents
feels that it cannot give her any increase over the 10% that has
been added this year, that the Board is not in a position to pro-
vide assistance for 3 months each year - October, November and
April - and that in regard to the other matters of equipment,
those are referred to Acting President Lewers for his considera-

Acting President Lewers made the recommendation that Miss Ruth
Pyle, Clerk in the office of the Director of the Experiment
Station, be allowed leave of absence for 3 months without pay.
It was moved by Dr. Sullivan that the recommendation be approved.
Motion carried.

The Acting President recommended that the requisition presented
by Mr. Doten providing for the construction of a machinery shed
at the Experiment Station Farm be approved, payable out of the
Public Service Funds, the building to be a frame building.  It
was moved by Dr. Sullivan that the recommendation be approved.

    Dr. Sullivan         Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye

Mr. Norcross appeared before the Board by invitation and the
Board listened to a detailed statement from him of the organiza-
tion, work -- general and under the emergency fund -- personnel
of the staff, and future plans of the Extension Division.  In-
formal discussion was maintained at considerable length and the
entire ground in these respects covered and the budget discussed
in relation to the staff and the different phases of the work.

The following motion was offered by Regent Sullivan:  I move that
the summary of Extension work for the year ending June 30, 1918,
as presented by the Acting President, be received and placed on
file and that the Officers and salaries for the Smith Lever Ex-
tension Division as shown on pages 5 and 6 of that report be ap-
proved, as follows:

        Name               Title        Salary      How Paid

    C. A. Norcross       Director        $3000  Fed. S. L.  $2750
                                                State Coop.   250

    Frances Hancock      State Leader    $1800  Fed. S. L.  $1650
                         in Home Econ.          State S. L.   150

    Mrs. J. Meskimons    Asst. State Clb.$1320  Fed. S. L.  $ 350
                         Leader to Miss         State S. L.   120
                         Johnson                U. S. D. A.   840

    V. E. Scott          State Leader in $2000  Fed. S. L.  $ 500
                         Dairying               U. S. D. A.  1500

    Louise P. Peck       Co. Demonstrtr  $1500  State S. L. $  60
                         Washoe & Humboldt      Emergency    1440
                         Counties                           -----

    Leah Barker          Co. Demonstrtr  $1500  Fed. S. L.  $ 125
                         Douglas & Ormsby       State S. L.   150
                         Counties               Emergency    1225

    Evelyn Hayes         Co. Demonstrtr  $1500  State S. L. $  60
                         Lyon County            Emergency    1445

    J. I. Wilson         County Agent    $1700  State S. L. $ 113
                         Lyon County            State Coop     20
                                                Fed. S. L.    125
                                                Emergency    1442

    Lester Harriman      County Agent    $1796  State S. L. $  60
                         Douglas County         State Coop     20
                                                Emergency    1716

    C. G. Vinson         County Agent    $1500  Fed. S. L.  $ 250
                         Washoe County          State S. L.   150
                                                Emergency    1100

    Dr. S. Lockett       Veterinary   Balance of salary from
                         Demonstrator Public Serv. $600 per
                                      year all from Fed.
                                      S. L.                 $ 600
                                                            $ 600

    Gladys Wood          Secretary       $1500  Fed. S. L.  $1000
                                                State S. L.   200
                                                Emergency     300

    Mrs. Freda Metcalf   Stenographer    $ 900  Fed. S. L.  $ 475
                                                State S. L.   175
                                                Emergency     250
                                                            $ 900

                  Southern Nevada Agricultural Board

    Adelaide Phillips    Co. Demonstrtr  $1320  So. Nevada  $ 420
                         Clark & Lincoln        U. S. D. A.   900
                         Counties                           -----

    S. E. Merrill        County Agent    $1800  So. Nevada  $ 900
                         Clark & Nye Cos.       U. S. D. A.   900

                  Northeast Nevada Agricultural Board

    J. C. Lambert        County Agent    $1800  All from
                                                N. E. Nevada
                                                County Fund

    Norma J. Davis       County Demonstr $ 240  All from
                         Elko County p/t        Emergency Fund


    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye
    Mr. Abel             Abe
    Mr. Curler           Had been excused from the meeting
                         before this vote was taken

It was moved by Regent Baker that the two other positions as fol-
lows:  County Agent for Humboldt County at a salary of $1700 per
year, $60 to be paid from the State Smith-Lever and $1640 from
the Emergency money, and a County Demonstrator for Churchill
County at a salary of $1500 per year, $60 to be paid from State
Smith-Lever and $1440 from Emergency money, be created, and that
the Director of Extension and the Acting President of the Uni-
versity be authorized to find suitable persons to fill these pos-
itions and submit the names at the next meeting of the Board of
Regents for confirmation.  Vote:

    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye
    Mr. Abel             Abe
    Mr. Curler           Had withdrawn

The Board then approved the Smith-Lever payroll for $920.08
covered by Checks 1769 to 1781 inclusive and the Chairman signed
the Check for the same.

The Chairman then read a telegram from Walter E. Clark, dated
New York, September 13, accepting the election as President of
the University.

Mrs. Hattie Brown Henderson appeared before the Board by appoint-
ment in the interest of her mother regarding a continuance of
the Emeritus salary having been paid to Mr. Richard Brown.

There being no further business, the Board adjourned until the
regular December meeting, the second Tuesday of the month.

                             J. F. Abel

Louise Blaney