UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

September 11-12, 1937 

Volume 5 - Pages 194-199

                       REGENTS MEETING
                     September 11, 1937

The Board of Regents met in the Office of President Clark at 10
o'clock Saturday morning, September 11, 1937.  There were present
Mr. Ross, Chairman, Judge Brown and Mr. Williams.  Absent:  Mr.
Wingfield and Dr. Olmsted.

On motion of Chairman Ross the minutes of the June 19th meeting
were approved by the following vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Fuel oil bids were opened in the presence of the agents of the
several companies bidding and were referred to the Comptroller
for compilation and later decision by the Board.

Bids were opened in the presence of representatives of the two
companies bidding on the roofing of the Bureau of Mines building
and of Mackay Science Hall, as follows:

    George F. Warren, roofing and insulation of the Federal
    Bureau of Mines building, as per specifications, $93.
    Mackay Science building, as per specifications, $228.
    The specifications were considered inadequate and he of-
    fered to do what he considered necessary additional work,
    which he would guarantee for 10 years for the added amounts
    of $137 and $470 respectively.

    R. L. Seltzer bid $375 and $325 respectively for repair
    work on the roofs of the U. S. Bureau of Mines building
    and the Mackay Science Hall building.

The representatives withdrew.

Chairman Ross had visited the roof of the Mackay Science building
and reported it in exceeding bad condition.  After some discus-
sion, Mr. Williams moved that the Chairman of the Board and the
Comptroller be authorized to employ expert assistance and advice
with reference to what needs to be done for these roofs and to
secure such specifications as they deem proper and that then the
matter of doing whatever additional work needs to be done be left
with the Executive Committee with full power to act.  Judge Brown
said that he would be absent from Reno for two weeks beginning
September 20th but that the other two members of the Executive
Committee could proceed without him.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Ross read the "Corrected Statement of Agreement" of date
July 16, 1937, from Mr. S. Frank Hunt, as follows:

                                       Salt Lake City, Utah
                                       July 16, 1937

    To the Board of Regents of the
    University of Nevada


    I have heretofore contributed to you certain property con-
    sisting of 10,000 shares of stock of the Mountain City
    Copper Co., 15,000 shares of stock of Tybo Lead Co. and
    approximately $8,500 in cash, a station wagon and one Ford

    Such contributions were made in pursuance of a plan, not
    heretofore definitely formulated, under which you should
    afford to a certain number of students of Geology, who in
    your judgment were worthy, the opportunity of receiving
    practical geologic experience and training in the mining
    fields of Nevada.

    You have devoted the contributions so made to the general
    purposes stated and I approve and confirm all that you and
    your representatives have done, as well as all expenditures
    you and they have made, to this date, in carrying out such

    I am now offering to contribute to you, upon the conditions
    hereinafter set forth, additional property consisting of
    10,000 shares of stock of said Mountain City Copper Co.,
    5,000 shares of stock of the Combined Metals, Inc. and 5,000
    shares of the stock of the Prince Consolidated Mining Co.,
    the two latter companies operating at Pioche, Nevada and
    $2,500 in cash.

    The property heretofore contributed and which I now offer to
    contribute, and the conversions thereof, as well as the in-
    come from same, henceforth shall be used in carrying out the
    following objects and purposes, namely:

    To afford to a chosen number of 8 students yearly of the
    Mackay School of Mines, who have completed at least 20 cred-
    its in Geology, required by the end of their 3rd year, pos-
    sessing the requisite qualities, aptitude, fortitude, daring
    and spirit of adventure, the opportunity to study the mining
    fields of Nevada, and there carry on mining field geologic
    work under the supervision of experienced, competent and
    properly qualified Geologists, during their Summer vacations.
    The selection of these students, as near as may be, shall be
    left to the Director and the faculty of the Mackay School of
    Mines.  Furthermore, in his discretion, the said Director,
    with the approval of the Board of Regents, shall determine
    what portion, if any, of those students who must provide
    funds for their continuance at said School, shall be paid
    out of the funds contributed by me, to not exceed for any
    student at the rate of $25 per month, for time given by such
    student to the field work.

    The mining fields to which I refer above shall embrace fields
    in which are located mines now producing or which have been
    productive, as well as new fields which present promise of
    making mines, the work in the first mentioned fields to be
    done first so the results of it will be available to the stu-
    dents for their work in the new fields.

    It is recognized that ore deposits are the results of a set
    of concurrent, favorable conditions in every instance or
    locality, and in view of this, my purpose is that the field
    work to be done shall be of a character supplementary to
    classroom work and shall embrace:

    (a)  The study of fundamental structural and geologic forma-
         tions which concurrently produce ore deposits in various
         localities in the State of Nevada, with the view of
         selecting possible productive areas, and to then project
         the results of such study into undeveloped fields where
         such favorable conditions appear to be repeated.

    (b)  Geologic and structural reconnaissance work sufficient
         to enable students to understand, plot and apply their

    (c)  During the field work only sufficient mapping shall be
         done to enable students to apply their findings in a
         thorough search for minerals or indications of minerals
         as revealed by the data gathered.

    Provided, however, that said program may be altered or chang-
    ed when in the judgment of the said Director it shall be
    deemed expedient or advantageous to alter or change same.

    The prime objects and purposes for which the contributions
    shall be used are those set out above.  But any surplus funds
    not so used may, when in your judgment it shall be deemed ad-
    vantageous to the Mackay School of Mines to do so, be applied
    toward the exploration, development, maintenance and/or oper-
    ation of any mineral lands owned by you or of which you have
    the right of possession, provided that same shall have been
    geologized by any party of such students.

    It is my wish that these contributions will enable advanced
    students participating therein to secure employment in our
    country thereby obviating unnecessary expatriation.

    Finally, I have in contemplation that the fund shall in a
    broad sense be devoted to teaching the students the ethical
    as well as the technical side of mining, and in that view
    it is my purpose and desire that proper discipline be at all
    times imposed on them, while in pursuit of the work, to the
    end that sobriety, upright citizenship and good morals be
    inculcated in them by precept and example.

    The foregoing is submitted in substitution for my approval
    of June 23, 1937.

                             Respectfully yours,

                         /s/ S. Frank Hunt

                                       Reno, Nevada
                                       September 11, 1937

    We hereby accept the contributions mentioned above on the
    terms above set out.

                         /s/ S. E. Ross
                             Frank Williams
                             George S. Brown
                             Board of Regents,
                             University of Nevada

Judge Brown moved the acceptance of the gifts of Mr. Hunt as
stated therein and also that the Board of Regents accept the
terms of this agreement and that the Board expresses its very
great gratitude to Mr. Hunt for his splendid gifts to our Uni-
versity.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Judge Brown moved that all gifts of stock received from Mr. Hunt
should be given to the Comptroller with authority to have the
stock transferred in the name of the University of Nevada, the
Mountain City Copper Company's stock to be issued to the Univer-
sity in lots of 1000 and the other companies' stock to be issued
in lots of 500 each.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

President Clark made the following recommendations:

1.  That Betty Shaffer be elected Matron of Manzanita Hall and
    Supervisor of the Dining Hall for the University year 1937-
    38 at a stipend of $700 in cash, to be paid in 9 equal month-
    ly installments beginning with that for September, 1937 with
    understanding that she is to receive an additional $100 for
    Summer Session service in the Summer of 1938.

2.  That Dr. Vernon Cantlon be granted a leave of absence for
    this University year without pay and that Dr. T. Clair
    Harper's appointment as University Physician for this aca-
    demic yer at $100 per month for the 9 months beginning with
    September, 1937 from University Hospital Association Funds,
    be approved.

3.  That Carol Schweise be granted leave of absence from Septem-
    ber 1, 1937 to June 1, 1938, without pay, and that Elizabeth
    Carpenter be elected Assistant Bacteriologist in the State
    Hygienic Laboratory at the rate of $100 per month beginning
    September 1, 1937.

4.  That Ingo Maddaus, Jr., be elected Instructor in Mathematics
    (vice Horace C. Ayres, resigned) at $1600 for the University
    year to be effective as from August 1, 1937.

5.  a.  That the arrangement that W. C. Higgins, Training Teacher
        in Vocational Agriculture in the School of Education,
        shall be paid $83.33 monthly by the University, beginning
        with the month of August, 1937, the University to be re-
        imbursed by the State Vocational Education Department
        January 1 and July 1 of each year for full amount paid by
        University to Mr. Higgins each 6 months, be approved.

    b.  That the arrangement that Doris Nesbitt, Training Teacher
        in Vocational Home Economics in the School of Education,
        effective as of August 22, 1937, for the 1st semester of
        this University year and as adult itinerant Training
        Teacher working out of Reno for the 2nd semester, be paid
        by the University $66.90 for August and $233.31 each for
        the 10 months September, 1937 to June, 1938 inclusive
        and that she be paid automobile mileage at 7 1/2 cents
        per mile and train fares for necessary field work not to
        exceed $300 for the year, the University to be reimbursed
        November 1, February 1, May 1 and June 30, on advice to
        the Comptroller to the State Vocational Home Economics
        Education Department in Carson City that Miss Nesbitt
        has been paid so much for salary and so much for mileage
        by the University, be approved.

Chairman Ross moved the approval of the above 6 recommendations.

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

President Clark stated that Director Fulton had told him that Mr.
E. N. Pennebaker, recently elected to teaching service in Geology
for the 2nd semester of each University year, beginning with Jan-
uary of 1938, had reconsidered the matter and was no longer
available for this service, but that he desired to remain in
service as Director of the Hunt Field parties of student Geolo-
gists during the Summer vacation periods.

President Clark recommended that Director Fulton's request for a
leave of absence, without pay, for 1 year beginning September
15, 1937 be granted and that during this period Professor Jay A.
Carpenter be appointed Acting Director of the Mackay School of
Mines and of the State Mining Bureau, to serve, in accord with
his own suggestion, without additional compensation.

Judge Brown moved that the President's recommendation concerning
Director Fulton be approved.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Williams moved that Professor Carpenter be appointed Acting
Director of the Mackay School of Mines and of the State Bureau
of Mines for the duration of Director Fulton's leave of absence,
as stated above.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

President Clark advised the Board of Maurice Izral's tender of
the old Post Office building to the University for the sum of
$6,000, to be moved from its present site at the expense of the
University.  After discussion, the President was authorized to
say to Mr. Izral that the University would be willing to dig a
basement and prepare the necessary foundation to receive this
building at a location north of Hatch Station on Virginia Street
but was not interested in buying the building or transporting it
to the Campus.

Judge Brown reported to the Board that he did not see how, under
the terms of the Will of Mary Bragg Fulton, the Regents could
or should accept the suggestion of Mr. Diskin, attorney for John
A. Fulton, that the Regents' claim under her Will should be by
the Regents set aside and withdrawn.  Mr. Ross moved the concur-
rence of the Board in this advice by Judge Brown.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

On his commission to secure portraits of former Presidents of the
University, Chairman Ross reported (1) that the portrait of Pres-
ident Jones was already finished at the expense of the sons of
President Jones, that Mr. Herbert Jones had suggested that at the
time of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1st gradu-
ating class, which will be in 1941, his brother, a minister in
Springfield, Vermont, would be willing to preach the Baccalaure-
ate sermon or deliver the Commencement address and that a member
of the Class of 1891 should also be invited to appear in the an-
niversary program; (2) that the children of President Brown were
not in a position to finance the painting of their father's por-
trait and (3) that the expense of painting the portrait of Mr.
Hendrick was to be covered by funds subscribed by the officers
and clerks of the First and Virginia Street branch of the First
National Bank in Nevada.

The Chairman of the Board and the President were authorized to
have these two portraits unveiled and hung at any time which they
deemed appropriate.

Judge Brown moved that the authority vested heretofore in a
specific Chairman should become general and the Chairman of the
Board and the Comptroller of the University have authority to
invest and reinvest University Funds as they become available for
investment.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

On motion of Judge Brown, the President, working with Miss
Thompson, was authorized to make arrangements to employ an addi-
tional full-time Library staff member at a salary of not more
than $1200 for her initial year.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman submitted the following tabulation of fuel oil bids:

Company            Shipping Pt.     Freight    Bid      Total

Associated Oil        Avon           .7323     1.15     1.8823
Richfield Oil         Richmond       .7323     1.15     1.8823
Shell Oil             Martinez       .7323     1.15     1.8823
Union Oil             Maltha         .895      1.00     1.895
Standard Oil          Segura         .895      1.00     1.895
                      Richmond       .7323     1.15     1.8823
General Petroleum     Oakland        .7323     1.15     1.8823
Tarr & Mc Comb L.A.   Bakersfield    .895       .725    1.62

Tarr & Mc Comb's bid is approximately 26 cents per barrel under
all others.  On one year's requirement of 5,000 barrels this
would amount to $1,300.  Shipment from San Francisco Bay points
makes oil 1 cent per barrel cheaper than from Los Angeles points.

On motion of Judge Brown the contract for the 1937-38 season is
to be awarded to Tarr & Mc Comb, provided they furnish a satis-
factory bond for the performance of their contract; otherwise,
the contract shall go to the Richfield Oil Company.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

The next meeting was set for December 4th.


                             Silas E. Ross

Carolyn M. Beckwith