UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 11-12, 1917

Volume OE - Pages 83-86

                         Reno, Nevada
                      September 11, 1917

The Board of Regents met in the Office of the President on
September 11 at 10:50 A.M., the Chairman presiding.

Present:  Regents Abel, Curler, Sullivan, O'Brien and Baker
(Mrs. Baker came late), and Acting President Lewers.

It was moved by Regent Curler that the reading of the minutes
of the previous meeting be postponed until the afternoon ses-
sion.  Motion carried.

The order of business was changed and the reports and recommenda-
tions of the Acting President called for.

Acting President Lewers read his report and recommendations to
the Board.  He also read telegrams from Dr. Hermanies of Cincin-
nati, a possible successor to Dr. Mullin.  A short discussion
followed relative to the resignation of Dr. Mullin.

Acting President Lewers presented a summary of the Extension Work
for the year ending June, 1918, under the Smith-Lever Act.

Acting President Lewers read a letter from Dean Knight relative
to an appointment which he desired with the Board for Mr. Wood-
ward and Miss Sears, and asking also for permission to attend
the meeting of the A. A. A. C. E. S. at Washington on November
14-16, the expenses for same to be paid from the Hatch Fund as
the Director of the Station desired Dean Knight to represent
the Experiment Station at this association meeting.

A letter was also read from Miss Sameth asking regarding the
arrangements for the examination of girls taking Physical Edu-
cation, there being no University doctor.

Mr. Dinsmore was called before the Board to explain the in-
creasing expenses of his Department as touched on in the report
of the President.  The whole matter was discussed as to the work
of the Department and the reasons for the increased expenses and
the amount necessary to be set aside in the budget for the De-
partment in question.  Mr. Gorman was called in and discussed
with the Board and Mr. Dinsmore the finances of his Department.
The Comptroller presented during the informal discussion which
followed a statement of the funds for the various Departments
coming under State support, and the sense of the Board was that
the University should live within the money it had, that the
Board did not propose at the end of the biennial to have an
overdraft, and that a budget should be prepared according to
the amount of money available.  The discussion related particu-
larly to the Public Service Departments of the University.  The
matter of Dr. Lockett's salary was discussed with a view of ad-
justing it satisfactorily to the University and the Extension
and Veterinary Control Service Departments.

The Chair asked after the discussion if it was agreeable to the
Board, the Heads of the Public Service Departments, Dr. Mack,
Mr. Norcross, Dr. Lincoln, Professor Dinsmore and Director Doten,
would be called in at the afternoon meeting to discuss and pre-
pare a tentative budget.  The Secretary was instructed to ask
these gentlemen to appear at 2 P.M., the Board recessing to this

                               2 P.M., September 11, 1917

The Board resumed its meeting at 2:40 P.M. with the following
members present:  Regents Abel, Curler, Baker and Sullivan.
Absent:  Regent O'Brien.  Acting President Lewers was also
present as were Professor Doten, Professor Dinsmore, Dr. Mack,
Mr. Norcross, Dr. Lincoln and Mr. Gorman by appointment.

The needs of the various Departments were then discussed with
the Head of the Department in question and budgets were prepared
as shown by the following, basing the same on the salary roll
and necessities to maintain the work:

    State Analytical Laboratory - Dr. Lincoln Director

        Salaries          $3750.00
        Supplies            750.00
        Incidentals         600.00
        Equipment           600.00 or possible $1000*
                          $5700.00 or $6100.00

       *Represents assay furnace which would be needed within a

    Department of Agricultural Extension - Director Norcross

    Mr. Norcross discussed with the Board the various funds for
    the support of this Division -- the Federal Smith-Lever, the
    State Smith-Lever, and the State Cooperative funds.  He ex-
    plained the different uses to which the various funds might
    be put -- that the Federal Smith-Lever was used for salaries
    principally, that travel, etc., had to be met from the State
    Smith-Lever offset as the Federal funds might not be used for
    this purpose, the reason being probably the varying rates
    for auto and railroad transportation in the various states;
    also specialists of the University used in Extension Services
    must be paid from State funds.  Mr. Norcross did not present
    the detailed items of his budget but stated that he had fig-
    ured the amount of money needed by his Department as $11,750.
    He explained the difficulty in receiving the emergency money
    as promptly as expected and gave a history of his submitted
    budgets and of the different projects coming under the regu-
    lar work and the emergency work.  (Mr. Norcross withdrew
    to obtain from his office further information.)

    Dr. Mack was then called for the Veterinary Control Services
    and submitted the following statement of needs:

        Salaries:  Dr. Mack                $   900.00
                   Including Dr. Lockett     2,700.00
                   Laboratory Assistant      1,320.00
                   Travel - Lockett          1,800.00
                   Miscellaneous Travel        900.00
                   Tel and Tel                 180.00
                   Small Animals               150.00
                   Feed for Same               180.00
                   Gas, Ice, Chem., etc.       450.00
                   Freight, Postage, etc.      180.00
                   Incinerator                 150.00
                   Labor, etc.                 300.00
                   Poultry Disease Project     900.00

    Mr. Norcross returned and discussed further with the Board
    the needs in all the phases of work in his Department, and
    was asked what amount he needed to carry out the work, and
    the Board asked him if $11,000 total would satisfy the needs
    of the Department if the Veterinary Control Service took
    over the entire salary of Mr. Lockett and his travel with
    the exception of $50 per month.  Mr. Norcross advised that
    he thought it would do and he would make his arrangements

    Discussion then continued with Mr. Norcross as to what amount
    would be necessary to carry his Department from January 1,
    1919 to June 30, 1919.  Mr. Norcross did not make any defi-
    nite answer to the question of the amount needed, so the
    same was based on 1/3 of the $11,700 for the 18 months, or
    $3,900.  Mr. Norcross thought that probably would be enough
    provided the State would enact laws similar to the County
    Bureau laws of other states.

    The Board took up the needs of the Food and Drugs Department
    with Mr. Dinsmore and the following list of needs was arrived

        Salaries 18 months                 $10,800.00
        Tel & Tel                               75.00
        Wood and Coal                          240.00
        Water, Light & Gas                     210.00
        Janitor Service                        100.00
        Repairs                                 15.00
        Equipment                              500.00
        Travel                               1,200.00
        Freight                                 75.00
        Supplies                               225.00
        Rent                                   437.50

    The Experiment Station through Director Doten was then taken
    taken up and the following arrived at:

        Equipment                          $ 1,000.00
        Repairs                                150.00
        Travel                                 350.00
                                           $ 1,500.00

There being no representative of the Hygienic Laboratory present
the figures supplied by Mr. Gorman were used, and the amount for
that Department set at $8,625.00.

Recess taken until 10 A.M. Tuesday, September 12, 1917.