UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 10-11, 1971


Pages 19-26

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                        September 10, 1971

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Las Vegas

Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Members present:  Mr. James H. Bilbray

                  Mr. Archie Grant

                  Mr. Harold Jacobsen

                  Louise Lombardi, M. D.

                  Mr. Paul Mc Dermott

                  Mr. William Morris

                  Mr. Mel Steninger

                  Miss Helen Thompson

Members absent:   Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

                  Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

                  Mr. Procter Hug, Jr.

Others present:   Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey

                  President Charles R. Donnelly (CCD)

                  President N. Edd Miller (UNR)

                  President John M. Ward (DRI)

                  President R. J. Zorn (UNLV)

                  Vice President James T. Anderson (UNR)

                  Vice President Donald H. Baepler (UNLV)

                  Vice President Edward L. Pine (UNR)

                  Business Manager Herman Westfall (UNLV)

                  Mr. Edward Olsen, Director of Information (UNR)

                  Mr. Mark Hughes, Director of Information (UNLV)

                  Dr. Paul Aizley, UNLV Faculty Senate Chairman

                  Mr. Glen Clark, Chairman, Faculty of the Office

                      the Chancellor

                  Dr. Don Fowler, DRI Faculty Senate Chairman

                  Dr. Hugh Mozingo, UNR Faculty Senate Chairman

                  Mr. Alan Rosen, ECC Faculty Senate Chairman

                  Miss Shelly Levine, CSUN President

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jacobsen at 10:35


 1.  Approval of Minutes

     The minutes of the regular session of July 16-17, 1971 were

     submitted for approval.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Mc Dermott, carried without dissent.

 2.  Acceptance of Gifts

     Dr. Lombardi moved acceptance of the gifts and grants as

     reported (identified as Ref. 2 and filed with permanent

     minutes).  Motion seconded by Miss Thompson, carried without


 3.  Supplemental Agenda

     Upon motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, and

     unanimous vote, consideration of an offer by North Las Vegas

     of land for a Campus for Clark County Community College was

     added to the agenda.  Presentation of the offer was deferred

     until later in the meeting.

 4.  Report of Investment Advisory Committee

     Upon motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Miss Thompson, the

     actions of the Investment Advisory Committee, as reported in

     minutes of July 16, 1971, were confirmed.  (Minutes identi-

     fied as Ref. 3 and filed with permanent minutes.)

 5.  Revenue Bond Bid Opening

     As authorized by the Board in July, bids were received

     September 9 for $4,250,000 in UNR revenue bonds and

     $2,500,000 UNLV revenue bonds.

     Mr. Humphrey introduced Dr. Guild Gray, Burrows, Smith and

     Company, who presented a letter recommending acceptance of

     the bid of Bank of America.

     Chancellor Humphrey reviewed the bids received and reported

     that Bank of America had submitted the low bid for the UNLV

     Bond Issue (6.2881% net rate of interest with $2,51,689.19

     net cost) and for the UNR Bond Issue (6.2609% net rate of

     interest with $4,427,197.50 net cost).  Summary of the bids

     is filed with the permanent minutes.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended the bids of Bank of America

     be accepted.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Grant,

     carried without dissent.

 6.  Purchase in Excess of $5,000

     Chancellor Humphrey requested approval of an addition to the

     fixed lease agreement with Xerox Data Systems for inclusion

     of two model 8452 memory increments, one model 7231 RAD

     Controller, four receive modules and interface equipment for

     a total annual lease price of $7,776; the cost to be covered

     by the sale of time sharing to Washoe and Clark School


     Mr. Mc Dermott moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Bilbray, carried without dissent.

 7.  Progress Report Concerning Revision of University Code

     Chancellor Humphrey commented briefly on the progress of the

     revision of the Code, noting that the Chancellor's Advisory

     Cabinet had met the previous day for that purpose.  He

     distributed a draft entitled "An Alternative Proposal" which

     he noted he had prepared and which the Cabinet had accepted

     as a desirable concept.  Additional meetings will be held to

     further refine this document.  (Document on file in the

     Chancellor's Office.)

Mr. Morris entered the meeting at 10:55 A.M.

 8.  Transfer of Funds

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the following

     transfers of funds:

     #23-UNR    $3,737.54 from Contingency Reserve to Faculty

                Senate to provide funds for the additional secre-

                tarial services required to produce the Faculty


     #24-UNR    $3,950 from Contingency Reserve to History

                Department to provide funds for 1.5 graduate

                assistants.  Professional salary savings in

                this Department have been identified in suf-

                ficient amount to off-set the transfer.  These

                savings will be transferred into the Contingency


     #44-UNR    $16,560 from Contingency Reserve to the Library.

                The purpose is to provide for adjustment of work

                assignments necessitated by the death of Dr.

                Helen Poulton, University Archivist, whose un-

                used salary in this amount will automatically

                accrue to the Contingency Reserve.  The money

                will be used to increase the work schedule of

                Ruth Donovan, Assistant to the Director of

                Libraries, to hire 1.5 FTE technical positions

                and to provide additional student wages in the

                amount of $3,541.  The technical and wages posi-

                tions will be used to continue the full opera-

                tion of the Archives.

     Mr. Mc Dermott moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Thompson, carried without dissent.

     The following transfers of less than $2,000 were reported

     for information:

     #35-UNR    $1,250 from Contingency Reserve to Nuclear

                Engineering to provide for student wages.  The

                salary from an unfilled graduate assistant posi-

                tion will accrue to the Contingency Reserve to

                offset this transfer.

     #37-UNR    $1,500 from Contingency Reserve to Accounting and

                Information Systems Department to augment the

                salary allocated to P-46-09 to enable payment of

                the salary for the replacement in that position.

                Sufficient professional salary savings have been

                identified by the Managerial Services Department

                to offset this transfer.  These savings will

                accrue to the Contingency Reserve to offset this


 9.  UNR Adviser's Manual

     President Miller distributed copies of the UNR Adviser's

     Manual, 1971-72, prepared by the UNR Faculty Senate

     Committee for Faculty Information and Documentation.

10.  Report on Registration

     Presidents Miller, Zorn and Donnelly reported on the current

     status of registration at their institutions.

11.  Clark County Community College Site

     Assemblyman Dave Branch, Mayor Gene Echols and City Manager

     Clay Lunch, of North Las Vegas, made presentations concern-

     ing their continuing interest in locating the Clark County

     Community College Campus in North Las Vegas.  Mr. Branch

     stated that the City of North Las Vegas would be willing to

     complete negotiations for acquisition of 160 acres in the

     area of Pecos & Cheyenne in the City of North Las Vegas and

     the City would, in turn, transfer title of this land to the

     University.  Mr. Branch emphasized that the City would not

     expect any payment by the University for the land, but did

     request an expression of intent by the Board of Regents be-

     fore funds were expended by the City of North Las Vegas to

     acquire land held by private owners.  (The area of land un-

     der discussion was identified in "Site Selection Study for

     the Community College System of the State of Nevada" as Site

     E, Southern Nevada Community College Service District.)

     President Donnelly stated that he was in favor of the site

     proposed by North Las Vegas; however, he suggested that

     concurrence by the Clark County Community College Board was

     desirable before requesting action by the Board of Regents.

     Mr. Mc Dermott moved approval of proposed North Las Vegas

     site, conditioned upon approval by the Advisory Board and

     conditioned upon the successful negotiation by the City for

     acquisition of the 160 acres under consideration.  Motion

     seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried without dissent.

12.  Purchases In Excess of $5,000, UNLV

     President Zorn presented the following report from Business

     Manager Westfall of bids opened August 25 for furniture for

     the Education building and the Humanities building.

     Bids were requested from the following firms:

         Education & Institutional Corp., Pasadena, Calif.

         All Steel Equipment, Los Angeles

         General Fireproofing, Youngstown, Ohio

         Chapman Company, Salt Lake City, Utah

         Inter Royal Corp., City of Industry, California

         American Seating Co., Palo Alto, California

         Virco Manufacturing Company, Torrance, California

         Armanko Office Equipment, Reno, Nevada

         Morrill & Machabee, Reno, Nevada

         Lee Office Equipment, Las Vegas, Nevada - no bid

         Ideal Office Equipment, Las Vegas, Nevada - no bid

         Sahara Office Equipment, Las Vegas, Nevada - no bid

         Sarret Office Equipment, Las Vegas

         SPD Office Equipment, Las Vegas

         Allbrights Office Equipment, Las Vegas - no bid

         The Howell Company, Los Angeles

         Total Plan, San Bernardino, California

     There were 75 items on the bid for award purposes.  The 75

     items were arranged into categories by function.  It is the

     recommendation of the Business Office and the User Committee

     that awards to the low bidder in each group with the excep-

     tion of the last three be accepted.  An explanation of the

     reasons follows the listing of the groups.

     GROUP 1     Office Furniture (desks, credenzas, typing

                 tables, stools, files) and Faculty Lounge

                 Furnishings (settees and chairs)

                *SPD Office Equipment                $61,764.52

                 Educational & Institutional Corp.    62,498.33

                 All Steel Equipment                  66,723.46

                 Sarret Office Equipment              67,920.14

                 Special Item:  Wood bookcases only bid by SPD

                 Office Equipment - $516.16

     GROUP 2     Office and Conference Room Furniture (Faculty

                 and Secretary chairs, conference tables,

                 storage cabinets)

                *All Steel Equipment                 $26,325.16

                 Educational & Institutional Corp.    35,531.72

                 Armanko Office Equipment             46,746.23

     GROUP 3     Office Furniture (desks, side chairs, credenzas,

                 waste baskets, stationery trays)

                *Sarret Office Equipment             $19,859.39

                 Inter Royal Corporation              20,892.68

                 All Steel Equipment                  22,251.95

                 Educational & Institutional Corp.    27,040.16

                 SPD Office Equipment                 27,713.75

     GROUP 4     Various tables and modular seating

                *Virco Manufacturing Company         $18,514.55

                 All Steel Equipment                  22,373.07

                 Inter Royal Corporation              28,711.27

                 Educational & Institutional Corp.    29,323.92

                 SPD Office Equipment                 29,841.58

                 Armanko Office Equipment             32,393.26

     GROUP 5     Miscellaneous Audio Visual Equipment

                 SPD Office Equipment                $   746.43

                 American Seating Company                784.27

                 Armanko Office Equipment                823.88

                 Projection Screen:

                     *Chapman Company                    378.00

                      Educational & Institutional Corp.  399.72

     GROUP 6     Chalkboards and Lounge Lamps

                *Educational & Institutional Corp    $ 3,000.89

                 American Seating Company              3,245.80

                 Chapman Company                       3,429.50

                 Armanko Office Equipment              3,476.42

                 Special Item:  Bid only by Educ. &

                    Instit. Corp. - Floor Lamps          256.72

     GROUP 7     Children's Classroom Furniture (Education


                *Virco Manufacturing Company         $ 1,334.05

                 American Seating Company              2,117.70

     GROUP 8     Rest Cots and Speaker Stands

                *American Seating Company            $   583.79

     GROUP 9     Study Carrels

                 Virco Manufacturing                $  3,834.00

                *Educational & Institutional Corp.     3,910.60

                 SPD Office Equipment                  4,024.00

                 All Steel Equipment                   4,260.00

     GROUP 10    Fixed Auditorium Seating (Humanities Building)

                 Chapman Company                     $10,644.40

                *American Seating Company             14,734.72

     GROUP 11    Classroom Seating consisting of tablet arm

                 chairs and stack chairs.

                 Howell Company                      $44,211.04

                *American Seating Company             45,078.50

                 Virco Manufacturing Company          45,132.10

                 Inter Royal Company                  53,272.50

                 Total Plan Company                   54,148.38

                 Morrill & Machabee                   56,120.20

                 Sarret Office Equipment              62,634.72

                 Armanko Office Equipment             82,713.42

                 Educational & Institutional Corp.    82,713.42

                 SPD Office Equipment                 85,136.26

    *Indicates recommendation for award.  The aggregate for these

     awards is $197,003.48.

     Group 9 - The design of Virco equipment is not compatible

     with related furnishings.  The discrepancy in specifications

     did not warrant purchase in view of $66 cost differential.

     Group 10 - American Seating provided the only bid which

     checked to meet specifications and with tested proven exper-

     ience.  Chapman Company did not provide equipment for


     Group 11 - The American Seating chairs provided an accept-

     able substitute for the preferred steel case unit.  The

     Howell Company chairs did not provide an item that met with

     specifications.  Construction weaknesses disqualified the

     Howell chairs.

     President Zorn recommended award of the bids as indicated

     in the above report.

     Concern was expressed related to Group 9 in that the bid

     recommended was to an out-of-state firm, but there was less

     than a 5% differential in price between that bid and the

     in-state low bid of SPD Office Equipment.  Mr. Westfall

     explained that since the total bid was in excess of $50,000,

     State law provides only a 2-1/2% differential.

     Concern was also expressed over the great difference between

     high and low bids in Group 11.  Mr. Mc Dermott questioned

     whether the bid document was sufficiently clear to insure

     opportunity to offer satisfactory substitutes to the


     Mr. Bilbray moved award of bids as recommended for Groups 1

     through 8 and Group 10; award of Group 9 to SPD Office

     Equipment (recognizing a 5% in-state preference) and award

     of Group 11 be deferred until bid documents could be exam-

     ined.  Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Dermott.

     President Zorn presented the following information concern-

     ing purchase orders in excess of $5,000 issued under pro-

     visions of Board action of July 16-17:

     (1)  Bids for 14 items of equipment for Engineering were

          opened July 23.  No complete bids were received.  Items

          1 through 4 included 2 functional generators, a plug-in

          sweep, and plug-in trigger/phase lock.  Single bid

          received from Hewlett-Packard for $4,286.16.  Items 5

          through 14 included 3 oscilloscopes, 4 amplifiers, a

          dual time base and 2 probes.  Hewlett-Packard bid on

          all items except item 12.  Tektronics bid on all items

          4 through 12 on an "all or none" basis.

          The Engineering Department and the Purchasing Depart-

          ment recommended items 5 through 12 be awarded to

          Tektronics because the Tektronics unit has greater

          Hewlett-Packard oscilloscopes.

          President Zorn reported that purchase orders were

          issued as follows:

              Hewlett-Packard - Items 1-4             $4,286.16

              Tektronics - Items 5-14                  5,000.67

     (2)  The Continuing Education Department conducted a course

          entitled, "Natural History of the Grand Canyon".  In-

          cluded in the course was a float trip down the Colo-

          rado River.  The instructor of the course, Dr. William

          Fiero informed us that Hatch River Expeditions of

          Vernal, Utah, was the only company that could furnish

          the service required (55 people) at the time needed.

          Safety of the participants was a factor that was con-

          sidered as most important and it was felt this company

          could provide.

     President Zorn reported that a purchase order was issued to

     Hatch River Expeditions for $9,620 for this float trip.

     Mr. Steninger moved confirmation of the award of the pur-

     chase order as reported.  Motion seconded by Mr. Bilbray,

     carried without dissent.

     (3)  Bids were opened July 6, 1971 for 39 items of scienti-

          fic equipment and supplies.  The items were bid on an

          individual basis.  In all instances except item 20, the

          low bid was accepted.  Item 20 is a Sartorium Analyti-

          cal Balance and the low bidder bid a different type

          that did not meet specifications.

     President Zorn reported bids were awarded to the following

     bidders in the amounts listed:

         VWR Scientific                               $5,400.21

         Sargent Welch                                 2,174.25

         Curtin Scientific                               454.55

         Scientific Engineering                        2,925.00

         Leeds and Northrup                            3,955.60

         Chemtrix, Inc.                                  915.21

         Scientific Products                             340.96

         West Coast Scientific                           400.00

         Perkin-Elmer                                     75.00

         Coast Visual Education                          162.50

         Beckman Instruments                             166.00


     Mr. Bilbray moved confirmation of the award of bids as re-

     ported.  Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Dermott, carried without


     President Zorn reported bids were opened August 23, 1971

     for the purchase of a mobile x-ray machine to be used by the

     Radiological Technology Department.  Bids received from:

         California X-Ray, Phoenix, Arizona           $6,650.00

         CGR Medical Corp., Burbank, Calif.            8,160.50

     President Zorn recommended award be made to California

     X-Ray.  Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Thompson, carried without dissent.

13.  Fish Rearing Ponds, UNLV

     President Zorn reported that replacement of the experimental

     fish tanks at UNLV was originally estimated at $95,000,

     scaled down to $58,000, and now has been further scaled down

     to $40,000.  He noted Dr. James Deacon has applied for a

     $20,000 Federal Grant for this purpose, which is subject to

     matching funds.  An anonymous source has pledged $5,000.

     President Zorn and Chancellor Humphrey recommended an allo-

     cation of $2,566 from the UNLV Diploma Sales Fund, $10,000

     from the Board of Regents Special Project Fund and $2,444

     from the UNLV General University Operating Budget (subject

     to review after Fall registration receipts are known for

     this purpose).

     President Miller requested the Board to approve the imple-

     mentation of this program with the understanding that no

     State funds would be used during 1971-73 and that inclusion

     of the program in the 1973-75 Budget Request would be sub-

     ject to review at the appropriate time.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval under the condi-

     tions stipulated.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Morris,

     carried without dissent.

Discussion resumed on Item 12, Approval of Purchases in Excess of

$5,000 - UNLV

     Mr. Mc Dermott stated that he had examined the bid documents

     related to the purchase of furnishings for the Humanitites

     and Education buildings and was satified that the procedure

     followed was acceptable.  He moved award of the bid reflect-

     ed in Group 11 to American Seating Company for $45,078.50 as

     recommended.  Motion seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried with-

     out dissent.

14.  UNLV Campus Landscaping and Site Improvements

     President Zorn introduced Mr. S. Ditsworth of Boyle Engi-

     neers who presented the preliminary plans for the Campus

     Landscaping and Site Improvements.  Mr. Ditsworth noted

     that the estimated cost of completing the project as re-

     flected by the preliminary plans is $743,000; however,

     only $655,000 is available for actual construction.  He

     outlined the portions of the project which would be bid

     as alternates in an effort to get as much under contract

     as possible.

     President Zorn recommended approval of the preliminary plans

     as presented, recognizing the difference between the esti-

     mated cost and available funds and with the understanding

     that portions of the projects would be bid as deductive


     Further discussion concerned scheduling with concerns ex-

     pressed by members of the Board that every effort be made to

     expedite the project.  Mr. Ditsworth estimated it should

     not be possible to complete the bidding procedure before

     January.  (Note to minutes - Method of financing, project

     budget, project scope and time schedule approved by the

     Board in May.  Time schedule estimated completion of con-

     struction in July, 1972.)

     It was suggested by Mr. Morris, and agreed to by Mr.

     Ditsworth, that the bid documents be prepared so that three

     separate contracts could be let simultaneously (lighting,

     paving and landscaping) or one contract for the total


     President Zorn recommended approval of the preliminary plans

     as submitted with a request to the architect/engineer that

     every attempt be made to expedite preparation of the final


     Mr. Bilbray moved approval with the understanding that bid

     documents would be prepared as discussed.  Motion seconded

     by Mr. Grant, carried without dissent.

The meeting adjourned for lunch and a tour of the Skill Center.

The meeting reconvened at 2:30 P.M. with all Regents and Officers

in attendance who were present for the morning session.  Mr. Gene

Barbagelata and Mr. Thomas Bell were also present for the after-

noon session as representatives of the Attorney General.

15.  Purchase of Land from Land Foundation

     President Zorn recalled that the 1971 Legislature has appro-

     priated $150,000 for acquisition of land for UNLV and he had

     been in negotiation with the Land Foundation for acquisition

     by the University of land held by the Foundation to be used

     for parking in the area of the Education Building and the

     Performing Arts Center, both of which are presently under


     President Zorn reported that the Land Foundation trustees

     have agreed to transfer to the University for the purchase

     price of $138,000.  The transfer is now in escrow.

     He also reported that the Foundation has agreed to transfer

     to the University for the balance of the appropriation a

     strip of land which will permit access to Tropicana.

     Mr. Bilbray moved approval of the purchase of land from the

     Land Foundation as presented.  Motion seconded by Mr. Grant,

     carried without dissent.

16.  Campus Master Plan, UNLV

     President Zorn made a detailed presentation of the proposed

     Campus master plan for UNLV.  (A set of maps depicting

     physical plant expansion and the "Capital Improvement Master

     Plan, 1971-81 Revision, March 15, 1970", were distributed

     with the agenda and are on file in the Chancellor's Office.)

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended the proposed master plan

     be taken under advisement, that review and comments be

     requested from the State Planning Board and others who may

     be interested, and action be scheduled for November.

     Mr. Mc Dermott moved approval of the Chandellor's recommen-

     dation.  Motion seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried without


     It was agreed that an opportunity for further discussion

     would be provided in October at which time some of the ques-

     tions raised by the individual Regents would receive further


17.  Master's Program in Nursing, UNR

     President Miller recalled that in February, 1971, a Master's

     Program in Nursing had been approved for UNR, subject to

     funding by the State Legislature; however, no appropriation

     was received.  Subsequently, a Federal grant was received to

     allow the Orvis School of Nursing to participate in a re-

     gional curriculum and course development program.  Informa-

     tion concerning the funds required and those available dur-

     ing the 1971-76 period was presented (identified as Ref. 14

     and filed with permanent minutes).

18.  Report of Award of Bids in Excess of $5,000, UNR

     President Miller reported the following bids opened and

     purchases made under authority granted by the Board in July:

     A.  The College of Agriculture, Animal Science Department,

         sought 300 tons of selected alfalfa hay to feed to

         calves as part of an experimental project.  Triphon

         Ranch Properties of Gardnerville submitted a low figure

         of $31.50 per ton.  Awarded on July 19, 1971.

     B.  The Psychology Department requested the purchases of 13

         electronic calculators.  Bids were opened July 20, 1971.

         5 bids were received with low bid of $7,100 from Singer-

         Friden Division, Reno.  Award was made to the low


     C.  The School of Medical Sciences requested the purchase of

         50 laboratory microscopes.  Bids were opened August 10,

         1971.  11 bids were received and 2 alternate bids.  The

         low bid was Van Waters & Rogers, Sacramento, at $26,255.

         Awarded to the lowest bidder.

     D.  The Foreign Language Department requested bids to modify

         the Language Laboratory in that Department.  The work

         includes furnishing and installing new audio equipment.

         Bids were sent to 11 companies.  Bids were opened

         August 23, 1971.  One bid was received from A-V

         Electronics, Fresno, in the amount of $1,700.  Award was

         made to A-V Electronics.  Work is to be completed by

         September 13, 1971.

19.  Permission to Destroy University Building

     Mr. Pine requested authorization to negotiate with the City

     of Reno Fire Department to destroy the Superintendent's

     residence on Valley Road Farm.  He noted that the building

     has been vacant for several years and will be a few feet

     from Interstate 80 right-of-way when the highway is complet-

     ed and that it has no residual value.  President Miller and

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Thompson, carried without dissent.

20.  Report on Buildings and Projects

     A report on the status of construction projects at UNR was

     presented by Mr. Pine and a report from the State Planning

     Board on the status of the University's Capital Improvement

     Program was distributed (both reports are on file in the

     Chancellor's Office).

21.  UNR Traffic Code Modifications

     President Miller requested authorization to establish a fee

     parking area at UNR, for faculty and staff and requested

     modification of the UNR Traffic Code by adding the following

     paragraph to Article 1.04, Parking Zones Provided:

         Faculty and Staff Fee Permits:  These permits are

         available to Faculty and Staff on a first come first

         issue basis at not less than $20 per annum fee.  The

         number of spaces are limited and only those assigned

         a fee permit may park in the assigned areas.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval, with authority to

     set the fee, which is entirely discretionary as to its

     utilization, delegated to President Miller.

     Mr. Grant moved approval.  Motion was seconded by Mr.

     Bilbray, carried without dissent.

22.  UNLV Traffic Code

     President Zorn distributed copies of the UNLV Traffic Code,

     noting that although no changes are recommended, reprinting

     had been necessary to correct minor errors in the earlier

     printing.  He requested ratification of the Campus Parking

     and Traffic Regulations as printed August, 1971 (filed with

     permanent minutes).

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Mc Dermott, carried without dissent.

23.  Center for Economic Education

     President Miller recalled that in July the Board approved,

     on first reading, the establishment of a Center for Economic

     Education at UNR with the provision that it would be resub-

     mitted for second reading in September.

     President Miller and Chancellor Humphrey recommended final


     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Mc Dermott, carried without dissent.

24.  ECC Instructional Building

     President Donnelly recalled that preliminary plans for this

     project were approved in May for the purposes of submission

     under HEFA with the understanding that they would be further

     reviewed.  He reported that revisions to the plans have been

     made by the architect and have been approved by the ECC

     Advisory Board.  The State Planning Board believes that the

     project will be within the total budget.

     President Donnelly presented the preliminary plans, as

     revised, not the areas where changes have occurred.  He

     particularly noted that the decision had been made to allow

     the Library to remain in the existing building until such

     time as a second structure is placed on the campus site.

     Review of the extent of use of the existing building beyond

     the needs of the Library will be done at work program time

     and a recommendation will be made then concerning its

     continued use.

     Dr. Donnelly recommended approval of the preliminary plans.

     Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

     Mr. Steninger moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Thompson, carried without dissent.

25.  Acquisition of Surplus Property

     President Donnelly reported that in order for Clark County

     Community College and Western Nevada Community College to

     acquire Federal surplus property, an appropriate resolution

     must be filed with the Surplus Property Division of the

     State of Nevada (resolution identified as Ref. 21 and filed

     with permanent minutes).

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Thompson, carried without dissent.

26.  DRI Financial Plan for 1971-72

     President Ward requested that presentation of the revision

     to the tentative financial plan presented to the Board in

     July be deferred until October.  Request granted by


The meeting adjourned at 3:50 P.M.

                              Mrs. Bonnie M. Smotony

                              Secretary to the Board