UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 10-11, 1960


Pages 418-430



September 10, 1960

The Board of Regents met in room 205, Morrill Hall, University

of Nevada, on Saturday, September 10, 1960. Present: Regents

Anderson, Arnold, Broadbent, Crumley, Elwell, Germain, Lombardi;

Engineer Rogers, Comptroller Hayden, Executive Vice President

Young, and President Armstrong. Mr. Grant was absent because of

his serious illness; Mr. Tyson was unable to be present. Deputy

Attorney General Porter was present as legal advisor. Mr.

Humphrey, State Budget Director, and Mr. Proctor Hug, candidate

for Board of Regents, were present as observers. Reporters Aiken

and Robbins covered the meeting for the Press.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 A.M. with Vice Chairman

Lombardi presiding.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried

unanimously that the minutes of the meeting of July 29-30,

1960 be approved.

2. Comptroller's Claims

President Armstrong presented the claims as follows, sub-

mitted to him by Comptroller Hayden, and recommended that

they be approved:

Regents checks, numbered 01-1 to 01-35 inclusive for

a total of $475,731.38 for July.

State claims, number 90-1190 to 90-1196, 01-1 to 01-13

and 01-500 to 01-503 inclusive for total of $312,315.41

for July.

Regents checks, numbered 01-36 to 01-68 inclusive for

a total of $345,222.51 for August.

State claims, numbered 90-1197 to 90-1199, 01-14 to

01-31 and 01-504 to 01-506 inclusive for a total of

$283,281.29 for August.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that the claims be approved.

3. Gifts

Gifts which had been received by the University were pre-

sented for official acceptance by the Board of Regents, as



From Dick Graves, Sparks - a copy of the United States 1956

Olympic Quadrennial Report for the Library.

From the Office of the Government Commissioner for Use of

Nuclear Energy, Warsaw, Poland - a copy of Nukleonika, 1956-

1958, Volume 1 #1-4 and Volume 3 #1-6, for the Library.

From the Pioneer Title Insurance Company, Las Vegas - $500

to be used by the Nevada Southern Seminars in Business

Administration to conduct a study to determine the need for

and uses of data processing equipment at Nevada Southern.

From Robert H. Montgomery, Boston, Massachusetts - a copy of

Sacco-Vanzetti: The Murder and the Myth, for the Library.

From Dr. Effie Mona Mack, Reno - the second and third is-

sues of the Virginia City Times, for the Library.

From Mrs. James J. Hill, Reno - $5 for the purchase of a

book for the Library in memory of Mrs. L. A. Ferris.

From the University of Colorado Library - Nursing Research

(out of print) for June 1957, February 1954, February 1953,

and October 1952, for the Orvis School of Nursing Library.

From Miss Wilma York, Reno - a copy of Techniques of

Supervision in Public Health Nursing by Ruth B. Freeman,

for the Orvis School of Nursing Library.

From Dr. Fred Anderson, Reno - $10 in "memoriam" to Mrs.

Carrie Jensen and $5 in "memoriam" to John W. Scott, for

the Orvis School of Nursing Library.

From Miss Dorothea Walker, Seattle, Washington, $25 to be

used to supplement our Distinguished Visitors' Fund.

From Mrs. Anna Peterson, San Francisco, California - seven

very old photographs of the University and of Virginia City.

From Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburg, Pennsyl-

vania, to the Chemistry Department, several months ago, the

following material issued by the American Petroleum Insti-

tute Research Project 44:

One set of tables of physical and thermodynamic proper-

ties, comprising 1855 sheets, complete as of 6-30-59.

One set of infrared spectral data, comprising 2191

sheets, complete as of 6-30-59.

One set of mass spectral data, comprising 1757 sheets,

complete as of 6-30-59.

From Readers' Digest Foundation Research Fund - $400 to be

added to the Readers' Digest Special Feature Article Travel

Fund in the Department of Journalism.


From the Estate of Alma Holmshaw through Semenza and

Kottinger, Reno, $600 to be credited to the Harry F.

Holmshaw Scholarship Fund.

From the Modoc County Teachers Association, California -

$50 as a special scholarship for Wayne Dollarhide from

Eagleville, California.

From Sparks High School Student Body - $200 as a special

scholarship from Vista Rock for Victor Eppinger.

From Southern California ONC Freight Lines, San Carlos,

California - $500 as a special scholarship for Dorothy


From the Women's Auxiliary to the Washoe County Medical

Society - $1,750 as special scholarships for Linda Marie

Bottoms, Marla Bailey, Violet Ley, Muree Drummond, Sharon


From the Nevada State Nurses Association, District No. 3,

Las Vegas - $400 to be added to the scholarship fund for

student nurses.

From the General Henry H. Arnold Educational Fund of the

Air Force Aid Society, Washington, D. C. - $550 as a special

scholarship for Michael D. Gabbard.

From Enterprise High School, P. T. A., Redding, California -

$50 as a special scholarship for John Jensen.

From Anderson Dairy, Inc., Las Vegas - $200 as a special

scholarship for Peggy Breeding.

From the U. S. Junior Chamber of Commerce, Jaycee War

Memorial Fund - $200 as a special scholarship for Muriel

Ellis, who won the "My True Security" contest, co-sponsored

jointly by the U. S. Junior Chamber of Commerce and the

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company.

From the Uptown Kiwanis Club, Las Vegas - $250 as payment

on a scholarship for Coleen Arnett for attendance at Nevada


From the American Legion Auxiliary, San Francisco - $1,000

as a special scholarship for Sandra G. Hall.

From Sears Roebuck Foundation - $2100 to be credited to the

Sears Roebuck Agricultural Foundation Scholarship Fund,

$1500 to be awarded to students in Agriculture and $600 to

be awarded to students in Home Economics.

From Kenneth Yeates, Lake Tahoe - $150 to cover the Kenneth

W. Yeates Scholarship in Psychology.

From Ralston Purina Company, St. Louis, Missouri - $500 to

cover the Ralston Purina Scholarship in Agriculture.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried

unanimously that the gifts be accepted and that the Secre-

tary write notes of thanks to donors on behalf of the Board.

4. Candidates for Degrees

President Armstrong presented the list of candidates for

degrees as of September 1, 1960 and recommended that they

be approved. These candidates had been approved by the

Deans and Faculties of the Colleges concerned and the record

of each candidate had been checked with the Comptroller and

certified by the Registrar.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried

unanimously that the candidates be approved and that they

be granted the indicated degrees, as follows:


Ede, Leslie L. B. S. in Agric.


Freedman, Paul M. B. S.

Irish, William Cooper B. A.

Joseph, Roger, Jr. B. A.

Nelson, Floyd O. B. S.

Osgood, Joan Schladermundt B. A.

Park, Frances Woodruff B. A.

Shanks, Carol Christine Stever B. S.

Sobrio, Daniel B. A. B. A.

Whalen, Gloria Martelle B. A.


Craft, Alice Virginia B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Darrow, Clayton Donald B. S. in Bus. Adm.

Magee, Thomas Gorman B. S. in Bus. Adm.


Acheson, Eleanor L. B. S. in Educ.

Bertrand, Ann Marie B. S. in Educ.

Botsford, Louise W. B. S. in Educ.

Brandon, Clara Elizabeth Smith B. S. in Educ.

Braswell, Olive Ritch B. S. in Educ.

Curutchet, Jacquelin J. B. S. in Educ.

Dunham, Helen B. S. in Educ.

Echeverria, Carol Bullis B. S. in Educ.

Falk, Leona Dunterman B. S. in Educ.

Freeman, Dorothy Anne B. S. in Educ.

Gasho, Gladys Hazelhurst B. S. in Educ.

Graeter, Catharine F. B. A. in Educ.

Iverson, Christine C. B. S. in Educ.

Jackson, Harold Francis B. S. in Educ.

Julian, Irene S. B. S. in Educ.

Keller, Rachel Ann B. S. in Educ.

Kimball, Martha B. S. in Educ.

Kine, Robert Dean B. S. in Educ.

Lysne, Jean Bryans B. S. in Educ.

Mc Alley, Ruth G. B. S. in Educ.

Mc Carlie, R. Nancy B. S. in Educ.

Morris, Elizabeth B. B. S. in Educ.

Musser, Charles Daniel B. S. in Educ.

Pettibone, Helen B. S. in Educ.

Phillips, Margaret Hatch B. S. in Educ.

Porter, Don Frank B. A. in Educ.

Rackley, Winifred E. B. A. in Educ.

Rasmussen, Mildred Frances B. S. in Educ.

Risley, Helen B. B. S. in Educ.

Ruark, Barbara Jean B. S. in Educ.

Shuley, Dorothy Lea B. S. in Educ.

Todd, Jo Ann Kay B. S. in Educ.

Tresca, Winifred R. B. A. in Educ.

Vasconcelos, Judith Louise B. A. in Educ.

Welch, Mary B. S. in Educ.


Crabtree, Robert H. Jr. B. S. in C. E.

Kiliany, Eugene J. B. S. in M. E.

Royce, Peter Howard B. S. in C. E.


Cleary, John Michael B. S. in Geol. Engr.

Gedney, Larry Daniel B. S. in Geol. Engr.


Berscheid, Ellen Saumer M. A.

Bondley, George Barnum M. of Ed.

Broten, Elaine M. of Ed.

Cameron, Donald Clare M. of Ed.

Clark, Jack K. M. of Ed.

Diskin, Pat A. M. of Ed.

Fitzgerald, Huedillard P. M. of Ed.

Fleming, Orville M. of Ed.

Goulette, Helen Barr M. of Ed.

Hanna, Frank John M. of Ed.

Herron, Fay M. of Ed.

Ireland, Willis John M. of Ed.

Jones, Robert J. M. A.

Mahan, Myrabelle B. M. of Ed.

Perske, Gerald Keith M. S.

Pursel, Richard Edwin M. of Ed.

Rutherford, Madlynne Bruce M. A.

Smith, Donald Floyd M. of Ed.

Stewart, Clark Lucille M. of Ed.

Struve, Rachel L. M. of Ed.

Van Doren, Leon H. M. A.

Vincent, Harold Arthur M. S.

Wade, Marven A. M. S.

Williams, Rita M. of Ed.

Wood, Walter Harrison M. of Ed.

5. Citizens' Advisory Committee for the Orvis School of Nursing

Dr. Anderson proposed additional members to bring about a

greater spread in hospitals and medical groups represented.

President Armstrong recommended that the list as submitted

by Dean Gilkey and with additional members submitted by

Dr. Anderson be approved as follows:

One Year Term (1960-61)

Nevada State Medical Society Dr. Wesley Hall


607 N. Arlington Avenue


(to be appointed) Chairman

Committee on Medical


Nevada State Medical Auxiliary Mrs. John Moore

(September to September) Ely, Nevada

Washoe County Medical Auxiliary Mrs. Lowell Peterson

(May to May) 345 Juniper Hill Road


Nevada State Pharmaceutical Mrs. Betty Henderson

Society Auxiliary 2210 Ward Place


Southern Nevada Memorial Mr. Jack Staggs

Hospital Administrator

Las Vegas, Nevada Southern Nevada Memorial


Las Vegas, Nevada

Washoe County Dental Assocn. Dr. W. E. Ostermiller


505 North Arlington


Two Year Term (1960-62)

Nevada Council of Hospitals Mr. Carrol Ogren

(President serves a 2-year term) Assistant Administrator

Washoe Medical Center


Industry Dr. E. P. Uhler

Reynolds Elec. & Engr. Co.

P. O. Box 352

Las Vegas, Nevada

Washoe Medical Center Mr. Earl Horton



Nevada State Dept. of Health Mrs. Ethelda Thelen

Director of Public Health



Washoe County Health Department Miss Dorothy Minnis

Nursing Supervisor


Dr. William E. Winikow


Nevada State Medical Assocn. Mr. Nelson Neff

Executive Secretary


St. Mary's Hospital Mrs. Frances Eaton



Veterans Administration Hospital Mr. Donald Shute


Clark County School District Mr. Pat Diskin

Las Vegas

Miss Genevieve Arensdorf

Las Vegas

Carson-Tahoe Hospital Mrs. Helen Allison


Carson City

Pershing County General Hospital Mrs. Mildred Sebbas


Three Year Term (1960-63)

Tuberculosis Association Mrs. Elaine Walbroek

Executive Director


State Department of Education Mr. Charles O. Ryan

Deputy State Supervisor

Carson City

Washoe County School Department Mr. John Robb


Mental Health Council of WICHE Mrs. Hazel Erskine


American Mrs. Ruth Mc Campbell



Churches Rev. Amon Johnson, Jr.


American Cancer Society Mr. William Richards

Nevada Division Executive Director


Washoe Medical Center Dr. Kenneth F. Maclean

Chief of Staff


St. Mary's Hospital Dr. J. N. Greer

Chief of Staff


State Mental Hospital Sidney Tillim, M. D.


Rose de Lima Hospital Dr. Lorne Phillips

Chief of Staff


Las Vegas Hospital Dr. Gerald Sylvain

Chief of Staff

Las Vegas

Sunrise Hospital Dr. Harry Fightlin

Chief of Staff

Las Vegas

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried unani-

mously that the list above be approved and the individuals

invited to serve.

6. Personnel Recommendations


Appointment as follows:

Curtiss M. Bailey as Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry

and Assistant Geneticist at a salary rate of $7200 based on

twelve months' service, effective September 1, 1960 (new



Appointments as follows:

Duke Drakulich as Graduate Assistant in Biology at a salary

of $1800 for the academic year 1960-61 (new position).

Charles William Baker as Research Assistant in Biology at

a salary of $1800 for the academic year 1960-61 (new


Donald C. Robertson as Equipment Man in Health, Physical

Education and Recreation, at a salary rate of $4800 based

on twelve months' service, effective September 1, 1960 (re-

placement for Joseph K. Varner).

Dana Gwendolyn Evans as Graduate Assistant in History and

Political Science at a salary of $1800 for the academic

year 1960-61 (replacement for George Umbenhauer).

Joseph Constantino as Graduate Assistant in History and

Political Science at a salary of $1800 for the academic year

1960-61 (new position).

Charles J. Kunsman, Jr., as Assistant Professor of History

and Political Science at a salary of $6000 for the academic

year 1960-61 (new position).

Elisabeth Smith Constantino as Graduate Assistant in Mathe-

matics at a salary of $1800 for the academic year 1960-61

(replacement for Edwin Wagner).

Jerry Lee Gaines as Graduate Assistant in Physics at a

salary of $1935 for the academic year 1960-61 (National

Science Foundation and Air Force Research Projects).

James M. Kees as Graduate Assistant in Physics at a salary

of $967.50 for the Fall semester 1960 (National Science

Foundation and Air Force Research Projects).

Gerald A. Kitzman as Graduate Assistant in Physics at a sal-

ary of $1800 for the academic year 1960-61 (new position).


Appointments as follows:

Marguerite Carolyn Nelson as Visiting Lecturer in Elementary

Education in the 1960 post Summer session at a salary of


Edwin H. Richardson as Assistant Professor of Education at

a salary of $7600 for the academic year 1960-61 (replacement

for Jackson Trippy).

Leonard Pourchot as Lecturer in Education at a salary of

$3800 for the Fall semester 1960 (new position).

Marian Dixi Kilburn as Graduate Assistant in Elementary

Education at a salary of $1800 for the academic year 1960-61

(new position).


Appointments as follows:

Thomas D. O'Brien as Dean of the Graduate School and Profes-

sor of Chemistry at a salary of $15,500 based on twelve

months' service, effective September 15, 1960 (replacement

for Joe Moose).

James M. Strandberg as Graduate Research Assistant in the

Graduate School at a salary of $900 for the academic year

1960-61 (new position).


Appointments in the Fall semester 1960 evening division as


Nelson H. Conway as Lecturer in Accounting - $187.50

Louis J. Loren as Lecturer in Accounting - $187.50

Sidney S. Saltzman as Lecturer in Philosophy - $375

Carl E. Smith as Lecturer in Office Administration - $375


Appointment as follows:

Mary Washington as Lecturer in English at Ely, Nevada from

August 8 to August 16, 1960 at a salary of $300.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried

unanimously that the personnel recommendations be approved.

7. Fish and Game Commission

Mr. Frank Groves of the Fish and Game Commission had asked

permission to present in person latest developments in re-

gard to their search for a site for a Fish and Game Commis-

sion building. President Armstrong reviewed action of the

Board at the last meeting when the matter was tabled in

view of the status of the site situation.

Mr. Groves said that the Planning Board had approved a site

near the State Hospital but Dr. Tillim, by letter read in

the Regents' meeting, disapproved. In view of Planning

Board developments and the refusal by Dr. Tillim, Mr. Groves

again requested a site at the Experimental Farm on Valley

Road up the hill from the Agricultural Mechanics building.

He indicated that a long term lease would be agreeable to

the Fish and Game Commission, and Mr. Porter expressed the

opinion that such a lease would meet legal requirements.

Mr. Grove indicated that the Fish and Game Commission would

need three acres to provide for long range planning and for

equipment storage in the rear of the building.

The matter was generally discussed by the Regents.

Motion was made by Dr. Anderson and seconded by Mr. Germain

that the Board go on record as approving the maximum amount

of three acres of land for the Fish and Game Commission at

the Experiment Station Farm on Valley Road for a 35 year

period at $1.00 per year.

Amendment was proposed by Mr. Crumley to include in the

motion that the Board generally favors the leasing of this

property to the Fish and Game Commission and that the

Regents ask Mr. Porter to prepare a draft of a proper lease

and conditions therein to be presented to the Board at its

next meeting for action.

Dr. Anderson and Mr. Germain accepted the amendment and the

amended motion carried with Dr. Lombardi voting "no" and

all other Regents voting "aye".

8. Building Program

By invitation of the Board of Regents for the Planning

Board to be represented at this portion of the meeting, Mr.

Henderson, Project Engineer, Mr. Slater, Coordinator, and

Professor Sandorf, member, were present at this time.

Mr. Rogers gave a progress report for the Reno Campus as


The Agricultural Mechanics building has received final

inspection by both the University and the Planning

Board. A few items are being taken care of and the

Department is moving in.

The Fine Arts building has been taken over by the Plann-

ing Board and is being completed by other than the con-

tractor who had the job. Departments which are to occu-

py the building will move in on Monday of next week.

The Men's Dormitory has been occupied since early in

July, but it has not been accepted by the Planning

Board. The same is true of the Dining Hall.

Married Housing has been occupied since August 1, but

has not been accepted by the Planning Board.

The Heat Plant design is complete and ready for bid.

Plans for the Engineering building are being checked and

difficulties in code safety and design are being worked

out -- will probably go to bid around October 1.

New Women's Dormitory planning is progressing.

No progress to report on the Physical Sciences or the

Social Sciences buildings.

The Life Sciences Wing is at the parti-sketch stage

and progressing toward the preliminary drawings. Dr.

Armstrong reported that as of now we do not know whether

the University will receive a grant for research facil-

ities from the Institutes of Health, which will affect

the gross square footage of the Life Sciences Wing.

Action will be taken on our application by the National

Institute of Health in November.

An extension period has been requested by the contractor

for completion of the Library. New completion date

would be April 3, 1961.

Mr. Rogers gave a progress report for the Las Vegas Campus

as follows:

The Classroom and Physical Education building seems to

be catching up, but has been behind schedule. There has

been a change in supervision which improved the situa-

tion. The building was scheduled to be completed by

October 1 and will probably be complete sometime in


Plans for the Science and Technology building, includ-

ing the Radiological Laboratory, are ready for bid. The

Planning Board had asked for a letter from the U. S.

Public Health Service that the building would be return-

ed to the University at the end of the program in use-

able condition. Such a letter has been received.

The architects for the Library have a letter of intent

from the Planning Board and have met with them regarding

details and scope, and will meet again on Monday next.

A firm cost estimate will be ready before the Legisla-

ture meets.

Mr. Slater and Mr. Henderson reported for the State Planning


The slabs were not raised as soon as expected in the

Library building because, due to the carpenter's strike,

there was no means of tying them to the walls.

Inspection was made of the Men's Dormitory and a few

minor things need to be done, which can be done quickly.

Final inspection has not been made on the Dining Hall.

As for Married Housing, there is a long punch list --

both architectural and mechanical, which was presented

to the contractor in April and again in August. They

have not been followed through.

The Planning Board has requested that the University state

in writing that the occupancy of the Engineering building

will be limited to 833 persons at any one time, since it is

the Planning Board's responsibility to enforce the building

code. Toilet and other facilities are being provided for

that number of people on a square footage basis.

President Armstrong recommended that the Regents approve

the request of the Planning Board and notify them that oc-

cupancy will be limited to 833 persons at any one time.

Motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried

unanimously that the Planning Board be so notified.

Mr. Rogers discussed the fire alarm system in the Men's

Dormitory building which at present is not automatic to

the City Fire Department. Housing and Home Finance Agency

is desirous that the University and the Planning Board get

together on this matter and then go to bid, and will permit

payment from residual funds. The question came up as to

whether or not the specifications read that the fire alarm

system should be in conformity with provisions of Fire

Underwriters. Mr. Porter offered to work with Mr. Rogers

and iron out the technical problems involved. Agreed.

Mr. Porter expressed concern over the status of the Dining

Hall, Dormitory and Married Housing units, and asked why

the Planning Board does not take them over from the con-

tractors as was done in the case of the Fine Arts building.

Mr. Henderson explained the role of the bonding company in

these buildings, that in case they were taken over for com-

pletion, the bonding company would have to do it. Mr.

Rogers estimated that the Men's Dormitory could be completed

in about one week and the Married Housing in about two to

three weeks. Mr. Porter offered to discuss the matter with

Mr. Bissell and members of the Planning Board with a view

to their taking over these two projects. Agreed.

Dr. Anderson suggested that the two agencies get together

and work out a plan for dual inspection. General discussion

followed about inspection and the reluctance of the Planning

Board to agree to let the University Engineer make inspec-

tions as the work progresses. Mr. Slater replied that there

would be problems of dual authority in such inspection, and

therefore the request of the University had not been grant-


The lack of progress in landscaping both at Las Vegas and

around the Fleischmann Agricultural building was discussed.

Mr. Rogers suggested that the advertising period be cut in

view of the fact that there would be few possible bidders

and that Winter weather will soon be approaching. Mr.

Henderson thought the bidding time could be shortened from

the usual 30 days and agreed to make an effort to reduce

the bidding time.

9. Capital Improvement Program

Mr. Rogers distributed a list of capital improvements for

1961-62 and 1962-63 with priorities indicated as recommended

by the Regents' Building Committee, and with amounts furn-

ished by Mr. Rogers at the request of the Committee. Mr.

Rogers located the buildings tentatively on the Master Plan

of the Campus. Dr. Anderson suggested a meeting with the

Campus Development Committee for consideration of the pro-

posed locations, and proposed that they then be considered

by the Regents' Building Committee. Dr. Armstrong agreed

that the Campus Development Committee should have an oppor-

tunity to make recommendations, and that the Regents should

not act on locations until that occurs.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Crumley, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that the capital improvements

list for 1961-62 and for 1962-63 be approved with the pro-

vision that further study be given to Frandsen Hall and

further details be provided by Mr. Rogers before the list

is presented to the Planning Board.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS 1961-62 -- 1962-63

Reno Campus

1 - Land Purchase

1961-62 $ 110,000

2 - Social Science Building

1961-62 Design 67,000

1962-63 Construction 1,590,000

3 - Nuclear Building

1961-62 Construction 200,000

4 - Student Health Facility & Student Union Addition

1961-62 Design & Constr. 350,000

5 - Physical Science Building

1961-62 Design 170,000

1962-63 Construction 2,670,000

6 - Distribution Heat Lines & Boiler

1961-62 Design & Constr. 380,000

7 - Clarke Library Building (remodel)

1961-62 Design & Constr. 50,000

8 - Frandsen Hall (remodel)

1961-62 Design 25,850

1962-63 Constr. 375,000

9 - Mackay Science (remodel)

1961-62 Preplan 4,000

1962-63 Design 8,000

10 - Men's Dormitory (HHFA loan)

1961-62 Design & Constr. 1,200,000

11 - Women's Dormitory (HHFA loan)

1961-62 Design & Constr. 1,200,000

12 - School of Nursing Building

1961-62 Design & Constr. 335,000

13 - Men's Physical Education & ROTC Facility

1961-62 Preplan. & Design 88,000

1962-63 Construction 2,200,000

14 - Home Management Residence

1961-62 Design & Constr. 70,000

15 - Stadium

1961-62 Preplanning 20,000

1962-63 Design 40,000

16 - Corporation Yard

1961-62 Preplanning 5,000

1962-63 Design 10,000

17 - College of Education

1962-63 Preplanning 20,000

1961-62 Total $4,274,850

1962-63 Total $6,913,000

Las Vegas Campus

1 - Science & Technical Equipment

1961-62 Purchase $ 50,000

2 - Library Building

1961-62 Construction 650,000

3 - Dormitory & Dining Facility

1961-62 Design & Constr. 650,000

4 - Fine Arts Building

1961-62 Preplanning 11,500

1962-63 Design 22,500

5 - Utilities

1961-62 Design & Constr. 25,000

1962-63 Design & Constr. 25,000

6 - Outside Courts & Grass Field for Physical Education

1961-62 Design & Constr. 22,000

7 - General Classroom Building

1962-63 Preplanning 12,000

1961-62 Total $1,408,500

1962-63 Total $ 59,500

The Board recessed at 12:15 noon for luncheon in the Dining Hall.

The recessed meeting was called to order by the Vice Chairman at

1:20 P.M.

10. Momand Estate

President Armstrong reviewed previous correspondence and

actions of the Board. Request had been made for payment of

$6,000 as trustee's commissions and for payment of $30,000

for legal services. These matters were referred to Mr.

Porter for contact with the legal firm and for advice to

the Regents. He now reported that he had received a reply

from Breed, Abbott, and Morgan as follows:

September 6, 1960

Honorable John A. Porter,

Deputy Attorney General

Department of Attorney General

State of Nevada

Carson City, Nevada

Estate of Agnes B. Momand

Dear Mr. Porter:

Thank you very much for your letter of August 31, 1960, with

respect to the University of Nevada's consent to the payment

on account to Mr. Henderson of trustee's commissions and

also with respect to the correspondence regarding our fee.

We are entirely in sympathy with your desire to have a clear

and distinct understanding with respect to just what our

compensation covers and it is our thought and willingness

to agree that the payment of $30,000 will cover all of our

services to the Estate as such and will also include our

services in connection with the termination and winding up

of the Betty Roberts trust, and will further include all

usual and routine services in connection with the termina-

tion of the Don Momand trust, which you appreciate will not

terminate until his death.

We cannot foresee any litigation or extraordinary services

with respect to the Don Momand trust at this time but we do

feel that if any situation should arise in the future with

respect to that matter which would be extraordinary and not

routine that we should be reasonably compensated for such


We trust that this gives you the information desired to

submit to the meeting on the 10th.

Very truly yours,

/s/ Thornton C. Land

On this basis of the reply, Mr. Porter was of the opinion

that there will be nothing extraordinary involved hereafter

and that the University will come in for additional money

upon the death of Don Momand. On the basis of service ren-

dered he was of the opinion that the fee is a reasonable

one since they are going to take care of all matters con-

nected with the estate. Mr. Porter suggested making payment

of the $30,000 in installments.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried

unanimously by roll call vote, that the payment of trustee's

commission to Mr. Henderson in the amount of $6,000 be al-

lowed, and that the payment of the $30,000 item to Breed,

Abbott, and Morgan be approved, payment to be made in in-

stallments to be agreed upon between the attorneys and Mr.


11. Married Housing

President Armstrong discussed the occupancy situation. The

University did not have enough applications from married

students and staff to fill the units, even though notice

had been sent to everyone who had previously requested

quarters. In order to assure that the University would

have sufficient revenue to meet its obligations, Mr. Rogers

checked with HHFA and received permission, under the cir-

cumstances, to house male students in the units, without

cooking privileges. Dr. Armstrong asked for approval by

the Board of Regents of this procedure as a matter of pol-

icy, with the understanding that these students will be

replaced by married couples when such applications are re-

ceived. At the present time married housing is available

to those having a maximum income of $4,000 per year per

family, and Dr. Armstrong recommended that this require-

ment be waived until conditions warrant its return.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried unani-

mously by roll call vote that the above arrangements be

approved -- (1) occupancy by male students in order to

fill the units, and (2) waiving of the maximum income re-

quirement until conditions warrant putting it into effect.

Mr. Porter questioned the practice of placing single persons

in the married housing units and suggested that the Univer-

sity secure approval from HHFA in writing. Agreed.

12. Whittell Degree

President Armstrong reported that the degree of Doctor of

Laws was conferred upon George Whittell at his home at

Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe on Sunday, August 28, according to

regular procedure. Regents Anderson and Arnold were also

in attendance.

13. Thomas Tucker

Request had been made of Dean Holstine by the Nevada School

Trustees Association that Dr. Tucker serve as its Executive

Secretary and Treasurer for the year 1960-61. Dean Holstine

forwarded the request to President Armstrong with his recom-

mendation for approval on the following basis:

(a) Assumption of obligation for leadership from the

University level personnel and facilities for the

improvement of public school education in Nevada.

(b) Opportunity to become better acquainted with the

needs, programs, and achievements of the students

enrolled in the public schools of the State of

Nevada as basic preparation for the University of


(c) Provides opportunity for the University to become

better acquainted with the types of services which

can be provided to the individual members of the

Nevada School Trustees Association in their re-

spective communities throughout the State.

(d) Provides an opportunity for the University to as-

sist the School Trustees Association through the

coordination of the activities of the Association

and the centralization of reports and procedures

helpful to the Association by locating the head-

quarters on the Reno Campus.

Dr. Armstrong recommended approval of the request. Dr.

Tucker would be released from approximately two credit

hours, which can be handled by Dean Holstine without ad-

ditional cost to the University.

14. Health Committee

As recommended by Drs. Anderson and Lombardi, serving as

a committee, at the last meeting of the Board request was

sent to Dr. John E. Palmer, President of the Washoe County

Medical Society, asking him to appoint a committee to study

the needs of the Student Health Services at the University.

The committee was appointed as follows:

Frederick G. Bills, M. C., Chairman (Internist)

Silas E. Ross, M. D. (Ob-Gyn)

William E. Teipner, M. D. (Orthopedist)

Richard C. Sheretz, M. D. (General Practice)

15. Alumni Association

Letter was read by President Armstrong from Proctor Hug,

Jr., Vice President of the Alumni Association, transmitting

on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Association a

Proposal for Consolidation by the Alumni Association with

the University of Nevada, formally adopted by the Executive

Committee at its meeting on May 19, 1960. Dr. Armstrong

discussed the proposal and recommended its acceptance, be-

lieving that it reflects an attitude on the part of the

Alumni Association of working closely with the University.

He called attention to the fact that the Legislature would

need to rescind its Act of 1957 making the Alumni Associa-

tion a separate State agency.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried

unanimously by roll call vote that the Board of Regents go

on record as favoring the consolidation of the Alumni

Association with the University provided the Alumni Asso-

ciation takes the initiative of going to the Legislature

with a request that it rescind its former action.

16. Association of Governing Boards Meeting

Chairman Grant, appointed at the last meeting as the offi-

cial delegate to the annual meeting of the Association of

Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Insti-

tutions, October 19-22, will be unable to attend because of

his convalescence from recent illness.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried

unanimously that Dr. Lombardi be named delegate to the

meeting, and that Mr. Crumley be named alternate.

17. State Budget Director

President Armstrong read a letter from Neil Humphrey, State

Budget Director, regarding the handling of University funds.

The letter proposed that receipt of fees be handled by the

Comptroller as at present, and that these funds be trans-

ferred to the State Treasurer monthly, with the exception

of special accounts and endowments. Regents claims would

then be processed through the State Budget Office as are

other State claims. President Armstrong suggested refer-

ring the matter to the Office of the Attorney General for


Motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried

unanimously that the letter be referred to Deputy Attorney

General Porter for study and report at the next meeting of

the Board, set for October 29, 1960.

18. Budgets 1961-62 and 1962-63

Copies of the budgets, revised in accordance with instruc-

tions of the Board at the last meeting, were distributed to

the members of the Board. Dr. Armstrong discussed the bud-

get cuts and recommended that the budget in its present form

be approved. The budget included cuts of $442,994 from the

original request for 1961-62 and $328,227 from the 1962-63

original budget. The amount of the new budget for 1961-62

is $6,896,137 and for 1962-63 it is $7,694,680.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried

unanimously that the budget, as here submitted, be approved.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 P.m.

The next meeting was set for Saturday, October 29, 1960 in Las


L. E. Lombardi

Vice Chairman

Alice Terry