UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 9-10, 1953

Volume 6 - Page 434

                         BID OPENING
                      September 9, 1953

A meeting to open bids was called for 4:00 on Wednesday, Septem-
ber 9, 1953, in the President's office.  Notice had duly appeared
in the local newspapers, for construction of barracks-type cabins
to be erected on the 4-H Club Campgrounds at Lake Tahoe, as per
specifications.  Present:  Comptroller Hayden and President

The only bid received was opened by the President and recorded
by the Secretary to the Board of Regents, as follows:

    One building                            $1,055.00
    Two buildings                            2,110.00
    Three buildings                          3,165.00

    All workmanship and materials to be first class.  Certified
    check for $158.25 enclosed.

The bid was referred to Mr. Hayden for checking with Dean Hutchi-
son and for recommendation.

Recommendation received September 28, 1953 is that the bid be
accepted for two buildings at a cost of $2,110.00.  Requisitions
to cover were approved.