UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 5-6, 1985


Pages 88-110



September 5-6, 1985

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Learning

Resources Center, Northern Nevada Community College in Elko.

Members present: Mr. Daniel J. Klaich, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mr. Joseph M. Foley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Members absent: Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President George Hidy, DRI

President Robert C. Maxson, UNLV

President Paul Meacham, CCCC

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Mr. Mark Dawson, Deputy Chancellor

Dr. Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor

Mr. Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs James Deacon (UNLV),

Carl Diekhans (NNCC), Christopher Exline (UNR), Phyllis Henderson

(TMCC), Jim Williams (Unit) and Student Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Klaich at 10:35 A.M.

1. Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

with the permanent minutes) containing the following items:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held June

27-28, 1985, and the special teleconference meeting

held July 23, 1985.

(2) Approved the gifts, grants and contracts as listed

in Ref. C-1, filed with the permanent minutes.

(3) Approved the Advisory Committee for the University of

Nevada-Reno Fire Protection Training Academy and the

appointment of members to serve as indicated below.

This volunteer committee was first formed to assist in

the developing of curricula which would meet the needs

of industry, the community and the Nevada Fire Service

Training program under the auspices of Western Oil and

Gas Association. Now that the academy is established,

it is deemed appropriate that this group become an of-

ficial advisory committee of UNR.

In order to accommodate continuity on the Committee,

terms will be staggered commencing with the formation

of the group:

Mr. Carl Cahill 1984-86

Mr. Gene Williams 1985-87

Mr. Will Johnson 1984-86

Mr. Robert Spaulding 1984-86

Mr. Randy Masters 1984-86

Mr. Robert Turner 1984-86

Mr. Joe Dodd Continuing Appointment

(4) Approved the following new appointments to the College

of Arts and Science Advisory Board at UNR:

Kevin Day

Steven Nightengale

Mac Potter

Approved the following continuing appointments on the

College of Arts and Science Advisory Board at UNR:

Arthur Boecher Moya Lear

Steve Brown Bill Ligon

Gail Brunetti William A. Maupin

Bonnie Bryan Mary Ellen Mc Mullen

Pat Cashill Rollan Melton

Margery Cavanaugh Jean Myles

David Clark Roger Newton

Robert Clift Bob Pearce

Fred Davis, Jr. Andrea Pelter

Barbara Feltner Sandy Rogers

William Fox Silas M. Sellers

Mary Gojack Spike Wilson

Jaculine Jones Kay Winters

(5) Approved authorization to spend $46,000 from the Capi-

tal Improvement Fee Fund for the Fine Arts Complex

Capital Campaign, UNR. The Fine Arts Complex Expansion

was authorized by the Legislature for $6,048,000 to be

funded from Student Fee Revenue Bonds. The College of

Arts and Science would like to have an additional $2.2

million in order to complete the construction of the

building and for furnishings and equipment.

The Office of University Advancement at UNR has been

asked to develop a capital campaign to raise the $2.2

million from outside sources.

The $46,000 requested will be used for printing materi-

als, travel and donor prospecting and cultivation.

(6) Approved the appointment of Mr. Dale F. Fraser to the

UNLV Engineering Advisory Council to replace Mr. Edward

Weintraub. Mr. Fraser is Vice President and Deputy

General Manager of Reynolds Electrical & Engineering

Co., Inc.

(7) Approved the following salary adjustments at UNR and


UNLV - Approved equity adjustments for 4 Administra-

tors as follows:

Current Requested

*Unrue, John C. $64,641 $68,500

*Westfall, Herman 63,345 67,000

*Rivera, Lyle 63,345 67,000

Raschko, Les 39,200 40,200

*Indicates Employer Paid Retirment

UNR - Approved employer paid retirement for Vice

President of Academic Affairs Richard Davies

and Vice President of Finance and Administra-

tion Ashok Dhingra.

Ms. Del Papa moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda and

approval of the prepared agenda with the authority to change

the order of items as specified throughout the meeting. Mr.

Karamanos seconded. Motion carried.

2. Introductions

Mr. Klaich introduced Dr. Robert Brigham, Dr. Peter Bing

and Mr. Matt Lincoln.

President Berg introduced Faculty Senate Chair Carl Diekhans

and ASB President Tracy Wooden.

President Eardley introduced Faculty Senate Chair-Elect

Phyllis Henderson.

President Maxson introduced CSUN President Sean Kelleher and

CSUN Vice President Pro-Tem Sam Liebarman.

3. Chancellor's Report

A joint report was made by Chancellor Bersi and President

Maxson on the corporate partnership with Apple Computing.

UNLV purchased Apple-Back-to-School computers on a 50%

discount. Chancellor Bersi stated he was confident of re-

ceiving future corporate gifts for the System. He thanked

the Board for bringing this to the Governor for approval.

There was discussion on corporate gift giving at the Com-

munity College level and the problem of ensuring that

corporations understand the Community College mission and

difference of full-time/part-time students. Chancellor

Bersi explained that corporations usually deal with Uni-

versities because of volume sales and showcasing their

products in major centers. He did state that he would

encourage the corporations to look at Community Colleges

in the same light and that it entails working with the

corporate legal staffs to ensure protections of their con-

tracts with dealers who handle their merchandise. Presi-

dent Maxson stated he asks corporations with which UNLV

works to extend the same options to CCCC.

4. Approved Proposed Settlement of Mc Kay vs. Board of Regents

Chairman Klaich stated that although he had met with Attor-

ney General Mc Kay to discuss the format upon which he would

be willing to bring the proposed consent decree before the

Board, settlement required approval by the full Board. He

recommended approval of this consent decree and asked Gen-

eral Counsel Klasic for his report.

General Counsel Klasic stated that over a year ago the

Board held a meeting during which a part of the meeting was

closed to consider candidates for appointment for the Presi-

dency of UNLV. Complaints arose from the news media about

alleged violations of the open meeting law and afterward

the Attorney General sued the Board for injunctive relief

claiming that a violation of the law occurred.

The settlement recognizes the fact that Regents Sheerin and

Karamanos did not attend that particular closed meeting, and

Regents Foley and Sparks had not yet been elected, so they

were not involved. The Attorney General's allegations never

concerned the action of the Board to appoint Dr. Maxson to

be the President of UNLV. His appointment was never in

jeopardy at any time. In fact, at the time the suit was

filed, the Attorney General made this point clear. The

Board did not admit and never has admitted to any violation

of the open meeting law and a statement to that affect is

contained in the agreement.

The Attorney General listed in the agreement the topics

that he claims violated the open meeting law by being dis-

cussed in closed session. In that same settlement agree-

ment, the Regents clearly indicated their position and their

belief about why discussion of those topics did not violate

the law. However, disputes over such matters have come up

in litigation in other states and definitely constitute a

gray area in the law. The attorneys involved in this case

felt it was in everyone's best interest to try to settle

this suit amiably. The Attorney General agreed with this

view and has already signed this agreement.

General Counsel Klasic stated this settlement was a good

one. It is in accord with the provisions of the law, and

complies with the established position and practices of the

Board of Regents in following the law. He recommended ap-

proval of the Stipulation for Entry of Consent Decree in

the case of Mc Kay vs. Board of Regents and that the Board

authorize its Chairman to sign the stipulation. The Stipu-

lation for Entry of Consent Decree is filed with the perma-

nent minutes.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the Stipulation for Entry of

Consent Decree in the case of Mc Kay vs. Board of Regents

and authorized the Board Chairman to sign the Stipulation.

Ms. Del Papa seconded.

Mr. Foley made the following remarks:

I am not a defendent in the suit. I have met without

Counsel, (and) I have studied the Stipulation. What I

understand in this action that is now being settled (is

that) there are no criminal charges. I think this is

important. I don't think that this thing should have

to come back and haunt any member of the Board of Re-

gents, present or future. There is no criminal charge.

In fact, there is no attempt whatsoever to attack the

action that was taken at that meeting. What does that

mean? Well, obviously they didn't have enough evidence,

or any evidence, to rely upon, or attempt to use to

persuade a court that somebody had done something wrong.

As I read this Stipulation, they're asking us to agree

in writing to obey the law. Well, that is what we all

did when we took the Oath of Office. And that is all

that Dan Klaich is binding us to when he signs this


Motion carried.

Chairman Klaich stated that this Board has been conducting

its personnel sessions with less frequency because its busi-

ness is obvious and open.

Ms. Del Papa complemented Chairman Klaich and General Coun-

sel Klasic for dealing with this issue in a professional

manner. The end result was a positive one and she expressed

her concern that the public know that the Board does not

admit to any violation.

5. Approved Handbook Addition, Title 4, Chapter 10, Foundation


Approved an addition to the Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 10,

(new section) Foundation Administrative and Accounting

Guidelines as contained in Ref. B, filed with the permanent


Each member institution foundation has been duly established

as a private corporation under the statutes of the State of

Nevada exclusively for charitable and educational purposes

within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal

Revenue Code. The members of the Board of Regents are

corporate members of each foundation and have the responsi-

bility of assuring the people of the State of Nevada that

each corporation acts within the bounds of its purpose and

authority as defined by its Articles of Incorporation and

Bylaws and within the laws of the State of Nevada. Each

foundation within the UNS is now audited annually by a

Nevada licensed independent audit firm.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the Handbook addition for

Foundation Guidelines in Title 4, Chapter 10. Mr. Karamanos

seconded. Motion carried.

6. Report of the Investment Committee

The Annual Investment Performance Analysis Report was pre-

sented by Mr. Matt Lincoln, Cambridge Associates. Their

firm analyzes endowed portfolios for many of the nation's

Universities and Colleges, and of these UNS had the great-

est return -- a record-breaking 35.8% total return on in-

vestments for 1984-85. (See Ref. C, filed with the perma-

nent minutes.)

The return outperformed the Standard and Poor 500 and Dow

Jones indices. The market value at the beginning of the

year was $20 million and about $27 million at the end of

the year. The pool is comprised of endowed gifts to the

University of Nevada System's 7 member institutions, and

is owned on a shares basis by the institution designated

by the donor.

Mr. Lincoln commended the Board for the policies they have

set for the endowment, and encouraged them to continue the

spending rate at 5%, even though it may be a painful proc-

ess. In the long run, after the 14-year period, this policy

will not only ensure the financial health of the endowment

by preserving the corpus of the funds, but it will also

actually provide more total dollars for spending.

Dr. Peter Bing, advisor to the Investment Advisory staff,

stated two objectives the Committee had as they began to

overhaul the policies: 1) increased yield, and 2) set pay-

off rate lower in order to look after long-term protection

for future generations.

Mr. Klaich relayed to Mr. Lincoln the Board's appreciation

for the efforts and guidance given in this area.

For his guidance and assistance to UNS, Dr. Peter Bing was

presented with a gift from the Board of the first two vol-

umes of the recently published Great Basin series done by

the University of Nevada Press. As the other volumes are

printed, the set will be completed.

Regents Del Papa, Sheerin, Gallagher and Karamanos expressed

their appreciation for the manner in which investments are

now being managed.

7. Report on Investment with American Investors Management,


At the June, 1985 Regents meeting, Mr. Lew Shuman, American

Investors Management, Inc., (AIM) reported to the Board on

the investments he was managing for UNS. The Board directed

a written report be submitted by Mr. Shuman on July 15, 1985

outlining the activity of the investment. This report was

never received. Subsequently, Mr. Shuman has filed bank-

ruptcy, and the accounts have been turned over to Nevada

First Thrift of Reno.

Director of Endowments Edna Brigham and Deputy Treasurer

Janet Mac Donald submitted a report reviewing the status

of the investments of AIM for the Board of Regents accord-

ing to the records currently held by Nevada First Thrift

of Reno. Mrs. Brigham and Ms. Mac Donald further reported

that the records do not correspond with agreements and

authority granted AIM by the Board of Regents. Because of

the discrepancy between the original investment and the

Nevada First Thrift records, the Regents directed General

Counsel Klasic to take whatever action is necessary to ob-

tain the return of the original investment of AIM to the

Board of Regents.

8. Approved Promotion to Emeritus Status, UNS and UNR

UNS - Approved emeritus status for Mr. Ken Robbins, Uni-

versity of Nevada Press Business Manager Emeritus.

UNR - Approved emeritus status for the following:

Mr. Allen D. Bruner, Agriculture Development Special-

ist Emeritus

Mr. William W. Baker, Associate Professor of Engineer-

ing Emeritus

Mr. Jimmie Olivas, Boxing Coach Emeritus

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of promotion to Emeritus Status

at UNS and UNR. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

9. Approved the Concept of Basque Park

Regent Del Papa presented a proposal for approval in concept

of a national Basque Park which will honor the Basque people

and Basque immigrants to America. Location of the park is

to be in Reno, containing statuary by renowned sculptors

descriptive of the Basque heritage. She requested up to 10

acres of Bureau of Land Management land between DRI and

TMCC in Dandini Research Park be dedicated for this park.

UNS will assume no responsibility for maintenance.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval in concept the dedication of up

to 10 acres for purposes of building a Basque Memorial Park

on UNS property. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

Ms. Del Papa stated rezoning and variance considerations

may be necessary. The Basque Memorial Park will be a public

service and will enhance the UNS property. The Basque Park

Foundation will be requested to perform all the work neces-

sary on this project.

President Eardley informed the Board there is a high rate

of vandalism in the proposed area. Security measures must

be taken.

The meeting recessed until Friday, September 6, 1985 at 10:10

A.M. All Regents were present except Mr. Karamanos and Mrs.


President Berg gave special recognition to the following NNCC


Sarah Campsey, Governor's Art Award in Folk Art

Jacqueline Banghart, Certificate of Recognition from the

the United States Department of Education Adult

Literacy Initiative

Carl Diekhans, co-author textbook Business Basic with Penny

Fanzone of Essex Community College in Baltimore,

Maryland, and Tom Hankins of West Virginia Institute of

Graduate Studies

Mike Mc Farlane and Mark Ports, book on the Natural History

of the Ruby Mountains

Richard and Tara Mc Carty, Oral History and standing struc-

ture survey of South Ford Dam Impound Area

President Berg asked Chairman Klaich to give special recognition

and honor as Distinguished Faculty Fellow to Paul Shelly Hanna,

who has instructed in history, political science and anthropology

at NNCC.

Charles Greenhaw, Dean of Instruction, gave a brief overview of

the needs of NNCC. He introduced several NNCC faculty members

who gave summary reports on their various programs, including

Small Business Development Centers, Folk Art, Automotive and

Diesel Mechanics, NNCC Foundation, English as a Second Language,

Geotechnical Science and the Arboretum. The presentations con-

cluded with Cowboy Poetry recited by Mr. Waddie Mitchell.

Chairman Klaich introduced Mr. Snowy Monroe, member of the NNCC

Advisory Board, and State Senators James Gibson and Nick Horn,

and Assemblyman Terry Tebbs.

10. Approved Regents 1986-87 Calendar

At the June, 1985 meeting, the Board asked for reconsider-

ation of the proposed meeting calendar. Several calendars

have been prepaired by the Chairman and the Secretary

designed for meetings once very month, once every other

month and once every 6 weeks.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the calendar designed for

meetings to be held every other month beginning in January,

1986 through the year 1987, with evaluation by the Board at

the end of 1986. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Mr. Foley and Mrs.

Gallagher opposed. Motion carried.

Mrs. Gallagher stated she felt it would be too long between

meetings, and Mr. Foley stated there may be interim/emer-

gency meetings. Mrs. Sheerin suggested Committee meetings

be scheduled in the iterim of every other month.


Board Meeting Place

January 9-10 Las Vegas

March 13-14 Carson City

May 8-9 Las Vegas

June 12-13 Reno

August 28-29 Las Vegas

October 9-10 Reno

December 11-12 Las Vegas


January 8-9 Reno

March 12-13 Las Vegas

May 14-15 Reno

June 25-26 Las Vegas

September 10-11 Elko

November 12-13 Las Vegas

January 7-8, 1988 Reno

Meetings generally fall on the second Thursday/Friday of

the month.

The August 28-29 meeting will accommodate the biennial budg-

et presentation to the Governor due September 1.

Meetings will be held alternately north and south to accom-

modate the business of the Campuses and visitations to the

various Campuses.

Format for the meetings will be:

First Day

8:00 - 10:30 A.M. Committee meetings

10:30 - 12:30 P.M. Board of Regents

12:30 - 2:00 P.M. Lunch

2:00 - 5:00 P.M. Campus visitations

Second Day

7:30 - 9:00 A.M. Committee meetings

9:00 - 12:00 Noon Board of Regents

12:00 - 1:00 P.M. Lunch

1:00 - Adjourn Board of Regents

11. Report and Recommendations of the Academic Affairs Committee

A report and recommendations of the Academic Affairs Com-

mittee meeting, held September 5, 1985, were presented by

Regent Jo Ann Sheerin, Chairman.

(1) Approved a policy statement providing for affiliated

academic status for the National Judicial College and

the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court

Judges with UNR. Affiliated status will allow the

two academic units to grant UNR credit for approved

courses to qualified students and to participate with

UNR in a Master of Judicial Studies degree currently

under discussion. Appropriate review will take place

by UNR on each occasion that one of these associations

offers academic credit for a course. Course credit

approval would be offered through the Division of Con-

tinuing Education at UNR. A permanent student record

would be maintained by the University Registrar.

Following the adoption of this policy statement, it

was further recommended that the University of Nevada-

Reno work with the UNS Academic Affairs Council for

appropriate review and approval of the formulation

and implementation of academic policies according to

provisions outlined in the Regents Handbook.

The affiliation strengthens not only the National

Judicial College and the National Council, but en-

hances the ability of the University of Nevada-Reno

to offer training, education and public service in

areas of law and judicial administration. President

Crowley emphasized that this policy statement is not

an approach for a Law School at UNR.

UNR will have institutional control of undergraduate

courses but Phase I and II will be submitted for the

Master's degree program. A status report will be

given by UNR after implementation of the program.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the policy statement

for affiliated academic status for the National Judi-

cial College and the National Council of Juvenile and

Family Court Judges at UNR. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

(2) Approved the Phase II Proposal for an M. S. Degree in

Environmental Analytical Chemistry at UNLV.

This proposal is a joint effort between the UNLV Chem-

istry Department and the Environmental Protection

Agency Quality Assurance Laboratory, located on the

UNLV Campus.

The curriculum will consist of at least 36 credits of

chemistry courses, the majority of which will be new

courses developed for the program. Requirements for

admission will include an undergraduate degree in

Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or a related disci-

pline. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 or 3.0 for the last

two undergraduate years will be required for admis-

sion to the program. There is no accrediting organi-

zation for this program.

Funds required for the 1st year are estimated to be

$20,000, which includes two graduate assistants and

$9,000 for library funds for periodicals and books.

This includes a one-time request to purchase back sets.

The 4th year budget is projected to be $70,200 and in-

cludes one FTE faculty member and four graduate assist-

ants. Increased State appropriations will be needed

as the program grows.

Phase I was approved by the Board of Regents on Octo-

ber, 1984. The proposed date of implementation is

Fall, 1985.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval for the Phase II Proposal

for an M. S. degree in Environmental Analytical Chem-

istry at UNLV. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

(3) A report was presented concerning the UNS Task Force

on Educational Telecommunications, filed in the Regents

Office. Discussion centered on goals of the Task Force

and its subcommittees, specific tasks to be performed

to accomplish these goals, and the desire to encourage

faculty and Campus involvement in telecommunications


Mrs. Sheerin stated that a proposal on the Local Area

Networks (LAN) plan would be presented to the full

Board at a future date. A workshop is scheduled on

telecommunications for September 27 in Las Vegas, at

which time questions regarding fee structure, recipi-

ents of FTE, additional monies for faculty incentives,

planning of course development, and selection of pro-

grams will be explored, as will other charges made to

the Task Force.

Vice Chancellor Fox suggested Campuses attract new

faculty participants in this program along with ex-

perienced volunteers. It was suggested that work-

shops for the faculty be held in October in the north

and south.

(4) Faculty Senate Chairs in the System were invited to

address relevant topics pertaining to their particular

Campuses. The following were discussed briefly and

will be placed on Academic Affairs Committee agendas

in the future:

A. TMCC will undergo accreditation review this year.

A report was distributed at the meeting which ad-

dressed degree requirements. TMCC will plan forums

with high school teachers on how to prepare stu-

dents for Community College.

B. Statewide enrollment study by Karen Steinberg, UNS

Coordinator of Institutional Research.

C. Provisional admission policy to the Universities,

concerning new admission standards.

D. Academic Computing.

E. Reort on UNLV ad hoc Committee on Excellence in


F. Residence Policy Study regarding:

Contiguous State Policy

Sphere of Influence

Tuition Waivers of Academically Talented

Reciprocity Agreement for Eastern California

and Children of Alumni

Retention within the University System

G. Operating funds to be used for out-of-state faculty


Mrs. Sheerin moved to accept the report and recommendations

of the Academic Affairs Committee. Motion carried.

12. Report and Recommendations of the Legislative Liaison


A report and recommendations of the Legislative Liaison

Committee meeting, held September 5, 1985, were made by

Regent Dorothy S. Gallagher, Chairman.

(1) The Legislative Liaison Committee requested its Com-

mittee be considered as a standing committee. Although

the Committee was established to guide the 1985 UNS

legislative program prior to and during the Session,

it has been determined by the Board that follow-through

and preparation for the 1987 Legislative Session will

require additional Committee work. An amendment to

the Regents Bylaws, as proposed below, constitutes the

first reading of this Bylaw change, with action to

occur at the October meeting.

Amend Article VI, Section 3 of the Board of Regents

Bylaws by adding a new subparagraph as follows:

(e) The Legislative Liaison Committee shall pro-

pose, review and evaluate the legislative pro-

gram of the UNS and such other legislative

proposals affecting the UNS and its institu-

tions; act as liaison between the UNS and the

Legislatures; coordinate the presentation of

the System's legislative program to the Legis-

lature; coordinate with the Chancellor, Presi-

dents and Chairman of the Board for testimony

and appearances at the Legislature on behalf

of the UNS; and make such recommendations as

it deems necessary to the Board pertaining to

legislative matters.

13. Report and Recommendations of the Audit Committee

A report and recommendations of the Audit Committee meeting,

held September 5, 1985, were made by Regent Dorothy S.


(1) As requested by the Board at its June meeting, Director

of Internal Audit Sandi Cardinal reported on the imple-

mentation of the majority of the audit recommendations,

as contained in Ref. A-1, filed in the Regents Office:

Ref. A-1a, UNR - Cashiers Office

Federal Financial Aid

Ref. A-1b, CCCC - Federal Financial Aid

Ref. A-1c, UNLV - Health, Physical Education, Recrea-

tion and Dance Department

Mr. Karamanos directed the UNR Cashiers Office to in-

stall cash registers as recommended in the Audit


The Committee requested a follow-up report in one

year on audit recommendations not yet met.

(2) The proposed engagement letter from Kafoury-Armstrong,

as contained in Ref. A-2, filed in the Regents Office,

to examine the UNS financial statement for the year

ended June 30, 1985, estimating the cost of such ex-

amination at $83,270 was approved. The $83,270 is

based on the work required for the financial statement

for the year which ended June 30, 1985, and includes

auditing of the revenue bonds.

The 1985-86 UNS operating budget has allocated $70,560

for the audit.

Vice Chancellor Sparks recommended that the Board ap-

prove the engagement letter with the understanding that

the cost of auditing the revenue bonds be charged to

the Capital Improvement Projects accounts of the appro-

priate Campus as has been done in the past. Further,

he asked the Board to instruct the Central Administra-

tion staff to work with Kafoury-Armstrong and Company

to ensure the audit cost doesn't exceed the amount


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the report and recommen-

dations of the Audit Committee, as well as those of Mr.

Sparks. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

14. Report and Recommendations of the Budget and Finance


A report and recommendations of the Budget and Finance

Committee meeting, held September 5, 1985, were made by

Regent Carolyn M. Sparks, Chairman.

(1) In June, 1985 the Board adopted a tentative Operating

Budget for 1985-86. The State Legislature had ad-

journed recently and there had not been enough time

to compile the specific data for this budget.

Vice Chancellor Sparks presented the 1985-86 Operating

Budget and Self-Supporting Budgers, as contained in

Ref. B-1, filed in the Regents Office.

(2) At the June, 1985 meeting, the Committee was directed

to review the guidelines for use of Regents Special

Projects Fund. The Committee approved changes, as con-

tained in the revised Ref. B-2, filed with the perma-

nent minutes.

Deputy Chancellor Dawson informed the Committee that

there would be insufficient funds available from the

80% allotted to the NNCC Campus to cover the approved

perquisites for President Berg. The Committee recom-

mended that the Council of Presidents resolved this


Also submitted for consideration was a request for

equipment from the Chancellor's Office, which was

among those priorities not funded by the 1985 State


The Committee recommended that this item be tabled

until the October meeting to allow the Chancellor's

Office staff an opportunity to gather additional


(3) In June, 1985 the Board approved an addition to the

Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 9, Board of Re-

gents Spending Policy. Further clarification was re-

quested for Section 9.4, Host Funds, as contained in

Ref. B-3, filed with the permanent minutes.

Mrs. Sparks suggested a gift of 100 trees be given to UNR

from the Board of Regents in commemoration of UNR's Centen-

nial Year. This gift would be contingent upon approval at

the October meeting, inasmuch as it was not on the agenda

nor did it meet the requirements of an emergency item.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the report and recommendations

of the Budget and Finance Committee. Motion carried.

15. Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on System Governance

A report of the ad hoc Committee on System Governance meet-

ing, held September 6, 1985, was made by Regent Joseph M.

Foley, Chairman. He announced meeting dates for the ad hoc

Committee on System Governance as follows:

October 17-18 Reno

November 1, 1:30 P.M. Las Vegas

December 5-6 Las Vegas

October 7 was set as the deadline for written reports to

the Committee from Campuses. Mr. Foley requested that Mary

Lou Moser be notified of the speakers, subject and length

of time each speaker would require.

16. Approved Architects/Engineers, CCCC

Approved the firms listed below for the Capital Improvement

projects for CCCC:

Cheyenne Campus - Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall

Architects and Engineers

Henderson Campus - Baughman and Turner, Inc.

These names will be forwarded to the State Public Works


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the architects/engineers

at CCCC. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

17. Approved Lease, 4-H Camp, UNR

Approved a lease of the 4-H Camp at Lake Tahoe to the Tahoe

Academy. The term of the lease will run from September 1

through May 31 of each year beginning in 1985 and will ex-

pire in 1990. The annual rental fee shall be $85,000. A

$25,000 rental damage and cleaning deposit will be posted.

President Crowley requested the funds earned on the lease,

up to $140,000, be borrowed in order to pave the access


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the lease of the 4-H Camp

at Lake Tahoe to the Tahoe Academy and the funds earned,

up to $140,000, be borrowed to pave the access road. Mrs.

Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

18. Approved Lease, Main Station Field Laboratory, UNR

Approved a lease to Comstock Communications, Inc., dba KCBN

Radio, for a 4-acre site to erect a 180-foot radio trans-

mission tower and small building on the eastern edge of the

Main Station Field Laboratory. The lease is for a 10 year

period commencing on or about January 1, 1986.

In return, Comstock Communications will make an annual con-

tribution to the UNR Foundation on behalf of the KCBN Schol-

arship Fund, for the benefit of students enrolled in the

College of Agriculture, as follows:

$ 5,000 First 3 years

7,500 Years 3 and 5

10,000 Years 6 through 10


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of lease to Comstock Communi-

cations. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

19. Approved Promotion in Rank, UNR

Approved the promotion to Professor for Dr. Paul Page, Dean,

College of Arts and Science, effective immediately.

Mrs. Sparks informed the Board she has received many compli-

ments from various persons regarding Dean Page.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of promotion to Professor for

Dr. Paul Page at UNR. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion car-


20. Approved Handbook Change, Title 4, Chapter 13, Parking and

Traffic Regulations, UNR

Approved Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 13, Parking and

Traffic Regulations, UNR, as contained in Ref. D, filed in

the Regents Office.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of Handbook change regarding

Parking and Traffic Regulations at UNR. Mrs. Kenney second-

ed. Motion carried.

21. Approved the Appointment of Interim Dean, UNLV

Approved the appointment of Dr. William Dakin as Interim

Dean of Student Services at UNLV, effective August 9, 1985,

at a salary of $51,416.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the appointment of Dr. William

Dakin as Interim Dean of Student Services at UNLV, effective

August 9, 1985. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

22. Approved Handbook Change, Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 8,

Refund Policy, UNLV

Approved Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 8,

Refund Policy, UNLV, as contained in Ref. E with amendments,

filed in the Regents Office.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of Handbook change regarding

Refund Policy at UNLV. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion


23. Approved Certification, DRI

Approved to reaffirm the Water Resources Center as the Water

Resources Research Institute in Nevada. The following cer-

tification is required within 90 days of the effective date

of the rules and regulations of the Federal Register (July

1, 1985):

The Board of Regents of the University of Nevada System

do hereby reaffirm that the Water Resources Center,

Desert Research Institute is the designated Water

Resources Research Institute in Nevada. This desig-

nation is made pursuant to Sec. 104(a) of Public Law

98-242, the Water Resources Research Act of 1984, and

30 CFR Part 401.5, Designation of Institutes.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the certification for DRI.

Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

24. Approved Computer Loan Program, UNS

Approved a staff development loan program for personal

computers to be made available to professional and classi-

fied employees within System Administration (Chancellor's

Office, Computing Center, Press). This program is similar

to those currently in place on several Campuses.

Employees would be eligible for one loan up to $2500 in a

given fiscal year, interest free. Full payment of the loan

must be made within the fiscal year and payments would be

by payroll deduction.

The source of funds for the program would be the Computing

Center's Data Processing Sales account. Maximum require-

ments of the funds in any given year are not expected to

exceed $60,000. Inasmuch as the borrowed amount would be

repaid within the year, it is anticipated that at least

90%, if not all, of the account funds should be available

to be utilized for other planned expenditures prior to the

end of the fiscal year.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Computer Loan Program for

System Administration personnel. Mrs. Sheerin seconded.

Motion carried.

25. New Business

Ms. Del Papa requested that the Presidents' Council address

a real estate policy for all UNS property.

26. Emergency Item: Resolution re: Distinguished Scientist,


President Hidy requested approval to consider an emergency

item on the agenda concerning Professor Frits Went, who is

leaving Nevada in September. He retired about 10 years ago

and is now 84 years old and has been ill for some time.

Professor Went is a very distinguished scientist of inter-

national reputation in the field of Biology. He has made

contributions to Biology which have been unique since the

early 1900s when he did his Ph. D. work in the Netherlands.

His interests have been in the area of tree metabolism,

photosynthesis, gas exchange with vegetation, and the role

of air pollution in influencing vegetation. He was at Cal

Tech when he was instrumental in bringing Professor Haagen-

smit to Cal Tech, and they were both instrumental in dis-

covering photochemical smog in the Los Angeles area. Pro-

fessor Went contributed much to the Desert Research Insti-

tute as part of the biosciences group for many years, and

later became Director of the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.

He is the only scientist in the State of Nevada who is a

member of the National Academy of Sciences. In view of

his long-standing contributions to Nevada and to biologi-

cal science throughout the world, President Hidy requested

a resolution be passed by the Board, recognizing his con-

tributions, and wishing him Godspeed in his move to Oregon.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept an emergency item concerning

a resolution for Professor Went at DRI. Ms. Del Papa

seconded. Motion carried.

Chairman Klaich requested approval to draft a resolution

of gratitude to Dr. Went on behalf of the Board.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of a resolution of gratitude

to Dr. Went. Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.

Chairman Klaich extended his thanks to President Berg and Regent

Gallagher for their hospitality in Elko.

The meeting adjourned at 2:50 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board