UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 5-6, 1887


Volume OB - Page 52


                       September 5, 1887

Board of Regents met in regular form.  All present also President

Brown, Professor Ring and Foster Gould.

After lengthy discussion it was decided that all applicants for

admission would have to stand an examination in arithmetic, gram-

mar, penmanship and reading.

The age at which a student could enter the University was dis-

cussed.  The law made it 15 years, and none under that age could

be admitted.

Upon motion the following books were adopted:

            Fisher's Arithmetic No. 2

            Harper's Common School Geography

            Swiutiri's Grammar and Composition

            Fifth Reader

            Spencerian System of Penmanship

            Barne's Brief History U.S.

            Quackenboss's Physics


            Swett's School Elocution

            Robinson's Elementary Algebra

            Steele's 14 Weeks in Chemistry

            Geometry - Wentworth - in discretion

            Steele's 14 Weeks in Astronomy

            Latin - text books discretionary

Regent Dovey made verbal report of his trip to California.

Upon motion Board adjourned.

                             C. C. Stevenson


John M. Dormer

Clerk Board Regents