UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 4-5, 1952

Volume 6 - Pages 388-392

September 4, 1952

The Board of Regents met in regular session at the Lake Tahoe
home of Chairman Ross. The meeting was called to order by the
Chairman at 1:30 P.M., Thursday, September 4, 1952. Present:
Regents Hardy, Arentz, Ross; Comptroller Hayden; President Stout.
Reporters Burns and Friel were also present and remained through-
out the meeting. Regents Lombardi and Crumley were en route.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the minutes
of the regular meeting of August 18, 1952 be approved and
that the reading thereof be dispensed with.

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the minutes
of the meeting of August 29, 1952, for the purpose of
opening bids on Heating Plant work, be approved and that
the contract be awarded to Savage & Son, as recommended
by Comptroller Hayden and Architect Mills.

2. Comptroller's Claims

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the following
claims, as approved by the Executive Committee, be approved
by the Board:

Regents Checks Nos. 23-17 to 23-27 inclusive for a
total of $118,778.72 for August.

State Claims Nos. 23-10 to 23-20 inclusive for a
total of $101,507.51 for August.

3. Right-of-Way, South Virginia Farm

Comptroller Hayden presented a request from the Sierra
Pacific Power Company for a right-of-way on the South Vir-
ginia Farm for the extension of a power line on the Farm
to operate a pump to be used in irrigation in certain areas
of the Farm. Dean Hutchison had recommended its approval.

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the right-of-
way be granted to the Sierra Pacific Power Company, as per
their request.

4. Personnel Recommendations

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the following
personnel recommendations be approved:

(a) Appointment of Mrs. Martha Ciervo as Assistant Catalog
Librarian, effective September 1, 1952, at a salary of
$3200 per year, in the place of Mrs. Enck, resigned.

(b) Appointment of Miss Maribeth Elkins as Sub-Professional
Assistant in the Library, effective September 1, 1952,
at a salary of $2100 per year, in the place of Miss
Griffen, resigned.

(c) Appointment of Harold Wiedman as Graduate Assistant in
Biology at a salary of $1500 for the school year 1952-
53, to teach some of the courses left vacant by the
resignation of Dr. W. D. Billings.

(d) Appointment of Mrs. Mabel M. Brown as Assistant in
English at a salary of $700 for the Fall semester 1952
to teach some of the courses left vacant by the leave
of absence of Dr. Charlton G. Laird.

(e) Reappointment of Mrs. Mabel M. Brown as Assistant in
Foreign Languages at a salary of $500 for the Fall
semester 1952.

(f) Appointment of Harry Anderson as Assistant in History
and Political Science at a salary of $900 for the Fall
semester 1952, to teach some of the courses left vacant
by the illness of Dr. C. C. Smith.

(g) Reappointment of Roderick A. Falk as Fellow in Chemis-
try at a salary of $1100 for the school year 1952-53.

It was unanimously agreed that, in the future, unless a
last minute resignation occurs which cannot otherwise be
filled, faculty wives are not to be employed.

5. Astronomical Observatory

The President presented a report of the Dedication Committee
of the Astronomical Society of Nevada, dated August 28, 1952
which stated:

Our Dedication Committee thought it eminently fitting
to recommend to the University Regents, the name Blair
Astronomical Observatory, with a record of all who
shared in the work, and seeks your approval. This
record will be in plaque form, suitably inscribed, as
in the copy before you. Please offer corrections in

The matter was discussed and the suggestion made that a
plaque of somewhat permanent nature be considered, prefer-
ably a bronze plaque.

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the President
be authorized to proceed with the plans for such dedication,
in conference with Dr. Church and any others with whom he
might wish to consult. The name as recommended by the
Astronomical Society was approved - Blair Astronomical

6. Student Union Building

The following letter, dated August 27, 1952, and concerning
the bequest of W. E. Travis, was read:

Mr. Minard W. Stout, President
University of Nevada
Reno, Nevada

Re: Estate of Wesley Elgin Travis

Dear Mr. Stout:

In the near future I contemplate filing with the Probate
Court a petition authorizing me to make a ratable dis-
tribution of approximately one million dollars of the
estate assets to the residuary legatees consisting of
the trusts created under the Will and the charitable
and educational beneficiaries. If the petition is
granted, the University will receive 1/2% of approxi-
mately $333,333.33 or $1,666.66 in order to establish
a revolving fund for needy, deserving, trustworthy

In addition, the University will be entitled to receive
30% of approximately $333,333.33, or approximately
$100,000.00 to be used on the construction on the Campus
of a building to be known as the "Jot Travis Student
Building", provided that the condition imposed by the
Will on the bequest for the construction of the said
building has been complied with. You undoubtedly are
aware that, as a condition to the bequest for the con-
struction of the building, the Will provides that a sum
of money equal to the bequest be furnished by the State
of Nevada, or others, within 2 years from the date of
Mr. Travis' death, which occurred on January 24, 1952,
to be used in conjunction with the bequest in the con-
struction of the building.

I am wondering if anything has been accomplished as yet
by the University in order to comply with the condition.
I will be unable to make any distribution to the Uni-
versity of all or any portion of the bequest for the
construction of the building until the condition is
fully satisfied. As Mr. Malcolm A. Love was advised
by letter dated February 29, 1952, the total bequest
to the University for the building should approximate
$210,000.00, which must be obtained in full by the
University within the time indicated before all or
any portion of the bequest for the construction of the
building can be distributed to it. It is understood
that the estimate of $210,000.00 is subject to upward
or downward revision, depending upon the actual condi-
tion of the estate when it is ready to be closed.

If the University cannot at this time comply with the
condition, sufficient assets will be retained in the
estate to fulfill the bequest for the construction
of the "Jot Travis Student Building", and the same
will be distributed to the University at such time
as evidence is submitted revealing that the condition
has been complied with within the 2-year period pro-
vided for in the Will.

Very truly yours,

Frederick W. Ackerman
Executor, Estate of
W. E. Travis

President Stout's reply was also read, as follows:

Mr. Frederick W. Ackerman
221 Pine Street
San Francisco 6, California

Dear Mr. Ackerman:

In reply to your letter of August 27, I can assure you
that the Board of Regents are planning to request from
the Legislature a sum of $300,000.00 to put with the
money from the estate of W. E. Travis for the construc-
tion of the "Jot Travis Student Building". The outcome
of this request will not be known until the close of
the next legislative session in February 1953.

Very truly yours,

Minard W. Stout

After general discussion concerning the bequest and the
Student Union building,

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that a copy of the
Travis Will, together with correspondence concerning it,
be submitted to the Attorney General with the request that
he study and interpret the Will for the Regents; and further
that he be requested to seek an accounting and determine how
much the University must include in its budget to meet the
terms of the Will.

Regents Crumley and Lombardi arrived at 2 P.M.

7. Budget

In presenting the budget for the coming biennium, the Presi-
dent discussed, especially the salary needs for the faculty
and staff, pointing out that it would require 18-20% in-
crease to bring the salaries of the faculty up to those of
comparable educational institutions in this area. He rec-
ommended that money be included in the budget to permit
personal interviews with prospective faculty members before
contracting their services. He said that there is need,
also, for salary adjustments in the non-academic Divisions
of the University.

Adjustments to the budget, as recorded in the minutes of
the meeting of August 18, 1952, have been made.

The Board recessed at 3 P.M. Regent Arentz had to leave at this
time to catch a plane in Reno.

The Board went back into session at 3:10 P.M. and discussed the
budget further.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the budget
be accepted, with proportionate increases amounting to
not over 15%; that request for salary increases be made
in the amount of from $500,000 to $540,000 and that in so
doing, the Regents recognize the fact that 20% would be
required to increase salaries to an extent that the Uni-
versity of Nevada could meet competition with other Colleges
and Universities. If this amount is not received, the
alternative would be to cut courses and classes at the

8. Reception for President and Mrs. Stout

Mr. Ross suggested that it would be in order to have a
reception for President and Mrs. Stout so that members of
the Campus community and the townspeople might have oppor-
tunity to meet them.

Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the Chairman
be authorized to appoint members of the faculty as a com-
mittee to arrange for such a reception, and that expenses
be paid from revolving fund surplus funds.

The Chairman appointed as a faculty committee for the recep-
tion, Dean Wood, Chairman; Dean Palmer, Dean Scheid, Dean
Hutchison; and asked that they outline a program and submit
it to the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents, first
meeting with President and Mrs. Stout to discuss with them
the type of reception they would like to have.

9. Portrait of President Love

Chairman Ross presented a bill in the amount of $650 from
Hans Meyer-Kassel for portrait of President Love, as per
Regents action of June 7, 1952.

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the Comptroller
be authorized to make payment from surplus funds in the re-
volving fund.

10. Gifts

(a) The Western Electrochemical Company has given a $500
scholarship to Everett L. Witt of Henderson, Nevada,
to be paid to Mr. Witt at the rate of $250 per semester
during the coming school year.

(b) Mr. Raymond I. Smith has paid to the President's Dis-
cretionary Fund $500 for each Monday evening during
July and August for the use of the University Stadium
for his fire works display. Total received - $4000.

(c) Dr. Fred Anderson of Reno has given a contribution of
$75 to the "Friends of the Library" fund.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 P.M.

The next meeting will be at the call of the Chairman.