UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 3-4, 1981


Pages 62-65

                          BOARD OF REGENTS

                     UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA SYSTEM

                          Sepember 3, 1981

The Board of Regents met on the above date in a teleconference

meeting via the UNITE System with Board members present in the

Pine Auditorium at UNR, Room 399 of the Carlson Education build-

ing at UNLV, and the Library at Elko Junior High School.

Members present:  Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

(Las Vegas)       Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

                  Mr. Chris Karamanos

                  Mr. John R. Mc Bride

                  Mrs. June F. Whitley

(Reno)            Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

                  Mr. John Tom Ross

(Elko)            Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

Members absent:   Mrs. Lilly Fong

The meeting was called to order at 9:20 A.M. by Chairman Cashell

who, with the assistance of the UNITE operator, explained the

microphone system being used.

 1.  Phase IV, UNR School of Medicine

     Final plans for Phase IV of the UNR School of Medicine had

     been presented at the August 28 meeting with approval de-

     layed for consideration at this meeting.

     Mr. Mc Bride stated that he had been in contact with Mr.

     Claude Howard, the donor of a large portion of the funding

     for this building, and that Mr. Howard had indicated that

     it had been his intention that the building be constructed

     on the UNR Campus.

     Mr. Mc Bride moved that the final plans for Phase IV of the

     School of Medicine be approved for construction on the UNR

     Campus and that the Board delegate authority to the Chan-

     cellor to review construction bids and concur with the State

     Public Works Board in the award of a contract, with a re-

     port to be made to the October meeting of the Board.  Motion

     seconded by Mrs. Gallagher and carried without dissent by

     roll call vote.

 2.  Consideration of Structural Concept of the UNR School of


     Mr. Buchanan moved that the second two years, the clinical

     part of the Medical School, be headquartered at the Uni-

     versity of Nevada, Las Vegas.

     Mr. Buchanan explained his motion by stating that it was

     not his intention that the entire clinical school be moved

     to Las Vegas, but that the headquarters would be in Las

     Vegas and that a search for space had already begun.

     Mr. Mc Bride stated that it was his understanding that Mr.

     Buchanan was suggesting that the headquarters for the last

     two years, including the Department Chairmen, would be lo-

     cated in Las Vegas, almost the reverse as is presently the


     Mr. Ross stated that he believed that action as proposed by

     Mr. Buchanan's motion was premature and wished to amend the

     motion that this proposal be submitted to a select committee

     to determine whether the suggested changes should be made

     and, if so, the best possible manner in which to accomplish

     the changes and a report made to the Board for its consider-

     ation and action.

     Mrs. Gallagher agreed that this action was premature and

     stated that since this issue had not been raised with the

     Medical School Advisory Board, it should first be referred

     to that group and then discussed at a regular meeting of the


     Ms. Del Papa stated that it was her opinion that it would

     be irresponsible to take action on Mr. Buchanan's motion at

     this time and at this type of meeting, and seconded Mr.

     Ross' motion for the appointment of a study committee.

     President Crowley reminded the Board that during the last

     few months there have been several suggestions concerning

     the Medical School, including 1) relocating the Medical

     School to the authority of the Chancellor's Office, 2)

     moving the last two years of the School to Las Vegas, 3)

     moving the entire School to Las Vegas, and 4) moving the

     headquarters for the last two years to Las Vegas.  Any one

     of these decisions would have serious far-reaching effects

     on the Medical School and should be very seriously and

     deliberately considered prior to any action.  He suggested

     that an objective study be commissioned.

     Mr. Mc Bride stated that he believed that there was a con-

     sensus of the Board that a study should be done but that

     the Board, by its previous action in accepting the Phase IV

     building, had declared that the first two years of the

     Medical School would remain in Reno and that this issue

     should not come before the Board again.

     He further stated that he would amend Mr. Ross' amendment

     to include the funds necessary to conduct such a study and

     to require the committee to report back to the Board on

     two alternatives:  1) should the Medical School be under

     the Chancellor's jurisdiction or remain organizationally

     under UNR; and 2) should the last two years be moved to

     Las Vegas.  If the study should conclude that the School

     should be split, the committee should provide the Board

     with appropriate recommendations on how it should be done

     and the timing necessary.

     Mr. Buchanan disagreed stating that he believed a decision

     should be reached at this meeting since the Board had known

     that this question was coming for a long time and should be

     in a position to address it.  He agreed to a study on how

     to implement the change but not for the committee to decide

     if a change should be made.

     Since there was no second to Mr. Buchanan's motion, Mr.

     Ross moved that a study committee be appointed to study,

     with all deliberate speed, the various issues previously

     raised and to report back to the Board within 6 months or

     sooner, if possible.  Motion seconded by Ms. Del Papa,

     carried with the following roll call vote:

         Yes - Mr. Cashell, Ms. Del Papa, Mrs. Gallagher,

               Mr. Karamanos, Mr. Mc Bride, Mr. Ross, Mrs.


         No  - Mr. Buchanan

 3.  UNR Special Events Pavilion

     Final plans for this structure had been approved at the

     August 28 Board meeting and bids opened on August 26, 1981.

     President Crowley presented the results of the bid opening

     (filed with permanent minutes) and requested that the Board

     of Regents recommend to the State Public Works Board the

     negotiation of a contract as follows:

     The Law Co. (from Kansas)         Proposition I

         Base Bid               $20,626,000 Building

         Alternate 1-1A             180,000 Automatic System

         Alternate 1-1B             N/C     CRT and Terminals

         Alternate 1-A              681,000 Gridiron Construction

         Alternate 1-B              279,000 Suspended Ceiling

         Alternate 1-C              571,000 Athletic Offices

             Total              $22,337,800

     Herk Edwards                      Proposition II*

         Base Bid               $   626,563 Seating

     This is a total bid of $22,964,363 and is within the avail-

     able funds.

    *This recommendation is conditioned on approval by the State

     Public Works Board of the type of seat proposed by the bid-

     der.  In the event the seat is not approved, it is recom-

     mended that the State Public Works Board negotiate a con-

     tract with the next low bidder, Irwin Seating, whose bid

     is $658,582.

     Mr. Ross moved that the State Public Works Board be re-

     quested to negotiate a contract with the low bidder in the

     amounts as stated by President Crowley.  Motion seconded by

     Mr. Buchanan.

     Mr. Karamanos indicated his concern with the $2 million

     difference between the two low bidders and questioned wheth-

     er or not the low bidder would be leaving out some part of

     the project.  Mr. William Hancock, Secretary/Manager of the

     State Public Works Board, stated that it was not the intent

     that anything be left out of the project and that the dif-

     ference in cost was due in large part to subcontractors.  He

     agreed that his staff would do everything possible to insure

     that nothing is left out of the project.

     Motion carried without dissent by roll call vote.

It was announced that the October 2 meeting has been changed to

October 9.

The meeting adjourned at 10:35 A.M.

                             Bonnie M. Smotony

                             Secretary of the Board