UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

September 3-4, 1909 


Volume OD - Pages 145-152

                         Reno, Nevada

                      September 3, 1909

The Board of Regents met at the University at 9:30 A.M., Friday,

September 3, 1909.  There were present Regents Sunderland, Codd,

Henderson and Williams, and the President of the University.

Absent, Dr. Sullivan.

The minutes of the meeting held July 2, 1909 were read and, upon

motion, approved.

President Stubbs read his report to the Board as follows:

                                     September 3, 1909

To the Honorable

    The Board of Regents of the

        University of Nevada.


I have the honor to make my report of the University for the

two months ending August 31, 1909.

According to our schedule, we opened the University on Monday,

the 23rd of August.  As is usual, the students are coming in

slowly.  The following is the registration to date:

              Women                      Men

     Normal               13    Normal                      0

     High School          45    High School                36

     Specials              8    Specials                   17

     Post Graduate         1    Post Graduate               1

     Seniors              10    Seniors                     9

     Juniors               6    Juniors                    10

     Sophomores            9    Sophomores                 14

     Freshmen             16    Freshmen                   28

         Total           108        Total                 108

                    Total to Date - 216

The probabilities are that we will enroll this term about 250

students, which is equal to our enrollment of the last 2 or 3

years, but not any in advance of it.  We have received in answer

to the advertisements in the papers probably from 400-500 in-

quiries.  In answer to these inquiries we have sent registers

and in many cases letters.  The direct results are not yet ap-

parent, but from 5-10 students have been received as the direct

result of the advertising that we have done.  In addition to

this, we have sent personal letters either through the office or

through the students in California and Nevada to the number of

perhaps 480, and we have received a few students from that ef-

fort.  The greatest gain in our attendance this year is in the

class of students and the work they are doing.  For example, 7

students have entered the Agricultural course, and you may rest

assured that we will never fall below this number in the future.

It marks the beginning of a campaign for this Department of the

University that we shall continue very actively.  Then the stu-

dents in Latin and Greek are in excess of the number in these

branches in previous years.  We have had 2 or 3 students in Greek

in the last 15 years, but there are now some 19 students in this

Department.  So from the character of the attendance we feel very

much encouraged and we believe that the attendance is the proph-

ecy of better things in the future, especially as soon as certain

social conditions in this State and in Reno cease.  I reiterate

that perhaps none of us appreciate the weight of the influence

which the social conditions in this town and State exert against

every effort on our part to secure students for our University.

And the best that we can do is to keep our faith and our courage

and wait patiently for the change in the social conditions and

the increase in our attendance which will follow.

The following is the telephone contract for the University which

I submit to you for your approval.  The telephones will be in-

stalled about the first of October.  In this arrangement there

are telephones in every building so that I can call up any of

the Professors from my Office or they in turn can call me up,

or one another.  This system will connect with the town system

for, I think, about 8 phones, which can be changed from one

building to another as occasion may require.  I have taken great

pains to get a reasonable price and I think I have succeeded.  I

went to the City and direct to the General Manager and talked

over with him what we wanted.  I said further that the University

could not afford to pay the usual toll for the use of the phones

and the switchboard.  He gave me a rate which I think is very

liberal.  They will furnish phones, switchboard and keep them in

repair, charging us as follows:

    For 2 out-going trunk lines         $ 8.00

    For 2 in-coming trunk lines           6.00

    20 phones                            10.00

    1 switchboard                         5.00

        Total                           $29.00 per month.

The switchboard will be placed in the Registrar's Office and at

all times be under our control.  I ask your approval of this


I had a conversation with Mr. Campbell, senior member of the Law

Firm of Campbell, Metson and Campbell of San Francisco on last

Saturday in Carson City, and he said that he had secured $400,000

in bonds for the University of Nevada, and that he would give me

the full details of it by letter in a few days, so that I can

submit the matter to the Board of Regents.  It seems that these

bonds were issued by the State of Mississippi during the Recon-

struction Period and they have been rendered legal by that State

and by the action of such States as hold the bonds, of which

Nevada is one.  Mr. Campbell spoke with assurance that we would

get $400,000 in bonds and perhaps more, and said that he would

like me to accompany him to New York about the first of October

and look into the matter.  I will keep the Regents advised, for,

if this is a fact and is not a mere figment of the imagination

of a hard-headed lawyer, it will be a great gain to the Univer-

sity.  I have planned to go East the last day of September to

attend the inauguration of President Lowell, which falls upon the

6th day of October, attend a meeting of the National Association

of State Universities which occurs on the 8th and 9th of October

at Cambridge, then go to New York to meet Mr. Mackay by appoint-

ment.  If I can do so, I shall attend the inauguration of Ernest

Fox Nichols as President of Dartmouth College at Hanover, New

Hampshire, on the 14th of October.  It would be well for the

Regents to take action, giving me leave of absence during the

month of October for the purposes of this trip.

I have proposed to Mr. Mackay that he, with his friends, be here

on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd, and possibly the 24th, of October.

Professor Young has prepared the Mining Exhibit for the Univer-

sity and has installed the exhibit at Goldfield ready for the

Mining Congress.  I suggest that Regent Codd place an insurance

of $300 on this exhibit for as much time as it is at Goldfield.

I attended a meeting of the Association of Agricultural Colleges

and Experiment Stations at Portland on the 17th, 18th and 19th

of August, and then spent 2 days at Seattle on the 20th and 21st,

visiting the Exposition.  The arrangement of the grounds, the

floral display, the exhibits presented by the United States Gov-

ernment, Alaska, Hawaii and California are especially fine, al-

though all of the other exhibits are very good.  I am sure how-

ever, that the University made no mistake in declining to send

an exhibit of minerals to the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exhibition.

The display in the Mining building is not nearly so creditable

as some of the other exhibits and we could not have responded

to the request of the Publicity Committee at the late date that

they asked us to make the exhibit with justice to our State or

our University.

I received a letter under date of August 27th from the Nevada

Hardware and Supply Company, C. J. James, Secretary, asking

that the amount of $567.20 be allowed at this meeting.  This

is a claim for interest on the amount expended by them for put-

ing in the Heating Plant, part of which they had to wait for

until after the last Legislature appropriated the money.  I be-

lieve that the State does not allow interest on deferred pay-

ments and this bill having been made in the form of interest can-

not be allowed by the State.  I said to Mr. James that I thought

I could find a way to pay this bill in some other manner than

that of regular appropriation, which the State would undoubtedly

refuse.  I did not promise that we would allow this bill now.

In fact, I distinctly stated that I recognized the justice of the

claim and that we would find some proper means to pay it, and I

will find some way to do this prior to the 31st of December.

There is one other old claim amounting to $144.97 of the Reno

Mill and Lumber Company which I also want to clean up.

I recommend that the Board of Regents now presents the claim of

Mrs. C. W. Friend for $2000 and puts it in charge of Regent

Henderson for collection.

I have received from the Board of Education acknowledgement of

the receipt of the 2 copies of the Treasurer's Report of the

University of Nevada for the year ended June 30, 1909, saying

they have been approved.

I have recently been appointed Guardian of the person and Estate

of Otto Hartung.  This was done at Mr. Hartung's request as he

was getting so feeble and at times was so much disturbed mental-

ly that he was not fit to take charge of his business.

The Regents will remember that I reported some time since that

I had drawn up the last will and testament of Mr. Hartung, mak-

ing certain provisions with regard to his Estate and that I have

given him some attention for the last two years, and have also

transacted business for him.  Although he has been in a sani-

tarium in California for a few years, yet he has always main-

tained that his residence was in Nevada and in Reno.  It is prob-

able that he cannot live a great while.  I receive reports from

the Doctor in charge of the sanitarium 2 or 3 times a week and

expect to go down to see him and Mr. Hartung on Saturday evening

of this week.  The object of doing this for him and taking charge

of the Estate is two-fold:  first, because it seemed to satisfy

him to have me look after his business, and in the second place,

by doing this work we will keep his bequests in this State,

which is very much to be desired.

The lease of the ground on which the President's house stands

expires on the 24th day of April, 1910.  I herewith submit to

the Board of Regents a Resolution for the renewal of this lease

for 10 years from April 24, 1910.

I regret to say that we have had a grave piece of vandalism upon

the University grounds.  There has been a contest between the

Freshmen and Sophomores for nearly a week past, although we have

given official sanction to a contest on tomorrow, Saturday, after

noon, September 4th.  Nothing of a serious nature occurred and

nothing that would occasion any remark outside of the ordinary

life of the College until last evening, when the faculty were

gathered at my house for an evening reception, some person or

persons painted the pedestal of the Mackay statue upon three

sides.  I had supposed that the Mackay gifts would be safe from

any species of vandalism and I have relied upon the personal

honor of all of our students to see that every interest of the

Mackay buildings, statue and quadrangle were maintained, but it

seems that I was mistaken.

As the Regents will remember, Mr. and Mrs. Mackay presented

Mrs. Stubbs and myself with a gold tea and coffee service after

their return to New York from the celebration of the events con-

nected with the giving of the Mackay Mining building and the

quadrangle to the University of Nevada.  This service is very

valuable, so valuable that I have put it into the Bank, and so

beautiful and tasteful that we have had nothing in our home to

go with it in matters of entertainment.  Last year I entertained

Mr. and Mrs. Mackay, the Regents, the Honorary Board of Visitors,

and some friends at the Riverside Hotel.  This time I want to

entertain at my own home.

I submit herewith the salary rolls and the claims upon the State

Fund and upon the Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund.

                             Very truly yours,

                         /s/ J. E. Stubbs


                       STATE CLAIMS

    A. C. Mc Clury                           $   132.80

    Mott Stationery Company                       19.20

    Reno Plumbing & Heating Company                2.52

    Bennett's Agency                              21.65

    Library Bureau                               158.52

    A. C. Mc Clury                                28.88

    Buchhandlung Gustav Fock                   1,345.20

    Reno Power Light & Water Company             150.00

    Beebe & Wagner                             3,802.59

    Clock & Shea                               5,177.00

    Troy Laundry Company                           2.95

    Eliza Overman                                 13.13

    Peter Frandsen                               100.00

    Reno Ice Delivery                              8.38

    W. B. Mack                                    50.00

    S. B. Doten                                   11.35

    Harry Kelly                                  225.32

    Grand Rapids Furniture Company                71.33

    William Wagner                                22.50

    Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company          7.35

    Mott Stationery Company                       28.85

    J. D. Layman                                   2.50

    White Company                                 30.25

    Laboratory & Guarantee Fund                  850.10

    Reno Printing Company                        101.75

    Laboratory & Guarantee Fund                   15.00

    Bliss & Faville                              200.40

    Harry Kelly                                   91.00

    Frank Blake Webster Company                    4.06

    Charles E. Lydia                             108.00

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company               6.80

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company               9.35

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company              75.00

    A. C. Mc Clury                               217.44

    A. C. Mc Clury                                 3.25

    Reno Evening Gazette                           4.00

    Mott Stationery Company                       72.30

    Reno Evening Gazette                          28.50

    Nevada State Journal                           5.25

    Mott Stationery Company                       31.35

    Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company          6.00

    Porteous Decorating Company                   64.85

    Reno Steam Laundry                             3.75

    The White Company                              2.40

    Porteous Decorating Company                    1.00

    Gordon H. True                               143.50

    E. Gibeau                                    130.00

    Reno Evening Gazette                         285.00

    Self & Sellman                                98.80

    Patrick & Company                              7.20

    Eclipse Company                              107.50

    Eclipse Company                               75.00

    W. H. Blalock                                156.75

    Charles Ward                                  18.00

    F. M. Payne                                   25.00

    William Wagner                                50.53

    Riverside Studio                               7.00

    Reno Livery Company                           10.00

    Western Union Telegraph Company               26.75

    Will U. Mackey                                10.00

    George I. James                              255.00

    Reno Mercantile Company                      156.63

    Reno Mercantile Company                        7.45

    Reno Mercantile Company                       12.75

    W. J. Luke                                   323.75

    Kny Scheerer Company                         167.00

    Bausch & Lomb Optical company                851.62

    Liverpool, London & Globe Insurance Co.      125.00

    German American Insurance Company            125.00

    Scheeline Banking & Trust Company            150.00

    George H. Taylor                               9.85

    George H. Taylor                              15.16

    George H. Taylor                             759.21

    Bausch & Lomb Optical Company                264.34

    Payroll for August                         2,789.94

                                    Total    $20,487.46

                        A & M CLAIMS

    The Leeds & Northrup Company             $   136.65

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.                   2.35

    Reno Mercantile Company                        4.05

    Central Scientific Company                    60.00

    Keuffel & Esser Company                        5.80

    Riehle Brothers                            1,650.00

    Union Lumber Company                          11.00

    Porteous Decorating Company                    3.05

    A. Lietz Company                               4.50

    Mott Stationery Company                        3.00

    Reno Ice Delivery Company                      1.25

    Miller Lock Company                           33.75

    Braun-Knecht-Heimann Company                 228.48

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company              33.00

    The Franklin Company                          27.30

    Payroll for August                         2,709.16

                                    Total    $ 4,713.34

On motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Williams, the

following resolution relating to the lease of the President's

residence was adopted:

    AND WHEREAS, the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada

    did on the 3rd day of September, 1909, in meeting regularly

    assembled duly pass, adopt and cause to be entered upon its

    records the following preamble and resolution, viz:

    WHEREAS, the State of Nevada, acting by and through the Board

    of Regents of the Nevada State University, did on the 24th

    day of April, 1900, execute and deliver to J. E. Stubbs, a

    lease of those certain premises therein described, upon which

    was subsequently built by J. E. Stubbs and others, the build-

    ing and structures known as the official residence of the

    President at an annual rental of $1.00 for the period of ten

    years, with the right of successive renewals for the same

    period upon the same terms and until all sums of money ad-

    vanced by J. E. Stubbs and others, for the purpose of build-

    ing and furnishing an official residence thereon for the

    President of the University, have been repaid by the State

    of Nevada; and

    WHEREAS, no part of the sums so advanced by said J. E. Stubbs

    and others, for said purpose and used in the construction and

    furnishing of said official residence, have been repaid by

    said State of Nevada, and said J. E. Stubbs has requested a

    renewal of said lease in accordance with the terms and con-

    ditions thereof.

    NOW THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED by the Board of Regents of the

    University of Nevada, in meeting regularly assembled, that

    the President and Secretary of this Board be, and they are

    hereby authorized, in the name and on behalf of the State

    of Nevada, by and through the Board of Regents of the Nevada

    State University, to execute and deliver a renewal of said

    lease of April 24th, 1900, for a period of ten years at an

    annual rental of $1.00 per year, with the right of succes-

    sive renewals for the same period, and upon the same terms

    and conditions as are contained in said lease of April 24th,


On motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent Henderson, the

President of the University was authorized to employ a night

watchman for the months of September and October at a salary not

to exceed $60 per month.

On motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent Henderson, it

was resolved that when this Board adjourned, they should adjourn

to meet Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock A.M., September 25, 1909.

On motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Williams, the

contract of the Telephone Company, as made by the President and

included in his report, was approved.

On motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent Henderson, the

President was allowed a special salary of $75 per month for one

year to take effect September 1, 1909.

On motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent Henderson, the

President was granted a leave of absence from September 29 to

October 29 as requested in his report.

On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 9:00 A.M., September 25,


                             John Sunderland


Geo. H. Taylor