UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 2-3, 1977


Pages 60-64



September 2, 1977

The Board of Regents met in Special Meeting on the above date in

the Teacher Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mr. John Buchanan

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

Mr. John Tom Ross

Members absent: Miss Brenda Mason

Others present: Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey

President Donald H. Baepler, UNLV

President Max Milam, UNR

President Lloyd Smith, DRI

Executive Vice President Russell Bloyer, CCCC

Executive Vice President Jack Davis, WNCC

General Counsel Larry Lessly

Ms. Barbara Summers, Unit Senate

Mr. Robert Hill, WNCC/South Senate

Mrs. Joanne Dain, WNCC/North Senate

Dr. Paul Page, UNR Senate

Dr. Clarence Ray, UNLV Senate

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Buchanan at 8:55 A.M.

Mr. Buchanan announced that the Special Meeting of the Board had

been called to receive the resignation of Chancellor Humphrey, to

adopt a procedure for the recruitment of a new Chancellor, in-

cluding appointment of an ad hoc committee of the Board, and to

appoint an Acting Chancellor until a permanent successor to Dr.

Humphrey has been appointed. He stressed that the proceedings

would be open unless a motion was introduced to close the session

for discussion of a specific individual.

1. Resignation of Chancellor

Dr. Humphrey submitted the following letter of resignation:

I respectfully request that you accept my resignation

as Chancellor of the University of Nevada System,

effective 5:00 P.M., Monday, September 19, 1977. As

you will recall, I informed each of you by telephone

August 12, 1977 of my intention to resign effective in

late September in order to accept the position of

President of the University of Alaska.

I wish to thank you for the opportunity that was given

me when I was appointed Chancellor. I have enjoyed

these past nine and one-half years as Chancellor and

my entire sixteen years at the University. I sincerely

wish the Board, faculty, staff and students success in

the future in serving Nevada.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved that the resignation be accepted with

regret and that Dr. Humphrey be released from his current

contract as requested. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

carried without dissent.

Mr. Ross moved that a resolution of appreciation be prepared

commending Dr. Humphrey for his effective leadership for the

past ten years as Chancellor, and further moved that the

Regents host a party in honor of Dr. Humphrey with funds

to be provided from the Board of Regents Special Projects

Fund. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried unanimously.

2. Procedure for Recruitment of New Chancellor

Chancellor Humphrey submitted the following recommendations

concerning the procedure to be followed in the recruitment

and appointment of a new Chancellor:

Chairman Buchanan has requested that I identify the

sections of the Code which control the process of

selecting a new Chancellor and that I suggest a

procedure to be followed.

The pertinent section of the Code is 1.4.4 which reads

as follows:

Whenever a vacancy occurs in the position of

Chancellor, an ad hoc committee of the Board of

Regents shall be appointed by the Chairman for the

purpose of recruiting and screening nominees and

applicants. The committee shall be provided staff

assistance by the Secretary of the Board and such

other staff as it may request. The committee shall,

before it makes recommendations to the Board, con-

sult with a specific review committee consisting

of Division Presidents, Chairmen of all Faculty

Senates and presidents of all student governments.

I believe this procedure allows the Board to move with

reasonable speed and insures consultation with repre-

sentatives of students and faculty and the Officers of

the University. It should enable you to make an ap-

pointment within four to six months and still meet all

affirmative action-equal opportunity guidelines.

Mrs. Bonnie Smotony, the Board's Secretary, has the

ability and the experience to provide "staff assistance"

and no additional staff is needed. The basic steps and

time frame should be as follows:

September 12 - Immediate placement of an advertisement

October 31 in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Many potential applicants and persons

wishing to nominate candidates will al-

ready have become aware of the vacancy

from the announcement of my appointment

in Alaska which soon will appear in the

Chronicle, and in various national jour-

nals and newsletters. The advertisement

should specify the deadline for applica-

tions (not nominations). That date

should not be earlier than one month

from the date of the first advertisement

but need not be more than six weeks. An

extended deadline for application does

not generate more or better applicants;

it merely delays the process and encour-

ages procrastination by applicants, es-

pecially those who do not wish to appear

"too eager".

November Mrs. Smotony will establish a base file

for each applicant with a copy sent to

each committee member as the application

is received. The committee will meet to

select a top group for which references

will be secured.

The committee will meet a second time to

further review the files, including the

reference letters and reports of tele-

phone calls. A decision is reached

concerning which applicants are to be

invited for interview.

December Applicants interviewed individually in

Reno and Las Vegas by committee members

and Presidents. Group meetings arranged

in both cities for applicants to be in-

terviewed by faculty Senate Chairmen and

Student Body Presidents. (A general in-

formal reception could also be held for

anyone interested.)

Committee consults with "specific review

committee" and with System Equal Oppor-

tunity Officer and makes recommendation

to Board.

January Board interviews those finalists it de-

sires to see again and makes selection.

New Chancellor then assumes office as

soon thereafter as is practicable.

I believe that this schedule is feasible. It is,

furthermore, highly desirable that a new Chancellor be

on duty very early in 1978 in order that he or she can

participate fully in the planning and budgeting process

which will be commented upon at length at the September

16 meeting.

Dr. Anderson suggested that all Regents receive copies of

the applicant's files as they are compiled, and that all

Regents be informed of the meetings of the committee in

order that they may attend if they wish. He also recom-

mended that all Regents be given an opportunity to meet

candidates and their spouses as they are invited for the


Dr. Anderson moved that the suggested procedures be adopted

with the additional suggestions as noted above. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

3. Allocation of Recruiting Expense Fund

Chancellor Humphrey recommended that the Board allocate

$5,000 from the Board of Regents Special Projects Fund for

recruiting purposes.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

carried without dissent.

Mr. John Buchanan requested that the Chancellor prepare a

position paper on the Office of the Chancellor, its duties

and responsibilities, for review by the committee and for

the benefit of the prospective applicants for the position.

Mrs. Fong reported that she had already requested the Chan-

cellor to provide a written report to the Board on what he

considered to be his most significant accomplishments during

during his tenure as Chancellor, and some words of advice

for his successor on what he perceived to be the major prob-

lems facing higher education in Nevada.

Dr. Anderson suggested that rather than a formal report,

perhaps time could be scheduled for a discussion at the

September meeting during which the Chancellor could share

with the Board such ideas as he might believe would be help-

ful to the Board and the acting Chancellor during the suc-

ceeding months.

Chancellor Humphrey stated that he would be pleased to do

as the Board wished; however, he stated that he did not

believe it desirable for an outgoing Officer to impose upon

the Board or upon his successor his ideas as to what should

be done in the future. He also stated that he was reluctant

to appear to "trumpet his major accomplishments". He agreed

that if the Board believed that a discussion would be bene-

ficial, he would be happy to participate, and he would also

be willing to write a report, perhaps by October, where he

would share his observations with the Board. Dr. Humphrey

expressed his satisfaction with the continuing consultation

which has occurred among the Officers, and urged that such

consultation continue. He also expressed his satisfaction

with the input of faculty and students, noting that such

input is desirable and beneficial.

It was agreed that the Board would welcome receiving a

written report from Dr. Humphrey some time before


4. Appointment of Ad Hoc Committee

Chairman Buchanan appointed the following ad hoc committee

of the Board for recruitment and screening of applicants

for the position of Chancellor:

Mr. John Tom Ross, Chairman

Mrs. Molly Knudtsen, Vice Chairman

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

5. Appointment of Acting Chancellor

Chairman Buchanan requested nominations from the Board for

appointment as Acting Chancellor.

Mr. Karamanos nominated Dr. Donald H. Baepler. Nomination

was seconded by Mr. Ross.

Dr. Fred Anderson nominated Mr. Russell Mc Donald. Nomin-

ation was seconded by Mrs. Fong.

Results of the roll call ballot were as follows:

Mr. Mc Donald - Dr. Anderson

Dr. Baepler - Mr. John Buchanan, Mrs. Fong, Mr.

Kramanos, Mrs. Knudtsen, Dr. Lombardi,

Mr. Ross, Mr. James Buchanan

Dr. Anderson requested that his vote be changed and that a

unanimous ballot be cast for Dr. Baepler.

The Chairman directed that a letter be written to Mr.

Mc Donald, thanking him for allowing his name to be consid-

ered for this acting appointment and inviting his applica-

tion for the permanent appointment. It appeared to be the

consensus of the Board, with which Dr. Baepler agreed, that

if the recruiting period should extend beyond 4-6 months,

there should be further discussion and consideration of the

advisability of Dr. Baepler's continuing in the acting


There being no further business, the Special Meeting of the Board

of Regents was declared to be adjourned.