UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 1-2, 1906


Volume OC - Pages 426-432

Reno, Nevada

September 1, 1906

The Board of Regents met at the Office of the Chairman of the

Board, Room 4, Virginia Street at 10 o'clock A.M., Saturday,

September 1, 1906, the full Board and the President of the Uni-

versity being present.

Minutes of June 22, 1906 read and approved, balance sheet show-

ing the condition of funds on hand July 31 was read.

The President of the University submitted his report as follows:

To the Honorable, The Board of Regents

of the University of Nevada


I herewith submit my report for the two months ending August 31,


I was in San Francisco August 23 on business for the University.

I conferred with some friends regarding gifts for the University

and received a definite promise of $250,000 for the support of

the Mining School and the Mining, Mechanical & Civil Engineering

Departments, and needy students attending these Departments.

The building of the Mackay Mining building is still a matter of

consideration as between the architects and the builders. No

contract has been let. We received bids for the building on

August 4th and immediately forwarded them to Mr. William S.

Richardson, architect in charge. The lowest bid for the build-

ing as the architect had planned it, was $97,499.00 by the

Northwestern Construction Company.

The other bids were:

Self & Sellman $106,000.00

F. E. Robb 104,796.50

Fowler & Lyon 104,561.00

Burke Bros. & Schaff 105,000.00

These bids were so much in excess of the gift by Mr. Mackay, and

Mr. Richardson asked Mr. Walker H. Bliss of the firm of Bliss &

Faville, San Francisco, to come to Reno, look over the plans and

see what he could suggest in the way of reduced cost to the

building by changes.

Mr. Bliss was here on Saturday, August 25, and went over the

plans and specifications and bids with Mr. Schuler of the North-

western Construction Company, the lower bidder, and Professor

George J. Young.

The following were the changes as suggested by him:

Main building cut to 110 feet long

Wings cut to 80 feet long

Ceiling first floor 14 feet clear

Ceiling second floor 12 feet clear

Ceiling wings floor 15 feet clear

Substitute brick for stone facing, leaving columns, pilas-

ters, pediments, facia and bed mouldings of cornice, caps and

sills of windows, trims and cap of entrance door and two base

courses, 1 6x2 high. Also steps and doorsills as specified.

Would save $15,285.00

Use Laforge Cement only for cut stone work with

Portland Cement 1/2 & lime 1 1/2 for brick work 720.00

Leave out plaster cornices 880.00

Substitute Oak rail & 3/4x2 Oak spindles on stairway 130.00

Substitute Oak for marble work 531.00

Substitute Oak base for Rhyolite in hall 242.00

Substitute Oak tile in lavatory 142.00

Substitute Oak tile in hall 616.00

Substitute Pine for Oak in Assay & Metal Lab 90.00

Cut building in height & length brick 943.50

Cut building in height & length ex. roof 184.00

Stone walls to substitute for concrete 244.00

Omit 6 lockers 50.00

Substitute galvanized iron for copper work &

tin roof for copper 4,500.00

Leave off 4 coats of paint in Assay & Metal Lab 140.00

Substitute knob & bushing for conduits in electrical

work 300.00

Leave off Museum Wing, about 7,323.00

Total $32,320.50

What would the Board think of suggesting to Mr. Richardson, the

letting of the contract for the main building and leaving the

ells and wings to be completed at some further time?

I should regret very much to see the plans for the building

materially modified. I think that the portica and vestibule

should be finished in the artistic manner in which they were

planned for the reason that it is the necessary setting for the

statue of John W. Mackay and also will be a great advantage to

the University buildings.

Professor J. A. Reid tendered his resignation as Professor of

Physics, to take effect August 31st, was upon motion of Regent

Booher, seconded by Regent Starrett, accepted.

Upon recommendation of President Stubbs, Professor N. E. Wilson

was granted a leave of absence for two years from August 31, 1906

without salary, but that he be retained as Dean until September

30, 1906.

Upon motion, Professor G. F. Blessing was granted a further leave

of absence until August 31, 1907, without pay.


Upon recommendation of President Stubbs, the following appoint-

ments were confirmed:

Ralph Smith Minor, Professor of Physics at a salary of $125

per month from September 1, 1906 to January 1, 1907 and from

January 1, 1907 for the remainder of the year at $150 per


Maurice Adams, Professor of Chemistry at a salary of $1800

the first year and $2000 the second year, and to commence

September 1, 1906.

Hayward H. Hone as Principal of the University High School

and Professor of High School Mathematics, at a salary of

$1500 for the first year, and to commence September 1, 1906.

Thomas Wilmatt Freeman, as Instructor in Mechanical Engi-

neering at a salary of $780 a year from September 1, 1906.

Louise Mary Sissa, as Assistant Registrar and in keeping the

records of the University and the books of the various ex-

penditures which are made under the direction of the Presi-

dent, at a salary of $600 per year, board and room.

Charles L. Brown, as Student Assistant to Professor Frandsen

at a salary of $200 per year.

Gustav E. Hofmann, as a Student Assistant to the Department

of Mining and Geology, salary $25 per month from the State

Analytical Fund, $12.50 from the Agricultural Mechanical

College Fund, and a half scholarship to pursue his first

graduate studies in the Mining School, his entire salary to

be $50 per month.

Emily Berry, as Teacher of English and History in the Univer-

sity High School at a salary of $800 per year.

Ethal Louise Marzen, as Instructor in Latin in the University

High School at a salary of $600 per year.

May Adele Kinney, as Matron of the Hospital at a salary of

$30 per month and board and room.

All of the above appointments to take effect September 1,


Mr. Richard Brown, Headmaster of Lincoln Hall.

Professor J. G. Scrugham was appointed Professor of Mechani-

cal Engineering at the same salary he was receiving.

Leave of Absence

Upon motion, Jeanne E. Wier was granted a leave of absence

on half pay from September 1, 1906.

The agreement with the Reno Power Light & Water Company, made by

the President of the University, relating to water, light and

gas, was approved.

Upon motion, the President of the University was granted a leave

of absence to visit New York City during the months of September

and October to confer with Mr. Mackay relating to matters per-

taining to the Mining building.

The Chairman and Secretary of the Board were authorized to place

all insurance on University property with companies that are

paying losses in full in the late San Francisco fire.

President Stubbs was authorized to secure bids on coal and wood

from Reno dealers and let contract to the lowest bidder.

Claims were allowed as follows:

Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment

Meese & Gottfried $ 402.87

G. H. Taylor 9.01

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 15.60

Nevada Engineering Works 3.95

William H. Bristol 66.73

General Electric Co. 37.68

Nevada Engineering Works 3.60

Nevada Plumbing 38.00

Total $ 577.44

Contingent Fund & Interest Account

July Payroll - Employees $1277.51

August Payroll - Employees 1297.01

University of Chicago Press 1.80

Munn & Co. 7.00

Yawman & Erbe Co. 3.40

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 21.00

Mining Scientific Press 7.69

Virginia Chronicle 7.50

Washington Post 7.20

G. H. Taylor (Chief of Ordnance) 17.94

Reno Power Light & Water Co. 37.50

Shepherd & Son 4.25

Reno Power Light & Water Co. 91.75

Borden & Shannon 85.00

Scherline & Osborne 125.00

G. E. Hoffmann 22.80

G. H. Taylor 99.56

S. B. Doten 131.40

Reno Evening Gazette 25.50

Nevada Forum 10.00

E. C. Stewart 38.89

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 1.95

Library Bureau 3.75

W. H. Guild & Co. 4.50

Century Co. 1.25

Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co. 8.25

Reid's Quick Print Shop 14.75

Self & Sellman 20.00

Will U. Mackey 25.00

Self & Sellman 11.40

Rosenthal & Armanko 2.00

Harry Davis .75

Engineering Magazine 3.33

Engineering & Mining Journal 15.00

Reno Mercantile Co. 3.40

Nevada State Journal 19.90

Carson Appeal 7.50

University of Chicago Press 21.20

H. S. Crocker & Co. 12.45

Hale's Transfer Co. 2.50

Total $3498.58

Agricultural & Mechanical Fund

July Payroll $1879.17

First National Bank, Elko - Transfer 8000.00

Total $9879.17

Agricultural & Mechanical Fund

August Payroll $1879.17

Reno Power Light & Water Co. 38.85

Nevada Engineering Co. 11.60

Reno Truck & Transfer Co. 2.00

Reid's Quick Print Shop 2.25

Total $1933.87

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet at

the call of the Chairman.

Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor