UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 31, 1921

Volume OE - Pages 296-297

                         Reno, Nevada
                       August 31, 1921

The Regents met in the Office of the President at 10 o'clock on
Wednesday, August 31, 1921.  All of the members, President Clark
and Comptroller Gorman of the University were present.

The minutes of the July 29th and August 26th meeting of the
Board were approved.  Motion by Regent North, all voting aye.

Followed a full discussion of the oil storage tank situation,
Mr. Gorman explaining his findings and presenting supporting
bids from the several companies with whom he negotiated for the
purchase of a tank.  At the conclusion of this discussion, Judge
Talbot moved that the previous action of the Board of Regents
with reference to the purchase of a tank from the Hercules Powder
Company by Regent Pratt and Mr. Gorman and the authorization of
Mr. Gorman to purchase an electric pump at a cost not to exceed
$300 be rescinded and that the Regents accept the bid for a new
20,000-gallon tank to be purchased from the Reno agency of the
Builders' Supply Company for the sum of $1205, delivered in Reno.

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            No
    Judge Curler         Aye

Judge Talbot moved that the action of the Comptroller in con-
tracting for the street paving from the University gates to the
upper side of the bridge across the Orr Ditch at a cost of $1000
be ratified and that the Comptroller be authorized to draw his
warrant in favor of Clark and Henery, Contractors, for that
amount.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye

Comptroller Gorman read correspondence from Reno Power, Light
and Water Company in re. new University rates for water, namely,
$115 per month, the old rate of $40 per month which has existed
since 1913 having expired.

Comptroller Gorman made report on progress of Western Pacific
spur matter to date; also required amount of land from the
Evans Estate incorporated to permit this right of way.  The
deed will be drawn later on.

List No. 12, covering State Claims No. 98 to 106 for the net
sum of $14,821.60, and List No. 9, covering Regents' Checks
Nos. 1064 to 1069 inclusive, for the net sum of $28,514.89, were,
upon motion of Mr. Pratt, approved, all voting aye.

President Clark recommended the acceptance of the resignation of
Assistant Professor C. W. Lantz of the Department of Botany at
the request of Mr. Lantz, who had been offered a much better
salaried position in Iowa.  Regent Pratt moved that the Presi-
dent's recommendation be accepted.  All Regents voted aye.

Upon the recommendation of Mr. Dinsmore and Dr. Thompson, Pres-
ident Clark recommended the appointment of Miss Frances Gamwell
to be Stenographer in the Food and Drugs Division and State
Hygienic Laboratory at a salary of $75, pay and service to begin
September 1, 1921.  Mr. North made the motion.  All voted aye.

President Clark recommended the acceptance of the resignation of
Mr. C. B. Williams as Instructor in the Department of Physical
Education for Men at the request of Mr. Williams, who wishes to
continue his medical studies in New York City this coming year.
Mr. Pratt moved that the recommendation of the President be
accepted.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye

President Clark suggested that it might be well for him to write
Mr. Mackay to secure for him entree to Mr. Searles' heir, Mr.
Smith, Judge Talbot to secure for the President Mr. Smith's
address.  The Board thought this a good suggestion.

Regent Pratt moved that the President be authorized to employ
an Instructor in Botany for the coming year at a salary not to
exceed $2000.  The President explained that Professor Frandsen,
as Head of the Department of Biology, would recommend to him
within the next few days some young man who would be willing to
accept such a position for a year or two and expressed the hope
that at the expiration of the year the University might be able
to pay to Dr. Philip A. Lehenbauer, former Head of Botany in this
University, sufficient salary to induce him to return to Nevada
for service.  Dr. Lehenbauer is at present in the University of
Illinois, but has expressed himself as anxious to return to the
West.  All ayes.

Mr. North made a statement regarding the Mackay Companies' stock
held by this University, explained that State Auditor wished to
know why this stock was not in the hands of the Comptroller of
the University.  Mr. North accepted this stock from the former
Chairman of the Board, Mr. J. F. Abel, and knew nothing as to
why it was not in the hands of the Comptroller.  Judge Curler
stated that the Regents hold this stock in trust for the Uni-
versity at the will of Mr. Mackay and that the State has no
control over the stock.

President Clark stated that Riverside Mill bonds were being re-
deemed by that Company and that 3/5 of the Riverside Mill bonds
originally held by the David Russell Estate had already been
redeemed, leaving but $5000 worth of Mill stock still to be


Carolyn M. Beckwith