UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 30-31, 1984


Pages 133-170



June 28, 1984

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Pine Auditorium

at the Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher, Vice Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Members absent: Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President George Hidy, DRI

President Robert C. Maxson, UNLV

President Paul Meacham, CCCC

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Mr. Mark Dawson, Deputy Chancellor

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs John Clevenger (TMCC),

Nancy Forni (PSC-UNLV), Richard French (DRI), Myrlene La Mancusa

(UNLV), Robin Nelson (CCCC), Bus Scharmann (WNCC), Joan Zenan

(UNR), and Student Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Gallagher at

10:25 A.M.

1. Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda (identified at Ref. A, and filed

with the permanent minutes) containing the following items:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held June

28, 1984.

(2) Approved the gifts, grants and contracts as listed in

Ref. C-1, filed with the permanent minutes.

(3) Approved the Lease Agreement between Northern Nevada

Community College and Northern Nevada Job Training


(4) Approved the Lease Agreement between Truckee Meadows

Community College and Washoe County High School.

(5) Approved the Lease Agreement between the University

of Nevada, Reno, and Nevada Department of Wildlife.

(6) Approved Ms. Kathleen Olson, Executive Director, Gov-

ernor's Committee to Employ the Handicapped, for ap-

pointment to TMCC's Advisory Board.

(7) Due to an oversight at the June, 1984 meeting, the

Board neglected to specifically authorize the payment

of employer-paid retirement contributions for the

Community College Presidents.

Authorized to ratify the Presidents' contracts to in-

clude employer-paid retirement contributions for the

Community College Presidents.

(8) Approved a salary increase for Dean of Fallon Campus

and Rural Centers, Michelle Dondero, to $39,389. Dean

Dondero has also been assigned additional responsi-

bilities in the financial and operational areas of the

Fallon Campus and Rural Centers.

(9) With the transfer to WNCC of Mr. Bill Davies, former

Dean of Student Services at NNCC, the following

changes in staff responsibilities are effective August

15, 1984:

A. Mr. Stan Aiazzi, currently Associate Dean of Oc-

cupational Education, to Acting Dean of Student

Services at an annual salary of $36,514.

B. Leave position of Associate Dean of Occupational

Education unfilled, with responsibilities shared

between Dean of Instruction and Director of the

Learning Resource Center, with compensation being

increased for these individuals as follows:

Dr. Charles Greenhaw to $41,120

Ms. Juanita Karr to $36,103

(10) Approved the following UNR Estimative Budgets:

Scarlett Bequest - P. R. & Development


Transfer from Other Funds $ 99,355


Professional Salaries $ 26,390

Classified Salaries 13,690

Wages 1,800

Fringe 7,011

Operating 50,464

Total Expenditures $ 99,355

Friends of the Medical School


Opening Cash Balance $ 15,560

Gifts 20,000

Total Revenue $ 35,560


Professional Salaries $ 5,278

Classified Salaries 6,106

Wages 2,000

Fringe 2,226

Operating 15,732

Out-of-State Travel 1,000

Ending Fund Balance 3,218

Total Expenditures $ 35,560

Howard Gift - Resident Stipends


Opening Cash Balance $ 46,072

Gift Income 91,000

Total Revenue $137,072


Resident Salaries $129,548

Fringe 1,524

Operating 6,000

Total Expenditures $137,072

Information Services (News Bureau)


Subsidy from Other Funds $ 23,956


Professional Salaries $ 20,425

Fringe 3,531

Total Expenditures $ 23,956

Research Advisory Board


Opening Cash Balance $120,000

Subsidy from Other Funds 17,500

Indirect Cost Recovery 130,000

Total Revenue $267,500


Professional Salaries $ 21,434

Classified Salaries 3,457

Wages 4,000

Fringe 3,076

Operating 183,825

Out-of-State Travel 24,500

Ending Fund Balance 27,208

Total Expenditures $267,500

Research Stimulation Fund


Opening Cash Balance $ 13,000

Indirect Cost Recovery 90,000

Total Revenue $103,000


Professional Salaries $ 30,620

Classified Salaries 6,479

Graduate Fellow Salaries 20,000

Wages 780

Fringe 5,225

Operating 19,896

Out-of-State Travel 20,000

Total Expenditures $103,000

Historic Preservation


Opening Cash Balance $ 2,056

Investment Income 30,000

Transfer from Other Funds 18,424

Total Revenue $ 50,480


Professional Salaries $ 35,563

Classified Salaries 4,557

Wages 1,500

Fringe 5,840

Operating 1,820

Out-of-State Travel 1,200

Total Expenditures $ 50,480

International Faculty Exchange Program


Opening Cash Balance $ 6,950

Transfer from Other Funds 34,488

Total Revenue $ 41,438


Professional Salaries $ 20,759

Classified Salaries 3,000

Fringe 2,099

Operating 2,500

Out-of-State Travel 13,080

Total Expenditures $ 41,438

(11) Approved the UNR Parking and Traffic Regulations as

amended and approved by General Counsel, and contained

in Ref. C-11, filed in Regents Office, with changes on

Page 7, Section 7. Section 2.(c)b. in replacing "fine"

with "fee" and deleting in (d)c. the words "or fines".

(12) Approved a loan of $15,000 from Capital Improvement

Project Funds to the ASTM at Truckee Meadows Community

College. The no-interest loan would be used to in-

stall a fitness course on the TMCC Campus which would

be reimbursed at a rate of $3000 per semester until

the loan is fully paid.

(13) Approved the following for appointment to CCCC's Ad-

visory Board:

Mrs. Selma Bartlett, Henderson

Father Ceasar Caviglia, Henderson

Rev. Willie Davis, Las Vegas

Mrs. Ellen Frehner, North Las Vegas

Mr. Fred Gibson, Henderson

Mr. Robert Gore, Las Vegas

Dr. Kenney Guinn, Las Vegas

Col. Oscar Heinlein, Boulder City

Mr. J. David Hoggard, Sr., Las Vegas

Mrs. Laura Belle Kelch, Las Vegas

Mr. Irwin Kishner, Las Vegas

Mr. Lem Lewis, Las Vegas

Mr. Fred Ramirez, Las Vegas

Mayor Jim Seastrand, North Las Vegas

Mr. Dave Vlaming, Las Vegas

Dr. Robert Wentz, Las Vegas

(14) Approved the following changes to the Handbook, Title

4, Chapter 10, Section 3, Statement of Investment

Objectives and Policies:

3.2(c) For the total pool, the investment objective

should be achieved within acceptable risk

levels, while avoiding large short-term de-

clines in the pool's market value. Further,

current income (interest, dividends, rents,

etc.), normal portfolio turnover, and cash

equivalent reserves should be sufficient to

avoid the necessity of liquidating large in-

vestment positions at unfavorable times in

order to provide cash for current purposes.

However, the pool is prepared to spend modest

amounts of realized capital gains to make up

for income shortfalls that may occasionally

occur. Spending based on unrealized capital

gains will not be permitted.

3.2(d) The investment pool will be administered in

accordance with the Uniform Management of In-

stitutional Funds Act (1972), except as may

be otherwise provided in this Section 3 or by


3.3.(g) The pool shall not purchase securities on

margin, sell short, trade commodity futures,

or purchase put, call or other option con-

tracts except as specifically permitted by the

Investment Committee or by the guidelines for

individual managers. The pool may write

covered options.

Policies Regarding Equity Investments - Common Stocks

(g) Foreign securites are appropriate, particu-

larly as a form of diversification. Any ag-

gregate commitments in excess of 10% of the

total equity portfolio at market value must be

reviewed with the Investment Committee prior

to implementation. Investments in foreign

securities will be made exclusively through

the Common Fund, an organization created sole-

ly to serve educational institutions, except

as specifically permitted by the Investment

Committee or the guidelines for individual


(15) Approved the following Regents Calendar for 1985:

Board Meeting Place

January 10-11 Las Vegas

February 21-22 Reno

April 11-12 Carson City

May 16-17 Reno

June 27-28 Las Vegas

September 5-6 Reno

October 17-18 Las Vegas

December 5-6 Reno

January 16-17 Las Vegas

Ms. Del Papa moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda and

approval of the prepared agenda with the authority to change

the order of items as specified throughout the meeting.

Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion carried.

2. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Robert Bersi reported on the following events

of concern to the System:

A. Chancellor Bersi reported on his recent trip to New York

and the Northeast to meet with a number of Chief Execu-

tive Officers of northeastern corporations.

(1) Fairfield Processing Corporation, although head-

quartered in the East, has all of its western

U. S. warehousing in Nevada. Having never visited

Nevada, the President has scheduled a visit during

the Fall. Fairfield Processing Corporation pro-

duces polyfill and geo-textiles.

(2) The President of Xanaro Corporation of Toronto,

Canada, will also be visiting Nevada. This corpo-

ration produces business software applications.

Representatives have met with Mr. Bob Lewis of

Economic Development of Western Nevada and will

be in Las Vegas during the computer convention,

at which time they will visit the UNLV Campus.

(3) In San Francisco, Dr. Bersi met with Mr. Tang

Shubei, the new Consul General of the People's

Republic of China, who informed Dr. Bersi of

China's new trade posture with East Asia and the

Pacific Basin. Consul General Shubei expressed

a desire to pay a first visit to Nevada, which was

arranged by the Chancellor's Office. Vice Chan-

cellor Fox performed a tremendous diplomatic job

in escorting the Consul General where they met with

Governor Bryan, Lt. Governor Cashell, Secretary of

State Swackhamer, and other Nevada officials. At

the conclusion of his trip, Consul General Shubei

expressed a genuine and specific interest in Nevada

expertise and knowledge in such areas as mining,

hotel and tourism, agriculture, such as seed and

meat production.

Dr. Bersi expressed a need for Nevada to promote part-

nerships in higher education, government and business,

to secure the future of Nevada. Across the nation,

several Universities are entering into these partner-

ships. The Joint Task Force, formed by the Economic

Development Commission and the Board of Regents, is

developing these interests for the State of Nevada.

B. Dr. Bersi reported that UNS has also been involved in

developing partnerships with several businesses. Xebec

has donated $1 million for the use in UNR's robotics

articifial intelligence and advanced projection tech-

nology program and a $2 million net gift to University

faculty and student involvement in the Computer Aided

Design Center located at UNR.

C. Burroughs Corporation has pledged $1 million for aca-

demic computing. UNS Campuses and faculty have begun

to utilize this opportunity.

(1) UNR Biology Department is using a Burroughs B20

computer to develop a biological specimens data-

base, tutorials, self-teaching programs, laboratory

and experimental simulations, and statistical data


(2) UNR Business Department is using a Burroughs B20

for advanced business and computer information

systems courses, and the development of compre-

hensive software for the hospitality industry, in

cooperation with the UNLV College of Hotel Adminis-


(3) UNLV Hotel Administration is embarking on a project

to develop hospitality industry software.

(4) UNLV Mathematics Department is using the B20 for

database management education with primary utiliza-


(5) TMCC is using a B20 to plan and develop textbooks

for beginning and advanced Basic programming


(6) The University of Nevada School of Medicine, De-

partment of Internal Medicine, is using a Bur-

roughs computer to aid in their research in thyroid

cancer, thyroid function studies, particularly in

elderly subjects, and in diabetics. Results of

this research have already been accepted for publi-

cation. During the coming year, the School of

Medicine will collaborate with Ohio State Univer-

sity School of Medicine.

The Department of Family and Community Medicine is

utilizing the Burroughs B20 micro computer system

to support a phased growth from basic departmental

management to a Statewide medical data collection,

management and research system.

Gifts from corporations for academic use continues: The

Harris Corporation's gift of a H800 computer, which is

approximately a $600,000 gift, is being utilized; Con-

trol Data - Cyber 172 and PP1134 System, estimated at

$1.2 million; and Digital Equipment Corporation has do-

nated $80,000 in equipment.

The list of corporate gifts received by UNS approaches

$6 million. It is worth noting that the University of

California backed their efforts up with a development/

fund-raising staff twice the size of the entire Central

Administration of the University of Nevada System.

Building bridges to technically sophisticated research-

oriented corporations has helped put UNS squarely in the

computer mainstream for a fraction of the real cost,

which has been a high priority of the Board of Regents

and the Chancellor.

D. Chancellor Bersi presented to the Board a project which

has been nearly a year in the making. When the American

people received an open letter from the National Commis-

sion on Excellence in Education in April, 1983, warning

that we are "A National at Risk", UNS developed a proj-

ect which will bring national attention to Nevada's

leadership role in addressing teacher preparation con-

cerns outlined in that document.

UNS will serve as National Chairman of a consortium,

"Reducing the Risk", with Vice Chancellor for Academic

Affairs, Warren Fox, as the National Chairman. He has

worked closely with the Burrough's University-sponsored

Research Center in Detroit.

Dr. Frank Meyers, Dean of the UNR College of Education,

has been appointed as Principal Investigator of this

national project. Member Universities include UNR, the

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Wayne State

University in Detroit, Lehigh University in Pennsylvania

and a SUNY Campus soon to be designated.

Burroughs Corporation is serving as a full partner in

"Reducing the Risk", providing more than $1 million

worth of micro-computer systems and training support.

This gift is in addition and unrelated to the 1983 $1

million Burroughs gift to UNS for academic computing.

B20 micro-computer systems will be used to develop soft-

ware designed to improve teaching curriculum. Colleges

of Education and Arts & Science will join forces at each

University to improve the quality of instruction and

mastery of basic disciplines.

Dr. Bersi introduced, and expressed the outstanding co-

operation and enthusiams of, Dean Meyers and Dr. George

R. Mc Meen, Director of the Learning Resources Center at

UNR, and Dr. Paul Hollingsworth, Chairman of the Depart-

ment of Curriculum and Instruction and Professor and Di-

rector of the Reading Center at UNR, who have provided

impressive leadership.

He then introduced Burroughs representatives Dr. Signey

Atkins, Manager of the University-sponsored Research

Office; Mr. John Bucholz, Director of Regional Office

in Sacramento; Mr. Chuck Owens, Reno Branch Manager;

and Mr. Stuart Alderman, Reno Branch. Dr. Atkins ex-

plained the purpose of the consortium "Reducing the

Risk" and the Burroughs education program being es-

tablished at UNS and then read a telegram from Daggie

Lacis, Burroughs Vice President for Education, as


Congratulations on the inauguration of Burroughs

University of Nevada Joint Research Project. At

a time when our nation's economic future is chal-

lenged by pressures from increasingly sophisticated

foreign competition, there exists no more important

area of investigation than that directed at improv-

ing the qualifcation of School and University facul-

ty in the educational applications of new informa-

tion technologies. New developments in science and

technology are producing change at an exponential

rate. America's preeminent role as a leader of the

free world will be maintained only through the ef-

forts of skilled faculty and preparing young men and

women for careers in science, business, government

and education. At Burroughs, we believe the best

way to promote making the education process more ef-

fective through computer technology is by establish-

ing joint partnerships with selected Universities.

We believe combining our efforts towards achieving

well-defined and meaningful goals will result in a

higher quality, more useful product than if we each

proceeded independently. Burroughs is pleased to

have the University of Nevada included among the

first institutions to participate in the sponsor-

research program. We commend you for addressing an

area of such strategic importance to the nation and

we wish you every success as your work progresses.

Dr. Atkins presented to Dean Meyers and the College of

Education a check for $265,000, with the Dean expressing

appreciation and gratitude to Burroughs Corporation for

the assistance they have given UNS and for the generous


Vice Chairman Gallagher thanked the Burroughs Corpora-

tion for their excellent cooperation and expressed a

desire for a continued close working relationship.

She commended Dr. Bersi and his excellent staff, for

their work in representing UNS to corporate America

relating that the time spent will pay handsomely for

UNS in the future, referring to the critical funding

situation and the need for additional cooperative


Vice Chairman Gallagher introduced Dr. Robert Maxson, UNLV Presi-

dent, and welcomed Mrs. Carolyn Sparks, candidate for Regent,

District 2B in Las Vegas.

3. Approved Amendments to Regents Bylaws

In June, 1984 Regent Del Papa, Chair, ad hoc Committee on

Regents Bylaws, submitted certain proposed amendments to the

Regents Bylaws, as contained in Ref. B, filed in the Regents

Office, and which have been circulated in accordance with

Article VIII of the Bylaws.

General Counsel Klasic, at the request of Mr. Mc Bride, sug-

gested changing the name of the Finance Committee to the

Budget and Finance Committee.

Mr. Klaich moved approval of the Regents Bylaws with the

change of the Committee name. Mr. Karamanos seconded.

Motion carried.

Mr. Klaich expressed special thanks to Ms. Del Papa, Mrs.

Kenney and Mrs. Sheerin for their efforts on this project.

4. Approved the 1985-87 UNS Biennial Budget Request

Vice Chairman Gallagher expressed her concerns regarding the

budget, stating that as Regents and Officers of UNS it is

incumbent to identify in the budget exactly what is neces-

sary in a dollar sense for excellence. She stated that this

budget is telling the taxpayers, Legislators, Governor, and

all those who will be working on the funding, that this

states UNS needs to meet the demands placed on the System.

Vice Chancellor Sparks presented the request, stating there

are two budgets for consideration and approval. One, the

Base Budget, which is an extension of the programs that are

currently being offered throughout the System, and the

second, a request for new funding for new programs and en-

hancements of existing programs and areas of critical needs

for UNS.

The Base Budget has been constructed in accordance with the

guidelines and directives established by the Board of Re-

gents and most recently modified at the last meeting. The

parameters and the critical needs are identified in the

budget, and filed in the Regents Office.

Overall, the two budgets call for $313.7 million in spending

authorization from the 1985 Legislature, which compares with

current spending authorization of $200.7 million. This

would be a 56.3% increase in new spending authority. The

Base Budget contains a request for $19.6 million in new

State funding over the next biennium to meet the Base Budget

requirements, and the Critical Needs Budget contains $90.8

million in new State funding to meet that portion of the

budget, totalling $110.4 million in new State funding for

the next biennium.

There are 97 new faculty positions being requested in the

Base Budget and there are 105 new faculty being requested

in the Critical Needs Budget. This totals 202 new faculty

positions over the next biennium.

Non-instructional personnel are those in classified and

non-instructional support positions. There are 71 non-

instructional positions in the Base Budget and 293 in the

Critical Needs Budget, totaling 364 non-instructional

positions being requested for the next biennium. A grand

total of 566 new positions for the next biennium are con-

tained in the UNS request.

Mr. Sparks then explained some of the key issues of the

budget. Under the Base Budget, the most important issue

is to re-establish the student/faculty funding ratios to

the level funded in the 1979-81 biennium, a 10% strengthen-

ing which is merely a return to the level that the Legisla-

ture was willing to support prior to the 1981 Session. In

addition, the support component for instructional positions

is also to return to what it was prior to the 1981 Legisla-

ture. 5% is allowed for inflationary cost-of-living in-

crease for each of the next 2 years. Graduate assistants,

wages for hourly employees, and letters of appointment will

be increased by 5% per year. There are special provisions

to handle budget errors which occurred in the last process,

divestiture of the telephone system, expected increases in

insurance costs, and other miscellaneous items.

In clarifying a possible misconception regarding annualized

net enrollments for the next biennium, he stated people

have come to the conclusion that UNS is projecting a de-

cline in enrollment throughout the System. Actually, what

is being projected is an 8% increase in enrollment from

last year's actual level; however, the budget is being re-

adjusted for the current fiscal year to adjust for an ac-

tual experience in enrollment at all Campuses.

For this fiscal year the Base Operating Budget totals

$102.1 million. For next year the total budget requested

is just under $110 million, which is a 7.5% increase over

the current year's Operating Budget. For the 2nd year of

the biennium, UNS is requesting a 2.9% increase over the

1985-86 budget.

He discussed some of the significant budget changes which

have been projected for the next biennium. First, the

System Controller's Office contains funding of just over

$2 million for 77 positions throughout the System to pro-

vide Controller's activities. A decentralization of the

Controller's Office back to the Campuses and programs where

the activities are occurring has taken place, which means

that the Central Controller's appropriation will be abol-

ished and that these people will be budgeted for, and al-

located to, the various Campuses and programs within the

System. It will affect Business Centers North and South,

also these budgets show a significant growth next year;

however, it is merely allocating the payroll functions from

the System Controller's budget to their budgets.

The second consideration in this budget is the System Com-

puting Center Budget, which shows a significant increase of

56.3% and a growth of $1.3 million. $1.1 million of that

is not new money, but a reallocation of existing money for

existing services and staff. For example, the Critical

Needs Budget that the Computing Center received at the last

Session will now be rolled into the Computer Center Budget.

There is also this year, and was last year, a $700,000 re-

charge to the Campuses for academic computing. It is being

proposed that the $700,000 be appropriated directly to the

Computing Center, rather than moving it through the Campus-

es into the Computer Center.

The Radiological Safety Board has a similar concept. Al-

though a small budget, it shows 146.9% increase, but in all

reality it is not an increase. It is changing an assess-

ment that is currently made to DRI, the Medical School and

TMCC to directly appropriate to the Radiological Safety

Board. This board is currently receiving these monies

through assessments to those Campuses and now will seek a

direct appropriation for that purpose.

At UNR and TMCC, if transfer is approved during this meet-

ing, there will be a transfer of the Engineering Technology

Program out of UNR into TMCC. That transfer accounts for

about 5.7 faculty out of UNR to TCC and it constitutes an

enrollment of about 100 FTE students. Therefore, TMCC's

budget is increased and UNR's is decreased accordingly.

The two athletic programs at UNR and UNLV are requesting

to be restored to the level that they were prior to the

1983 Legislative cut back, and that is an increase each

year in each of those programs of $150,000.

Mr. Sparks then explained where the revenue would be coming

from to support the Base Budget, comparied to where it is

currently budgeted, during this current biennium. Again,

the total budget goes up by 7.5%, and is funded by a 10.7%

increase in State monies. The reason that the State monies

increases greater than the total budget is because the

other revenues have been projected with a slight drop of

3.1%. This relates to an adjustment in the estimated in-

come to come from indirect cost recovery, which is federal

overhead funds, and capital investment money, which is in-

terest earned off of the investment of student fees and

general fund appropriation funding. Based on current ex-

perience, UNS is projecting that those revenue sources will

produce less than what had been projected back in 1983 for

this current year.

Mr. Sparks requested an adjustment which is not contained

in this budget. When the Chancellor's Office received

CCCC's student fee projection, it was assumed that they

had accounted for the refund procedure. Normally there is

a 50 cents per credit refund allowance. CCCC submitted a

gross projection, instead of a net projection.

Approval was requested to reduce CCCC's student fees for

the first year by $60,000 and replace it with State money

and $63,000 the second year to be replaced by State money.

Mr. Sparks explained the Summary of Allocation of Resources

by Budget Function, which is a display of the total Base

Budget being requested; and, the Summary of Allocation of

Resources by Expenditure Object, which is a break down by

salaries, wages, fringe benefits, operating and out-of-

state travel. In explaining the Summary of FTE Positions,

he pointed out that there is an increase in the Base Budget

of 127.35 total positions for next year and 41.26 for the

following year.

Mr. Sparks discussed some corrections within the Critical

Needs Budget. Business Center South was left out of Pri-

ority 2-B, which is a request to catch up for support

service areas in which the Legislature has been unable to

fund new positions during the last four years.

Approval was requested to include Business Center South

under Priority 2-B for support service, which amounts to

4 positions over the biennium at a total cost of $77,000

the first year and $81,000 the second year.

Approval was requested for UNLV Statewide, which also failed

to get into Priority 2-B, to restore two part-time positions

to full-time.

The strengthening and enhancement of University and Commu-

nity College programs are listed in priority order in the

Critical Needs Budget. These priorities were approved by

the Presidents Council and adopted by the Board of Regents

at their June, 1984 meeting.

Priority 1 requests that there be salary increases for pro-

fessional and classified employees, part-time professional

employees in the Community Colleges, graduate assistants

and letters of appointment. The total 1985-87 Base Budget

compensation request is $45,728,736 and the total 1985-87

Critical Needs compensation request is $3,122,624.

Priority 2 is broken down under two priorities for strength-

ening instructional and support programs. Priority 2-A pro-

vides for the strengthening of the engineering and engi-

neering-related programs in the Universities and vocational-

technical programs in the Community Colleges. For UNR, a

15:1 student/faculty ratio is employed for Physics, Chemis-

try, Engineering, Mathematics and 4 engineering-related pro-

grams in the School of Mines. For UNLV, the entire College

of Science, Mathematics and Engineering is included using a

15:1 student/faculty ratio.

For the Community Colleges, an 18:1 ratio is being requested

for technical and pre-engineering programs. At CCCC, pro-

grams such as computer science and data processing, elec-

tronics, drafting and graphic arts are included. Similar

programs are included at TMCC and at WNCC. NNCC is focus-

ing on rural needs by providing a pre-engineering curriculum

through the use of telecommunications.

In addition to the strengthening of the student/faculty

ratios in these programs, Campuses are requesting operating

and equipment funding, and wages and graduate assistants

where appropriate. Total biennial request is $13,842,230.

Priority 2-B contains funding for the addition of 84.96 sup-

port positions over the next biennium. With very few ex-

ceptions, new funding for new positions in UNS has been

limited to instruction programs for the last two bienniums.

This has left areas in academic support, student services,

instructional support and operating and maintenance of plant

understaffed. This priority is intended to provide for a

"catch up" in these areas and is limited to the highest pri-

ority needs identified by each Campus and Business Center.

Also included in this priority are the DRI research programs

in the Energy Systems Center and Atmospheric Science Center

and the Residency Program in the School of Medicine. The

total request is $5,459,971.

Priority 3 contains funding for development, equipping and

operating of the Management Information System. Included

in this priority is the administration of the project, the

needs of the Computing Center and operations of the various

Task Forces.

It should be understood that this priority is subject to re-

vision as the development schedule becomes more clear and

actual deadlines for the various phases can be established.

This funding request should be viewed as the maximum needs

over the next two year period.

49 new positions would be created under this proposal; how-

ever, only 32 would be permanent. A "One-Shot" funding re-

quest amounting to $3,893,800 will be made to provide for

the Computing Center equipment and for facilities remodel-

ing, at both Reno and Las Vegas. The total 1985-87 MIS

request is $7,568,700.

Priority 4 contains the funding requested to replace obso-

lete equipment and provide for new equipment needs in pro-

grams not covered by priority 2-B. The majority of this

request deals with instructional and academic support func-

tions. Particular emphasis is placed on library equipment

needs in the Universities and the Occupational and Health

programs in the Community Colleges. A "One-Shot" general

fund appropriation will be requested for this priority.

The total equipment request is $3,485,600.

Priority 5 contains the requests for enhancement of the non-

instructional functions within UNS. These requests range

from the need to increase library acquisitions and services

to increases needed in operating and maintaining Campus

facilities. Also included is partial funding for grants-in-

aid for the athletic programs at UNR and UNLV and counseling

and guidance programs in the Community Colleges. The total

support service enhancement is 128.52 FTE at $8,354,968.

Priority 6 contains the funding request for enhancement of

existing or adoption of new instruction programs not includ-

ed under priority 2-B. The net enhancement request is 19.50

FTE at $1,140,886.

Mr. Karamanos moved for approval of the 1985-87 UNS Biennial

Budget Request as corrected and for submission to the Gov-

ernor of the State of Nevada in compliance with NRS 353.210.

Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

5. Personnel Session

Upon motion by Mrs. Fong, seconded by Mrs. Kenney, the Board

moved to a closed personnel session for the purpose of dis-

cussing the character, alleged misconduct, professional

competence or physical or mental health of a person in ac-

cordance with NRS 241.030.

Vice Chairman Gallagher reconvened the Board in public session at

1:35 P.M. All Regents present with the exception of Mr. Mc Bride

and Mr. Karamanos.

6. Approved the Resolution Concerning Commission on Post-

secondary Education

The Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education, responsi-

ble under Nevada Revised Statutes for the licensing of

private degree-granting schools offering postsecondary

education in the State, will be seeking legislation in

the 1985 Legislature to strengthen the NRS standards for

licensing of such schools. Their request for assistance

in support of this effort from the Board of Regents result-

ed in approval of the following resolution:


WHEREAS, the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Educa-

tion is responsible under the Nevada Revised Statutes

for licensing private degree-granting schools offering

postsecondary education in the States; and

WHEREAS, the Commission on Postsecondary Education has

expressed an interest in assuring evaluation and re-

view procedures with standards resulting in quality

education; and

WHEREAS, the Commission on Postsecondary Education in-

tends to seek appropriate legislation from the 1985

Session of the Nevada Legislature that calls for the

review and revision of standards for licensing private

postsecondary education; and

WHEREAS, the Nevada Board of Regents shares the concern

for quality postsecondary education and sound standards

for review, and will seek appropriate avenues to assist

in the review;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents

supports the Commission on Postsecondary Education in

seeking from the 1985 Session of the Nevada Legislature

appropriate legislation to review and revise such li-

censing standards.

Vice Chancellor Fox, serving as UNS liaison to the Commis-

sion, has reviewed the resolution and recommended approval.

Ms. Kay Lee Nicholas, Vice Chairman of the Commission, and

Mr. John Griffin, Director, both stated the need for

strengthening licensing regulations and evaluations of

degree-granting insitutions, and stated that it would be

extremely helpful to have the Board of Regents support.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the Resolution concerning the

Commission on Postsecondary Education. Mrs. Whitley second-

ed. Motion carried.

7. Approved the Amendments to the UNS Code

In June, 1984 Regent Gallagher, Chair of the Regents Liaison

Committee, submitted certain proposed amendments to the UNS

Code. These proposed amendments, as contained in Ref. H-1,

filed with the permanent minutes, have been circulated in

accordance with Section 1.3.3 of the Code. Written comments

which have been received from the Officers and Senate are

contained in Ref. H-2, filed in the Regents Office.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the amendments to the UNS

Code. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion carried.

8. Approved the Institutional Bylaws, UNLV

On April 18, 1984 the University of Nevada, Las Vegas,

through then President Leonard Goodall, submitted recommend-

ed amendments to the UNLV Bylaws for the Board of Regents'

approval, together with a list of proposed Bylaw provisions

which UNLV recommended not be approved for adoption but be

held in "reserve".

On August 30, 1984 the Liaison Committee met with President

Robert C. Maxson, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs

John Unrue, UNLV Academic Faculty Senate Chair Myrlene La

Mancusa and Professional Staff Council Chair Nancy Forni to

discuss these recommendations.

The Regents' Institutional Bylaws Liaison Committee recom-


1. That the April 18, 1984 recommendations of the

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, concerning the

proposed UNLV Bylaws, be approved with the follow-

ing modifications:

a. The provisions of proposed Ch. I, Subsections

4.3.3, 4.6.3, 4.11.1, 4.11.3; Ch. II, Subsec-

sections 7.1, 7.2; Ch. III, Subsections 7.1,

9.1, 12.2, 18.8.2, paragraphs A, C, D and F,

18.8.6, 18.8.7 and 18.16 be added to the

"reserve" list and not be approved for adop-

tion at this time,

b. The introductory sentence contained in Ch. III,

Subsection 18.6 be taken off the "reserve" list

and be approved for adoption, and

c. The references in Ch. III, Subsections 17.1 and

17.2 to "Ch. III, Section 11" be changed to read

"Ch. III, Section 15".

2. That General Counsel be authorized to make nonsub-

stantive editing changes in the proposed Bylaws for

the purpose of renumbering misnumbered sections and

adding captions to uncaptioned provisions.

The Liaison Committee also recommended that the President

and faculty of UNLV work together with General Counsel on

the provisions contained in the "reserve" list for the

purpose of bringing additional Bylaw provisions acceptable

to the Regents, the President and the faculty to the Board

for approval.

The Liaison Committee also reminded the Presidents that it

is their responsibility to ensure that College, School,

Department, Division, Center or other internal administra-

tive Bylaws are in conformity with the UNS Code and the

Institutional Bylaws.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the UNLV Institutional Bylaws

with the exception of the "reserved" portions, as recommend-

ed by the Regents' Institutional Bylaws Liaison Committee.

Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion carried.

9. Approved the Appointment of the Vice President of Academic

Affairs, UNLV

Approved the appointment of Dr. John Unrue to the position

of Vice President for Academic Affairs at UNLV at a salary

of $58,235, effective September 1, 1984.

Dr. Unrue, who has served as Acting Vice President for

Academic Affairs for the past several months, was a candi-

date for the position and was also recommended by the Search


Mrs. Fong moved approval of the appointment of Dr. John

Unrue to the position of Vice Preisdent for Academic Affairs

at UNLV at a salary of $58,235, effective September 1, 1984.

Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

10. Approved the Appointment of Vice President for Development

and University Relations, UNLV

Approved the appointment of Mr. Lyle Rivera to the position

of Vice President for Development and University Relations.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the appointment of Mr. Lyle

Rivera to the position of Vice President for Development

and University Relations at UNLV. Mrs. Fong seconded.

Motion carried.

11. Approved the Appointment of Dean, College of Education, UNLV

Approved the appointment of Dr. Dale Anderson to the posi-

tion of Dean, College of Education, UNLV, at a salary of

$53,000, effective July 1, 1984.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the appointment of Dr. Dale

Anderson to the position of Dean, College of Education at

UNLV, at a salary of $53,000, effective July 1, 1984. Mrs.

Fong seconded. Motion carried.

12. Approved the Appointment of Dean of College Services, WNCC

Approved the appointment of Mr. Bill H. Davies for the

position of Dean of College Services at WNCC, at a salary

of $39,389, effective August 13, 1984.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the appointment of Mr. Bill

H. Davies for the position of Dean of College Services at

WNCC, at a salary of $39,389, effective August 13, 1984.

Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

13. Approved the Promotion to Emeritus Status, UNLV

Approved the promotion to Emeritus Status for Mrs. Pat

Fellman as Emeritus Administrator, effective August 3,

1984. Mrs. Fellman has retired after 26 continuous years

of service at UNLV. Her first position was as Secretary

to Dr. William D. Carlson, Dean and Chief Administrative

Officer. Since that time she has served in various capaci-

ties with UNLV and most recently as Administrative Assistant

to Vice President for Business Affairs, Mr. Herman Westfall.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the promotion to Emeritus Status

for Mrs. Pat Fellman as Emeritus Administrator, effective

August 3, 1984. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

14. Approved the Architects, UNLV

Approved the following architectural firms for the proposed

College of Engineering building, UNLV:

George Tate & Associates of Las Vegas

Dubrusky, Kittrell, Garlock Architects of Las Vegas

It was explained to Mr. Klaich after he posed a question

regarding the funding of the building, that the State Public

Works Board would only sign the contracts with the archi-

tectural firms when monies have been secured for the proj-


Mr. Klaich moved approval of the architectural firms for

the proposed College of Engineering building at UNLV. Mrs.

Whitley seconded. Motion carried.

15. Approved the Addition to Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 3,

Administrative Leave

A proposal for the granting of administrative leave for

full-time Administrators was submitted from the UNR Campus

and forwarded to the Presidents' Council for consideration.

The Presidents requested approval for an addition to the

Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 3, new section, Administrative

Leave, wherein full-time Administrators at a System insti-

tution may be eligible for a period of administrative leave,

not to exceed 3 calendar months, as approved by the Presi-

dent and the Chancellor. The purpose of such leave would

be to enhance needed knowledge and managerial skills rele-

vant to one's current assignment.

Complete text of the proposal is contained in Ref. D, filed

with the permanent minutes.

Mrs. Kenney requested that the full-time Administrator who

takes administrative leave report back to the Board in re-

gard to his leave.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the Administrative Policy

which will include reporting back to the Board. Ms. Del

Papa seconded. Motion carried.

16. Announced the Appointment of Regent Committees

Vice Chairman Gallagher announced the following Regent Com-


Academic Affairs Committee

Jo Ann Sheerin, Chair

Frankie Sue Del Papa

Lilly Fong

Joan Kenney

Budget and Finance Committee

Daniel J. Klaich, Chair

Frankie Sue Del Papa

Lilly Fong

June Whitley

17. Approved the Student Admission Standards

Throughout the last academic year, the Joint Council on

College Preparation has considered several proposals con-

cerning admission requirements to the Universities. Pre-

liminary recommendations were made to the Board of Regnets

on April 5-6, 1984. At that time, the Academic Affairs

Council was charged with the task of reviewing admission

standards and making recommendations to the Board. Vice

Chancellor Fox presented the Council's recommendations to

the Board.

Mrs. Sheerin reported on the Academic Affairs Council stand-

ards and requirements and requested approval of the follow-


High School Course(s) Units

English (emphasis on composition, 4

rhetoric and American English,

and world literatures)

Mathematics (including Geometry & Algebra) 3

Social Science/Studies 3

Natural Science (lab or simulation) 3

Computing Literacy 0.5

Total 13.5

There were some concerns regarding how these standards

would work with core curricula; if there would be a shift

in the mission of the Community Colleges; whether there

would be a problem with vocational teachers; articulation

when deficiencies are made up on the Community Colleges,

which are to be addressed by the newly formed Academic

Affairs Committee.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the admission requirements

and referred the subject to the Academic Affairs Committee,

with input from the Academic Affairs Council and the Council

of Presidents, to review a) time table; b) procedures; and

c) framework for implementation. Mrs. Kenney seconded.

Motion carried.

18. Discussion of Regents' Policies Concerning Occupational


Regent Joan Kenney, Co-Chair of the Joint Council on Voca-

tional Education, proposed that the Regents adopt policies

pertaining to vocational and occupational education, and

teacher training in education in the College of Education

at UNR and UNLV. Further implementation will be discussed

by the newly formed Academic Affairs Committee.

President Eardley introduced ASTM President Reginald Greer.

19. Approved the Transfer of Two Associate Degree Programs from


Approved the transfer of two associate degree programs in

Engineering Technologies, Electronics Engineering and Archi-

tectural Design, from UNR to TMCC, effective Fall, 1985.

The conditions of transfer are contained in Ref. E, filed

in the Regents Office.

Two faculty members who will be transferring from UNR to

TMCC with the programs are currently tenured at UNR. In

accordance with the UNS Code, Subsection 3.4.7(c)(2), these

two faculty will transfer that tenure to TMCC at the same


The transfer of the Electronics Engineering and Architectur-

al Design programs from UNR to TMCC will strengthen the cur-

rently existing programs at TMCC. In addition, UNR's Com-

prehensive Program Review recommended review of these

degrees with reference to offering them within the context

of a Community College network. At the completion of the

transfer of these two degrees, all associate degrees of-

fered at UNR will have been deleted.

Courses will be integrated with existing course numbers and

titles utilized at TMCC to insure no confusion with gradua-

tion requirements. Initially, these programs will not be

accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and

Technology. Consideration will be given to this when trans-

fer is completed. The programs will continue to be accred-

ited by the North West Association of Schools and Colleges.

Budget allocations for personnel and operating of these

programs will be transferred into TMCC's base budget. Deans

Pat Miltenberger (TMCC) and Peter Krenkle (UNR) both ex-

pressed their support in this transfer.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the transfer of two associate

degree programs from UNR to TMCC. Mrs. Fong seconded.

Motion carried.

20. Report on Internal Audits

Director of Internal Audit Sandi Cardinal reported on in-

ternal audits completed for the quarter, April through June,

1984 (see Ref. F, filed with the permanent minutes).

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Audit of Admissions and

Records - Spring, 1983

University of Nevada System Audit of Operating Capital


President Maxson stated that policies for UNLV admissions

will be reported at the October meeting.

Mr. Klaich requested a follow-up on the audit reports to be

placed on the next agenda.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Internal Audit Report.

Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.

Deputy Chancellor Mark Dawson requested that the title

"System Controller" be changed to "Deputy Treasurer".

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the title change. Ms. Del

Papa seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Klaich stated that a subcommittee, consisting of the

previous Investment Committee, will act as an oversight

regarding the investments.

Mrs. Cardinal informed the Board of the following audits

which are now being performed:

South Thomas and Mack Center, UNLV

Athletic Development, UNLV

Financial Aid, UNLV

Cashier's Office, CCCC

Inventory Assistance for Kafoury, Armstrong & Co

North Lawlor Events Center

Budget Process, UNR

Financial Aid, UNR and TMCC

University Press

Endowments for Business Center North

Inventory Assistance for Kafoury, Armstrong & Co

21. Approved the Lease Purchase, NNCC

Authorized NNCC to enter into a lease purchase agreement

with Gardner Engineering, Inc., Reno, Nevada, for a utility

shared program. This program, when implemented is estimated

to save NNCC $20,000 per year at today's utility rates.

Gardner Engineering and NNCC would share the savings as



1 5% 95%

2 10% 90%

3 15% 85%

4 20% 80%

5 25% 75%

6 100% 0%

The cash outlay for NNCC is nothing, the cost will be paid

for from utility savings, but at the conclusion of the 5

year period NNCC will purchase the equipment for $18,000.

Further, President Berg requested the Board of Regents

waive the bidding policy based on the following reasons:

1. The cost of preparing audit, engineering designs, and

bidding documents are estimated at 1/3 of the total

project costs which would be added to construction

costs absorbed by NNCC. This service has been provid-

ed by Gardner Engineering at no cost to the Community


2. Proposals from two energy companies were reviewed by

NNCC and the proposal with the best economics for the

College was selected.

3. There is no owner responsibility or expense for co-

ordination of the engineering, bidding, construction,

monitoring or financing. There is sole-source responsi-

bility. (The Mayo Clinic, turn-key approach)

4. Due to the nature of the Energy Retrofit Financing/

Shared Savings Concept, the project's economic success

is guaranteed and the owner is fully protected, provid-

ing the advantages of competitive bidding and eliminat-

ing the disadvantages.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the lease purchase at NNCC.

Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Mrs. Fong voted no. Motion carried.

22. Approved the Early Payoff of Bond Issues

The Federal Government is accepting applications for early

payoff on dormitory and dining commons bond issues. If ap-

proved by the Federal Government, a large discount on the

principal payment would be granted. For example, UNR pres-

ently has two outstanding dormitory and dining revenue bond

issues and UNLV has two:

UNR Nye Hall

Principal amount outstanding $1,690,000

Payoff 837,000

Reserves 364,000

Net amount due 473,000

Dormitory and Dining Commons

Principal amount outstanding $1,022,000

Payoff 570,000

Reserves 185,000

Net amount due 385,000

UNLV Dormitory and Dining Commons

Principal amount outstanding $ 913,000

Payoff 471,000

Reserves 116,000

Net amount due 355,000

Both UNR and UNLV are making application to the Federal Gov-

ernment for early payoff of the loans as cited in the above


Authorization was requested for negotiating loans for the

net amount due, should the Federal Government approve these

applications. The net amount due must be paid to the Fed-

eral Government by October 1, 1984. A report will be made

to the Board at its October, 17-18, 1984 meeting, as to any

loans authorized by this action.

This action would cause a much earlier payoff of the bonds,

for example, the issue outstanding on Nye Hall will be paid

off in 16 years. This could be paid off in 5 or 6 years

with no increase in rental fees charged to students.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval to apply for early payoff on

dormitory and dining commons bond issues and authorized

negotiations on loans for the net amount due, should the

Federal Government approve these applications. Mrs. Whitley

seconded. Motion carried.

23. Discussion of Special Awards, UNR

President Crowley presented a proposal providing for special

awards to be given by UNR to members of the community giving

outstanding service to the University.

A Silver Award will be presented to national and interna-

tional persons who donate themselves to the betterment of

the University of Nevada, Reno, and a President's Award

will be presented to long-standing community representa-


Ms. Del Papa encouraged the Council of Presidents to address

this issue for their own Campuses.

President Crowley announced that a Silver Award will be

given to Ms. Patty Sheehan for her donation to Women's

Athletics Program through her benefit golf exhibition with

proceeds going to the Wolf Pack Women BoostHER Club.

24. Approved the Definition of Professional Staff

Two years ago the Board of Regents, in response to proposed

legislation, developed a definition of the professional

staff in order to set up standards for determining which

University employees should be in the University's profes-

sional staff or in the State's classified service. Two

years' experience with the definition has shown problems in

implementation. It became apparent to the Administrators

who had to implement this definition that a more tightly

structured definition was necessary.

Accordingly, a System committee was established to prepare

a new definition for the professional staff. After some

months of work, the System committee has developed the

definition which was unanimously approved by the committee,

as contained in Ref. G, filed with the permanent minutes.

The Council of Presidents has also reviewed the proposed

definition and indicated no objections.

Mr. Klaich posed a question regarding the counselor status.

General Counsel stated that the counselor status is de-

fined in Section 2, Paragraph 1, Subsection 1(b)(2) of

Ref. G.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the definition of Professional

Staff. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

25. Approved the Facilities for Radiological Material

UNS has tried unsuccessfully, for several years to secure

State funding to construct facilities in southern and north-

ern Nevada for the safe storage of radiological materials.

Request was made for the authorization for Campuses to use

Capital Improvement Fee funds for such facilities in the

amounts listed below. The facilities will be housed on the

UNR and UNLV Campuses. The amounts designated have been

determined on past usage of such storage facilities.

Northern Nevada

UNR $12,000

Medical School 11,000

TMCC 6,000

DRI 6,000


Southern Nevada

UNLV $27,500

CCCC 7,500


Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the facilities for radio-

logical material with the exception that UNS has exhausted

all remedies. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

26. Approved the Expansion of Scope of Radiological Safety Board

Approved to expand the scope of the Radiological Safety

Board to include toxic waste disposal problems. In order

for this to be effective, it is deemed necessary to add 3

members to the Board - one each from UNR, UNLV and DRI - and

to change the name to the Radiological and Toxicological

Safety Board.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the expansion of scope of the

Radiological Safety Board and to change the name to the

Radiological and Toxicological Safety Board. Ms. Del Papa

seconded. Motion carried.

27. Approved the Clinic Facility, School of Medicine

Mr. Claude I Howard requested permission to construct a

clinic building of 12,000 to 15,000 gross square feet to

cost less than $650,000 on a site located on the UNR Campus

west of the Nevada State Health Laboratory and on the access

road to the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Mr.

Howard will construct building using funds in a School of

Medicine Phase V Building Gifts (account #4-5-360-5450-020)

which have accumulated from previous gifts made by Mr.

Howard to the School of Medicine. It is Mr. Howard's intent

to give the building in its completed form to the University

of Nevada School of Medicine.

To enhance the educational programs of the School, the

building will be used by the School of Medicine as a clin-

ical facility to see and treat patients. Funds generated

from patient care will be used to pay the operating costs

of the building.

General Counsel advised that under NRS 341.150(1) and (2),

the State Public Works Board is required to furnish engi-

neering and architectural services for the construction of

any building on State property, including specifically, the

University of Nevada. Counsel recommended that this item

be approved subject to the condition that Mr. Howard obtain

the required State Public Works Board services before sub-

mitting his plans to the Board of Regents for approval.

Mr. Klaich moved approval of the Clinic Facility for the

School of Medicine subject to General Counsel's caveat.

Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Klaich requested the Chancellor's Office to convey to

Mr. Howard the Board's gratitude.

28. Approved the Medicaid Clinic, School of Medicine

The Oversight Committee (members Assemblyman Bremner, Chair;

Assemblyman Sedway; Senators Neal and Raggio; Dr. Robert

Clark of Clark County; and Dr. Harry Hendriks of Washoe

County), established to assist in the School of Medicine's

responsibilities for the State's Medicaid Program, has

recommended that a separate clinic be established to care

for program patients in Las Vegas. The Southern Nevada

Memorial Hospital has agreed to provide space for the pro-

gram. The Committee has recommended increased funding, to

provide adequate staff and operating dollars for the new


This proposal for increased funding will require considera-

tion by the State Board of Examiners and the Interim Finance




Nov. 1, 1984 - June 30, 1985

I. Personnel

Physician $ 50,000

Physician 33,333

Nurse 16,667

Office Receptionist/Bookkeeper 12,000

Fringe Benefits 14,700

Total Personnel $126,700

II. Building

Rent $ 15,000

Renovations 5,000

Total Building $ 20,000

III. Equipment $ 7,000

IV. Supplies $ 5,000

V. Phone $ 2,000

VI. Billing System $ 700

TOTAL $161,400

This budget will provide a freestanding broad/general opera-

tion which can care for up to 20 patients a day, 24 hours a

day, 7 days a week.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the Medicaid Clinic expansion

and the proposal for increased funding for the School of

Medicine. Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.

29. Legislative Workshop

Discussion was held regarding the following issues:

A. Report from Community College Presidents

President Calabro reported that there is a need for

strengthening the Community College Advisory Boards.

A policy statement will be presented to the Board at

the October meeting.

It was also stated that there needs to be a greater

focus on occupational education. Deputy Chancellor

Dawson suggested to the Board that during the October

meeting, the Board visit CCCC's facilities and meet

with staff and students in order to develop and under-

stand the mission of the Community Colleges with regard

to occupational education.

B. State Arboreta

President Crowley stated that this proposed legislation

would designate UNR and UNLV as the State Arboreta, en-

hancing the landscaping on both Campuses. There is a

very active group of individuals working for passage of

this legislation, and, if successful, will spearhead the

project. No State funding will be required.

C. A Legislative Strategies Workshop will be held on Octo-

ber 5 for Presidents and Faculty Senate Chairs.

D. Joint Committee with State Board of Education

Vice Chancellor Fox presented to the Board for accept-

ance a Joint Statement Concerning Public Education in

Nevada from the University of Nevada Board of Regents

and the State Board of Education, filed in the Regents


Mrs. Fong moved approval to accept the joint statement

and to refer the statement to the State Board of Educa-

tion. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

E. Group Insurance and Membership on State Insurance


Vice Chancellor Ron Sparks indicated that this issue

will be presented to the State Budget Office and a bill

will be drafted for the University to be exempt from the

law; the System to obtain separate group insurance using

State appropriated funds; and that the System be offi-

cially represented on the State Insurance Commission.

F. Financial Support for Lawlor Events Center and Siverbowl

Vice Chancellor Ron Sparks stated that legislation is

being drafted to request $325,000 to support Lawlor

Events Center and $750,000 to support the Silverbowl.

Mrs. Sheerin opposed supporting the Silverbowl, inasmuch

as the System is only leasing it from the City of Las

Vegas. Mrs. Kenney suggested that the subcommittee ap-

pointed to study the Silverbowl should further address

this issue and report back to the Regents. Mr. Sparks

assured the Board that legislation was only being draft-

ed and would not go forward without the approval of the


G. Regent Committee on Funding Formulas

Legislation is being drafted to provide for a study of

funding for higher education.

H. Ms. Del Papa requested a report regarding electing or

appointing members to the Board of Regents. Mr. Klaich

stated that the information is in the process of being

assembled and a report will be submitted to the Board

for discussion at a future date.

I. Tax Initiative (Question 12)

Mr. Klaich stated that the Board unanimously passed a

Resolution expressing its opposition to the Tax Initia-

tive. Since then, there has been a group formed called

"Shelve Twelve", which is very broadly based, and which

is being monitored by representatives within the System.

J. California's Diploma Mill Legislation

California has introduced legislation banning diploma

mills which will impact more than 100 in operation in

California and will probably have some spillover impact

on Nevada in that these operations would undoubtedly try

to locate in Nevada in order to draw on the California

population. The System should analyze this legislation

and consider something similar in conjunction with the

Postsecondary Education Commission to protect this State

and establish clear standards.

Ms. Del Papa suggested that this issue become a priority

of the Board and requested a report and recommendation

at the October meeting.

Dr. Maxson expressed his concerns for the State of

Nevada, in that the System should ensure to the citizens

of this State that they are not victims of fraud, that

they don't pay their money thinking that they will re-

ceive a degree and then find out that those degrees are

not marketable.

Vice Chairman Gallagher requested Deputy Chancellor

Dawson to further examine this legislation and to con-

tact a Legislator in this regard.

K. Early Retirement Program

Under direction of Vice President Dhingra at UNR they

have developed an early retirement program that does not

require legislation. The System Compensation Committee

will be studying this program. If it should be adopted

on a Systemwide basis, the Chancellor's Office will

notify the Legislature.

30. Emergency Item

Deputy Chancellor Dawson requested acceptance of an emergen-

cy item regarding a $172,000 judgement against the System,

which must be reconciled prior to the Regents' regularly

scheduled meeting in October.

Mrs. Del Papa moved approval to accept the emergency item.

Mrs. Whitley seconded. Motion carried.

Deputy Chancellor Dawson requested authorization to borrow

$172,000 from UNLV Capital Improvement Fee Fund, to be re-

paid at current interest rates, in order to pay for the

judgement held against UNLV.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of borrowing $172,000 from UNLV

Capital Improvement Fee Fund with repayment at current in-

terest rates. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion carried.

Ms. Del Papa brought to the attention of the Board members

that the budget allows only $1000 per year of the biennium

for litigation fees.

The meeting adjourned at 4:35 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board