UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

August 30-31, 1947 

Volume 6 - Pages 33-36

                       August 30, 1947

The Executive Committee of the Board was called to order by the
the Chairman at 10:25 A.M. in the President's office.  Present:
Regents Henningsen, Hilliard, Ross and Vice President and Comp-
troller Gorman.  Chairman Ross stated that the meeting was called
for the purpose of opening bids for fuel oil for the coming
school year.

Motion of Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the following
claims, submitted herewith, be approved:

    List No. 2, dated August 30, 1947, covering State Claims
    78-26 to 78-40, inclusive, for a total of $35,464.81.

    List No. 2, dated August 30, 1947, covering Regents Checks
    78-25 to 78-50, inclusive, for a total of $131,765.99.

Fuel oil bids were opened by the Chairman as follows:

    Union Oil Co. at market, present posted price $1.90 per
    barrel f. o. b. Oleum.  Freight from Oleum $1.05 per barrel
    - Total $2.95

    Tarr & Mc Comb of Los Angeles, $1.95 per barrel f. o. b.
    Malta.  Freight from Malta $0.9975 per barrel - Total

    Associated Oil Co. $1.75 per barrel f. o. b. Tracy or Avon.
    Freight from Tracy or Avon $0.9976 per barrel - Total

By unanimous agreement, the above bids were referred to Comp-
troller Gorman for compilation and study, and Chairman Ross was
authorized to sign the contract.

Upon due consideration of the above bids, the Comptroller recom-
mends that the contract for the ensuing year be given to the
Associated Oil Company.

Heating Plant - Messrs. Holcomb and Mac Kenzie of the State Plan-
ning Board, together with Messrs. Lockhard, Keller and Gannon
from the firm of Blanchard, Lockhard and Maher, appeared before
the Executive Committee and presented an outline of revised plans
and specifications for the University Heating Plant and advised
that the bids on plans of both firms - Blanchard, Lockhard and
Maher and Headman, Ferguson and Carollo - will be advertised for
at once, to be opened in Carson City on September 30, 1947, at
2 P.M.

Chairman Ross thanked the members of the Planning Board and the
Engineering firm and they withdrew from the meeting.

Mackay Training Quarters Heating Plant - Approval of a separate
heating system has been authorized by the Regents (see minutes
of April 11-12, 1947).

Motion of Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the work be
started as soon as possible.

Post Office Boxes - Additional boxes are needed for rent to

Motion of Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Chairman of
the Buildings and Grounds Committee and the Comptroller be au-
thorized to secure 160 additional post office boxes for the
Campus Post Office, at a cost not to exceed $1000.

Campus Road Work north of Lincoln Hall was discussed and motion
of Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the matter be brought
before the Regents at their next regular meeting and that the
members of the Board inspect the roads to be paved to decide how
much paving should be done.

Seismograph - The University of Nevada has offered a seismograph
to the University of Nevada with the provision that we pay in-
stallation charges, approximating $1000.

Motion of Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Executive Com-
mittee accept the seismograph subject to the final approval of
the Board of Regents, and that it be installed at once.

Right-of-Way, Fleischmann Dairy Farm

Motion of Mrs. Henningsen passed unanimously that the Chairman of
the Board be authorized to sign the easement from the University
of Nevada to the State Highway Department, and further, that the
following be accepted and approved:

    a)  Resolution of abandonment from the State Highway Depart-
        ment covering the right-of-way granted by the 1945

    b)  Deed from Washoe County to the University of Nevada for
        the old road which is to be abandoned when the new road
        is completed.

    c)  Map showing roads and easement in question.

Highland Terrace Dormitories - (see minutes of September 21,

Motion of Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Chairman be
authorized to sign a lease for rental of 3 Dormitories under
the following terms:

 1.  Annual rental $1116 to be paid in 12 equal monthly install-
     ments of $93 per month to the Housing Authority, City of

 2.  University to be responsible for all exterior and interior
     maintenance and also the fire alarm.

 3.  All property to be jointly inventoried and receipted for
     by the University.  Upon termination of the sub-lease, the
     property is to be returned in like quantity and quality.

 4.  Termination date of the sub-lease:  3 years or by 30-days
     notice or by termination of the project by F. P. H. A. or
     by fire.

 5.  A renewal clause for the University.

 6.  The University to pay all costs for heating and lighting.

 7.  Housing Authority, City of Reno, will be free of all liabil-
     ity resulting from the use of the buildings.

 8.  Sub-lessor shall not assign the sub-lease.

 9.  Dormitories and other equipment shall be used for living or
     Dormitory quarters for servicemen and veterans of World War
     II attending school at the University.

10.  Effective date of sub-lease:  July 1, 1947.

11.  No provision is made for insurance of buildings.

12.  Any rents received in excess of operation and maintenance
     shall be paid to sub-lessor as rent.

Memo of Meeting Re:  Dining Hall Boiler Room - A meeting was held
at Ross-Burke Company at 10 A.M. August 23, 1947, to open bids
for construction of boiler room at the University Dining Hall.
Present:  Chairman Ross, Architect Mills, Comptroller Gorman,
Contractor Wade H. Wines, Contractor E. Belli, Contractor John
Kuenzli and F. B. Ankus, Ray Burner representative.

The following bids were received and referred to Architect Mills
and Comptroller Gorman for study and report to the Regents on
Monday, August 25, 1947:

    Wade H. Wines - $18,590 with cashiers check for $929.50
    John F. Kuenzli - $21,880 with certified check for $1150.00
    E. Belli - $20,432 with certified check for $1050.00

After careful consideration of the above bids, we recommend that
the bid of Wade H. Wines for $18,590 be accepted, adding thereto
$33 for Alternate No. 1, providing for the substitution of an
oil storage tank to be made of 3/16" material in lieu of 12 gauge

                         /s/ Russell Mills, Architect
                             C. H. Gorman, Comptroller

Motion of Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Executive
Committee accept the bids as soon as bond is furnished, and
further, that the Chairman be authorized to sign the contract.

The meeting adjourned at 11:55 A.M. with the next regular meeting
of the Board to be called by the Chairman.