UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 30-31, 1924

Volume OE - Pages 392-394

                         Reno, Nevada
                       August 30, 1924

The Regents met in the Office of President Clark at 9 o'clock
Saturday morning, August 30, 1924.  Present:  Chairman Pratt,
Mrs. Williams, Judge Talbot, Mr. Williams, President Clark and
Comptroller Gorman.

On motion of Mr. Williams, the minutes of the August 11-14-16-20
were approved by the following vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye

Dr. Smith of the U. S. Department of Agriculture was then intro-
duced by Director Creel.  Dr. Smith expressed to the Board and
President Clark his appreciation of the cordial cooperation be-
tween the University and the Extension Division.  10 years have
gone by since the Smith-Lever Extension Act was matured and it
has been clearly shown that that Act was a wise one.  People are
taught in College and class rooms but in limited numbers.  At
least 5 times this number are being taught through the Extension
Divisions on the farms and in the market places.  It is clearly
shown that the Extension Divisions are teaching rural people to
think and to think about their business in terms of doing things
about it.  Material things have come out of it as well.  It has
been the foaming yeast in this time of depression in Agriculture
and Agriculture has held its own and even made some advance.
A group of 4500 trained people are acting as leaven among the
rural forces.  It is from rural life and rural people that our
cities are refreshed and reinforced.  The aim of the Extension
workers is to fill lives with hope and inspiration and enable
rural people to live lives that are worthwhile and to teach the
doctrine that the individual makes progress about in proportion
as the community makes progress.  We need larger forces to handle
work with young people.  Statistics show 600 to 800 boys and
girls not in school in agricultural counties; they are doubly and
trebly beyond these numbers in non-attendance in school in agri-
cultural counties.

Dr. Smith expressed again his appreciation of the fine coopera-
tion between the University and the Extension Division and ex-
pressed his best wishes for the future of the work.  He then

List No. 21, State Claims Nos. 212 to 222 inclusive for the net
sum of $21,722.24, and List No. 21, Regents Checks Nos. 4073 to
4082 inclusive for the net sum of $32,604.72, were, on motion of
Regent Williams, approved by the following vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye

President Clark mentioned that the Postal authorities were con-
sidering the establishment of a branch Post Office in the base-
ment of Morrill Hall and showed a blueprint of the proposed

President Clark stated that Director John Allen Fulton of the
Mackay School of Mines expects to leave Monday night on his
eastern trip, visiting in the following order eastern mining
schools:  Michigan State of Mines, Columbia, Scheffield and
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He has in mind for the
Mackay School, first, expanded curriculum; second, new and
desired equipment; third, personnel.

President Clark outlined bases for tuition exemption as follows:

    a.  If the family to which a student belongs lives in Nevada,
        then the student is exempt.

    b.  In the case of a student "on his own".  In such case if
        the person is to have any exemption he must have been a
        resident of the State for 6 months prior to the date he

The average cost of educating a student at the University of
Nevada is $325.  Of this amount the Federal Government pays $100.
When the student pays his $100 per year tuition, there remains
still $125 which is paid by the State of Nevada.  This is the
final argument the President uses in his attempt to make the stu-
dent feel right about paying tuition fees.

President Clark outlined Dean Stewart's recommendation for an
honorary recognition system for Nevada farmers.  Such a system
has been in use in the University of Wisconsin since 1909.  Dean
Stewart recommended that this University adopt a similar system
of recognition, limiting the number of such recognized farmers
to 3 in any one year and that the certificates should be con-
ferred during the week the State Farm Bureau holds its annual
conference, decision as to winners to be reached by a Committee
of Five to be appointed by the President.  After brief discussion
this matter was passed until the next meeting.

On motion of Judge Talbot, the city bill for paving the inter-
section of Ninth and Lake Streets in the sum of $324.24 was ap-
proved by the following vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye

On motion of Judge Talbot, President Clark was instructed to let
the City Council know that the University would heartily support
any measure which the Council would introduce before the coming
Legislature for sidewalk and street paving on Ninth Street be-
tween University Avenue and Lake Streets and possibly between
University Avenue and Evans Avenue.  Vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye

President Clark recommended the following temporary proposition
to care for the Music of the University for this University year:

    A.  On the recommendation of Dean Hall, President Clark rec-
        ommended that Miss Dorothy Crandall be employed as Fellow
        in Music to take charge of the teacher-training courses
        in Music this semester; next semester to offer in addi-
        tion the course in Appreciation of Music and, if the same
        temporary arrangement should hold for a second University
        year, to offer also the course in The History of Music.
        The financial arrangement to be $600 for the teaching
        year and exemption from her non-resident tuition fees as
        a student at this University.

    B.  Dr. Haseman and Professor Kent to have charge respective-
        ly of the Men's Glee Club and of the Band, for a stipend
        of $100 each per semester, to be paid at the close of the

After discussion and on motion of Mrs. Williams, this arrangement
was approved by the following vote for this University year with
undertstanding, however, and the President was instructed so to
inform each of the 3 persons concerned, that if a permanent full-
time acceptable person could be secured to take charge of all
Campus Music work for the second semester, the arrangement with
them would terminate at mid-years.  Vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye

President Clark submitted the question of an Inter-Denominational
Pastor for the University and read the letter from Reverend Linn.
Matter was passed until the next meeting.

On the recommendation of Dean Stewart, President Clark recommend-
ed an increase in the salary of Miss Margaret Regan, Secretary to
the College of Agriculture, from $115 to $125 per month, and, on
the recommendation of Dean Hall, President Clark recommended a
salary increase from $110 to $115 for Miss Cornelia Williamson,
Secretary to the School of Education, for her months of service.

On motion of Mrs. Williams, the President's recommendations for
salary increases for these 2 Secretaries was approved by the
following vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye

President Clark recommended that the Regents subscribe for 350
copies of the U. of N. Sagebrush at $1.25 per subscription, with
understanding that the Sagebrush will honor a Regents' mailing
list of not to exceed 400 names.  Judge Talbot recommended the
adoption of the President's recommendation.  Vote:

    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye

The matter of an architect for the Mackay building was discussed
and it was thought desirable to see if Mr. Ferris as well as Mr.
De Longchamps would not be willing to draw these plans for sub-
mission to Mr. Mackay with understanding that he was to be paid
no fee unless his drawing was rejected by Mr. Mackay, and in
that event the losing architect would receive not to exceed $150
from the University.

The matter of automobile traffic on the Campus was passed until
the next meeting of the Board.

Regent Pratt stated that Governor Scrugham had asked him if the
Regents could not give $250 for excavation of caves on Baker
Creek.  President Clark said that the Governor in calling on
him had made no such request but had asked him if the University
would not loan Drs. Schappelle and Jones for visits to this cave
and pay all of their expenses save only that of transportation,
which the Governor would provide for these experts.

President Clark asked the Board if Miss Detraz would be en-
titled to half of her year's salary if she should resign ef-
fective at mid-years, having satisfactorily completed the work
of this semester.  It was the sense of the Board that she would
be entitled to this amount.

The Board recessed until 7 P.M. Wednesday, September 3rd.

                             Walter E. Pratt

Carolyn M. Beckwith