UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 29-30, 1980


Pages 1-17



August 29, 1980

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Pine Auditorium

Jot Travis Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

Dr. Louis E. Lombardi

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph N. Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

Vice Chancellor Larry Lessly

Secretary Bonnie Smotony

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 9:30 A.M.

1. Adoption of Consent Agenda

Adoption of Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

with permanent minutes) containing the following items was


(1) Approval of minutes of meeting of July 24-25, 1980.

(2) Acceptance of Gifts and Grants

(3) Approval of the following appointments to the UNR

College of Education Advisory Board:

Ms. Ada Cook, Reno (replacing Jesse Hall)

Mr. Harvey Ewing, Jr., Reno (replacing Dr. Robert


Mr. Ted Sandars, Carson City (replacing Dr. Ralph

Di Sibio)

Mr. Ray Tennant, Tonopah (replacing Judge William


(4) Approval of appointments to the College of Arts and

Science Advisory Board for three-year terms.

(5) Concurrence in a recommendation by Vice Chancellor

Lessly that no action be taken by the Board in re-

sponse to a claim for damages filed against Clark

County Community Colleges on behalf of Charles and

Nancy Little.

(6) Augmentation of the CCCC Institutional Host Account in

the amount of $2,000 by allocation from the Board of

Regents Special Projects Account.

(7) Approval of Fund Transfer #81-012, in the amount of

$24,085 from the UNLV Contingency Fund to Educational

Foundations and Counseling to fund a professional

position reassigned to that Department from Curriculum

and Instruction.

(8) Extension of leave without pay for an additional 1/2

year to Esther Langston, Associate Professor of Social

Work, UNLV.

(9) Approval of request from Clark County for an easement

to widen a portion of Harmon Avenue immediately east

of the intersection of Harmon and Swenson. Harmon

Avenue is a two-lane roadway presently and the County

is requesting a 34-foot addition to the current ease-

ment to provide for a right hand turn lane. The ease-

ment would taper to the current easement 471 feet east

of Swenson.

(10) Approval of an estimative budget totaling $55,000 for

UNR Intercollegiate Athletics Program Sales.

(11) Approval of an agreement between the University and

the estate of Edward J. Barrick whereby the estate

will pay certain beneficiaries a total lump sum of

$200,000 in return for their relinquishing their

rights to monies provided in the will. This agree-

ment requires court approval.

President Crowley requested that the recommendation contain-

ed in Item (4) be withdrawn for further consideration.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

2. Proposed Amendment of Board of Regents Bylaws

Mr. Buchanan distributed a proposed amendment to the Board

of Regents Bylaws, announcing that by so doing he was pro-

viding the required notice that at the October meeting he

would move to amend Article IV of the Bylaws to eliminate

the Finance Committee as a standing committee of the Board.

(Proposed amendment as distributed is filed with permanent


Mr. Buchanan explained that he was proposing this elimina-

tion of the Finance Committee because he believed that it is

causing a burden administratively on the staff and faculty,

and further, that he believed the Finance Committee was ex-

ceeding its responsibility by becoming involved in matters

beyond those which are delegated to the Committee by the


3. Counsel's Report Concerning Audit of Intercollegiate

Athletics Program, UNLV

Vice Chancellor Lessly noted that a report had been distri-

buted to each member of the Board, explaining that the re-

port was compiled as a result of the inquiry and investiga-

tion conducted by Assistant General Counsel Lyle Rivera with

respect to a confidential audit report on Intercollegiate

Athletics and the Athletic Department at UNLV prepared by

Kafoury, Armstrong and Company.

Mr. Lessly stated that the report constitutes privileged in-

formation between attorney and client, and that it contains

certain personnel matters. For those reasons, he suggested

that the report be kept confidential.

Mr. Lessly also noted that Mr. Rivera had spent a great deal

of time in conducting the investigation, pointing out that

the investigation was designed to comment strictly on the

issues raised in the audit report from Kafoury, Armstrong

and Co. The report did not consider criminal culpability

nor does it make any accusations regarding violations of the

Code; the first matter is within the purview of the Clark

County District Attorney and the second rests with the UNLV


Mr. Lessly further commented on the extensive files which

have been compiled in this matter, with the report submitted

representing merely a synopsis. He recommended that since

the Board serves as an appellate body in the event any

personnel action is taken as a result of the investigation

which results in dismissal of faculty members at UNLV, it

would therefore be inappropriate for the Board to take any

action upon the report but rather refer the report to Pres-

ident Goodall for whatever action, if any, he would deem

to be appropriate under the administrative procedures that

have been established by the University for this type of


Mr. Mc Bride moved that Counsel's recommendation be follow-

ed. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross.

Mr. Buchanan questioned the recommendation that the report

distributed by Mr. Lessly be kept confidential, recalling

that the audit report had been made available to the Press

and there has been a great deal of interest generated by

that Press coverage. He pointed out that this concerns the

handling of State monies, and involves administrative pro-

cedures in the Athletic Department, and stated that in his

opinion the report of the investigation should be made


Mr. Cashell objected, stating that since there is an inves-

tigation also underway by the District Attorney's Office,

he did not believe it appropriate for this report to be made

public because of the damage it might cause to innocent


Mr. Buchanan concurred in Chairman Cashell's concern for

possible damage to individuals by premature release, adding

that he had expressed the same concern at the previous

meeting and was extremely critical of the way the entire

matter had been handled. He suggested that if the matter

had been administratively handled in the first place within

the Athletic Department, and had then proceeded through the

appropriate administrative channels at the institution,

there would not have been a problem of the magnitude it has

now reached. He agreed that Mr. Lessly's suggestion for

handling the matter was correct; however, because of the

publicity the matter has already received, he did not be-

lieve the Board ought to go on record as holding this lat-

est report confidential.

Mr. Lessly suggested that the decision to keep the report

confidential is one for the Board to make. He pointed out,

however, that the Board has set up a procedure for handling

disciplinary matters and if any need arises as a result of

this report, the prerogative for initiating such disciplin-

ary procedures rests with the President or the administra-

tive staff of UNLV. That procedure provides for due process

for a faculty member who may be involved and in order that

the faculty member's rights are protected, and also that the

University's rights with respect to disciplinary proceedings

are protected, Mr. Lessly recommended that the Board allow

the matter to go through normal channels.

Mr. Ross withdrew his second to Mr. Mc Bride's motion and

moved that the Board convene in personnel session to discuss

the contents of the report.

Mr. Buchanan moved to amend Mr. Mc Bride's motion to require

that the report from Counsel, dated August 28, 1980, be made

public. Motion to amend seconded by Mr. Karamanos.

The Chair called attention to the withdrawal of Mr. Ross's

second to Mr. Mc Bride's motion which had the effect of not

having a properly seconded motion on the floor to amend.

Mrs. Fong seconded Mr. Mc Bride's motion that the report be

kept confidential and be referred to President Goodall for

such administrative action as deemed appropriate.

Mr. Ross restated his motion to go into personnel session.

Motion seconded by Mr. Buchanan, carried without dissent.

Upon reconvening in open session, the Chair called for a

vote on the motion by Mr. Mc Bride that the report be held

confidential and referred to President Goodall, subsequently

amended by Mr. Buchanan to direct that the report be made

public. Motion to amend failed by the following roll call


Yes - Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Karamanos

No - Mrs. Fong, Mrs. Knudtsen, Dr. Lombardi, Mr. Mc

Bride, Mr. Ross, Mrs. Whitley, Mr. Cashell

Mrs. Fong and Mr. Ross asked that the record reflect their

reasons for voting no were based on their belief that re-

leasing the report would violate the due process rights of

the individuals involved.

The Chair then called for a vote on the motion before the

Board; that is, that the report be kept confidential and

referred to the UNLV Administration. Motion carried by the

following roll call vote:

No - Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Karamanos

Yes - Mrs. Fong, Mrs. Knudtsen, Dr. Lombardi, Mr. Mc

Bride, Mr. Ross, Mrs. Whitley, Mr. Cashell

In casting their votes, the following reasons were offered

for the record:

Mr. Buchanan - I feel the proper procedure is to go back to

the President, that such a procedure is proper legally, but

because of the prior publicity given this matter and some of

the individuals involved, I feel this report should be made


Mrs. Fong - I vote yes because the proper procedure accord-

ing to University Code in a personnel matter rests in the

hands of the Chief Administrative Officer at that institu-

tion and that person is Dr. Goodall.

Mr. Karamanos - No, with qualification, that if we are go-

ing to pass out any documents in a public meeting, then they

are public documents and they should be given to anyone who

wants them.

Mr. Ross - Yes, but I think it is a sad state when we have

to send back to have done what should have been done in the

first place, that is, the proper procedures followed.

The Chair noted that all copies of Counsel's report, with

the exception of Mr. Buchanan's, had been returned to


4. Report of Finance Committee

Mr. Mc Bride reported that the Finance Committee had met the

previous date and had taken the final actions:

(1) Authorized the Committee Chairman to meet with the UNR

and UNLV Presidents and the ASUN and CSUN Presidents

for the purpose of developing a proposal for internal

distribution of the current per-credit fee, for consid-

eration by the Finance Committee in October.

(2) Received and discussed Management's responses to the

Expanded Audit of Revenue Producing Activities prepared

for the Finance Committee by Kafoury, Armstrong and


(3) Received and discussed the Report to Management sub-

mitted by Kafoury, Armstrong and Company for the fiscal

year ending June 30, 1980. After further review by the

Business Centers and the Officers, responses to recom-

mendations contained in the Report will be discussed by

the Finance Committee and appropriate recommendations

made to the Board of Regents.

(4) Discussed the current policy of five-year rotation of

independent auditors and passed a motion recommending

to the Board of Regents that the five year cycle be

abandoned and that the Administration be directed to

solicit proposals for a minimum of three years and that

the current independent audit firm not be excluded from


(5) Accepted a progress report from the Financial Account-

ing Services Committee, and approved the following two

recommendations contained in that report:

(a) That the Financial Accounting Services Committee

be restructured as a formal, standing committee,

to include the UNR and UNLV Vice Presidents for

Business, the UNR and UNLV Controllers, the Vice

President for Administration for DRI, one repre-

sentative from each of the Community Colleges to

be designated by the respective President, one

representative from the System Office, and one

representative from the Computing Center. Fur-

ther, that the Chairman of the Finance Committee

of the Board of Regents be invited to attend meet-

ings of this committee, to be held quarterly, and

that all minutes of each meeting be distributed to

the Finance Committee.

(b) That this restructured committee be directed to

develop a report and recommendation to the Finance

Committee concerning a computerized budget system

to meet the long range needs of the University.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the actions of the Finance


Mr. Ross urged that great care be taken in preparing the

criteria against which proposals from accounting firms would

be considered to insure against a recurrence of the problems

encountered two years ago when this matter was last consid-

ered. He also questioned the proposal that the internal

distribution of the per-credit fee be changed, suggesting

that if the students are happy with the current method of

distribution, it ought not to be changed.

Mr. Buchanan agreed with Mr. Ross's suggestion that the

current method of distribution of the per-credit fee not be

changed. He also recalled that the reason for proposing a

rotation in the independent auditors was to insure that dif-

ferent accounting firms would be involved over time as the

University's independent auditors. He suggested that the

rotational cycle be maintained and that current auditors

not be eligible for consideration for a subsequent succes-

sive cycle.

In response to a question concerning the legal requirements

for bidding, Mr. Lessly pointed out that this would be a

proposal for professional services and the Board has full

discretion in awarding a contract for such services.

Mr. Buchanan moved to amend Mr. Mc Bride's motion for ap-

proval of the Finance Committee report to require that the

five year rotational cycle be retained and that the account-

ing firm holding the current five year contract as the Uni-

versity's independent auditors not be eligible to receive

a second successive appointment. Motion seconded by Mr.


Mr. Ross moved to further amend Mr. Mc Bride's motion to

provide that the internal distribution of student fees not

be changed. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen.

Mr. Ross's motion to amend carried by the following roll

call vote:

Yes - Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Karamanos, Mrs. Knudtsen, Dr.

Lombardi, Mr. Ross

No - Mrs. Fong, Mr. Mc Bride, Mrs. Whitley, Mr. Cashell

Mr. Buchanan's motion to amend failed by the following roll

call vote:

Yes - Mr. Buchanan, Mrs. Fong, Mr. Karamanos, Mr. Ross

No - Mrs. Knudtsen, Dr. Lombardi, Mr. Mc Bride, Mrs.

Whitley, Mr. Cashell

Motion by Mr. Mc Bride to approve the actions of the Finance

Committee, amended to except that recommendation concerning

distribution of the per-credit fee, was approved by the fol-

lowing roll call vote:

No - Mr. Buchanan

Yes - Mrs. Fong, Mr. Karamanos, Mrs. Knudtsen, Dr.

Lombardi, Mr. Mc Bride, Mr. Ross, Mrs. Whitley,

Mr. Cashell

5. Report of the Investment Advisory Committee

Mr. Karamanos reported that the Investment Advisory Commit-

tee had met earlier and recommended approval by the Board

of the following actions:

(1) Recommendation by Valley Bank for the following

purchases, at market:

Approx. Current

Shares Description Price Value Yield %

1,200 Schering Plough 43 $ 51,600 3.72

2,400 General Portland 21 50,400 3.80

1,300 ASA, Ltd. 56 72,800 9.00

700 Burroughs 69 48,300 3.76

1,200 Norfolk & Western 40 48,000 5.50

1,600 Ingersoll Rand 61 97,600 5.44

$ 368,700

Cancellation of the authorization for purchases given

at the July 25 meeting, with the exception of 1,300

shares of Boeing and 1,100 shares of Union Carbide

which have already been executed.

(2) Recommendation by First National Bank for the following


Units Description Approx. Value Yield

1 MM Par U. S. Treasury, 10-3/8% due 5/1/85

95 $ 950,000 10.9

250 M Par Storage Technology Cvt., 10-1/4% due 2000

107 267,500 9.6


(3) Agreed to hold an expanded meeting of the Investment

Committee in conjunction with the next meeting of the

Board of Regents to discuss the advisability of invest-

ing in real estate, specifically in an equity position

(as opposed to a lender position).

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the actions of the Investment

Committee as reported. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

Chairman Cashell commented on the increasing frequency with

which special emergency meetings of the Board have been re-

quested for action on investments. There was general con-

sensus among those present that some procedure should be

devised, such as amendment of the Open Meeting Law, which

would permit the conduct of a telephone poll of Regents for

investment decisions only.

Mrs. Fong moved that Counsel be directed to prepare a re-

quest for such an amendment of the Open Meeting Law to be

presented to the 1981 Legislative Session. Motion seconded

by Mr. Ross, carried without dissent.

6. Biennial Budget Request, 1981-1983

Chancellor Baepler recalled the action of the Board at its

previous meeting, at which time the 1981-83 Biennial Budget

Request was tentatively approved subject to further revision

following negotiation by the Chancellor with each of the

Presidents with respect to:

(1) New classified positions for the purpose of effecting a

reduction by half in the 233 requested;

(2) New professional positions for the purpose of effecting

a reduction by redistribution of those new positions to

future fiscal years; and

(3) Movement of three of the DRI program areas to the New

Program portion of the budget.

Dr. Baepler reported that the Budget Request had been reduc-

ed as the Regents had directed, by about $2.24 million in

the first year and $2.67 million in the second year. These

reductions were realized by reducing a substantial number of

new positions (57.4 FTE professional and 96.2 FTE classi-

fied) in the first year, with these reductions to carry

through into the second year.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the Biennial Budget Request for

1981-83 as presented. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

carried without dissent.

7. Progress Reports, Academic Master Planning

Chancellor Baepler recalled that the Board had directed

that reports be submitted at this meeting concerning the

progress of the institutions in the development of Academic

Master Plans and integrated mission statements. He noted

that statements were included with the agenda and additional

statements distributed. He also noted that President Murino

had planned to present a report on "The Essence of the DRI

Fiscal Condition", to serve as his progress report for the

Institute, but had agreed to defer that presentation to the

October meeting in the interests of time. (Progress reports

from CCCC, TMCC, UNR and NNCC were distributed and are filed

with permanent minutes.)

Chairman Cashell announced that Dr. Kenny Guinn had accepted

the Chairmanship of the System Administration Study Commit-

tee and a meeting would be called within the next several

weeks. Mr. Cashell recalled that the Committee consisted

of, in addition to Mr. Guinn, Regents Cashell, Mc Bride and

Karamanos, Chancellor Baepler, Presidents Crowley, Eaton and

Goodall, and Vice President Dixon. When reminded that there

were no women Regents on the Committee, Chairman Cashell re-

quested and Mrs. Knudtsen agreed to serve on the Committee.

In response to a request for appointment of faculty repre-

sentatives as ex officio members, to serve as liaison and to

provide a communication channel to the faculty, Mr. Cashell

declined to expand the Committee further, assuring the fac-

ulty, however, that the faculty would be informed of the

Committee's actions and recommendations.

Mr. Lessly pointed out that the Code requires that any ac-

tion resulting in a major altercation or change in an admin-

istrative unit requires consultation with the unit concern-

ed; in this case, the Unit Senate.

8. Distribution of Scholarship Endowment Funds

Chancellor Baepler recalled that in 1979 two gifts were

received, totaling $3,000, as contributions in the name of

Senator Paul Laxalt, with a request that the earnings be

used for scholarships for Community College students.

Chancellor Baepler recommended, and the Community College

Presidents concurred, that the earnings from the investment

of this gift be divided equally among the four Community

Colleges for addition to their scholarship funds, noting

that should the fund increase significantly in the future,

distribution of the earnings should be reexamined.

Mr. Buchanan moved that $10,000 be allocated from the Board

of Regents Special Projects Fund as an addition to the

Community College Scholarship Fund, established through the

contributions in the name of Senator Laxalt and that the

earnings from the total fund be distributed equally among

the four Community Colleges. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

9. Proposed College Bylaws, TMCC

Proposed College Bylaws for Truckee Meadows Community

College were included with the agenda with approval recom-

mended by President Eardley. (Identified as Ref. E and

filed with permanent minutes.)

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Buchanan, carried without dissent.

10. Proposed College Bylaws, WNCC

In July proposed College Bylaws for WNCC were submitted by

President Davis and subsequently withdrawn to permit further

review of a number of areas about which Vice Chancellor

Lessly had raised questions. A copy of the revised Bylaws

was included with the agenda with approval recommended by

President Davis. (Identified as Ref. F and filed with

permanent minutes.)

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

carried without dissent.

11. Request for Approval of Leases, WNCC

President Davis reported that WNCC has entered into con-

tracts for CETA/*BOS-funded training in Electronics and

Machine Tool Operations. The program in Electronics re-

quires rental of facilities with the rental to be paid from

the CETA project funds. He requested authorization to enter

into a lease with Shaheen Co., Carson City, for lease of

1,536 square feet (Suites #110-115 and #140, Shaheen Garden

Office Center, 625 Fairview Drive, Carson City) at a rate of

$1,440 per month for ten months beginning September 1, 1980.

President Davis also reported that WNCC wishes to enter into

a lease with Lorraine Mc Creary of Fernley for space in an

apartment building at 11 Main Street, Fernley (Apt #3), for

the purpose of providing College day and evening office and

counseling space. The term of the lease will be for 1 year,

commencing August 16, 1980, at a monthly rental of $200.

President Davis noted that utilities and custodial services

are included in both of the leases.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

carried without dissent.

12. Bid Opening, Fallon Center, WNCC

President Davis reported that bids were opened August 7,

1980 for construction of the Fallon Center, with the follow-

ing results:

Bidder Base Bid Alt A Alt B Alt C

CHS, Inc $733,791 $10,080 $23,575 $32,302

Beythan Const. Co. 730,000 7,579 22,550 19,902

Russell Const. Co. 745,355 5,210 25,500 36,043

K. Bugica & Assoc. 754,200 7,700 40,000 18,900

Shaver Const. Co. 777,000 9,000 19,000 35,000

Nevada West Const. Co. 786,900 11,448 31,376 57,557

Action Constr. Dev. Co. 798,780 7,880 24,590 29,860

Bidder Alt D Alt E Alt F Alt G

CHS, Inc $ 4,154 $ 5,003 $ 2,346 $ 8,780

Beythan Const. Co. 3,974 4,785 2,270 11,000

Russell Const. Co. 4,000 5,302 3,150 9,600

K. Bugica & Assoc. 4,000 5,000 7,800 8,000

Shaver Const. Co. 4,000 5,000 8,000 8,840

Nevada West Const. Co. 4,185 5,252 3,509 8,840

Action Constr. Dev. Co. 3,330 4,920 4,470 8,840


A - Add trench drains, floor sinks, waste oil tank, oil

interceptor and certain compressed air lines.

B - Add landscaping.

C - Add sitework.

D - Add rolling grille #32.

E - Add cabinet work.

F - Add identifying devices.

G - Deduct for contractor's option on air conditioning unit.

System Architect Harry Wood explained that subsequent to the

opening of the bids, it was learned that one of the subcon-

tractors included in the low bid had an insufficient amount

of bonding capacity, resulting in an objection from the sec-

ond low bidder. In a meeting of the Public Works Board on

August 19, that Board recommended that the surplus funds

from the Henderson Center project be transferred to the

Fallon Center project, but further deferred action on the

award of the contract; however, it is expected that the

Public Works Board would make a decision to award the con-

tract either to the low bidder or to the second low bidder

at a meeting proceeding concurrently with the Board of

Regents Meeting.

President Davis recommended, therefore, that the Board of

Regents concur in the award of a contract by the State

Public Works Board to the bidder ultimately selected by

that Board.

Chancellor Baepler concurred, explaining that the Henderson

Center had been fully funded, the contract had been awarded

and construction commenced. At the same time, there was a

surplus of approximately $218,000 in the project budget

which could not be used for other purposes and would revert

to the State General Fund. The decision of the State Public

Works Board to request that $127,000 of this surplus be

transferred to the Fallon Center project has subsequently

been approved by the Interim Finance Committee.

Mr. Buchanan objected to the Board of Regents concurring

with a decision of the State Public Works Board in advance

of that Board actually making a decision.

In response to a question concerning the transfer of surplus

funds from Henderson to Fallon, President Eaton explained

that the recommendation of the Interim Finance Committee had

been to shift the dollars, with the understanding that Clark

County Community College would go to the Board of Examiners

with a request for instructional equipment and money asso-

ciated with off-site improvement needs for the Henderson

Center, noting that this was the emergency agenda item

which she would request be approved later in the meeting.

Mr. Ross moved that the Board of Regents concur in the award

of a contract to either the low bidder or to the second low

bidder, as ultimately decided by the State Public Works


Mr. Buchanan again objected to agreement in advance before

the decision of the State Public Works Board is known.

Mr. Wood pointed out that it is within the prerogative of

the State Public Works Board to select the bidder to whom

the contract is awarded, and the only question at this point

is whether it will be awarded to the low bidder or to the

second low bidder, both of whom are known.

President Davis pointed out also that, if the contract is

not awarded by September 7, the bids will expire and the

contract will have to be rebid.

Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried with Mr. Buchanan


13. Request for Emergency Item

President Eaton requested authorization to present to the

Board of Examiners a request for funds to purchase instruc-

tional equipment and meet the off-site improvement needs

associated with the Henderson Center.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos,

carried without dissent.

14. Design Development Drawings, Dairy Facility, UNR

President Crowley reported that the design development draw-

ings for the Dairy Facility were ready for review by the

Board, and that subsequent to their presentation by Water

Resources Engineering he would request approval of the

drawings, a revision to the project budget, and authoriza-

tion to enter into a lease until the new facility is


Mr. George Ball and Mr. Ken Freeman presented the design

development drawings and responded to questions from the


President Crowley recalled that the project budget for the

new Dairy Facility was originally approved at $750,000;

however, the State Public Works Board has revised the cost

estimate upward to $1,132,700. He requested approval to

proceed with construction of the Dairy Facility and to seek

approval of the increased budget by the Interim Finance Com-

mittee. President Crowley also requested authorization to

enter into a lease with Dermody and Company to allow the

College of Agriculture to continue to operate the Dairy

Facility on its present site until June 30, 1981, or until

the new facility is ready for occupancy. Cost of the pro-

posed lease would be $2,500 per month for the six acres


Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

carried without dissent.

15. Proposed Acquisition of Property, UNR

President Crowley requested authorization to purchase a par-

cel of approximately .75 acre adjacent to the north end of

the Campus, and within the Master Plan for parking for the

Sports Pavilion. An appraisal had placed the value of the

property at $32,000 and funds are available for the purchase

in the Higher Education Capital Construction Fund.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

16. Report on Nye Hall Solar Project, UNR

At the request of Regent Buchanan, an informational report

was presented concerning the solar project recently in-

stalled at Nye Hall which provides solar heating for all

hot water used by that dormitory. (Copy of report on file

in the Chancellor's Office.)

17. Request for Artemisia Fee, UNR

President Crowley presented a request, with his endorsement,

that ASUN be authorized to charge students who wish to re-

ceive the Artemisia a fee of $10 to help defray the rising

costs of producing the yearbook.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

18. Athletic Fund Raisers

Mr. Ross requested a confirmation from President Goodall

that the current policy of the Board of Regents, and that

which is followed by UNLV, is that the athletic fund raisers

do in fact report to the President through Lyle Rivera,

UNLV's Development Officer.

President Goodall reported that he had just become aware of

the concern over this matter and has agreed to meet with

staff and other interested persons early the following week

to work out a satisfactory arrangement.

In response to a question concerning the practice that had

been followed at UNLV in previous years, Chancellor Baepler

confirmed that over the years athletic fund raisers have

reported directly to the President. He explained that this

reporting line becomes important because solicitation of

funds in one area often impinges upon other parts of the

University, and coordination through the President's Office

becomes critical.

Mr. Buchanan stated that if this is not now the policy of

the Board, he would move that it become the policy of the

Board. However, it was agreed that such a motion could not

be appropriately offered at this meeting without the decla-

ration of an emergency, and that if, in fact, this required

action by the Board it would be preferable that it be added

as new business to come before the Board at the October


President Goodall stated that although the fund raisers for

the athletic program now carry the titles of Associate and

Assistant Athletic Directors and do report to the Athletic

Director, he did not feel strongly about continuing that

pattern. He pointed out that as of July 1 of this year,

UNLV has established a Development Office that will be in

charge of fund raising, and he suggested that consolidation

of all fund raising under the direction of Mr. Rivera would

be an option that he would wish to consider.

Mr. Ross pointed out that the Board's policy is that all

fund raising is a responsibility of the institutional Presi-

dent and that if the President wished to recommend a change

in that policy he believed the Board would be willing to

consider it; however, until such time as the Board acted to

change its policy in this regard, he believed the reporting

lines dictated by the policy should remain.

19. New Business

A. Mrs. Fong requested that there be some investigation

into a reported problem concerning the size of the

elevators that were being installed in the addition to

the UNLV Library, noting that there seemed to be some

concern that the elevators would not be adequate to

accommodate handicapped passengers. President Goodall

agreed to look into the matter and report back.

B. Mr. Buchanan referred to the letter which had been dis-

tributed to the Regents by Counsel, and asked that a

report be included on the next agenda from President

Goodall as to how Dr. Negratti was not cooperative.

20. Report of Gift from Mc Kenzie Construction

President Crowley reported that the Mc Kenzie Construction

Company had offered to the School of Medicine a gift of an

IBM 1130 computer and related equipment. Dr. Crowley noted

that because Mc Kenzie's fiscal year ends August 31, the

donor has requested that this gift be formally accepted by

the Board prior to that date. President Crowley recommended


Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 12:05 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board