UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

August 26-27, 1949 

Volume 6 - Pages 160-183

                       REGENTS MEETING
                     August 26-27, 1949

The regular meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order
by the Chairman at 9:30 A.M., August 26, 1949, in the office of
the President.  Present:  Regents Hilliard, Sheerin, Arentz, Ross
and Acting President Parker.

Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the reading of the
minutes of the regular meeting of June 2-3-4, 1949 be dispensed
with, in view of the fact that each member of the Board had re-
ceived a copy, and that they be approved as submitted; and also
that actions of the Executive Committee on July 12, 1949 and
July 26, 1949, be confirmed.

Gazette reporter Frank Mc Cullough came into the meeting at 9:35

President's Informal Report:

A.  Lyman Bequest.  A provision in the Will of Dr. George D.
    Lyman reads as follows:

        To the Permanent Endowment Fund of the Mackay School
        of Mines of the University of Nevada, in memory of my
        father and mother, Dean B. Lyman and Anna Dunlap Lyman,
        the sum of $1000.

    The matter is now in the hands of the Attorney General of
    the State.

B.  The old airplane and other junk in the area adjacent to the
    new Engineering building have been sold and hauled away.  A
    total of $185 was realized from these sales.

C.  University Publication.  Routine work on revision of Univer-
    sity publications has been in progress.  First copies of the
    new catalogue have been received.  Proofs of the student
    handbook and the Freshman handbook have gone to the State
    Printer.  Professor Higginbotham is at work on the pictorial
    bulletin which he expects to have ready at about mid-year.

D.  Administrative Council Meeting.  On August 10, a joint meet-
    ing of the Administrative Council with representatives of
    the athletic interests was held in the President's office.
    Mr. Harry Frost, Coach Joe Sheeketski, Mr. George Southworth
    and Mr. Bill Blakely attended.  Questions of eligibility were
    the principal items of discussion.  A strong spirit of co-
    operation developed during the meeting and it ended on a
    decidedly friendly note.

E.  Naval Research Contract.  Application for the renewal of the
    Naval Research Contract on which Dr. Sears has been working,
    has been made.  A long distance telephone conversation with
    the San Francisco Naval office, which handles these research
    projects, indicated that there would be no difficulties in
    obtaining its renewal for another year.

F.  Repair and maintenance work done in the Electrical Engineer-
    ing building by student labor was inspected by a representa-
    tive of the Building Trades Council of Reno.  The informal
    understanding between Mr. Horn and the Building Trade Unions
    is that maintenance will be handled by our own labor and new
    work be handled by outside contractors.  The Union inspector
    felt that this line had been slightly over-stepped in the
    Engineering building.  The objectionable work was halted.
    Mr. Horn reassured the Union representative as to our desire
    to continue our cooperation along the lines which had proved
    so satisfactory in the past.

G.  The Indian service held its annual Summer School for agents
    and teachers at Stewart, Nevada, this year.  The Director
    of the School requested that the University of Nevada recog-
    nize their instruction as being at the College level.  Their
    curricula and the qualifications of their Instructors were
    carefully reviewed here and the desired recognition given.
    This was used by them as a basis for requesting credit for
    their courses at other Universities where such credit could
    be utilized by the student.  At a later date certain courses
    were given more specific approvals by the appropriate Depart-
    ments here.  On August 5, I personally visited the School at
    Stewart and saw it in operation.

H.  All faculty positions for the coming year have been filled
    except one, in the Department of Geology.  The resignation
    of Mr. Prince was received orally only yesterday.

I.  Y. W. C. A.  Miss Jean Howden, YWCA Secretary, resigned ef-
    fective September 1, and her vacancy has not yet been filled.

J.  Legislative Council.  On August 13, an article in the Nevada
    State Journal stated that the State Legislative Council
    Bureau was planning to consider University matters and gave
    the impression that Dr. Gorman had already met with them.
    I made inquiry of Dr. Gorman concerning that and he was kind
    enough to call at my office and furnish me with rather com-
    plete information regarding his contacts with that body.  He
    stated most decisively that he had not met with them; and
    that he had, in casual conversation with individual members,
    suggested that they avoid all muckraking and witch hunting;
    but rather study the real needs of the University and plan
    for the future instead of worrying about the past.  To fur-
    ther a better understanding of conditions and needs here, I
    have invited the Legislative Council to visit the Campus on
    the occasion of their next meeting or at any other convenient
    time, with a view to touring the plant and discussing infor-
    mally some of the matters on which they feel they need to be
    informed if future planning is to be sound and logical.  Mr.
    Springmeyer called on me here in the office and we had a long
    conversation along these same lines.

K.  Bevilacquas.  The bid of A. Bevilacqua for moving two build-
    ings from the Reno Air Base to the Campus was accepted and
    approved.  About the time that this work was completed, it
    was discucered that his cousin, J. Bevilacqua, had done the
    job.  I have not learned all the reasons why this mistake oc-
    curred, but the principal one was undoubtedly the fact that
    the two had at one time been in business together, although
    they are now conducting similar businesses separately.  The
    bid originally submitted by A. Bevilacqua was $2100, while
    the bid submitted by his cousin, J. Bevilacqua, who did the
    job, was higher.  Mr. Horn got the cousins, J. Bevilacqua
    and his brother, in his office and told them that only $2100
    was available for the job.  They agreed to accept $2100 in
    full payment for doing the work.

L.  Senate Housing Bill.  Senate Bill 2246, which amends the
    National Housing Act, has provisions in which the University
    may become deeply interested.

                   Section 501:

        To assist educational institutions in providing housing
        for their students and faculties, this section authorizes
        a program of $300,000,000 in loans to educational insti-
        tutions for the construction of housing.  Such loans
        would bear interest at the rate of 2 1/2% per annum, and
        would be secured in such manner and repaid in such peri-
        od, not exceeding 40 years, as the Administrator deter-
        mines.  The program would be administered by the Housing
        and Home Finance Administrator.

    I have wired our 3 representatives in the Congress request-
    ing their support and have received communications from each
    of them stating his interest and saying that he would do
    everything possible to obtain favorable action.

M.  Housing - Summer Session - 1949

    Manzanita Hall - Normal Capacity - 49 singles
                                       90 regular session

        First Term                Second Term
        Students     34           Students    30

    Artemisia Hall - Normal Capacity - 37 singles
                                      100 regular session

        First Term                Second Term
        Students     40           Students    28

    Lincoln Hall - Normal Capacity - 125

        First Term                Second Term
        Students    125           Students   125

    Highland Terrace Housing Units - Normal Capacity 135

                                Normal Capacity 1st Term 2nd Term
    Dormitory No. 27  Students        40           40       40
    Dormitory No. 28  Students        45           45       45
    Dormitory No. 30  Students        50           50       50

    The capacity of the new Men's Dormitories will be 72 students

    Campus Housing Units    Trailer Court - Normal Capacity - 35
    Students        96      Students         34
    Faculty         16      Faculty           1
    Couples        112      Couples          35

N.  Summer School Enrollment

    First Term                  Second Term
    Men     365                 Men      341
    Women   258                 Women    192
    Total   623                 Total    533

    Of the above students, the following are:

                                   First Term    Second Term
    Under G. I. Bill                   203           200
    Under Vocational Rehabilitation     14            11
    Total                              217           211

O.  Estimation of Enrollment for Fall, 1949

                                           Actual Fall Guess Fall
                                              1948        1949
                         New Students

    Freshmen  - Nevada High School Graduates   299         280
    Freshmen  - Residents, Out-of-State High
                School Graduates                47          30
    Freshmen  - Non-Residents, Out-of-State
                High School Graduates           70         100
    Transfers - (Listed as Freshman)           149         150

                         Old Students

    Freshmen    (total Freshman - 798)         233         230
    Sophomores                                 443         440
    Juniors                                    280         280
    Seniors                                    169         205
    Specials                                    49          50
    Graduates                                   35          35
    Totals                                    1774        1800

    Actual Admits, Fall 1948

        Freshmen       416
        Transfers      149
        Graduates       49
        Specials        35
        Total          649

    Total Nevada enrollment of Nevada Students - School Year

        Fall          1228
        Spring         126
                       677 maximum out-of-state

    Maximum out-of-state, allowable      677
    Actual out-of-state, Spring 1949     531
                                         146 additional allowable

    Actual number of admits as compared with a year ago:

                                               8/28/48 8/26/49

    Resident - Nevada High School Graduates       283    249
    Resident - Out-of-State H. S. Graduates        35      9
    Non-Resident - Out-of-State H. S. Graduates   177     92
    Transfers of all classes                              96
        Specials                                           9
        Foreign                                            5
    Totals                                        495    446(460)

P.  Mapping the Campus.  A project for mapping the Campus is
    being initiated by the Engineering College.  These complete
    maps will provide a basis for plotting our utilities, for
    future planning, and for other uses.

Q.  Old Gymnasium.  Professor Martie has requested that the old
    Gymnasium be used for Physical Education classes and for
    intramural games.  He suggested the following policy:

    1.  That Physical Education classes (men and women) receive
        first priority.

    2.  That second priority go to the intramural program (both
        men and women).

    3.  That the old Gymnasium be used also for Freshman basket-
        ball practice.

    4.  That the regular student body meetings be held in that

    Two requests have been submitted in addition to the above,
    (1)  from Mr. Horn for the continued use of his present
    storage facilities, and (2)  from the Military Department
    for continued use of the Rifle Range in the basement.

    Professor Martie has been asked to submit a more definite
    and detailed plan for uses as indicated above plus a program
    of faculty activity.  It is then my intent to delegate to
    Professor Martie the entire responsibility for managing the
    old Gym and scheduling its use.

Mr. Springmeyer of the Legislative Council Bureau came into the
meeting at 9:36 A.M., during the above Informal Report.


    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously, that the following
    lists of claims, approved by the Executive Committee since
    the last regular meeting, June 2-3-4, 1949 be approved:

    June Claims

        List No. 12, Regents Checks, numbered 89-312 to 89-349,
        inclusive, for a total of $209,100.87.

        List No. 13, State Claims, numbered 89-259 to 89-274,
        inclusive, for a total of $24,407.35

    July Claims

        List No. 1, Regents Checks, numbered 90-1 to 90-24,
        inclusive, for a total of $126,966.61.

        List No. 1, State Claims, numbered 90-1 to 90-27,
        inclusive, for a total of $43,576.82.


    Comptroller Hayden was called in to tabulate bids which were
    opened by Chairman Ross, as follows:

    Fuel Oil

        Bids for oil for the Central Heating Plant for the fiscal
        year ending June 30, 1949:

        Sierra Fuel Company - posted price at time of delivery,
        present price $1.90 per barrel f. o. b. Oleum, Calif.

        Washoe Wood and Coal Yard - posted price at time of de-
        livery.  Present price $1.90 per barrel f. o. b. Oakland,
        Calif.  Present freight rate $1.26 per barrel.

        Standard Oil Company - $1.90 to maximum of $1.95 per
        barrel f. o. b. Richmond, Calif.  Freight rate effective
        September 1, 1949, $1.2697 per 42-gallon barrel.

        Shell Oil Company - posted price at time of delivery.
        Present price $1.70 per barrel f. o. b. Martinez.  Pres-
        ent freight rate $1.254 per barrel.

        Texas Oil Company - no bid.

        Richfield Oil Company - posted price at time of delivery.
        Present price $1.90 per barrel for heavy fuel; $1.70 per
        barrel for Bunker "C", f. o. b. Richmond, Calif.  Present
        freight rate $1.21867 per barrel.

        Associated Oil Company - maximum $1.90 per barrel f. o.
        b. Avon, Calif.  Present freight rate $1.2187 per barrel.

        Union Oil Company - maximum $1.90 per barrel for Indus-
        trial Fuel Oil; $1.70 for Bunker, f. o. b. Oleum, Calif.
        Present freight rate $1.26945 per barrel.

        Reno Press Brick Company - $3.20 per barrel, f. o. b.
        University of Nevada.

        Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the above
        bids be referred to the Comptroller for further study and


        For some years past, garbage has been collected by pri-
        vate dealers without formal agreement for remuneration
        to the University.  During July bids were called for and
        are submitted as follows:

            John I. Armstrong      $410
            John Iratcabal          301
            Caesar Dotta            325
            Angelo Steneri          250

        Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the bid of
        Mr. Armstrong be accepted (for Dining Hall).

    Road Resurfacing

        Resurfacing of the section from Virginia street to the
        main Campus on the south side of Lincoln Hall, and the
        section on the lower Campus which runs from Ninth Street
        to the new Engineering building - Only one bid submitted
        as follows:

            Isbell Construction Company - "We proposed to grade,
            place 2" of crushed gravel and 2" of asphaltic plant-
            mix surfacing with seal coat on the roadway from
            Evans Avenue to the new Engineer building, an area
            30 feet wide by approximately 1,250 feet long, or
            an area of approximately 37,500 square feet, for
            the sum of 12 cents per square foot."

            "Any additional work outside of this are, such as
            parking areas or roadway approaches, will be charged
            for at the above unit price per square foot."

        Action was deferred for study and a visit to the parts
        of the Campus concerned.

        The President presented a map showing a proposed new
        route for the road on the lower Campus, which would not
        need to be changed when the Heating Plant is constructed.


        Exterior of the President's house and the inside of the
        new Men's Dormitory buildings.  The following bids were

        President's House                1 Coat       2 Coats

            Tom Johnson               $  896.40     $1,394.00
            C. E. Springer               930.00      1,480.00
            Quimby                       860.00      1,338.00
            Solari & Sons              1,190.00      1,830.00

        Men's Dormitories - as per specifications

            Tom Johnson               $2,890.00
            C. E. Springer             3,745.00
            Quimby                     2,785.00
            Solari & Sons              2,992.45

        Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that consider-
        ation be deferred until a visit is made to the buildings
        and until Mr. Hayden and Mr. Horn submit their joint

Dining Hall

    Purchases were discussed with Mr. Hayden and he stated that
    the majority of items are bought locally.  The only items
    purchased out of town are those that are not stocked by any
    local grocery concern.  He further stated that all purchases
    of food are handled by the Director of the Dining Hall, but
    that purchases of equipment are handled by the Comptroller's
    office on requisition.

President's Recommendations:

1)  University Physician

    a)  Dr. Lawder.  (See minutes of June 2-3-4, 1940.)  Dr.
        Lawder appeared before the State Medical Examining Board
        on August 2, and the Board failed to pass him.  He re-
        turned to Galesburg and wired on August 11 that he was
        no longer interested in the position.  Dr. Lawder stated
        in a letter dated August 15 that he felt the University
        of Nevada should feel obligated to reimburse him for the
        examining fee and for the expense of the trip to Reno.
        The University is under no legal obligation to reimburse
        Dr. Lawder for any part of his expenses.  Recommendation
        of the President was that he be not reimbursed for the
        fee but that he be given an amount equal to the actual
        train and Pullman fare, round trip from Galesburg, Il-
        linois, to Reno.

        Motion by Mr. Arentz, that Dr. Lawder be granted an
        amount in lieu of fare, lost with Regents Sheerin and
        Arentz voting "aye" and Regents Hilliard and Ross voting

    b)  Dr. Fortier.  Application of Dr. Q. E. Fortier at Pioche,
        Nevada, was presented.

        Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that Dr. Q. E.
        Fortier be employed as University Physician under con-
        ditions as set forth by the Health Committee, from
        September 15, 1949, to June 30, 1950, at a monthly rate
        which is 1/12 of $7000, provided Dr. Fortier is licensed
        to practice medicine in the State of Nevada.

    c)  Summer Session Service.  There was some discussion about
        having the Infirmary open and the Physician on duty dur-
        ing the Summer Sessions.  It was decided to bring the
        matter up at a later meeting of the Board.

2)  Standard Oil Scholarship

    The Standard Oil Company of California has offered $2000 in
    scholarship for University of Nevada students for the coming
    school year.  These would be awarded through the University
    Committee on Scholarships and Prizes.

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the scholar-
    ships be accepted, and that conditions on which the awards
    are to be made, be approved at a later date.

    Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Secretary
    of the Board be instructed to write a letter of thanks to
    the Standard Oil Company.

3)  Miscellaneous Gifts

    The President announced the following gifts, which have been
    received since the last meeting of the Board:

    a)  J. C. Kinnear of the Kennecott Copper Corporation, New
        York, donated $200 to the Student Union Building Fund.

    b)  Mrs. Edward North of Los Angeles, California made her
        annual contribution of $5 toward the Student Union Build-
        ing Fund.

    c)  Mr. Don Segerstrom, publisher of the Sonora (California)
        Union Democrat, and University of Nevada Journalism
        alumnus, has given an old Washington hand printing press
        as an exhibit.

    d)  Mr. Neal Van Sooy, publisher of the Santa Paula (Cali-
        fornia) Chronicle, has given about 50 books in the field
        of Journalism.

    Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the above
    gifts be accepted and acknowledged.

4)  Shrine Circus

    The Shriners have held their Shrine Circus in Mackay Stadium
    for the past 2 years and have completed the first 2 years of
    a project for installing lights in the Stadium sufficient to
    illuminate the field for night use.  Those installations are
    permanent and will be presented to the University.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the lights be
    formally accepted when an offer in writing is received from
    the Shriners.

5)  Plant Engineer - Carl Horn

    It was recommended that a Plant Engineer be not employed at
    this time, but instead that Mr. Carl Horn be designated as
    Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds with an increase in
    salary to $4800 per year; and that we call upon members of
    the faculty or consultants outside the University to handle
    special projects which cannot be handled by Mr. Horn.

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the above rec-
    ommendation be approved.

6)  Administrative Assistant

    The President stated that there is a need for a man at the
    University of Nevada to handle public relations, to assist
    students with their publications, to prepare statistical
    information of all kinds, with particular attention to its
    graphic presentation, for legislative and other uses, and
    to serve as a coordinator for the various other agencies
    within the University which have public relations functions,
    e. g., the news service of the Department of Journalism, the
    Extension Services, the athletic news from the Graduate
    Manager's office, the Alumni Secretary, etc.  The President
    recommended Mr. E. G. Morrison of Piedmont, California, for
    the position on a 1/2 time basis and presented a chart show-
    ing the duties which Mr. Morrison would perform.

The Board recessed at 12:30 noon and was called to order by the
Chairman at 1:45 P.M.  Present:  Regents Hilliard, Sheerin,
Cahlan, Arentz, Ross; Acting President Parker; Legislative
Counsellor Springmeyer; and Reporter Mc Cullough.

Cutts Will

    Attorney General Alan Bible came into the meeting to repre-
    sent the Regents in the discussion of the Cutts Will.  Mr.
    Gordon Harris, Executor of the Estate of Mr. Cutts, Mr. John
    Sanford, Attorney for Mr. Harris, and Mr. Ralph Wittenburg,
    Attorney for the absent heirs, appeared before the Regents.

    Mr. Sanford stated that Mr. Charles F. Cutts had died on
    May 7, 1949, leaving two Wills, one dated October 24, 1946
    and one dated February 18, 1949.  The first Will leaves a
    total of $15,000 to relatives, his books to the University
    Library, his pictures and ceramics in trust for the Nevada
    Art Gallery, and the balance of his possessions to the Uni-
    versity of Nevada for a scholarship fund.  The second Will
    leaves everything to the Nevada Art Gallery.

    Mr. Harris told of his close friendship and association with
    Mr. Cutts, of his illness and death.  He stated that Mr.
    Cutts suffered from a heart condition which made it neces-
    sary for him to be confined to his bed at times.  It was the
    feeling of Mr. Harris that possible undue influences had been
    exerted upon Mr. Cutts at the time of the signing of the
    second Will.

    Mr. Wittenburg named the absent heirs and the amounts be-
    queathed to them in the first Will.  He expressed his doubts
    that the second Will was valid.

    Mr. Bible reviewed the case, as State Attorney General, from
    the papers which had been submitted to him, and said that the
    Regents should determine whether they wish to continue in
    the contest of the Will or to compromise.  He pointed out,
    also, that, in his opinion, the statute of 1943 which gave
    the Regents authority to accept, in trust, property for the
    Nevada Art Gallery, was a very peculiar statute, since it
    authorizes the University to accept a deed for land to be
    held in trust, provided that no State funds be used for the
    purpose of constructing this Art Gallery.

    Mr. Ross reviewed the situation, pointing out that the Nevada
    Art Gallery is not a part of the University, except that it
    holds in trust for the Art Gallery some property which was
    deeded to the University under this Act in June 1949.  He
    pointed out that Dr. Church had indicated that the Nevada Art
    Gallery would be willing to have the University receive

    Mr. Hilliard, Attorney for Dr. Church and the Nevada Art
    Gallery, asked that, if court action is decided upon, the
    Nevada Art Gallery be given time to secure another Attorney,
    and that he be excused from voting as a Regent, in view of
    his dual position.

    Mr. Harris, Mr. Sanford and Mr. Wittenburg left the meeting
    at 3:45 P.M.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the Regents
    discuss a compromise with the Directors of the Nevada Art

    Attorney General Bible left the meeting.  Saturday, August
    27, 10 A.M. was set for a meeting with the Directors of the
    Nevada Art Gallery.

The Board recessed at 3:50 P.M. to visit certain buildings and
parts of the Campus in which they were especially interested.

The Regents inspected the new road surface which the State High-
way had completed the day before on the east-west stretch con-
necting University Avenue with Virginia Street immediately south
of Lincoln Hall.

The recessed meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 9:35
A.M., Saturday, August 27, in the President's office.  Present:
All Regents and the Acting President.

Mr. Ross read the following telegram:

    Silas E. Ross=
        OF NEV RENO NEV=

Mr. Springmeyer came into the meeting at 8:45 A.M.

Mr. Hayden was called in for action on bids (deferred from Friday

Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the bid of the
Associated Oil Company be accepted.

Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the bid of Mr.
Quimby be accepted for painting the inside of the 2 new Men's

Mr. Mc Cullough came into the meeting at 9:50 A.M.

Action on the bid of Isbell Construction Company for the roadways
was postponed, pending further study on the projects.

Nevada Art Gallery

    At 10 A.M. the following Directors of the Nevada Art Gallery
    met with the Regents:  Mrs. Dorothy Dinsmore, Mrs. Minerva
    Pierce, Mrs. Maude Taylor, Mr. Earl Ross and Dr. J. E.

    Dr. Church, Chairman, spoke of plans for the Nevada Art Gal-
    lery, his long association with Mr. Cutts, and of Mr. Cutts'
    interest in the Art Gallery.

    He referred to the second Will of Mr. Cutts, saying that he
    had advised Mr. Cutts to make definite provision for the
    Nevada Art Gallery, and that the second Will was made in the
    presence of Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Arrington and himself.

    Dr. Church suggested that the building of the Nevada Art
    Gallery be planned jointly by the Art Gallery Board and the
    Board of Regents, but the fostering of the Art Gallery be
    under the Directors of the Art Gallery, selected so that the
    Regents have entire confidence in that Board.

    Mr. Bible brought up the matter of the veto power of the
    Board of Regents, as provided by the Nevada Art Gallery,
    saying that it would probably not hold up in court.  He
    believed that the Board of Regents, in accepting such veto
    power, might be going beyond the powers granted them by the
    State Constitution.

    On behalf of the Board of Regents, Mr. Ross suggested the
    following compromise:

    1)  That the heirs be allowed the amount set forth in the
        Will dated October 24, 1946.

    2)  That the remainder of the cash estate, consisting pri-
        marily of stocks and bonds, be equally divided between
        the University of Nevada and the Nevada Art Gallery.

    3)  That the books go to the University Library and the
        objects of art be held in trust for the Nevada Art Gal-
        lery, in accord with the first Will.

    4)  That the University has no interest in the property at
        643 Ralston Street.

    A vote by the members of the Board of Directors of the Nevada
    Art Gallery present was unanimously in favor of accepting the
    compromise, and constituting a majority of the Board, the
    compromise was declared accepted.

    The suggestion was made by Mrs. Pierce that, in awarding the
    scholarships from the Cutts Scholarship Fund, preference be
    given to students who show promise in Art.

    The members of the Board of Directors of the Nevada Art Gal-
    lery left the meeting.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the Regents ac-
    cept compromise and direct the Attorney General to forego
    any contest of the Will.

    Mr. Bible left at 11:25 A.M.

President's Recommendations (continued):

 7)  Dr. Paul H. Jensen - Student tour

     Acting President Parker circulated a letter to the Regents
     which Dr. Jensen had written explaining his proposal that
     a conducted tour of Europe be arranged for next Summer.
     At 11:35 A.M., Dr. Jensen appeared to present his plan in
     person, as follows:

      1.  Tour to Western Europe:  Norway, Sweden, Denmark,
          Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Great Britain.

      2.  Will leave Reno June 15, 1950 and return September 1,

      3.  Cost of tour for each student - $775.

      4.  At least a high school diploma required for tour.

      5.  The University should give from 6 to 8 hours of semes-
          ter credits for the tour.

      6.  Each student to pay tuition.

      7.  Director to be paid expenses and salary.

      8.  One lady to be Dean of Women with expenses paid, no

      9.  Each student will be required to write extensively on
          the findings of each day.

     10.  Classes will be held on bus and ship conducted by the

     11.  One week will be spent as Haslev College near Copen-
          hagen.  Professors from the University of Copenhagen
          will lecture in English on Literature, History, Cul-
          ture, Agriculture, Home Economics and Art.

     12.  Bus in Europe will be provided by my brother, Walter
          H. Jensen, who is with General Motors.  The following
          will be painted on bus:  University of Nevada, Reno,
          Nevada, U. S. A.

     13.  Every attempt will be made to stay in private homes so
          the students may learn how people really live in other
          countries.  Many of my friends with the United Nations
          will assist in this task.

     14.  The tour should be limited to 35 or fewer students.

     15.  Such a tour would give the University of Nevada local,
          State, national and international publicity of the
          highest quality.  Every person and organization in
          Reno and the State of Nevada will be happy to support
          such an undertaking.

     16.  Daily reports would be sent to the newspapers of the
          State during the tour.  A final written report will
          be made to the Board of Regents and the President of
          the University of Nevada.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the President
     be authorized to proceed with plans for such a tour, that
     he give it the necessary publicity, and, if there is suf-
     ficient interest, to place the project on the agenda for
     a later meeting of the Board.

 8)  ROTC - Air Force

     Since the total of students who will take ROTC work is not
     sufficient to justify the continued maintenance of the two
     Air Force courses and the one Army course which have been
     presented during the past two years, it appears that the
     Air Force will withdraw both of its courses.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the President
     be authorized to complete final negotiations, subject to
     the approval of the Executive Committee, including abroga-
     tion of existing contracts and agreements which are neces-
     sary to accomplish the withdrawals which are eventually
     agreed upon and recommended to this University by the
     Military authorities.

 9)  ROTC - Basic Students

     President Parker presented a letter from Col. Smee stating
     that it is the practice of the Department of the Army to
     secure from all students entering advanced courses of ROTC
     a statement that the student is not now and has never been
     a member of any organization of group seeking to alter the
     form of government of the United States by unconstitutional

     Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that, in view of the
     fact that the basic course is a required course, no such
     statement be required of basic students here.

10)  Printing

     The appropriation available for University printing by the
     State Printer was set at $15,000 for the present biennium
     by the 1949 Legislature.  This makes unnecessary the full
     time use of certain printing equipment now being operated
     by the University to supplement the work done at the State
     Printing Office.

     Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that disposition of
     the printing equipment be delegated to the President, sub-
     ject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the
     Regents, but that the services of a full time operator be
     dispensed with.

11)  Director of Public Relations

     Referring to item No. 6 (see page 167), the appointment of
     Mr. E. G. Morrison as Administrative Assistant was discuss-

     Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that action be
     postponed, pending further study.

12)  New Dormitories

     Remodeling of the buildings moved from the Reno Air Base
     for Dormitory use is expected to be completed in time for
     the opening of the Fall semester.

     Latest estimate of Mr. Horn was presented as follows:

     Cost of buildings                     $   528.00
     Footings, piers, flat slab work         3,858.04
     Extras (plumbing, grading, etc.)        2,062.01
     Moving buildings from Air Base          2,100.00
     Other expenses estimated, such as
         Heating Plant, carpentry, side-
         walks, etc, bring the total to               $47,155.85

         Reserved for remodeling           $20,000.00
         Additional money allotted          13,000.00

     Balance needed to complete project               $14,155.85

     By unanimous agreement, the above estimate was accepted, and
     authority was given to proceed with the work in getting the
     Dormitory buildings ready for occupancy.

13)  Duplicating Room

     The basement of Morrill Hall and a basement room in the
     Journalism building were visited and approved as suitable
     quarters for the various duplicating machines now in the
     President's office.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that $100 be appro-
     priated for repair of a room for the duplicating equipment,
     in additon to the $10 which is available from the budget of
     the Buildings and Grounds Department.

14)  President's Home

     Painting and other routine maintenance work at the Presi-
     dent's home was authorized by the Executive Committee in
     the amount of $400.  Upon inspection by the Chairman of the
     Property Committee of the Board, it was evident that an
     additional $200 would be necessary for such work as is
     needed to keep the property in livable condition.

     Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that an additional
     $200 be appropriated for this purpose.

     Since there is no laundry equipment in the President's home,
     motion by Sheerin passed unanimously that an automatic
     dryer be purchased at this time for not over $219 and that a
     washing machine and mangle be added at a later date as need-
     ed by the occupants.

15)  Dean Palmer - State Board of Registered Professional Engi-

     When Dean Palmer assumed his present duties as Dean of the
     College of Engineering, he was appointed by the Governor to
     the position of Secretary of the State Board of Registered
     Professional Engineers.  A letter was presented from Dean
     Palmer asking approval of the Board in continuing in that
     office for an indefinite period.

     Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that permission be
     granted to Dean Palmer, as requested.

16)  Summer School Graduating Class

     Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the following
     list of prospective graduates, who completed their work at
     the Summer Session of 1949, be approved, subject to the rec-
     ommendation of the general faculty, and that those so ap-
     proved be granted the indicated degrees and diplomas.  (See
     page 199.)


     Bachelor of Arts

         Julia Verna Baker              Ida Leer
         Woodrow Wilson Cook            Alphonsine Liotard
         Lowell J. Cox                  Gerald Fred Lokke
         Emery Jerome De Rushia         John Jay Murphy
         Robert Warren Gibson           Samuel Maurice Osgood
         Marilyn Hansen Griswold        Marvin E. Picollo
         Gordon Leslie Hawkins          Lois C. Post
         Galen P. Hopkins               William Richard Trathen
         Noel William Johnson

     Bachelor of Science

         Arthur James Bell              Carl Maurice Robinson
         Eli Evasovic                   Lois Hitchens Stewart
         Raymond A. Mc Guire

     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

         Fred Alexander Joice           Robert Alfred Smith

     Candidate for Teacher's Normal School Diploma

         Martha Trulove Goble


     Bachelor of Science

         Lyle O. Mc Cartney


     Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

         Gordon Norris Boyer            William M. Gerathty
         Clark G. Dillon                Kristian Tonning

     Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering

         John Choy

     Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

         Wallace Oliver Birdsall

     Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

         Robert Blanchard Jones         Tetsuo Roy Nojima

17)  Code

     The President suggested that a more complete Code governing
     policy and procedure in all Departments of the University
     would be helpful to all concerned, and added that members
     of the Board, in informal discussion, had recognized the
     need for such a Code.

     Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the compilation
     of such a Code by the President be approved and authorized.

     Political activities policy for inclusion in the Code was

     Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that action on the
     political activities policy be deferred for consideration
     at the next meeting of the Board.

The Board recessed at 12:15 noon and was called to order at 1:20
P.M. by the Chairman, with all Regents, Acting President and Mr.
Springmeyer present.

18)  Orr Ditch

     A letter from Dr. Church was presented, asking the Regents
     to take steps to make the Orr Ditch less of a hazard for
     small children.

     The letter was referred to the President for recommendation
     at the next meeting of the Board.

19)  Scholarship

     Because the list of probations, suspensions and disqualifi-
     cations issued by the Administrative Council at the close of
     the 1949-50 school year was the largest in history, it has
     caused much concern, and study is being given to the whole

     Unanimous approval was given for the continuation of re-
     search on a revised plan for entrance requirements to the

20)  Dormitories

     Statements by the Dean of Women and the Dean of Men were
     distributed showing estimated income and expenditures for
     the coming academic year.  The Dean of Men recommended that
     rates in the new Men's Dormitories on the north rim of the
     Stadium be set at the same figure as for the Dormitories at
     Highland Terrace.  The President pointed out that this would
     undoubtedly result in a small loss.

     Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the rates be
     set for the coming semester at the same figure as those for
     Highland Terrace, the second semester's rate to be set after
     figures have been submitted by the Comptroller, showing
     actual costs and income.

     Budgets for the Women's Dormitories and the Men's Dormito-
     ries, as submitted by Deans Mobley and Griffin, for 1949-50,
     were unanimously approved.

21)  Walter S. Palmer, Sr. Salary

     A letter from Walter S. Palmer was presented in which he
     asked the Board to reconsider his salary as set by the Board
     of Regents at their meeting of June 2-3-4, 1949, at $6420
     per year.

     Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the salary for
     Walter S. Palmer be set at $6640, effective July 1, 1949,
     1/2 from general University funds and 1/2 from State Analyt-
     ical Laboratory Funds.

22)  Faculty Pay

     The current system of salary payment to faculty members in
     10 monthly installments has not proved entirely satisfac-
     tory.  The President, after conferences with the Comptrol-
     ler, 2 of the Deans, the Chairman of the Faculty Advisory
     Committee, the President of the A. A. U. P. and various
     other members of the faculty and administrative staff, rec-
     ommended the following policy:

     (1)  That the first year of service for any faculty member
          be contracted for at a yearly rate for a year ending
          June 30 and payable in an appropriate number of month-
          ly installments which shall be determined by agreement
          with the members concerned.  As most of the new members
          begin their year about September 1, 10 installments
          would be appropriate.

     (2)  For the second and all subsequent years, all faculty
          members be employed at a specific annual rate payable
          in 12 monthly installments.  As for the first year of
          employment, the contract year for all subsequent years
          shall coincide with the fiscal year and end June 30.

     (3)  That all possible conditions governing employment, such
          as tenure, retirement, health insurance, industrial
          insurance, consulting privileges, office hours, leave,
          responsibilities for Summer School, teaching load and
          manner of salary payments, be embodied in the new Code.

     (4)  That the agreements between the University and the mem-
          bers of its faculty and staff be more formal and spe-
          cific in regard to terms of employment such as rate,
          duration, tenure (when appropriate), etc.  This para-
          graph applies primarily to matters which apply to the
          individual case and which cannot be included in the new
          Code.  It refers also to raises, the date they are
          effective and (where appropriate) their duration.  A
          cost-of-living bonus, for example, should be distin-
          guished from a permanent raise.  Each fiscal year
          should have its new contract which should leave open
          no possibility of inferences regarding salary years
          extending beyond the close of the fiscal year, June

     Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the above
     recommendation be accepted.

Reporter Mc Cullough came into the meeting at 2:15 P.M.

23)  Salary Readjustment

     (See minutes of August 2, 1949.)  Adjustments were made to
     faculty members whose contract year began at some date other
     than July 1, as recommended by the Comptroller, on the basis
     of the amount of their beginning salary.  It has now been
     requested that consideration be given to readjustments based
     on salaries current 2 years ago.

     Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed, with Regents Sheerin, Arentz
     and Hilliard voting "aye" and with Regent Ross voting "no",
     that this plan for salary adjustments as recommended by the
     Advisory Council, the Comptroller, Dean Wood, Dean Palmer
     and other faculty members, be made, based on salaries cur-
     rent 2 years ago.

     Regent Ross stated that until such time as the minutes of
     the previous action of the Board have been reviewed and Dr.
     Gorman given a chance to explain the recommendation, if he
     cares to, his vote is "no".

24)  Insurance

     A survey of steam boilers, pressure tanks and hot water
     storage systems has been completed by the Comptroller and
     recommendations for 3-year insurance coverage at a cost of
     $2,395.61 was submitted.

     Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that insurance
     be carried as recommended and the policy secured through
     the proper channels.

25)  Registrar

     The President reviewed the present set-up in the Registrar's
     office and the Admissions office, pointing out that Mrs.
     Rhodes is nearing retirement age, and that, looking to the
     future, some steps should be taken to combine the two of-
     fices under one Head, as is the case in most Universities.
     Mr. Clarence Byrd and Dr. M. W. Deming were suggested as
     successors to Mrs. Rhodes, who would be kept on in some
     capacity until her retirement.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz passed that the matter be deferred
     until the next meeting of the Board.

     Motion by Mr. Hilliard lost by majority vote that the vote
     on item 25 - Registrar - be reconsidered.

26)  Housing Authority Dormitories

     A letter was presented addressed to the Comptroller by Mr.
     James E. Baker, Executive Director of the City of Reno
     Housing Authority, in which a request was made for the Uni-
     versity to consider changing the rentals of Dormitories
     from the present $1116 per year to $1177, in view of the
     increase in tax rates which the Housing Authority must pay.

     Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the request be

Regent Cahlan left at 3:25 to catch a plane.

27)  Curator

     At the meeting on June 2-3-4, 1949 Perry W. Hayden was
     named Curator, effective July 1, 1949.

     Motion by Mr Hilliard passed unanimously that the following
     resolution be adopted:

         RESOLVED, that Perry W. Hayden, Curator, be and hereby
         is authorized to sign all monthly reports or forms in
         connection with the permission of this University to
         use tax free alcohol for scientific purposes and that
         a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Alcohol
         Tax Unit of the Treasury Department's Internal Revenue
         Services at San Francisco in accord with the instruc-
         tions in their letter of August 25, 1949 (14-315).

28)  Paving

     Bill in the amount of $4,035.60 was presented for approval
     of the Regents.

     Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the bill from
     the City of Reno, Nevada, in the amount of $4,035.60 to
     cover special paving assessment on Seventh Street from
     Valley Road to Alameda Avenue, be approved in Chapter 263,
     Section 1, 1949 Statutes of Nevada.

Personnel Recommendations:

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the following
    recommendations, 1-22, inclusive, be approved:


     1)  That, effective September 15, 1949, Sibylla Andrews
         Gibson be appointed as Loan Librarian at a salary of
         $2800 per year.

    Animal Husbandry

     2)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Charles C. Adams,
         Jr., be appointed as Assistant Professor at a salary
         of $4000 for the academic year, 1949-50, in the place
         of V. E. Scott.


     3)  That, effective September 1, 1949, the resignation of
         E. W. Lowrance, Associate Professor, be accepted.  Dr.
         Lowrance has accepted a position at the University of
         South Dakota.

     4)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Dennis H. Hall be
         appointed as temporary Instructor at a salary of $3200
         for the academic year, 1949-50, to replace Dr. Cooney.

     5)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Lowell L. Jones be
         appointed as Lecturer at a salary of $4000 for the aca-
         demic year, 1949-50, to teach the courses formerly
         taught by Dr. Lowrance.


     6)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Joe E. Moore be ap-
         pointed as Teaching Fellow on a 1/3-time basis at a
         salary of $70 per month, with freedom from tuition and
         general University fees in the Department, for the
         academic year, 1949-50.

     7)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Warren Adams be ap-
         pointed as Teaching Fellow on a 1/3-time basis at a
         salary of $70 per month, with freedom from tuition
         and general University fees in the Department, for the
         academic year, 1949-50.

    Economics, Business Administration and Sociology

     8)  That, effective September 1, 1949, the resignation of
         Leonard E. Chadwick, Assistant Professor, be accepted.
         Mr. Chadwick has been on leave from the University
         since July 1, 1945, working toward an advanced degree.

     9)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Walter S. Palmer,
         Jr., be appointed as part-time Lecturer in Business
         Administration for the Fall semester 1949, at a salary
         of $1000 for the semester, to teach classes which would
         have been taken over by Mr. Chadwick.


    10)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Garner Mc Crossen
         be appointed as Instructor at a salary of $3000 for the
         academic year, 1949-50, in the place of Dr. Martin who
         is not returning.

    11)  That, effective September 1, 1949, John Chamberlin be
         appointed as Assistant at a salary of $550 for the Fall
         semester, 1949.

    12)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Mrs. Ruth Van Dyke
         be reappointed as Assistant at a salary of $2400 for
         the academic year, 1949-50.

    13)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Mrs. Margaret
         Williams be reappointed as Assistant at a salary of
         $750 for the academic year, 1949-50.

    Civil Engineering

    14)  That, effective September 1, 1949, John Bonell be ap-
         pointed as Assistant Professor at a salary of $4400
         for the academic year, 1949-50.


    15)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Harold A. Classen be
         appointed as Instructor at a salary of $3400 for the
         academic year, 1949-50.

    Mining and Metallurgy

    16)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Roy E. Swift be ap-
         pointed as Assistant Professor at a salary of $3600 for
         the academic year, 1949-50.

    17)  That, effective July 1, 1949, the salary of Claude
         Hammond, Instructor in Metallurgy and Assistant in the
         State Analytical Laboratory, be increased $250 per year
         from State Analytical Laboratory Funds, in addition to
         the salary increase of $200 per year from teaching funds
         granted to him at the June meeting of the Board.

    Food and Drugs and Weights and Measures

    18)  That, for the month of October, 1949, A. J. Rafael,
         Inspector, be granted a leave of absence, without pay,
         in order that he might serve with the State Board of
         Pharmacy for that month.

    19)  That, effective July 1, 1949, Darrell Lemaire, part-time
         Chemist, be increased in salary from $125 to $150 per

    20)  That, effective July 1, 1949, Henrietta Christiansen,
         part-time Laboratory Helper, be increased in salary from
         $35 to $50 per month.

    21)  That, effective July 1, 1949, Robert Cole, part-time
         Janitor, be increased in salary from $75 to $90 per

    22)  That, effective September 1, 1949, Darrell Lemaire be
         appointed as full-time Chemist at a salary of $3600 per

Board of Control - Agricultural Experiment Station

    The Board recessed at 3:55 P.M. as a Board of Regents and
    met as a Board of Control for the Agricultural Experiment
    Station to consider the following recommendations:

     1)  That, Frank B. Headley be designated as Acting Superin-
         tendent of the Newlands Field Station at Fallon, ef-
         fective September 1, 1949, with no change in salary

     2)  That J. H. Robertson, Associate Professor of Agronomy
         and Range Management in the College of Agriculture, be
         given the title in addition of Associate in Range
         Management in the Agricultural Experiment Station in
         recognition of his part-time research with that Depart-
         ment, with no change in salary status.

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the above
    recommendations, 1 and 2, be approved.

The Board adjourned as a Board of Control for the Agricultural
Experiment Station and reconvened as a Board of Regents.

Mr. John Burns, reporter for the Nevada State Journal, came into
the meeting at 3:40 P.M.

The Comptroller was called in to present financial statements and
budgets, as follows:

1 - Estimated income and expenditures for biennium 7/1/49-6/30/51
    for Public Service Funds.

2 - Estimated income and expenditures for biennium 7/1/49-6/30/51
    for General University Funds

3 - Estimated operating expense for the University for the bien-
    nium 7/1/49-6/30/51.

Salary Increases

Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the following sal-
ary increases be approved, effective July 1, 1949:

                                               Inc   Inc
                                              from not fm
                                     Present   Gen   Gen Proposed
    Name              Title           Salary  Funds Funds Salary

a.  Chemistry Storeroom

    Fink, Fred        Storekeeper      $2460   $240        $2700

b.  Library

    Johnson, Clare L. Cataloguer        3000    300         3300
    Mershon, Georgia  Loan Librarian    2700    300         3000
    Enck, Julia H.    Asst. Cataloguer  2700    300         3000
    Noble, Mary K.    Clerical Asst.    1920    180         2100
    Holmes, Edith     Order Librarian   3000    300         3300

c.  Buildings and Grounds

    Rickabaugh, Chas. Carpenter         3000    300         3300
    Preuss, Herbert   Greenhouse        2760    240  $ 60   3060
    Rosasco, J. R.    Gr. Foreman       2880    300         3180
    Mullen, James     Ht. Plant Fr.     2880    300         3180
    Matthews, Claude  Ht. Plant         2880    300         3180
    Tait, Ray         Ht. Plant         2880    300         3180
    Harrington, G. A. Ht. Plant         2160    240         2400
    Ehlo, Charles     Ht. Plant         2160    240         2400
    Chase, Louis      Plumber           2880    300         3180
    Lambright, A. C.  Bus Driver        2400    180         2580
    Moss, Wm. A.      Watchman          2160    240         2400
    Moyer, M. L.      Watchman          2160    240         2400
    Gallagher, Frank  Clark F. Maint.   2880          120   3000
    Strasdin, M.      Clark F. Maint.   2880          120   3000
    Marker, H. C.     Chism Tr. Maint.  2880          120   3000
    Raffetto, P.      Power Mower       2496    156         2652
    Ferretto, J.      Power Mower       2496    156         2652
    Tachino, L.       Lawn              2184    156         2340
    Didousis, L.      Lawn              2184    156         2340
    Rosasco, G.       Lawn              2184    156         2340
    Rosasco, B.       Lawn              2184    156         2340
    Crow, J. W.       Lawn              2184    156         2340
    Cox, Arthur       Policeman         2400*   180         2580
    Capurro, Joe      Lawn              2184    156         2340
    Smaston, Tom      Lawn              2184    156         2340
    Welch, J. P.      Lawn              2184    156         2340
    Whie              Lawn              2184    156         2340
    Feretto, F. D.    Lawn              2184    156         2340
    Wilson, Mrs. M.   Janitress         2160    240         2400
    Kelly, Mrs. May   Janitress         2160    240         2400
    Fletcher, Mr.     Janitor           2160    240         2400
    Fuller, E. B.     Janitor           2160    240         2400
    Boland, Clara     Janitress         2160    240         2400
    Dickson, Nellie   Janitress         2160    240         2400
    Heehs, Gertrude   Janitress         2160          240   2400
    Bailey, Annie     Janitress         2160    240         2400
    Knicke, Ed.       Janitor           2160    240         2400
    Hartman, Mrs. Ada Janitress         2160    240         2400
    Larena, Nick      Janitor           2160          240   2400
    Hill, Mrs. Sophia Janitress         2160          240   2400
    Steneri, Mary     Janitress         2160    240         2400
    Fletcher, Mrs.    Janitress         2160    240         2400
    Backman, A. M.    Janitress         2160    240         2400
    Devenzeni, Mrs.   Janitress         2160    240         2400
    Peck, Henry C.    Janitor           2160    240         2400
    Brady, Henry C.   Janitor           2160    240         2400
    Bell, Arthur      Janitor           1080    120         1200
  **Fletcher, Mrs.    Janitress         1080*   120         1200
    Marker, Ella      Janitress         1080*         120   1200
    Truex, R. E.      Janitor           2160    240         2400
    New Bur. of Mines Janitor           2400*               2400

    Total                           $129,072$10,692     $141,024
                                      $6,960*      $1,260

   *New Funds
  **Replacement for President's house

Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the following salary
increases be granted to members of the central clerical staff,
effective July 1, 1949:

    Terry, Alice      Secretary        $3300   $300        $3600
    Romano, Esther    Clerk             3000    300         3300
    Steiner, Adelaide Clerk             3000    300         3300
    Moulton, Mary     Clerk             2400    300         2700
    Yori, Genevieve   Clerk             2400    120         2520

Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the following salary
increases be approved from Public Service Funds, effective July
1, 1949:
                                               Inc   Inc
                                              from not fm
                                     Present  P. S. P. S.Proposed
    Name              Title           Salary  Funds Funds Salary

a.  Veterinary Control

    Records, Edw.     Director         $4800   $400  $400  $5600
    Hilden, Agnes     Lab. Tech.        3000    300         3300
    Avansino, Shirley Steno             2040    300         2340
       (to be granted $5 per month each 6 months during biennium)

b.  Bureau of Mines

    Couch, B. F.      Secty. & Instr.   3810    180   100   4090

Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the following salary
increases be approved for County Extension workers, effective
July 1, 1949:

                               Present                   Proposed
    Name                        Salary      Increase      Salary


    York, Charles R.            $4020         $300        $4320
    Berry, Lena H.               3600          600         4200
    Saval, Dolores               2220           30         2250


    Wittwer, John H.             4740          460         5200
    Davis, Lynn H.               3200          400         3600
    Mc Cann, Patricia            2280           30         2310


    Zimmerman, J. Hazel          3840          360         4200


    Anker, Leonard A.            3720          360         4080
    Hailand, Frances             3240          240         3480


    White, Ann                   1980           60         2040


    Menke, Mark W.               4200          720         4920
    Asst. Agent (4 mos)          1160           40         1200
    Spezia, Rose                 3240          480         3720
    Cox, Dorothy                 2280          120         2400


    Jensen, James G.             3540          480         4020
    Clerk                        2100           30         2130

Eureka-White Pine

    Helphinstine, Wm. N.         4060          380         4440


    Day, J. Kirk                 3660          400         4060
    Brown, Helen                 2160           30         2190


    Bunker, Ferren W.            3720          300         4020
    Phillips, Romona             1980           30         2010


    Gardella, Louie A.           4060          500         4560
    Elder, Madge                 2940          660         3600
    Bookman, Louise              1980           60         2040


    Batchelder, Fred G.          3720          300         4020
    Talcott, Ann                 1860           90         1950


    Albright, Archie R.          4260          360         4620
    Mc Cartney, Lyle             3000          300         3300
    Hayes, M. Gertrude           3960          240         4200
    Mason, Venita                2340          180         2520

White Pine

    Whelan, Robert J.            3000          540         3540
    Cahill, Joyce                1920           90         2010

Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the following sal-
ary increases for Agricultural Extension staff be approved, ef-
fective July 1, 1949:

    Creel, Cecil W.
    (70% Ext-30% College)
    (To Sept. 1, 1949)
    (Ext 100%-Sept. 1, 1949)    $6300        $ 900        $7200
    Byrd, Clarence E.
    (66 2/3% Ext 33 1/3%)
    (College to Sept. 1)
    (100% Ext-Sept. 1, 1949)     4500         1080         5580
    Grossholtz, Marie            3000          300         3300
    Knippenberg, Edna
    (July & Aug. 100%)
    (Coll. Agr.)
    (100% Ext-Sept. 1)           2130          120         2250
    Whitehouse, Beulah           2010          120         2130
    King, Ethel                  2160          240         2400
    Higginbotham, A. L.
    (20% Ext-80% Journ.)         6132          508         6640
    Champagne, Edna              2190          120         2310
    Buckman, T. E.               5040          720         5760
    Griffin, Margaret M.         4560          720         5280
    Rice, Penelope (p/t)          180          120          300
    Proebstel, Lois              2250          120         2370
    Maloney, Paul                4920          720         5640
    Reed, A. J.                  4380          680         5060
    Drummond, Don
    (50% Ext-50% St.
    Fire Board)                  4000          600         4600
    Patti, John                  2400          600         3000
    Schulz, Otto R.              4920          680         5600
    Upson, Elsie (p/t)           1095           60         1155
    Steinheimer, Ada             2070          120         2190
    E. E. Wittwer's Successor
    (20% Ext-to Sept. 1)
    100% Coll of Agr Sept. 1)    5760          660         6420
    Successor (10 Mo. Sept. 1)                             3250
    L. E. Cline & Successor      4260          740         5000

Agricultural Extension Budget was presented.

Motion by Mr. Sheerin that the budget be accepted, passed by
roll call vote, with Regents Hilliard, Sheerin and Ross voting
"aye" and Regent Arentz voting "no".

Road on lower Campus was discussed further, with Mr. Horn pres-
ent, who estimated that around 600 cars go in and out of the area
per day, and advised road fill if paving is not done.  Mr. Horn
estimated that the program under consideration would cost about
$6000 and the President thereupon withdrew his recommendation for
this project.

Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the matter of road
repair be tabled.

Old Business

    Regent Arentz presented the matter of the status of the
    Mackay School of Mines, stating that he feels it is losing
    prestige in its present situation.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that the University
    Administration study the correspondence on file, as well as
    investigate the situation here, and also learn what is being
    done in other Universities and Colleges as regards the Mining

Mr. L. E. Cline

    A letter was presented from Mr. L. E. Cline asking the Re-
    gents to reconsider their previous action (see minutes of
    June 2-3-4, 1949) regarding his retirement pay.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz passed unanimously that Mr. Cline be
    allowed full retirement benefit, that is, 1/3 of his salary
    for the last 5 years, retroactive to July 1, 1949.

Mrs. F. W. Wilson asked that further consideration be given to
her request for salary of F. W. Wilson in lieu of leave of ab-
sence, as noted in following letter:

                             June 5, 1947

    Professor F. W. Wilson
    College of Agriculture
    University of Nevada

    Dear Professor Wilson:

    Pursuant to our oral conversation today, this is my assurance
    to you that your appointment of Animal Husbandry and Chairman
    of the Department of Animal Husbandry is on academic tenure
    until normal retirement for age and at the appropriate time
    when requested by you, I will recommend to the Board of
    Regents that you be given a semester's leave of absence on
    full pay.

                             Yours very truly,

                         /s/ John O. Moseley

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the Regents
    stand by their former decision - that the request is not
    in line with University policy and, therefore, be not

Mr. Springmeyer addressed the meeting, saying that he was highly
pleased with the advance in business practice of the University
evidenced by this 2-day meeting.  He expressed his regret that
the telegram had been sent by a member of Legislative Counsel
Bureau (see page 168) and offered any help that the Bureau might
be able to give to the University Administration.

The meeting adjourned and the next meeting was set for sometime
in November at the call of the Chairman.