UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 26-27, 1887


Volume OB - Page 50

                         Carson City

                       August 26, 1887

Upon call of the Chairman, the Board of Regents met.  Present:

Governor Stevenson, Supt. Pub. Instruction Dovey,  Secretary

of State Dormer and President L. D. Brown.

After a full and lengthy discussion, it was upon motion of Dovey

ordered that in addition to the Academic and Normal Departments,

there be established a Business Department.

The President was instructed to prepare a course of study for

each Department to be presented to the Board for adoption.

Upon motion President Brown and Regent Dovey were instructed to

go to San Francisco and purchase necessary furniture for the

University; and also employ a teacher, now in San Jose Normal,

at an increase salary over what is now paid her.

Upon motion the text books used by the State Board of Education

were adopted for use in the University, so far as they can be


                             C. C. Stevenson


John M. Dormer

Clerk Board of Regents