UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 26-27, 1867


Volume OA - Pages 12-13

                         Executive Department

                         Carson City, Nevada

                           August 26, 1867

Pursuant to the call of the President, the Board of Regents

met at the Office of the Governor.  Present:  H. G. Blasdel,

C. N. Noteware and A. N. Fisher.

The matter of the issuance of Land Warrants in accordance with

the requirements of the State Constitution and the provisions

of an Act entitled, "An Act to Provide for the Selection and Sale

of Lands Granted by the United States to the State of Nevada",

approved April 2, 1867, being taken up, C. N. Noteware presented

a written argument adverse to their issuance (see file, document

marked "D").

In the discussion which followed, it was agreed, the Attorney

General being present and consenting thereto, that by the limi-

tations of the Act of Congress of July 4, 1866, this State is

barred from the disposal of lands (except the 16th and 36th

sections and the 40 sections granted for State Building pur-

poses) to other than bonafide occupants and actual settlers and

in quantities exceeding 320 acres to a simple purchaser.  That

the sale of Floating Land Warrants, disregarding said limita-

tions, would be in violation of the terms of the grant and a

fraud upon the purchaser and further, that other sections of

the Act of the Legislature of April 2, 1867, supersede the ne-

cessity of Land Warrants.

It was therefore on motion,

    RESOLVED, that in the opinion of this Board, the issuance

    of Floating Land Warrants, at this time, is impolitic and


Questions being raised concerning the price of lands to be sold

under direction of this Board, on motion of C. N. Noteware, it


    RESOLVED, that the price of all State lands to which a

    preferred right attaches at date of selection and also such

    lands as are subject to private entry, is hereby fixed at

    one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, except the same

    be double minimum lands, in which case the price shall be

    two dollars and fifty cents per acre.

    and it was further,

    RESOLVED, that the Secretary be instructed to inform the

    State Register that the foregoing solution designates

    lands selected at the instance of an applicant and such

    lands as at the time of selection are in possession of

    bonafide occupants and actual settlers.

Adjourned to meet August 27th at 9 A.M.

                             H. G. Blasdel


A. N. Fisher