UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 23-24, 1955

Volume 7 - Pages 162-163

                       August 23, 1955

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met at the River-
side Hotel on Tuesday, August 23, 1955.  Present:  Regents Ross,
Lombardi, Hardy; Comptroller Hayden and President Stout.  Report-
ers who covered the meeting were Robert Laxalt, James Hulse and
Bryn Armstrong.  Mr. Poolman, University Engineer, was present
to report on the meeting of the State Planning Board at which
he represented the University.

Student Union Building

    Bids on the Student Union building were unacceptable because
    all were above the amount available for construction.  The
    Planning Board, therefore, referred the matter to the Uni-
    versity for study.

    It was agreed that Mr. Poolman work with the President and
    the architects to see where the plans might be cut back suf-
    ficiently, and that they then be presented to the Regents
    for consideration.

Agricultural Extension and Hatch Buildings

    The State Planning Board had notified the University that
    the Agricultural Extension building, according to their study
    and survey, was not safe for occupancy, and that it would
    cost too much to make it so.  The Planning Board, upon rec-
    ommendation of the Planning Board Engineer, President Stout
    and Mr. Poolman, decided to call in another consultant to
    check the building.  Hatch building will be inspected at the
    same time.

President's House

    Regent Lombardi reported on his conference with Mr. Sam
    Ginsburg, whose house was being considered as a President's

    It was agreed that Mr. Ginsburg be invited to meet with the
    Regents to discuss his proposition.

    Mr. Ginsburg came into the meeting at 1:40 P.M. and offered
    to sell his house and lot for $60,000 net, the house un-
    furnished except floor coverings, drapes and curtains.

    In the discussion which followed, it was agreed by Mr.
    Ginsburg and the members of the Executive Committee that:
    (1) the University make a down payment, for good faith, in
    the amount of $2000; (2) the Chairman of the Board of Re-
    gents contact the Attorney General for legal counsel; (3)
    approximately 30 days be allowed for the University to
    clear legal matters and other details; (4) Mr. Ginsburg
    to give possession of the property within 30 days after
    acceptance by the University; (5) Mr. Ginsburg to put his
    terms in letter form, upon receipt of the down payment.

    Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the above price
    and agreements be accepted and that the Chairman of the
    Board be authorized to sign the contract.

    It was agreed that Chairman Ross contact the two absent
    members of the Board, and also call the Attorney General
    to clear legal matters with him.

    Note:  Regents Thompson and Grant were called by Mr. Ross
           by long distance telephone.  Both voted in favor of
           the motion.  Mr. Ross also called Attorney General
           Dickerson, who gave approval.

Property - North Virginia Street

    Mr. Ross called attention to the privately owned property
    which projects into the University Campus on North Virginia

    Mr. Ross was authorized to contact the Attorney General re-
    garding right of condemnation proceedings.

The meeting adjourned at 2 P.M.