UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

August 23-24, 1946 

Volume 5 - Pages 482-483

                       August 23, 1946

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in Dr. Ross'
office at 11:20 A.M., Friday, August 23, 1946.  Present:  Chair-
man Ross, Mrs. Henningsen, Dr. Gorman, Dr. Griffin.  The meeting
was called to consider certain problems in connection with hous-
ing men students.

The statement in the catalogue reads:

    The Board of Regents has adopted the following rule:

    Whenever the request for University of Nevada Dormitory or
    Dining Hall privileges exceed the number that can be accom-
    modated, preference shall be given as follows:

        (1)  To Nevada students.

        (2)  To formerly enrolled students from outside Nevada.

        (3)  To new students from outside Nevada.

    Such preferences for Nevada students in the Dormitories are
    open to all who apply not later than 2 weeks before the open-
    ing of any given semester.  Nevadans making application later
    than such time will be accommodated if places are still open,
    but cannot be received otherwise.

It was unanimously agreed that the following interpretation be
put on the above rule for this year, to meet the emergency; and
that later, the matter be taken up for consideration on a per-
manent basis:

    For both single and married men, accommodations shall be
    given in the following order:

        (1)  Former Nevada students.

        (2)  Former out-of-state students.

        (3)  Newly enrolled Nevada students.

        (4)  Newly enrolled out-of-state students.

    The above priority will apply for housing in Lincoln Hall and
    the overflow placed elsewhere.

Dr. Griffin reported that approximately 225 applications from
single men who are Nevada residents have been received; 175 from
out-of-state.  Of the 175 out-of-state, approximately 70 are
former students.  Therefore, approximately 300 Dormitory spaces
would be needed to take care of these in the first 3 categories.
Approximately 150 men could be housed in the old Gymnasium.

The Executive Committee expressed itself as being in favor of
cutting all corners and doing whatever can be done in the face
of the emergency.  It was unanimously agreed that the following
definite steps be taken:

1)  The Department of Physical Education for Women be moved to
    the new Gymnasium.

2)  Military supplies be put in the unfinished part of the new
    Gymnasium, and be available for the Military Department at
    such times as not to interfere with classes in Physical Edu-
    cation for Women.

3)  If necessary, utilize the Boxing Room as a supply room for
    the Military Department.

4)  The Comptroller be authorized and directed to ask permission
    of Mr. Bender to move the furniture stored in the old Gym-
    nasium to a Civilian Production Authority warehouse.

5)  When the old Gymnasium has been converted, Dr. De Costa, City
    Health Officer, will be asked to inspect and approve it.

It was Dr. Griffin's opinion that, with the above arrangements,
all students in the first 3 categories could be cared for, leav-
ing only the newly enrolled out-of-state students to seek quar-

Comptroller Gorman was instructed to make arrangements, if pos-
sible, for 2 Quonset Huts to take care of the Military Department
and the U. S. Bureau of Mines, the huts to be placed between the
Hall of English and the Extension building.

The meeting adjourned at 12:20 P.M.