UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 20-21, 1982


Pages 1-15



August 20, 1982

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the William Carl-

son Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph N. Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard P. Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

General Counsel Donald Klasic

Acting Secretary Mary Lou Moser

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairmen Curry (UNR), Jones

(UNLV), Heise (CCCC), Lambert (TMCC), Horton (NNCC), Dwyer

(WNCC), Hoffer (DRI), and Kendall (Unit), and Student Associ-

ation representatives.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 11:40 A.M.

Upon motion by Mrs. Fong, the Board moved to a closed personnel

session to discuss the professional competence of University Sys-

tem personnel. The motion was seconded by Mr. Mc Bride and car-

ried without dissent.

The Board reconvened in regular session at 1:55 P.M.

1. Athletics Long-Range Planning Committees, UNR and UNLV

President Goodall stated that in light of the recent commu-

nity inquiries concerning athletics on the UNLV Campus, he

would like the Regents to consider appointing a committee

to give input into the direction the University might take

with regard to this matter.

Mr. Karamanos moved that the Chairman of the Board be au-

thorized to appoint two standing long-range planning commit-

tees -- one for UNLV and one for UNR -- with the membership

comprised of private citizens independent of the University

of Nevada System to regularly advise the Board on the di-

rections and funding for UNR and UNLV Intercollegiate Ath-

letics, and that the committee make its first report to the

Board in December. Mr. Ross seconded. Motion carried.

2. Adoption of the Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A and

filed with permanent minutes) was recommended. The Consent

Agenda contained the following items:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting of July 16,


(2) Accepted gifts and grants.

(3) Authorized establishment of an endowment fund entitled,

"Fred M. Anderson, Jr., M. D. Memorial Fund" consistent

with the donor's wishes.

(4) Approved the change in Resolution No. 82-1, adopted at

the June 18, 1982 Board meeting, by deleting the name

of Mary Lou Moser, Acting Secretary, to the Managerial

Group with Industrial Security for Safeguarding Clas-

sified Information. This change was made inasmuch as

UNR is the only Campus involved and the Chancellor

also serves on the Committee.

(5) Authorized write-off of student loans which are over-

due at least 3 years as of June 30, 1982, in the amount

of $3,251.14 for UNLV and $2,430.59 for CCCC, with the

understanding that holds have been placed on records

for the students concerned.

(6) Approved the following list of architects to be sub-

mitted to the State Public Works Boards for projects

on the Capital Improvement List which are now being

considered for preplanning and authorized the use of

Capital Improvement Funds for advanced planning of the

above buildings with the understanding that when the

projects are approved and funded, costs will then be

included in the total project costs:

UNR - Church Fine Arts Sheehan & Haase

Vhay & Ferrari

TMCC - Proposed Addition Dolven, Larson & Daniels

Maurice Nespor, Inc.

UN School of Medicine Nevada Architronics

Jack Miller & Associates

WNCC - Proposed Addition Maurice Nespor, Inc.

(7) Approved a 6-foot easement for the Nevada Power Company

and Central Telephone on land that has been leased to

the hospice on the UNLV Campus.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Consent Agenda. Seconded

by Mrs. Gallagher. Motion carried.

3. Report of the Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee met on Friday, August 30,

1982, and Regent Gallagher, Chairman, submitted the follow-

ing report and recommendation:

(1) Approved the definition of Phase I and Phase II, Re-

view of Proposed Programs (identified as Ref. AA-1

and filed with permanent minutes) with the following


A. Relocate the definition of Phase I and Phase II

proposals to Chapter 20, Board of Regents Handbook,

and retitle Chapter 20.

B. Each approved program must be reviewed for adequate

FTE to support the program after the 4th year.

(2) Requested Dr. Warren Fox to present information con-

cerning elimination of programs for possible inclusion

in the Board of Regents Handbook.

(3) Approved Phase I, Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree,

UNR and Phase II, Bachelor of Liberal Studies, UNLV.

(Identified as Ref. AA-2 and AA-3 and filed with

permanent minutes).

(4) Requested the Faculty Senate Chairs to submit tenure

recommendations by the afternoon of September 16, 1982

and announced the following dates for public hearings

concerning tenure:

September 13, 1982 2:00- 3:00 P.M. NNCC

September 14, 1982 2:00- 4:00 P.M. UNLV

September 16, 1982 9:00-10:30 P.M. WNCC

September 16, 1982 1:00- 3:00 P.M. UNR

Mrs. Whitley moved the approval of the report and recommen-

dations of the Academic Affairs Committee. Mrs. Fong sec-

onded. Motion carried.

Regent Del Papa announced that Truckee Meadows Community College

has received a CASEBOOK Public Relations Award in recognition of

"outstanding public relations programming" for the information

packet and fact card which was prepared in 1981. TMCC was in

competition with major organizations, such as First Interstate

Bank and Mac Donalds. As a result of the award, TMCC will be

featured in a future issue of PR CASEBOOK magazine.

4. Report of the Budget Committee

The Budget Committee met on August 20, 1982 and Regent Del

Papa, Chairman, submitted the following report and recom-


(1) Approved the 1983-85 Biennial Budget and authorized

its submission to the Governor in compliance with State

Law. The Board will continue to study the professional

compensation package and funding for the Residency Pro-

gram in the School of Medicine.

(2) Approved the following Estimative Budget for Intercol-

legiate Athletics, UNR for 1982-83:

Current Proposed

Budget Revised


Opening Balance $ 10,000 $ 10,000

Student Fees 130,000 130,000

Sales & Service 100,724 100,724

Gate Receipts 308,276 308,276

Scholarships & Program Supt. 575,000 575,000

Programs Sales & Advertising 0 45,500

Total $1,124,000 $1,169,500


Professional Salaries $ 66,908 $ 66,908

Classified Salaries 8,245 13,745

Wages 9,000 7,000

Fringe Benefits 9,367 9,367

Out-of-State Travel 5,000 4,000

Operating 1,025,480 1,068,480

Total $1,124,000 $1,169,500

(3) Approved an expenditure of $9,000 from Capital Improve-

ment Funds in order to complete the new lighting system

for the Church Fine Arts Theatre, UNR. In January,

1982 the Board authorized an expenditure of $26,300

for this project. When the bids were opened on July

13, 1982, the low bid was $34,712. An additional $588

is needed for project contingency purposes.

(4) Approved the use of Capital Improvement Fee Funds at

UNR for a street improvement assessment for $25,000 for

the University's share of improvements to North Virgin-

ia Street, which has been assessed by the City of Reno.

(5) Authorized UNR to immediately transfer $1.2 million of

interest income generated from the investment since

1979 of the $4 million revenue bonds from the College

of Business Administration building to the Capital Im-

provement Fee account, and the balance projected to be

available to be transferred when the project is com-

pleted. The total anticipated for transfer is approxi-

mately $1.38 million. The bond covenants also allow

for interim transfers to be made. Therefore, $183,000

of this amount was also authorized to be used for the

purpose of providing the necessary additional equip-

ment for the building. The equipment needed is pri-

marily instructional, although some office equipment,

furniture and miscellaneous items are necessary to

complete the equipping of the building, as outlined.

(Identified as Ref. B-5 and filed with permanent


(6) Authorized WNCC to expend $10,500 from the Capital Im-

provement Fee Fund for remodeling of two portable

faculty offices on the Carson Campus.

(7) Authorized the following changes in fees for UNR and


Present Proposed

American College Testing $15 $25

Michigan English Language

Proficiency Test 0 20-UNR


(8) Moved the discussion of the Special Projects Funds

distribution to the regular meeting agenda.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Budget Committee. Seconded by Mrs. Gallagher.

Motion carried.

5. Report of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee met on August 20, 1982, and Regent

Whitley submitted the following report and recommendation:

(1) Accepted UNS Controller Jan Mac Donald's report in

which she noted that:

The Kaufoury Armstrong management letters for the

5-year period 7/1/77 through 6/30/82 were reviewed

for the purpose of reporting which of the 120 rec-

ommendations have been implemented. In response to

Regents question of why Kafoury Armstrong had not

reported the College of Agriculture problems which

had occurred during the period of their audit en-

gagement, the Kafoury Armstrong management letters


1) that weaknesses in the UNS organization, prac-

tices and procedures, and computerized adminis-

trative information systems are such that prob-

lems similar to those which occurred at the

College of Agriculture could have occurred any-

where in the System. As an example, Ms. Mac

Donald cited the inadequacy of the current

Position Control System that does not budget

for over 200 positions representing $5 million.

2) that critical recommendations had not been

implemented and therefore the risk of problems

in the future still existed; and

3) that current economic conditions are such that

risks associated with the existing inadequate,

out-of-date information systems and associated

procedures are unacceptable for the future of

the UNS.

Ms. Mac Donald did criticize the management letters for

inconsistencies in recommendations for Business Centers

North and South and a need to express technical recom-

mendations in lay terms so that the Board of Regents

would be cognizant of the seriousness of problems and

the implications of inaction.

Ms. Mac Donald indicated that although financial in-

formation is the responsibility of the Controller's

Office, a reliable Management Information System (MIS)

requires the integration of the administrative support

functions of financial accounting, budget, purchasing,

personnel and student records.

She further stated that the UNS's administrative and

accounting procedures have essentially remained un-

changed for 16 years, during which the Community

Colleges were added to the UNS. Also, the number of

transactions has dramatically increased from 800,000

in 1979 to over 1,000,000 in 1982, and governmental

reporting requirements have become more stringent and

complex. The University System has arrived at the

point where substantial financial information has to

be manually gathered, and, furthermore, recent strict-

er controls necessitated by the economic conditions

have greatly depreciated the service capabilities of

the Controller's Office. Ms. Mac Donald concluded

that increasing staff to accommodate these numerous

changes is not desirable in light of the ability of

current computer technology to develop and operate

flexible Management Information Systems that support

both operational and management needs.

Dr. Lloyd Case, Computer Center Director, reported that

due to existing resources, the UNS was unable to take

advantage of current computer technology to support a

MIS. Resource limitations exist in personnel, hardware

and software. He outlined the desirability of separate

facilities for academic and administrative computing,

and emphasized the necessity for developing a complete

MIS plan before undertaking major new information sys-

tem projects. This plan would identify a network of

systems, their interrelationships, and development

priorities, that collectively would constitute the base

for a UNS Management Information System. The plan

would provide the foundation for a long-range MIS

development program. Dr. Case also explained the ad-

vantage of basing an MIS on data base concepts.

(2) Approved the use of data base approach to a UNS Man-

agement Information System and directed Ms. Mac Donald

and Dr. Case to submit a plan for its development and

to establish a budget for the $300,000-$350,000 esti-

mated as the cost of the initial systems design, such

sum to be allocated by the Chancellor's Office.

(3) Directed Chancellor Bersi to make the funding of such

system a top UNS priority at the 1983 Nevada Legisla-

tive Session; and in the interim, to identify UNS funds

(not presently budgeted on a Campus or in the Board of

Regents Special Project funding presently under con-

sideration) and to commit such funds to the development

of an integrated data base for total UNS payroll costs.

(4) Requested UNS Controller, Jan Mac Donald, in conference

with Campus Presidents and fiscal officers, to review

and report to the Board the June 30, 1982 Kafoury Arm-

strong management letter which presumably would include

those recommendations not implemented in prior years.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the Audit Committee report and

recommendations. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Cashell left the meeting, relinquishing the gavel to Mr. Mc

Bride, Vice Chairman.

6. Computer Center Report

Dr. Lloyd Case, Director of the Computer Center, submitted

the following report:

In October, 1981 the Board accepted a 9-point master

plan for computer technology for the System, with 3

main thrusts for its accomplishment: 1) a responsive

Management Information System; 2) aggressive computer

literacy; and 3) provision of shared services, and that

those would be accomplished in short and long-term


The recent gifts of computer equipment (reported to the

Board in June, 1982) of $1.4 million, plus other funds

made available (for a total of $2.3 million) have been

a boon toward accomplishing goals. Many employees,

including Mr. Dick Belaustegui and 7 students who have

worked 36 consecutive days to install the new equipment,

have brought about the following changes:

Computer change at Las Vegas:

Old - Cyber 73

New - Cyber 172 and 2 Harris H8800s

Computer change at Reno:

Old - Cyber 172-8

New - Cyber 730

Telecommunications upgrade:

Old - None

1 9600 baud phone line

New - 2 port selectors

statistical multiplexors

2 19,200 baud phone lines

tech control center

With the aid of this new equipment, Dr. Case proposed

now to focus on two areas:

1) To support quality education to the citizens

of the State of Nevada, and

2) To support the economic strength of the State

of Nevada.

To support quality education, the following components

would need to be met: quality instruction; up-to-date

information; information delivered in efficient, ef-

fective ways; sufficient breadth and depth of subject

matter; content relevant to student needs, to the State

and to the nation's needs; student retention of educa-

tional material; public accountability; responsive to

changing needs and times; curriculum balance; program

evaluation; and adequate facilities and research sup-


To support the economic strength of Nevada, UNS will

need to respond to the realities of the economy and

employment opportunities; facilitate development of

desirable industry and commerce within Nevada; provide

a source of data, analysis and knowledge to Nevada's

commerce; provide trained, skilled individuals for

trades, professions and management; and maintain cur-

rency in operations, education and training.

Dr. Case offered the following goals as recommendations for

consideration by the Board:

1) Educational Quality

A. Build a strong telecommunications network capable of

linking the State computer, facsimile, electronic

mail, telephone, word processing and broadcast


- Link Reno - Carson City - Las Vegas areas.

- Local area nets in Reno - Carson City - Las Vegas.

- Rural telecommunications to: Elko, Winnemucca,

Ely, Fallon and others.

- Integrate broadband functionalities.

B. Provide widespread computer literacy.

- Provide sufficient computer access to all higher

education institutions in Nevada.

- Foster computer literacy in faculty and students:

training, new courses, graduation require-

ments, special projects - camps, seminars.

- Provide for computer based education support to

remedial needs of Nevada's citizens.

C. Build "vertical" specialist expertise in high tech-


- Revitalize computer science curricula and support.

- Introduce selected new high techology programs

capable of meeting national standards of


- Identify private funds, grants and support to

provide for the margin of excellence beyond

normal operating levels of support.

D. Install a strong computer based Management Informa-

tion System into UNS.

- Install needed computer hardware and software to

achieve this objective.

- Review and improve office and system procedures

to increase accountability, control, respon-

siveness and planning.

2) Support the Economic Strength of Nevada

A. Create additional vehicles to have the private

sector participation in the improved integration

of technology into UNS and Nevada.

B. Create research/industrial park consortia.

C. Strengthen and extend the Universities' ability to

provide economic data and analysis of Nevada, and

to increase technological transfer to Nevada in-


D. Seek joint ventures with private sector to address

special training needs, support services, coopera-

tive education, shared costs, and other mutually

advantageous opportunities.

Mrs. Whitley moved to accept the report and recommendations.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

7. Special Projects Funding

Ms. Del Papa reviewed the Guidelines for Special Projects

Accounts which were approved by the Board in December, 1981,

recalling that it was the request of the Board at its July

meeting to consider this item, with the Board acting as a

committee of the whole.

President Goodall stated that the Presidents had met and

submitted the following proposal for consideration:

(1) Commit funds in a block grant for 1982-83 in July and

approve a spending plan in July or August to enable

officers to plan accordingly.

(2) Funds to be distributed by allocating a $10,000 base

to each institution for special factors; e. g., NNCC

Special Travel, CCCC high head-count enrollment com-

pared to FTE enrollment.

(3) Remainder of funds to be distributed based upon the

last year's FTE annualized student enrollment with the

allocation to DRI based upon the percentage of DRI

employees to total System employees.

For 1982-83, the following allocations would apply:

UNR = 503,500 @ 33.5% + 10,000 = $178,672.50

UNLV = 503,500 @ 32.5% + 10,000 = 173,637.50

CCCC = 503,500 @ 17.0% + 10,000 = 95,595.00

TMCC = 503,500 @ 10.6% + 10,000 = 63,371.00

WNCC = 503,500 @ 4.3% + 10,000 = 31,650.50

NNCC = 503,500 @ 2.1% + 10,000 = 20,573.50

DRI = 530,000 @ 5.0% + 10,000 = 36,500.00

Total $600,000.00

Dr. Goodall further commented that it is the desire of

the Presidents that only 1/2 of the funds be allocated

at this time, and that the remaining funds be consider-

ed for distribution in December.

Mr. Buchanan asked that his request for $300,000 to

fund start-up costs for the computer based High Tech-

nology program at UNLV be considered at this time,

also, and related his reason for the request was that

if the normal process is followed -- with a Phase I

and II proposal and subsequent reviews -- the 1983

Legislative Session could be completed and UNLV would

not be able to ask for legislative assistance until

the 1985 Session.

Dr. Eaton, asked to comment on the State Economic

Development Committee of which she is a member, stated

that group has established Nevada, Inc. -- an umbrella

group to encourage business and industry diversifica-

tion for the State in other than tourism areas.

Dr. Goodall reminded the Board that UNLV's High Tech-

nology program is on their Critical Needs List for

the 1983-85 Budget Request. It was also pointed out

that UNR and CCCC have similar requests in their

critical needs budgets.

Ms. Del Papa moved that $300,000 be allocated through the

formula as presented by the Presidents, with the remainder

held in abeyance, and that up to $30,000 be included for a

Systemwide study of a plan for comuter technology for UNS.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

8. Cash Flow Retrospective Plan for Workman's Compensation


Vice Chancellor Dawson reported that the University has de-

veloped a self-insurance plan as an alternative to Nevada

Industrial Commission coverage for its employees, and rec-

ommended to the Board that they authorize entering into a

cash flow retrospective program with State Industrial In-

surance System.

Mrs. Fong moved that the University enter into a cash flow

retrospective program with State Industrial Insurance System

effective July 1, 1982, with the interest income received by

the University to be used to fund a risk/safety program

within the University of Nevada System. Ms. Del Papa sec-

onded. Motion carried.

9. Approval of Lease, NNCC

President Berg requested authorization to enter into a lease

agreement with Hi Desert Development to construct student

housing at NNCC. A year ago the Board approved a similar

lease agreement with Sutro & Co., Inc., who terminated that

lease due to lack of funding for the project.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

10. Approval to Amend 1982-87 Capital Improvement Request

Vice Chancellor Dawson reported that UNLV has applied for a

federal loan for a 53,300 sq. ft. dormitory, and although

constructed with non-state funds, the project must be ap-

proved by the State Public Works Board. This would also

require an amendment to the UNS Capital Improvement Request.

The project cost is $4,890,070. The loan is in the amount

of $4,610,069, and if not forthcoming, the project will be


Mrs. Fong moved the approval of the amendment to the Capital

Improvement Request. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion car-


11. Request for Final Resolution of Litigation

General Counsel Klasic requested approval of the Settlement

Agreement in the case of Ely Haimowitz (identified as Ref.

B and filed with ther permanent minutes).

Mr. Karamanos moved for approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

12. Approval of Emeritus Status

President Crowley requested approval for emeritus status

for Mr. Ronald Ogilvie who recently retired from the Con-

troller's Office, UNR.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion


13. School of Computer and Engineering Sciences, UNLV

President Goodall stated that it is the objective of UNLV

that it be a major asset to the State of Nevada in its

efforts to diversity and strengthen the economy of the State

and has plans to:

(1) Establish a School of Computer and Engineering


(2) Strengthen existing undergraduate engineering and

computer science programs and the master's level

program in computer science;

(3) Establish a Ph. D. program in computer science;

(4) The placement within the new school of the exist-

ing introductory architecture program, and its

expansion to a 4-year program as soon as possible,

with strong emphasis on the use of computer

graphics and related computer uses which support

the modem study of architecture;

(5) The establishment of a research institute to en-

courage and work with private industry interested

in locating in Nevada. The institute may be creat-

ed within the University, or as a joint University-

Industry Project similar to those found in North

Carolina, California and elsewhere.

He further related that Phase I and Phase II Academic Plan-

ning proposals will be presented to the Board at a future


14. Approval of Foundation Board Members, CCCC

President Eaton requested approval of the following persons

to serve on the CCCC Foundation Board:

Mr. Ernest Martinelli, Chairman

Senator Keith Ashworth

Mr. George Brookman

Ms. Jessie Emmett

Mr. A. W. Ham, Jr.

Mr. Irwin Kishner

Mr. Charles L. Ruthe

Maj. Gen. R. G. "Zack" Taylor

Mr. Donald R. Zimmer

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion


15. Approval of Tenure, CCCC

President Eaton requested tenure be awarded to Dr. Herman

Van Betten who has accepted the position of Director of

Communication and Arts at Clark County Community College,

effective July 1, 1982.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Mr. Buchanan seconded.

Motion seconded.

16. New Business

Chancellor Bersi was asked to have a policy drafted on the

use of the Board of Regents name for the sponsoring of


Mr. Buchanan asked that a report be made by UNLV on programs

or courses taught during the Summer which might be available

for those high school students who have been identified as

academically talented.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Acting Secretary of the Board