UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

August 19-20, 1941 

Volume 5 - Pages 329-330

                       August 19, 1941

Meeting called to order at 4:00 P.M. by Chairman Ross.  Present:
Chairman Ross, Judge Brown, Mrs. Wardin, Mr. Gorman, Dr. Hartman.

The Executive Committee decided that the Athletic Council has
authority to set the schedules for football games and that the
faculty committee shall act in an advisory capacity.  Further,
the schedule for this year, because of the lateness with which
the request was brought before the Committee, is approved by the
Executive Committee.

The letter of the Bank of California signed by C. Nelson Hackett,
Trust Officer, relative to the estate of Mrs. Emma Lee Adams,
deceased, was read by the Committee and they gave consideration
to the proposed petition to be presented in the Superior Court
of the State of California in and for the city and county of
San Francisco.  The Executive Committee expressed no objection
to the said proposed petition.

Regarding the purchase of the R. A. Rickard property, commencing
at the point of intersection of the easterly line of Virginia
Street with the center line of Ninth Street in the City of Reno,
Nevada, whence the south quarter of Section corner of Section 2,
Town 19 North, Range 19 East, M. D. B. & M., bears South 23 de-
grees - 51' West 698.9 ft.; running thence North 13 degrees - 48'
West 1065 ft.; thence North 0 degrees - 2' East 969.25 ft.
Thence South 89 degrees - 44' East 455.3 ft. to the point of be-
ginning which point is on a former north boundary of the grounds
belonging to the University of Nevada and 124.5 ft. westerly
from the present Northeast Corner of said University of Nevada
grounds.  Commencing at said point of beginning and running
thence North 11 degrees - 44' West 409 ft.; thence North 89 de-
grees - 44' West 147.3 ft.; thence South 7 degrees - 46' West
403.7 ft.; thence South 89 degrees - 44' East 294.5 ft. to the
point of beginning, comprising approximately .61 of an acre as
surveyed by F. L. Bixby, the following appraisal was made by
Joseph W. Hall, Fred Grutt and L. A. G. Rose:

    As requested by you and Mrs. R. A. Rickard we, the under-
    signed, appraise a certain piece of property adjoining the
    North boundary of the University of Nevada Campus and being
    the Easterly portion of Mrs. R. A. Rickard's property
    Easterly from a line 30 feet East of the dwelling house
    thereon, and parallel to North Virginia Street, as being
    worth a fair market value of $1000.  In setting up the
    above figure, consideration is taken into account of the
    fact that the sewer line from the house to the main sewer
    must be replaced from a terra cotta type to a 4-inch cast
    iron pipe before said property is filled in; the cost to
    replace said sewer is estimated at $325 at the present
    time.  This change and cost to be borne by the University
    of Nevada.

The Executive Committee approved the recommendation that the
President and the Comptroller be authorized to negotiate for
this property.