UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 15-16, 1888


Volume OB - Page 63


                      August 15th, 1888

Regular meeting of Board of Regents was held in the Library of

the University.  Present:  Regents Stevenson, Dovey and Dormer;

also President Brown.

The opening of the University for the Fall Term was thoroughly


Upon motion Regent Dovey was instructed to act with President

Brown in formulating a course of study.

Upon resolution it was ordered that the Degree of M. A. be con-

ferred upon Professor Hannah K. Clapp, by the Board of Regents.

Upon motion it was ordered that President Brown and Regent Dormer

be appointed a committee to secure the service for a teacher for

the Normal Department.


                             C. C. Stevenson


John M. Dormer

Clerk of the Board