UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 6-7, 1958

Volume 8 - Pages 11-17

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                       August 6, 1958

The Board of Regents met in Room 205, Morrill Hall, University
of Nevada on Wednesday, August 6, 1958.  Present:  Regents Ander-
son, Bastian, Elwell, Hardy, Thompson; Comptroller Hayden, En-
gineer Rogers and Acting President Wood.  Regents Broadbent,
Grant and Sawyer were absent because of business commitments.
Regent Lombardi was detained at the hospital.  The meeting was
called to order at 9:20 A.M. by Regent Hardy, appointed as
senior member of the Board, to preside in the absence of the
Chairman and the Vice Chairman.

Neil Humphrey of the Nevada Taxpayers' Association, Leola
Wohlfeil of the Legislative Counsel Bureau, and A. N. Jacobson,
Legislative Auditor, were present as observers.  Reporters Jim
Hulse and Bryn Armstrong covered the meeting.

 1.  Minutes of Previous Meeting

     Upon motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Elwell, the
     minutes of the meeting of July 11-12, 1958 were unanimously

 2.  Comptroller's Claims

     Mr. Hayden presented the following claims for approval, with
     the recommendation of Acting President Wood:

         Regents Checks, nos. 78-310 to 78-316 and 89-1 to 89-18
         inclusive for a total of $357,525.08 for July.

         State Claims, nos. 89-1 to 89-17 inclusive for a total
         of $246,899.83 for July.

     Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried
     unanimously that the claims be approved.

 3.  Gifts

     Gifts which had been received by the University were pre-
     sented to the Board for acceptance as follows:


         From Atomic Energy Commission, Washington, D. C. -
         $40,000 for purchase of equipment and materials to be
         used in the educational and training program as re-
         quested by the University of Nevada.

         From KOLO-TV of Reno - studio facilities in the amount
         of $632.25 during April and May for presentation of the
         "Written Word".

         From the Nevada State Medical Association - 7 medical
         books for the Orvis School of Nursing.

         From Ella Bell Jones, Caliente - various nursing jour-
         nals and magazines for the Orvis School of Nursing.

         From Drs. Paul Wiig and Silas Ross - medical books and
         journals for the Orvis School of Nursing.

         From Board of Trustees, Lyon Health Center, Yerington -
         an autoclave for the Orvis School of Nursing.

         From Arthur E. Orvis - an original oil portrait of him-
         self as the founder of the Orvis School of Nursing.

         From Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Wood Ridge, New Jersey
         - $2083 as the July payment for Curtiss-Wright Project
         No. 1.

         From Mrs. Harold Hunter, Las Vegas - a chemistry scale
         for the Nevada Southern Regional Division.


         From Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier - $1000 to cover
         the EG&G Scholarships in Electrical Engineering and
         Physics for the coming year.

         From the Executor of the Holmshaw Estate - $2100 for the
         Harry F. Holmshaw Scholarship Fund.

         From the Southern Nevada Chapter of Nevada Society of
         Registered Professional Engineers - a Scholarship Loan
         Program in the amount of $400 as per attached:

                         Southern Nevada Chapter
                                of the
                     Registered Professional Engineers;
                   Engineering Scholarship Loan Foundation

             1.  The fund is to be made available as a loan to
                 a student who has reached his Junior or Senior

             2.  That the student be enrolled in some branch of
                 Engineering or in the Mackay School of Mines.
                 However, in event the faculty determines that
                 there is no worthy student who wants the loan,
                 in the Colleges noted above, then the faculty,
                 at their option may select a student from an-
                 other of the Science Schools such as Physics or

             3.  That there be at least one member of the faculty
                 of the School of Engineering or from the Mackay
                 School of Mines on the committee that selects
                 the student.

             4.  That the student must start repayment of the
                 loan within one calendar year after leaving
                 school, except in event of required military
                 duty.  The student at his option might start
                 repayment of the loan within the specified
                 year or start repayment upon termination of
                 his military career.

             5.  That the interest rate be only a token rate.
                 The rate will be determined by the faculty.

             6.  That the faculty administer the distribution
                 and the collection of the loan.

             7.  That from the proceeds of the loan there be
                 purchased life insurance acceptable to the
                 faculty, with an assignment thereon covering
                 the amount due upon the loan in event of death
                 of the borrower.

                             Southern Nevada Chapter
                             Nevada Society of Registered
                             Professional Engineers

     Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Mr. Bastian, carried
     unanimously that the gifts be accepted and that the Secre-
     tary write an appropriate note of thanks to the donors.
     The Administration was asked to seek clarification of item
     no. 7 of the conditions of the Southern Nevada Chapter of
     Nevada Society of Registered Professional Engineers Scholar-
     ship Loan Program.

 4.  Personnel Recommendations

     Dr. Wood presented and discussed the personnel recommenda-
     tions as follows:


     Reappointments as follows:

         Sidney D. Root, Jr., as Graduate Assistant in Health,
         Physical Education and Athletics at a salary of $1200
         for the academic year 1958-59.

         Evelyn P. Falk as Assistant in Mathematics at a salary
         of $600 for the Fall semester 1958.

         Elisabeth S. Constantino as Assistant in Mathematics
         at a salary of $300 for the Fall semester 1958.

     Appointment as follows:

         William Henry Dennett as Graduate Assistant in Physics
         at a salary of $1500 for the academic year 1958-59 (new
         position under the Fleischmann Foundation Grant).

     Supplementary contract as follows:

         Paul F. Secord, Associate Professor of Psychology and
         Sociology, to carry on research under the grant from
         the National Institute of Mental Health during July
         and August 1958, at a total salary of $1731.


     Resignation as follows:

         Celesta Lowe as Library Technician effective August 31,
         1958, for personal reasons.

     Reappointment as follows:

         Herbert C. Wells as Lecturer in Civil Engineering in the
         Evening Division at a salary of $450 for the Fall semes-
         ter 1958.


     Appointments as follows:

         Helen L. Wells as Associate Professor of Home Economics
         at a salary of $8200 for the academic year 1958-59 (to
         fill an unfilled position).

         Dorothy Brownfield as Associate Professor of Home
         Economics at a salary of $7800 for the academic year
         1958-59 (replacement for Dorothy Sidwell).

         Elizabeth White as Assistant Professor of Home Economics
         at a salary of $6600 for the academic year 1958-59 (new

     Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Bastian, carried
     unanimously that the personnel recommendations be approved.

Regent Thompson had to leave the meeting at 9:30 A.M. to go to
Court, and in the absence of a quorum, the meeting recessed
until Dr. Lombardi arrived at 9:45 A.M.

 5.  Bid Opening

     A meeting for opening bids was held in the President's
     office at 4 P.M. on Friday, August 1, 1958.  Notice had
     duly appeared in local papers calling for bids for Rough
     Grading for Cattle Feeding Station, Main Station Farm,
     Reno.  Present:  Engineer Rogers, Dean Adams, Comptroller
     Hayden and 2 members of Eckley Construction Company.

     Bids were opened by Mr. Hayden as follows:

         Helms Construction Company - accompanied by certified
         check - $5430.48.  Work to commence within 10 calendar
         days and be completed within 30 days.

         Eckley Construction Company - accompanied by bid bond -
         $3570.00.  Work to commence within 10 calendar days
         and be completed within 10 working days.

     The bids were referred to the University Engineer for study
     and recommendation.

     Recommendation:  The bid of Helms Construction Company is
     not acceptable as it is not signed.  The bid of Eckley
     Construction was the low bid and is consistent with the
     estimate prepared in this office.  I therefore recommend
     that this bid be accepted and a contract be drawn with this
     firm for the work involved.  The money for the project will
     be furnished by the Agriculture Experiment Station.

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             James D. Rogers
                             University Engineer


     James E. Adams, Dean Fleischmann College of Agriculture
     P. W. Hayden, Comptroller
     Wm. R. Wood, Acting President

     Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried
     unanimously that the recommendation and the awarding of
     the bid be approved.

 6.  Ladino Dairy - Elcano Request

     Dr. Wood called on Mr. Rogers to report on his study of the
     boundary line at the Ladino Dairy (University Experimental
     Dairy Farm), necessary in the consideration of the request
     for quitclaim by Attorney Clark Guild, Jr., on behalf of
     his client, Paul Elcano.  Mr. Rogers had searched the re-
     cords of deeds, maps and available agreements regarding the
     boundary line, but the results of the study were not con-
     clusive.  Upon recommendation by Dr. Wood,

     Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
     unanimously that the matter be referred to the Attorney
     General for study and advice, and that Attorney Guild be
     so notified.

 7.  Housing and Home Finance Agency

     Dr. Wood received a letter dated July 16, 1958 from the
     Housing and Home Finance Agency enclosing an agreement for
     acceptance by the Board of Regents, as follows:


                             Project No. Nev. 26-P-3002
                             Contract No. H-602-517

         To:  Board of Regents, University of Nevada
              Reno, Washoe County, Nevada

         Pursuant to the provisions of Public Law 560, 83rd
         Congress, as amended, and your application, as modified
         and supplemented, and subject to the terms and condi-
         tions, dated ------, attached hereto and made a part
         hereof, the United States of America, acting by and
         through the Housing and Home Finance Administrator,
         hereby offers to make you an advance of not to exceed
         $51,761 to aid you in financing the cost of plan
         preparation, to consist of preparation of final plans
         comprising complete working drawings, specifications,
         cost estimates, soil tests and related work to allow
         advertising and bidding for the proposed construction
         of College housing units (housing for married students;
         men's dormitory and dining hall).

         By the acceptance of this offer, you agree to complete
         the above-described plan preparation within 130 days
         from the date hereof and covenant that you will repay
         the advance when required to do so under the provisions
         of said Law and terms and conditions.

         This offer must be accepted, if at all, within 60 days
         from the date hereof.

         This 16th day of July, 1958.

                             UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
                             Housing and Home Finance Admin.

                         /s/ Robert E. Mc Cabe
                             Acting Regional Administrator

     In order that no unnecessary time would be lost to the
     University, Chairman Grant had requested the Secretary to
     poll the Board of Regents by telephone, and the vote was:
     Anderson, Broadbent, Elwell, Grant, Lombardi, Thompson -
     in favor of accepting the agreement; Regents Bastian, Hardy
     and Sawyer were traveling and could not be reached.  Having
     received a majority vote of the Board, the Chairman signed
     the agreement.  The matter was here presented for ratifi-
     cation and inclusion in the minutes.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried
     unanimously that the acceptance of the agreement and the
     signature by Chairman Grant be ratified.

 8.  Housing and Dining Hall Fees

     Dr. Wood presented the recommendations of the Housing -
     Dining Hall Fee Committee, as follows:  These rates were
     set to meet the loan obligation with the Housing and Home
     Finance Agency, in the event the University receives the
     money for construction of married housing, dormitories and
     dining hall.

         As the result of the deliberations of the Housing and
         Dining Hall Committee, it is respectfully requested
         that the following fees be put into effect for the
         below new housing units and dining hall when completed:

             Dining Hall               $540 per academic year
             New Dormitories           $200 per academic year
             Married Student Housing   $65 per month - plus

         It is further recommended that effective September 1,
         1959 rates for Lincoln Hall, Hartman Hall, Manzanita
         and Artemisia be as follows:

             Lincoln Hall              $190 per academic year
             Artemisia Hall            $190 per academic year
             Manzanita Hall            $190 per academic year
             Hartman Hall              No change - $90 per
                                       academic semester

                             Respectfully submitted,

                         /s/ Sam M. Basta
                             Chairman Housing-Dining Hall
                             Fee Committee (Ad Hoc)

         cc:  Dean Mobley
              Robert L. Kersey
              P. W. Hayden
              James Rogers

     Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
     unanimously that the recommendation be accepted and the
     fees set accordingly.

 9.  Orr Ditch Solution

     Mr. Rogers reported on progress in negotiations with the
     Orr Ditch Company, as per Resolution in minutes of meeting
     of June 1, 1958.  The agreement proposed by the Orr Ditch
     Company had been submitted to the Attorney General, who
     replied, "This office has examined the proposed contract
     between the University of Nevada and the Orr Ditch Company
     relating to the construction of a siphon to alter the course
     of the Orr Ditch located on the University Campus, and we
     approve the contract as to its form."  A letter from the
     State Engineer stated, "This office becomes involved in
     matters pertaining to change of point of diversion of water
     from the natural stream (Truckee River), place of use or
     manner of existing water rights; therefore, improvements
     or realignments on the ditch are matters to be taken up
     with the officials of Orr Ditch Company."

     Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Mr. Bastian, carried
     unanimously that the President be authorized to execute
     an agreement with the Orr Ditch Company for construction
     and maintenance of the proposed siphon, in accordance with
     terms of enabling legislation.

10.  Paving - Wells Avenue

     Mr. Hayden presented a letter from the City of Reno Comp-
     troller requesting formal approval by the Board of Regents
     for claim against the State in the amount of $10,500 for
     the University's share of the paving project on North Wells
     Avenue from East Ninth Street north to Sadlier Way to comply
     with provisions of Assembly Bill No. 356.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried unani-
     mously, that contingent upon appropriate checkings by the
     University Engineer, the City Comptroller be notified that
     the Board of Regents approves payment, in the amount of
     $10,005 as provided by legislation.

11.  Biennial Budgets

     Dr. Wood discussed the process by which the budgets were
     checked and studied since the last meeting of the Board.
     He and Mr. Hayden met each Dean and Division Head individu-
     ally, went over the compilation of requests from the faculty
     in an attempt to remove errors, inconsistencies and dupli-
     cations on personnel and equipment.  The requests were
     checked against increased enrollment and expenses of the
     program, and as a result, certain revisions are here pre-
     sented.  The Regents were given statements of changes for
     further study, with action on the entire budget to be taken
     at the next meeting.

     The Regents requested that the Deans and Division Heads
     again review carefully, with the Acting President and the
     Comptroller, the total budget with a view to possible re-
     duction prior to the final presentation to the Regents at
     the September meeting.

12.  Engineering Transfer Board

     At the suggestion of Mr. Elwell, the Transfer Board in the
     College of Engineering was discussed, with the view to its
     immediate improvement.  The unsafe condition with this
     Transfer Board was brought to the attention of the Regents
     by Dean Blodgett in his presentation of budget needs at the
     last meeting of the Board.

     Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried unani-
     mously that the Dean of Engineering and the University En-
     gineer be asked to check into the conditions of the Transfer
     Board to see what can be done to improve the safety factors,
     and to report at the September meeting.

The next meeting was set for Saturday, September 6, 1958.

The meeting adjourned at 1 P.M.