UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
August 1-2, 1891


Volume OB - Pages 141-143

Reno, Nevada

August 1, 1891

A meeting of the Board of Regents was held this day, a full

Board being present. Also President of the University, Stephen

A. Jones.

Minutes of meetings held June 29th and July 11th were read and


Claims for July against the University were allowed as follows:

Mary W. Emery 154.16

S. A. Jones 108.66

Robert Lewers 50.00

Geo. H. Taylor 25.00

S. G. Kendall 75.00

Donald Mc Kay 75.00

John F. Aitken 12.75

Nevada State Journal 16.50

Reno Evening Gazette 25.80

G. H. Taylor 21.10

Morris Levy 14.65

Lange & Schmitt 57.95

Samuel Durkee 42.00

Bancroft & Bros. 40.00

J. J. Walker 1,200.00

J. D. Torreyson 16.00

R. K. Colcord 34.50

J. W. Haines 48.00

Total $2,017.07

A notification from the Reno Water Land and Light Company of an

increase in water rate from $400 to $600 per annum on and after

July 1, 1891 was ordered placed on file.

It was ordered that President Jones be authorized to purchase

1/2 dozen walnut chairs for Regents, at a cost from $12.00 to

to $15.00 each.

It was ordered that J. J. Walker contraction of Laboratory

building be authorized to put transoms over all doors, belt

course of brick between first and second stories all around

building, rustic corners of building and trimmings on all windows

at a cost not to exceed Two Hundred Dollars.

On motion of Governor Colcord, seconded by J. D. Torreyson,

Miss H. Clapp was elected Preceptress and Librarian at a

salary of Fifteen Hundred per annum commencing from September

1, 1891 and that she be required to reside at the Dormitory

building. They voted as follows:

Governor R. K. Colcord Y

J. D. Torreyson Y

H. L. Fish Y

J. W. Haines Y

E. T. George Y

and the Secretary was instructed to inform Miss Clapp of same.

On the motion of Governor Colcord, seconded by J. W. Haines, it

was ordered that the President of the University be instructed

to employ a teacher in English Literature at an annual salary of

$1,500 Fifteen Hundred Dollars, this action being a unanimous

vote of the Board.

The personal invitation of Mr. John M. Fulton, Manager of the

Nevada Coal Roadway, to the Board of Regents and the President

of the University to take a ride over their road Sunday August

2nd was accepted and a vote of thanks was offered to Mr. Fulton.

Claims against the University and Agriculture and Mechanical

College Fund for July were also allowed.

Saul Carson Company 438.10

Robert Lewers 100.00

Stephen A. Jones 108.66

John M. Neall 75.00

W. Mc N. Miller 166.66

R. D. Jackson 166.66

Miss H. K. Clapp 141.66

Charles Magill 49.00

Geo. H. Taylor 5.61

Scientific Pub Co. 5.00

Henry Neil Chem Co. 6.40

C. E. Clough 38.00

C. A. Bragg 75.00

Total $1,375.75

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

E. T. George


Geo. H. Taylor