UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 31, 1912

Volume OD - Pages 434-437

                         Reno, Nevada
                        July 31, 1912

The Regents met in their Office in Morrill Hall at 10 o'clock
Wednesday, July 31, 1912.  Present:  Regents Williams, Codd,
Henderson, O'Brien, Reid and President Stubbs.

The Board and the President of the University visited the
Electrical building and accepted same from the Contractor, W.
G. Mc Ginty, and ordered the final payment under the contract
to be paid as follows:  W. G. Mc Ginty the Contractor presented
his claim for $6709.69, less the item of interest in his bill
$80.35, making a balance due of $6629.34.  Upon motion of Dr.
Reid, seconded by Regent Henderson, the above was accepted.

The minutes of the meeting held June 27, 1912 were read and

Upon motion of Regent Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, the
report of the President of the University was ordered received
and filed.

Upon motion of Regent Reid, seconded by Regent Henderson, the
appointment of Scott Jameson by the President as Headmaster of
Lincoln Hall and Acting Superintendent of Buildings at a salary
of $1400 per annum, to be paid monthly, and that he be required
to board at the Dining Hall during the months the University is
in session and pay the same for board that students are charged,
was approved.

The President submitted the following letter:

                                           July 31, 1912

To the Chairman and Members
of the Board of Regents
University of Nevada


I hereby request a leave of absence on full pay for the purpose
of travel, study and research for one year from August 15, 1912
to August 15, 1913, it being understood by the Board of Regents
individually and collectively that they expect me to return and
resume my duties and responsibilities at the end of this leave
of absence and continue in my position until Commencement Day
in May, 1915, when I will be entitled to retire upon a Carnegie

If I shall return to the United States after the holidays and
give my time and strength to securing further gifts toward the
upbuilding of the University, then the Regents shall allow me
a reasonable amount for expenses in addition to my salary.  It
is understood that in taking my leave of absence at this time
that the expenses incurred in the fitting up of the President's
Office shall be met by the Board of Regents.

                             Very respectfully yours,

                             J. E. Stubbs

Upon motion of Regent Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, a recess
was taken until 7:30 o'clock this evening and the Chairman asked
to appoint a Committee to draw resolutions with reference to
granting the President of the University a leave of absence as
requested.  The Chairman appointed Regents Williams, Henderson
and Reid a Committee to draw the resolutions.

At 7:30 P.M. the meeting took up after its recess.

The following Resolutions were submitted by the Committee and
adopted by the Board of Regents:

    WHEREAS, the President of the University of Nevada, Dr.
    Joseph E. Stubbs, has requested a leave of absence, and

    WHEREAS, he has given, without interruption, a long number
    of years to the management and direction of the University,

    WHEREAS, we deem it a just recognition of his untiring ef-
    forts during the past 18 years in its behalf, and also an
    advantage to the University itself that he take a much needed
    vacation, and by travel and by contact with other educational
    institutions of learning broaden his vision of educational
    matters generally, THEREFORE, BE IT

    RESOLVED, that President Joseph E. Stubbs be and he is hereby
    granted a leave of absence, with full pay, for the period of
    one year from and beginning August 10th, 1912; when he shall
    return to the active management of the University until he
    reaches his age limit in 1915.

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that, during the year's absence of
    President Stubbs, Professor Robert Lewers, Vice President
    of the University, assume the management with full power to
    act under the direction of the Board of Regents.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent Reid, the
following resolution was put and carried:

    RESOLVED, that pending a more thorough revision of the Course
    of Study for the College of Arts and Science the subject,
    "English Literature", be taken from Division II of Junior
    College requirements, and be combined with "English Language"
    in Division I.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent O'Brien, the
following motion was put and carried:

    RESOLVED, that all applicants for admission to this Univer-
    sity who do not present Diplomas from accredited High
    Schools shall be examined in all subjects offered by the
    Head of such Department, and that all examination papers,
    with markings, shall be preserved.

This rule shall apply to former students in the University High
School as well as others.

Following is the bill of W. G. Mc Ginty:

    In account with the Hon. Board of Regents, N. S. U.

    To the 4th and last payment due on contract
        July 21, 1911                                    $6304.50
    To balance due on machinery piping contract           2400.00
    To 256 cu yds dirt filled under cement
        floors @50 cents                       $ 128.00
    To int. on borrowed money from date payt.
        was due until paid                        80.35
    To 4" addition in wall to 59 ft. of front
        of building                               60.00
    To O. P. lumber in truss used instead of
        native pine as specified                  30.00
    To completing concrete conduit trenches       80.00
    To changing painting of woodwork from
        gloss to dull finish                      10.00
    To 4 cu yds of concrete work inside @$9.00    36.00
    To building connection between the two
        buildings as per contract                350.00    774.35
                             Sub-Total                   $9478.85

    To cr. for 4 cars stone                    $4311.00
    Less freight (bills enclosed)               1616.84
    To credit for gauge board                     75.00   2769.16
                             Balance                     $6709.69