UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 30-31, 1986


Pages 26-30

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                          July 30, 1986

A special meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order at

11:55 A.M. in the Green Room, Artemus Ham Concern Hall, Univer-

sity of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present:  Mr. Daniel J. Klaich, Chairman

                  Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

                  Mr. Joseph M. Foley

                  Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

                  Mr. Chris Karamanos

                  Mrs. Joan Kenney

                  Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

                  Mrs. Carolyn Sparks

Members absent:   Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present:   Mr. Mark H. Dawson, Deputy Chancellor

                  President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

                  President John Gwaltney, TMCC

                  President George Hidy, DRI

                  President Robert C. Maxson, UNLV

                  President Paul Meacham, CCCC

                  Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

                  Dr. Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor

                  Mr. Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor

                  Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs Donald Jessup (UNR) and

Gary Jones (UNLV) and Student Association Officers Todd Plimpton,

ASUN, and Kirk Hendrick, CSUN.

Chairman Klaich stated that the purpose of the meeting was to ex-

plain the procedures of the search for a new Chancellor and to

receive input from the Board members and constituencies of the

search.  The Search Committee adopted procedures, including a

timetable which could be changed at any step in the process

should circumstances warrant.  Mr. Klaich indicated that the

Committee agreed the search will completed when the right person

has been found for the position.

 1.  Consideration of the Chancellor Search Procedures

     Mr. Klaich, in outlining the search procedures, gave his

     personal perception of the search, indicated the position

     was defined in the report of the 1985 System Governance

     Study as Chaired by Regent Foley, and emphasized that this

     was not a new governance study and that the concepts of that

     study and the duties of the Chancellor would not change.

     Ms. Del Papa agreed, and complimented the Secretary and her

     staff for the procedures manual.

     Mr. Karamanos stated that, in his opinion, the Chancellor

     should not be UNS Chief Executive Officer, and that the

     title should be changed to Executive Director.  He emphasiz-

     ed that the Campuses have strong Presidents who contact the

     Board directly, and that the System is operating now in an

     Executive Director's mode.

     Mr. Karamanos urged the Committee to define the duties and

     to be certain these duties are explained to the candidates.

     Mrs. Sparks remarked that she felt the Board is looking for

     a person who will coordinate the activities of the System

     and act as liaison between the Presidents and the Board mem-

     bers, stating that it is not feasible to have 7 Presidents

     reporting directly to 9 Regents.  Ms. Del Papa reminded the

     Board that this was a major topic of discussion in the Sys-

     tem Governance Study.  She argued that the title of Chancel-

     lor carried a great deal of recognition outside the System

     and with organizations, and strongly urged that the title

     be retained.

     Mrs. Gallagher stated she felt they were not looking for

     someone to administer a Campus, but rather someone to serve

     as Head of the System Office and to act as Chief Executive

     Officer for the Board of Regents.  Further, she stated she

     felt it was impossible for 7 Presidents to portray the Sys-

     tem as a whole, and no one could administer a Campus as well

     as the President.

     Mr. Klasic, in response to a question, stated that the defi-

     nition of Chancellor has been given in broad statements,

     with certain duties as outlined in the Regents Bylaws, and

     this flexibility was built in for the benefit of the Board.

     Mr. Klaich related that he felt one of the most clear state-

     ments to come from the Governancy Study was that the posi-

     tion of Chancellor was to be an integral one in which the

     7 Presidents and the Chancellor work as a team for the bene-

     fit of the System.

     President Maxson presented 3 recommendations on behalf of

     President Crowley (who was on a family vacation and unable

     to attend the meeting), and himself:

     1.  The Board should consider only those candidates who have

         extensive higher education experience.

     2.  Candidates should clearly understand the job description

         as approved by the Board as a result of the System

         Governance Study.

     3.  The Search Committee should set up an orderly and organ-

         ized procedure for Campuses to have input about candi-

         dates prior to a final decision.

     Responding to the recommendation, Mr. Klaich stated he felt

     giving more weight to candidates with a higher education

     background would be a reasonable approach, and that the

     System Governance Study could certainly be explained to

     candidates.  As for the 3rd recommendation, he commented

     that if the Chancellor is expected to serve as liaison for

     the Board, then the Board would be the best group to make

     that decision.  He reiterated that it was absolutely criti-

     cal for there to be cohesion between the Chancellor and the


     President Calabro related that it is extremely important to

     the Community Colleges that the Chancellor be sensitive to

     their role in higher education and stressed that the working

     relationship developed with the Chancellor's Office staff

     is outstanding and that they would not want to see any

     change in that relationship.

     Mr. Jessup related that the UNR Faculty Senate strongly sup-

     ports the 3 recommendations and stated it would like to be

     involved in the interview and "winnowing" processes.  Dr.

     Jones agreed, and related his experiences as a member of the

     Institutional Committee during the UNLV Presidential search.

     Mr. Plimpton, ASUN President, requested that students be on

     the Search Committee.

     President Gwaltney, TMCC President, commented that the cali-

     ber of the person UNS is looking for also is in great demand

     elsewhere.  He complimented the Board on the process used

     during the recent TMCC Presidential search when he was a

     candidate, and related that he felt the hospitality shown

     the candidates was outstanding and provided a very good

     opportunity to meet the faculty, Presidents, students and


     Mr. Foley stressed that UNS Code does not provide specific

     procedures for a search, and that personal information on

     candidates is needed; however, confidentiality of those

     candidates must be maintained.  Ms. Del Papa related that

     on each of the Search Committees in which she has been a

     member, personal contacts pertaining to the candidates have

     been made, that it is absolutely essential that this be


     Mr. Klasic informed the Board that the UNS Code states there

     shall be 4 Regents on the Search Committee, and that it also

     makes provision for an advisory committee consisting of

     Presidents, Faculty Senate Chairs and Student Government

     Officers.  Any deviation from this would require a Code

     change which would take several months to become effective.

     Mr. Foley moved that the Board encourage the ad hoc Chan-

     cellor Search Committee to seek the input of the advisory

     committee.  Mrs. Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.

Mr. Karamanos left the meeting.

     Mr. Foley moved that the Committee be instructed to include

     in the materials being mailed to candidates, the statement

     from the Governance Study which defines the Chancellor's

     duties.  Mrs. Sheerin seconded.  Motion carried.

     Mrs. Sheerin moved that the Board recommend to the Search

     Committee that extensive higher education experience be

     preferred for candidates.  Mrs. Kenney seconded.  Motion


 2.  Approved Committee to Contract with Professional Search


     The Board approved a request allowing the Committee to enter

     into a contract with a professional search service should

     they determine one is needed.

     Contact had been made with the Professional Search Consulta-

     tion Service, which is sanctioned by the Association of

     Governing Boards.  A proposal for $16,000 for certain serv-

     ices to the Board and Search Committee has been received

     from that service.

     Ms. Del Papa moved to give authority to the ad hoc Chancel-

     lor Search Committee to enter into a contract with the

     Professional Search Consultation Service should the Commit-

     tee deem it advisable.  Mrs. Kenney seconded.  Motion car-


     Mrs. Gallagher stated that she was very pleased with the

     strong Campus Presidents currently in office, and urged the

     Committee to seek professional services if there does not

     appear to be a complete pool of applicants.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 P.M.

                             Mary Lou Moser