UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 29-30, 1921

Volume OE - Pages 298-299

                         Reno, Nevada
                        July 29, 1921

The Board of Regents met in the Office of the President at 10
o'clock Friday morning, July 29, 1921.  There were present Mrs.
Hood, Mr. Pratt, Judge Curler and Judge Talbot, Vice President
Lewers and Comptroller Gorman.

On motion of Judge Talbot the minutes of June 30th, 1921 meet-
ing of the Board were approved by the following vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye

List No. 11 of State Claims Nos. 87 to 97 inclusive, for the net
sum of $16,001.56, and List No. 8, covering Regents Checks Nos.
1058 to 1063, for the net sum of $28,647.84, were approved.  Mr.
Pratt made the motion.  Vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye

Mr. Fisher, the Government Auditor of the Smith-Lever funds,
appeared before the Board.  On being asked by Judge Curler how
our University system of accounting compared with the systems
in other states, Mr. Fisher said that he and Mr. Graham had the
entire territory of the United States with the exception of the
15 southern states, that Mr. Graham, who last year covered the
territory stated that the University of Nevada system of account-
ing was the best he had ever found.  Mr. Fisher told the Board
that he wished Mr. Gorman might be borrowed for a month or 6
weeks to instruct other institutions in a like system of book-
keeping and the handling of their cash.  Mr. Fisher was authoriz-
ed by the Board to suggest to any institution which might wish
to adopt our system that we would be willing to lend Mr. Gorman
for this purpose at any time which would not seriously interfere
with the work of this office.  Mr. Fisher said that they have
always looked forward with pleasure to coming to Nevada, not
only on account of the fine climate but because they never have
to disallow anything; also, this is one of the very few insti-
tutions whose books are closed and really ready to be audited
prior to September 1st.  He stated that they were well pleased
with Mr. Creel as Director of the Extension Division.

Comptroller Gorman reported that a City ordinance prohibited the
use of a larger oil storage tank than a 1500-gallon capacity tank
and that such tank, according to the ordinance, should be 4 feet
underground.  At the last City Council meeting, Councilman Smith
brought before the Council the University's request that the
ordinance be so amended that State Institutions might use a
larger storage tank.  After considerable discussion of the de-
tails of the oil storage tank question, Mrs. Hood moved that
Comptroller Gorman be authorized to appear before City Council
at its meeting this evening and ask that the ordinance be fur-
ther amended to allow us to place our storage tank above ground.
The tank, according to suggestion of Fire Chief Hawcroft, should
be 100 feet removed from any building in order to meet with his
approval.  Vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye

Mr. Pratt reported on his trip to the Hercules Powder Company's
plant to inspect their second-hand 30,000-gallon tank.  After
seeing the tank, he went on to the San Francisco office of the
Company and asked them for their best bid on this tank.  They
made a price of $900 on the tank and finally offered it for $800.
It is easily worth twice this amount.  This tank weighs about
8 tons and the rate from San Francisco to Reno is 92 1/2 cents
per hundred; therefore, the freight would be about $148.  Fol-
lowed discussion as to wisdom of getting a second-hand tank and
having to furnish our own man to erect the tank on the Campus
as against a new tank to be purchased from the Ocean Shore or
Western Pipe and Steel Company, either of whom would send a
competent man along to erect the tank on the Campus.

It was finally moved by Judge Talbot that it is the sense of
the Board of Regents that the tank which the Hercules Powder
Company offered to the University at the price of $800 f. o. b.
Hercules, should be purchased and that Regent Pratt and Comp-
troller Gorman are authorized to make the necessary contracts
to purchase the tank; and they are further authorized to take
such steps as they deem necessary to have the tank properly
erected on the grounds.  Vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye

Judge Curler suggested that Comptroller Gorman should see to it
that a proper resolution re. sale of land by the Evans Estate
Company should appear on the records of the Company or be made
a part of the deed to this property to the University.  This Mr.
Gorman said he would attend to.

Mr. Gorman asked to be authorized to purchase a centrifugal oil
pump for the transference of the oil in the storage tank.  Dean
Sibley recommended the Kinney Centrifugal Oil Pump but did not
have a price on this pump; the price probably would not exceed
$350.  On motion of Regent Talbot Mr. Gorman was authorized to
purchase such a pump at cost not to exceed $400.  Vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye

Comptroller Gorman stated to the Board that the cost of paving
the roadway from the University gates to the upper side of the
bridge would be in the neighborhood of $950 - 5,000 square feet
at 19 cents per sq. ft.  The Regents were of the opinion that
there were no funds available for this purpose.  Mr. Gorman sug-
gested that out of the appropriation made by the State Legis-
lature to the City Council of Reno for the purpose of paving
"University property", there might be sufficient balance to take
care of this piece of paving and stated that he would inquire
into the matter.  It seems that the cost of the work has de-
creased since the appropriation was made and that good founda-
tions were found for the paving on Virginia Street so the entire
amount appropriated has not been needed for University paving.

After some discussion regarding the changed position of the gate
posts authorized at the June 30th meeting of the Board, Mr. Pratt
moved that the distance between the large and small posts on
either side of the driveway be placed somewhat further apart than
they now are, sufficiently far apart that the space between them
may equal the width of the sidewalk for pedestrians if it can
be done for not to exceed an additional $100 to the sum already
decided upon for this purpose.  Vote:

    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Judge Curler         No; on the question of additional ex-
                             pense, though he saw no objection
                             if the change could be made without
                             additional cost.

Comptroller Gorman was of opinion that the change could be made
without additional cost.

No further business appearing, the Board moved to adjourn.  It
was understood that unless matters of general interest should
develop in the meantime, the members of the Finance Committee
only should be called for the meeting at the end of August.

Carolyn M. Beckwith