UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 27-28, 1908


Volume OD - Pages 53-54

                         Reno, Nevada

                        July 27, 1908

The Board of Regents met at their Office in Morrill Hall at 9:30

A.M., Monday, July 27, 1908.  All members of the Board and the

President of the University were present.

Minutes of meeting held July 9 read and, upon motion, approved.

Upon motion of Regent Lewers, seconded by Regent Souchereau, the

following resolution was unanimously carried:

    It is hereby RESOLVED, by the Board of Regents of the Univer-

    sity of Nevada, that no honorary degrees be hereafter granted

    by this University except for distinguished and unusual pub-

    lic, scientific, literary or educational attainments, and

    then only when the University shall have advanced to the

    point where it can confer the academic, master's or doctor's

    degree for work actually done, of a grade equal to that re-

    quired in other Colleges and Universities of recognized


    The University may confer the bachelor's degree upon such

    persons as, in the opinion of the President, the Academic

    Council and the Board of Regents, have done work in some

    scientific or literary line substantially equal to that

    required by the University for a similar degree obtained by

    resident work.

    In no case shall any of the before mentioned degrees be

    granted, or in any way announced to the proposed candi-

    dates until they have been finally voted on by the Board

    of Regents.

The following resolution to the Honorary Board of Visitors was


    It is moved, seconded and carried that the President of the

    University inform the Chairman of the Honorary Board of

    Visitors that the recommendations of that Board have been

    received by the Regents of the University and carefully

    considered, and that the President of the University is

    directed to make the following reply in substance:

    First.  That if the Legislature will make the necessary ap-

    propriation, the incoming Board of Regents will, in all

    probability, employ the best man that can be obtained for the

    amount appropriated as Head of the College of Engineering.

    Second.  That as regards the work now being done in the

    School of Mines, the Board of Regents would like to have the

    people making criticisms of inefficiency appear before the

    Board of Regents and also give the Professors complained of

    a chance to be heard.

    Third.  That this Board does not feel that it is fair to

    either the University or its faculty to rely upon hearsay

    testimony in matters of such importance as that presented,

    but desires to give a full, just and impartial hearing to

    all parties concerned, and will gladly meet at any time

    and in any place to hear evidence.

Upon the recommendation of Professor George J. Young, President

Stubbs nominates Mr. Jay A. Carpenter, a graduate from the School

of Mines in June, 1907, to be appointed Instructor in Mining and

Metallurgy in the Mackay School of Mines for the year beginning

September 1, 1908, and ending August 31, 1909, and that his sal-

ary be placed at Twelve Hundred dollars per year, payable month-

ly.  The President further recommends that Mr. Carpenter be

charged with the duty of doing the State Analytical work also.

Upon motion, the above nomination was duly approved.

The President of the University submitted his monthly report,

which was ordered filed.

Claims were submitted and approved as follows:

    Contingent Fund and Interest Account       $3356.12

    Cement Walks                                 716.00

    Central Heating Plant                        759.44

    Morrill Fund, A & M College                 6670.80

    Mackay School of Mines, Instruction Fund    1000.00

Upon motion of Regents Lewers, seconded by Regent Sunderland,

the Attorneys on this Board were authorized to confer with

Messrs. Cheney, Massey & Price, Attorneys, relating to the

Estate of David Russell, and any expenses connected with the

Estate to be paid for by the University.

Balances in the several funds, June 30, 1908:

    Contingent Fund and Interest Account

        Salaries and Equipment               $ 8,511.83

        Cement Walks                           2,322.10

        Income (Bennett Bequest)                  32.00

    Experiment Station

        Live Stock                           $   508.93

        Horticulture (Farm Sales)                139.55

        Botanical    (Farm Sales)                  5.80

        Miscellaneous                             25.00

        Mackay School of Mines (Inst. Fund)    6,000.00

Funds overdrawn, June 30, 1908:

    Central Heating Plant        (State)     $ 7,070.39

    Building and Repairs         (State)       1,154.74

    A & M College, Morrill Fund               11,182.32

    Experiment Station, Adams Fund               187.09

    Experiment Station, Hatch Fund               838.87

    Experiment Station, Farm Sales               640.76

No further business, the Board adjourned to meet at the call of

the Chairman.

                             Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor