UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

July 26-27, 1949 

Volume 6 - Pages 158-160

                        July 26, 1949

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in the Presi-
dent's office at 3 P.M., July 26, 1949.  Present:  Regents Ross,
Hilliard; Acting President Parker, Comptroller Hayden.

Mr. Hayden presented a summary showing totals by Department of
the faculty pay schedules as authorized at the meeting of the
Board of Regents, June 2-4, 1949, supported by a detailed break-
down of individual salaries as approved for the College of Arts
and Science and the College of Engineering.  It was noted that
the definition of the University faculty included in page 42 of
the University catalogue does not include the Comptroller as a
member, and that therefore his increase in salary is not charge-
able against the appropriation of $125,000.

Pursuant to a request from the President following the June meet-
ing of the Board, the various Colleges and the Library had re-
duced their budgets by the following amounts:

    Agriculture              $ 2,755.00
    Engineering               10,000.00
    Arts and Science           7,260.40
    Library                    7,500.00
        Total                $27,515.40

thus making this sum available for increases in salaries for the
clerical and Buildings and Grounds personnel.

The summary provided a separate column for those cases in which
a faculty member who had left the University was replaced by
someone at a higher rate of pay.  The question was raised by the
Comptroller as to whether these increases could properly be
charged against the $125,000 appropriated for increases in facul-
ty pay, or whether, being granted for members of the faculty who
were in the employ of the University at the time the appropria-
tion was passed by the Legislature, these salary amounts would
have to come out of the $684,489 appropriated for basic salaries.
The Executive Committee decided that these increases, amounting
to about $12,000 for the biennium, could properly be charged
against the appropriation of $125,000.

The Comptroller reported that after deducting this amount of
$12,000 there would still be a cushion of about $19,000 available
other demands which might arise during the biennium.

Mr. Ross noted that the pay of Mr. Richards, a new Assistant Pro-
fessor in English, was almost equal to that of Dr. Gorrell, who
is one of the senior members of the faculty.  It was agreed by
the Executive Committee that the future policy should be to give
preference in salary increases to the permanent faculty members
who have been at the University of Nevada over a long period of

Public Service Divisions

    Mr. Hayden pointed out that Edward Records, Veterinary
    Control, had not been granted an increase in salary from
    Veterinary Control funds at the June 4 meeting of the Board
    of Regents.  The matter will be taken up at the next meeting
    of the Board of Regents.

Extension Division Salary Increases

    The revised salary budget for the Extension Division was not
    yet in form for final study and consideration was deferred
    until the next regular meeting of the full Board.  Mr. Hayden
    stated that the budget for the Extension Division was usually
    not received in his office until August and any increases
    subsequently approved by the Board could be made retroactive
    to July 1.  He was instructed by the Executive Committee to
    continue to approve essential expenditures.

State Analytical Laboratory

    Col. Parker presented a letter from Walter Palmer requesting
    an increase in salary from State Analytical Laboratory Funds
    for Claude Hammond.  The matter is to be presented at the
    next regular meeting of the Board.

Public Service Committees

    Col. Parker noted that at the last meeting of the Board there
    was some discussion as to whether or not there should be a
    Public Service Committee to pass on raises and coordinate
    them in the same manner as the Deans' Committee functions.
    It was recommended that it be put on the agenda for the next
    regular meeting of the Board.

Equipment in the President's Home

    Col. Parker stated that Dr. Moseley would like to sell to the
    University the following items which he has purchased:

        1.  7 kitchen cabinets               $215

        2.  Laundry equipment, including
            General Electric dryer and        200
            Bendix washing machine            125

    Col. Parker recommended that the cabinets and dryer be pur-
    chased by the University but not the rest of the equipment.
    It was unanimously agreed that the cabinets be purchased for
    $200, but that Col. Parker look into the prices of new dryers
    and present these figures at the next regular meeting of the
    Board.  Col. Parker also recommended that the University pur-
    chase rugs for the dining room, hall and living room.  No
    action was taken at this time.  Col. Parker stated that Carl
    Horn had estimated the cost of painting and retouching the
    President's home would be $400.  It was unanimously agreed
    that not over $400 be authorized for this purpose.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 P.M.  The date of the next regular
meeting of the Board was set for August 26, 1949.