UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 24-25, 1980


Pages 134-155



July 24-25, 1980

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Carlson

Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Molly F. Knudtsen

Dr. Louis E. Lombardi

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Members absent: Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph N. Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford J. Murino, DRI

Vice Chancellor and General Counsel Larry


Secretary Bonnie Smotony

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 10:35 A.M.

1. Presentation of 1981-1983 Biennial Budget Request

The Biennial Budget Request for 1981-83 was submitted for

consideration, with each of the Officers commenting on his

specific appropriation area, as follows:

A. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - President Goodall sum-

marized the requests contained in the UNLV General Oper-

ating Budget ($54,902,737); Intercollegiate Athletics

($1,945,565), Statewide Programs ($1,181,720), and

Business Center-South ($2,326,527). A copy of President

Goodall's memorandum of explanation and justification is

filed with permanent minutes.

2. Report Regarding NCAA/WAC/UNLV Relationship

Discussion of the budget was temporarily deferred to receive

a report from President Goodall concerning the status of

UNLV's application to WAC, and the institution's relation-

ship with the NCAA, as requested by Regent Buchanan.

Dr. Goodall referred to a memorandum (which had been mailed

to the Regents the previous week) in which he recalled that

in February, 1977 the Board had authorized then President

Baepler to negotiate with the Western Athletic Conference

concerning possible membership. Dr. Baepler subsequently

met with Officials of WAC and attended a meeting of the

Presidents' Council that Spring. In September, 1977 UNLV

received a letter from the Chairman of the WAC Presidents'

Council, indicating that they had been voted into member-

ship in WAC, subject to meeting three requirements:

(1) Attainment of Division I football status.

(2) Availability of adequate football and basketball


(3) Assurance of compliance with NCAA and WAC rules

and policies.

Because the NCAA investigation of the UNLV athletic program

was underway at that time and probation was pending, it was

clear that the third condition would mean that no further

action could be taken until the two-year probation was over.

Dr. Goodall further recalled that in August, 1979 he had

attended a meeting in Boston of the Infractions Committee

of the NCAA, at which time the Committee voted to terminate

the probation and restore UNLV to full status, thus clear-

ing the way to resume negotiations with WAC.

Subsequently, there have been two meetings with the WAC

Council of Presidents. At the first meeting in December,

1979, the WAC Presidents reaffirmed (by unanimous vote)

their decision to invite UNLV into Conference membership

and, because they continue to have questions about the

third condition, established July 1, 1981 as the potential

date for UNLV's entry into the Conference. At the second

meeting in May, 1980, a progress report on athletics admin-

istration at UNLV was presented. The next regular meeting

of the Council of Presidents will be in San Diego in Decem-

ber, 1980.

President Goodall noted that before entry into the Confer-

ence is assured, the WAC Presidents must take a vote affirm-

ing that UNLV has met the remaining condition of the three

which were stipulated, and reported that he has urged to the

Council to proceed to make that final decision. He express-

ed confidence that UNLV will be accepted on July 1, 1981.

He suggested that the major problem at this point is not

substantive, but rather seems to be a turnover in personnel;

e. g., a new WAC Commissioner, and changes in the Presidency

of several of the WAC member institutions.

Dr. Goodall stated that he and Dr. Negratti, UNLV Athletic

Director, had discussed this matter at length and were in

agreement what the University's position in the immediate

future should be:

We continue to believe a conference affiliation is im-

portant. Such an affiliation provides goals such as

conference championships, all-conference team member-

ships, postseason play, and other incentives for both

the team as a whole and individual team members. Even

in basketball, where it is possible to be successful as

an independent school, it is easier to be assured of

postseason play in NCAA playoffs if one is a member of

a conference. In addition, conference membership pro-

vides help to the institution in assuring supervision

and discipline of a program.

We believe UNLV should continue its serious discus-

sions with the Western Athletic Conference. WAC is a

strong conference, made up of very fine Universities

in the region, and we consider it worthwhile for these

negotiations to continue at this time.

We believe the WAC Council of Presidents should be

urged to make a final decision at their meeting in De-

cember and that they should reaffirm their earlier unan-

imous decision inviting UNLV into membership. Several

of the WAC Presidents have stated that the issue of

UNLV's membership is a "when" question and not an "if"

question. I believe that is an appropriate interpreta-

tion of the matter.

To meet the second of the three conditions, our State,

county, and local officials have committed tremendous

amounts of money, effort and time toward the goal of WAC

membership. We have taken every possible internal step

within the University to comply with the third condi-

tion. Accordingly, Dr. Negratti and I both believe that

it is appropriate to expect an affirmative decision from

WAC at the time of the next meeting.

Dr. Negratti and I are both aware that there is inter-

est among some on Campus and in the community for main-

taining an independent (nonconference) position or af-

filiating with a different conference. Both of these

alternatives present certain advantages and disadvan-

tages. We shall keep our option open, and we may want

to seriously consider those alternatives at an appro-

priate time. We believe, however, that in view of our

commitment to WAC and their commitment to us, our cur-

rent efforts should be devoted to planning for an en-

trance into WAC next July.

Mr. Buchanan moved that the Board's interest in UNLV's mem-

bership in WAC be reaffirmed, that Counsel be requested to

provide an opinion as to the contractual status of the ap-

plication now before WAC and that the Board take another

look at the matter in December. Motion seconded by Mr.

Ross, carried without dissent.

Discussion resumed on Item 1, Presentation of Biennial Budget

Request for 1981-83

B. University of Nevada, Reno - President Crowley summariz-

ed the requests contained in the UNR General Operating

Budget ($64,136,071), Intercollegiate Athletics

($1,916,012), Statewide Programs ($4,137,155), School

of Medicine ($14,333,424), Cooperative Extension Service

($6,399,671), Agricultural Experiment Station

($7,741,052), and Business Center-North ($3,350,919).

Tables were distributed showing the dollar and percent-

age increases over the current year (copies of tables

filed with permanent minutes).

Meeting adjourned for lunch and reconvened with Vice Chairman

Ross presiding.

C. Clark County Community College - President Eaton summar-

ized the budget request for CCCC, totaling $18,707,643

(copy of summary filed with permanent minutes).

D. Northern Nevada Community College - President Berg sum-

marized the budget request for NNCC, totaling $2,916,210

(material submitted by Dr. Berg filed with permanent


E. Truckee Meadows Community College - President Eardley

summarized the budget request for TMCC, totaling

$10,710,577 (material submitted by Mr. Eardley is filed

with permanent minutes).

F. Western Nevada Community College - President Davis sum-

marized the budget request for WNCC totaling $6,402.105.

G. Desert Research Institute - President Murino presented

a summary of DRI's budget request totaling $4,843,688

(summary filed with permanent minutes).

H. Computing Center, Press, National Direct Student Loan

Program, and System Administration - Chancellor Baepler

summarized the budget requests for the Computer Center

($5,438,978), University Press ($408,799), National

Direct Student Loan Program ($200,000) and System

Administration ($2,001,427).

The total Biennial Budget Request for 1981-1983 is for

$214,000,280 ($99,422,877 for 1981-82, and $114,577,403

for 1982-83.)

Chancellor Baepler stated that the total budget had been

developed through the efforts of a great many people since

early December, 1979, and recalled that budget parameters

had been discussed with and subsequently approved by the

Board of Regents in January, and the budget had been

developed in conformity with those parameters. He pointed

out that approximately ten to twelve percent of the budget

request is to restore the budget to what it was at the

start of the current biennium, an additional ten to twelve

percent is projected for inflation for each of the next

two years. The budget requested will provide only modest

improvement in quality, and is primarily a catch-up budget

to offset the serious inroads caused by inflation.

Mr. Ross adjourned the meeting, with an announcement that

further consideration of the budget would occur when the

meeting reconvened on Friday morning.

The meeting reconvened at 10:30 A.M., Friday, July 25, 1980,

with Chairman Cashell presiding.

Discussion resumed on Item 1, Presentation of Biennial Budget

Request for 1981-83

Chancellor Baepler noted that the Biennial Budget Request

which had been presented the previous day was the result of

a great deal of work and study over the past eight months.

He advised against changes in the budget parameters, par-

ticularly the student-faculty ratios, suggesting however

that adjustments could be made. Chancellor Baepler recom-

mended that the budget be approved on a tentative basis sub-

ject to final submission in August and that, prior to that

final submission, he be authorized to negotiate with each

of the Presidents with respect to:

1. New classified positions for the purpose of effecting

a reduction by half in the 233 requested;

2. DRI budget for the purpose of moving three of the pro-

gram areas to the New Program portions of the budget;

3. New professional positions for the purpose of effecting

a redistribution of those new positions to future fis-

cal years.

Chancellor Baepler suggested that such reductions are pos-

sible without destroying the integrity of the document.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that the Chancellor be so authorized with

the understanding that the budget will be brought back to

the Board of Regents as a whole in August and at that time

a decision will be made as to the adequacy of these adjust-

ments. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without


3. Adoption of Consent Agenda

Adoption of Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

with permanent minutes) containing the following items was


(1) Approval of minutes of meeting of June 27-28, 1980.

(2) Report of Gifts and Grants.

(3) Allocation of $5,000 from the Board of Regents Special

Project Account to the CCCC Interview and Recruiting


(4) Approval of the following UNLV fund transfers:

#81-001 $10,000 from the Contingency Fund, State Ap-

propriation, to Engineering, to be used to

compensate DRI for Engineering courses

taught by DRI faculty.

#81-002 $15,528 from Ending Fund Balance, Tonopah

Hall, to professional salaries, to provide

salary and fringe benefits for new profes-

sional position, Director of Residence Life.

(5) Allocation of $2,600 from Board of Regents Special

Projects Account to UNR to defray cost of settlement

of a lawsuit brought by Stovall Printing Co. for

alleged breach of contract.

(6) Approval of an Interfund Loan of $3,500 from UNR

Parking Permits Account to the Black Rock Press

Revolving Account to assist in publication of a book

on the Press. The loan will be repaid from proceeds

of the sale of the book.

Dr. Lombardi moved adoption of the Consent Agenda as sub-

mitted. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried without


4. Report of Finance Committee

Mr. Mc Bride presented the following report from the Finance

Committee meeting of the previous day:

The Committee refers the following requests for action to

the Board of Regents:

(1) The Committee recommends that the Administration

be authorized to request an appropriation from the

1981 Legislature of approximately $123,000 to fund

the University's participation with Clark County

in improvements to Swenson Street adjacent to the

UNLV Campus.

(2) The Committee recommends that the Board agree in

concept to a long-term lease of approximately 6.5

acres at Tropicana and Swenson Streets to the

Allied Arts Council as the site for the proposed

Visual Arts Museum, with such lease to be nego-

tiated by President Goodall within the following

general parameters:

a. The annual rental to be charged would be token


b. Construction of the Museum would commence with-

in a specified period of time (perhaps 5-7

years) or the property would revert to the Uni-

versity; however, an extension could be con-


c. The University would have approval of archi-

tectural design.

It is understood that the lease, when negotiated,

would be submitted for further Board consideration.

The Committee also:

(1) Received a report from the Financial Accounting

Services Committee. The report cited the following

three recommendations:

a. Communications between the Finance Committee of

the Board, the Business Centers and the Financial

Accounting Services Committee should be established

on a regular basis. The Financial Accounting Serv-

ices Committee felt sufficient information is not

reaching the Finance Committee to enable them to

deal adequately with all of the problems brought

to their attention.

b. Responsibilities for the reporting and control of

the financial system need to be defined. The two

Business Centers have the knowledge and ability to

perform this function and are presently sharing

this responsibility.

c. Some problems that currently exist at the Depart-

ment level can be improved by a users manual and

periodic training sessions.

It was agreed that the above three recommendations

would be implemented and that an additional list of

current and future needs identified by the Committee

would be further explored and a recommendation submit-

ted to a subsequent meeting of the Finance Committee.

(2) Received a report from Kafoury, Armstrong and Company

of an expanded audit of the UNLV Intercollegiate

Athletics Department with the understanding that the

report would be referred to the Administration and a

response would be discussed by the Committee at its

next meeting.

(3) Received a further report from the ASUN and CSUN Presi-

dents concerning the proposed changes to the student

fee structure. Opposition to any change in the current

internal distribution of the student fee was again ex-

pressed by the student body Presidents, and an alterna-

tive to the proposal now under consideration was offer-

ed. The alternative will be further discussed at the

next meeting of the Committee.

(4) Requested the Chancellor to develop an appropriate

legislative request to bring Regents per diem in line

with that which will be provided Legislators and other

elected officials subsequent to the 1981 Session.

(5) Discussed a proposal from Committee Chairman Mc Bride

that a Budget Workshop, involving Regents, Officers

and key budget staffs, be held in the Fall, preceding

the 1981 Legislative Session.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

5. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

In the absence of Committee Chairman Karamanos, Dr. Lombardi

reported that the Investment Committee had met earlier in

the day and took the following actions:

1. Heard a presentation by Mr. Donald E. Rossi, Regional

Sales Manager for Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith.

That firm wishes to supply investment performance anal-

ysis services to UNS with regard to System endowment

funds. They propose to supply an analysis of perform-

ance for the past five years, as well as quarterly re-

ports in the future, which would provide detailed infor-

mation as to how well our endowment funds are performing

in relation to other similar funds and in relation to

our own goals. Their annual fee would be $18,000 in

commissions on transactions recommended by the banks

which manage our funds.

The Committee recommended that the Board approve the

retention of this service by Merrill Lynch Pierce

Fenner and Smith.

2. In accordance with previous decisions of the Board in

approving the establishment of the foundation funds for

the individual Campuses of the System, the Committee

recommended that the Board instruct FNB to transfer to

Valley Bank those funds currently held by FNB for the

benefit of UNLV. At least $1.4 million is to be trans-

ferred on Monday, with the entire sum, plus interest

accrued to date, to be transferred when a final figure

can be calculated for the value of UNLV holdings at UNR.

3. The Committee received a recommendation from Mr. Bob

Lee of FNB for limited sales of holdings in the main

endowment fund and the Engel Unitrust, as follows:

Units Security Approx. Price

Endowment Fund

1,750 Ford Motor Co. 28

3,600 Allied Chemical Corp. 55

6,500 Inco, Ltd. 23 7/8

5,400 Eastern Gas and Fuel 26

5,500 Aetna Life and Casualty 40 1/2

Engel Unitrust

100 Esmark, Inc. Mkt

100 Allied Chemical Corp. Mkt

200 Aetna Life and Casualty Mkt

The Committee recommends approval of these sales.

4. Mr. Monte Miller of Valley Bank presented a recommenda-

tion of purchases to be carried out with the money

which will be transferred from FNB, as follows:

Approx. Yield

Amount Description Price Value to Maturity

100M U. S. Treasury Notes 96-3/4 $ 96,750 9.70%

9% due 2-15-87

50M U. S. Treasury Notes 94 47,000 9.85%

8-3/4% due 11-15-88

50M U. S. Treasury Notes 91 45,500 9.70%

8-1/4% due 5-15-90

50M U. S. Treasury Bonds 88-1/2 44,250 10.26%

8-5/8% due 11-15-93

100M U. S. Treasury Bonds 99-3/4 99,750 10.16%

10-1/8% due 11-15-94

100M U. S. Treasury Bonds 101-3/4 101,750 10.27%

10-1/2% due 2-15-95

50M U. S. Treasury Bonds 85 42,500 10.18%

8-7/8% due 8-15-00

100M U. S. Treasury Bonds 98-1/2 98,500 10.18%

10% due 8-15-00

50M U. S. Treasury Bonds 81-1/2 40,750 10.15%

8% due 8-15-01

100M U. S. Treasury Bonds 101 101,000 10.25%

10-3/8% due 11-15-09



Current Purchase Total

Shares Description of Stock Price Price Value

1,300 Boeing 39 37-1/2 $48,750

1,100 United Technologies 47-5/8 45 49,500

600 Honeywell 89 84-1/2 50,700

2,700 General Portland 21-1/2 18-1/2 49,950

2,100 Pittston 27 23-1/2 49,350

1,200 Schering Plough 41 38 45,600

2,000 Merrill Lynch 27 24 48,000

1,000 General Electric 54-5/8 50 50,000

1,100 Union Carbide 47 44 48,400

1,300 International Paper 41 38 49,400


1,300 Johnson & Johnson 80-3/4 75 97,500

1,800 Ingersoll Rand 59-3/8 54 97,200

Dr. Lombardi moved approval of the actions of the Investment

Committee as reported. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

carried without dissent.

6. Bid Opening, Campus Improvements UNLV

President Goodall reported the following bids received for

Campus improvements to accommodate the handicapped:


Bidder Base Bid A B C D

Cooke & Kerzetski Construction Company

$261,596 $23,668 $ 4,622 $ 6,487 $40,000

Zuni Construction Company

294,900 25,000 4,000 6,300 47,000

*Empire Construction Company

305,400 26,000 4,000 6,500 49,000

Alternate A - Elevator work.

Alternate B - Toilet modifications at Frazier Hall.

Alternate C - Automatic entrance at west side of Humanities


Alternate D - New ramp construction and automatic entrance

at east side of Humanities building.

*Bid conditionally accepted subject to validity due to late

receipt by State Public Works Board. Bid was received by

UNLV before bid opening.

President Goodall recommended that the Board concur in the

award by the State Public Works Board of a contract to Cooke

and Kerzetski Construction Company for the base bid plus

Alternates A, B and C, for a total contract of $296,373.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

7. Proposed Amendment to UNR Bylaws

President Crowley presented the following summary of amend-

ments to the UNR Bylaws, as proposed by the UNR faculty:

Part III - Faculty Personnel Policies

Chapter I - Faculty Rights







The University shall maintain an official personnel file for

each member of the faculty which shall be the exclusive file

for personnel decisions; all personnel files maintained in

the Department, Unit or University administrative offices

shall be considered part of this file and all provisions re-

garding files shall apply to all files that are maintained.

The files shall be maintained, supervised and kept in a

secure, locked place by the appropriate Administrators,

Department files by the Chairperson, Unit files by the Dean

or Director, University files by the Administrator designat-

ed by the President.







The file shall contain any information pertinent to an eval-

uation of the faculty member's work and normally include

biographical and personal information, evidence of a faculty

member's academic and professional accomplishments, and per-

sonnel evaluations by Departmental Chairmans, Deans or Di-

rectors. No anonymous material except duly authorized stu-

dent evaluations shall be placed in the file.

Confidential materials such as letters solicited by the Uni-

versity or faculty member in connection with initial employ-

ment, sabbatical leave, promotion or tenure shall be kept in

a separate file with an index of the source, date and occa-

sion of the solicited documents. Any person adding or re-

moving any material from the confidential file shall note in

the index the date and nature of the action taken.









a. Confidential file materials shall not be accessible

to the faculty member except that in cases of appeal the

faculty member shall, upon request, be provided the in-

dex to the material or the substance of information con-

tained in confidential communications as long as the

confidentiality of the document is not betrayed. If

such information is provided, the faculty member shall

have the right to have a response included in the file.

If the faculty member questions the classifications of

materials as confidential documents, the faculty member

shall have the right to appeal the classification

through the Grievance Procedures. In this event proper

safeguards should be used to keep the materials confi-

dential by utilizing such procedures as in camera in-

spection to verify the accuracy of the classification.

If the documents are not confidential as provided in

this section, they shall be made available to the fac-

ulty member in any hearing, appeal or court action.

b. Only the following persons shall have access to an

individual's personnel file: the faculty member himself

(except as noted in 35a), Departmental Chairman, Dean of

the faculty member's College, Academic Vice-President,

President, University Legal Counsel, any Regent, the

Affirmative Action Officer of the University, official

University Personnel Committees as authorized by the

appropriate Administrator, and, where applicable, the

Chairman of a hearing subcommittee of the University

Appeals Committee.

c. Faculty members or their duly authorized represent-

atives shall have the right to examine and duplicate the

contents of their own files at any time during regular

office hours, except as noted in 35a above.

d. Any duplications of material from the files made by

persons other than the faculty member or his duly au-

thorized representative shall be returned to the person

in charge of the file or destroyed.

e. Nothing shall be permanently removed from any per-

sonnel file without notification to the faculty member

and approval by the Administrator in charge of it. If

a member of the faculty objects to the inclusion, re-

tention or removal of any material in the individual's

personnel file, the faculty member may make a request

to the appropriate Administrator for its removal or

modification, retention or inclusion. If this request

is denied, the faculty member shall have the right to

appeal the action of the Administrator through the

Grievance Procedures.

f. Any faculty member shall have the right to request

a file review and destruction of any materials that

have been in the file for a period of more than five

years. If this request is denied, the faculty member

shall have the right to appeal the denial through the

Grievance Procedures.

Chapter III - Professional Responsibilities, Evaluation

and Personnel Recommendations








All personnel recommendations at the level of the Depart-

ment, the Unit or the University, shall be made in accord-

ance with specific and uniform criteria and procedures

adopted at that level as a part of its Bylaws, and applied

in all cases. All personnel recommendations involving merit

shall be made on the basis of the person's professional per-

formance in meeting responsibilities specified in accordance

with Section 40. All personnel recommendations shall be in-

itiated by the Department and forwarded to the appropriate

Dean. After review, the Dean shall make recommendations to

the President. The President, after review by the Univer-

sity Personnel Committee, shall act on such recommendations.

If the President disagrees with any recommendation of a

University Personnel Committee, reasons for disagreement

shall be provided to the Committee. Every personnal recom-

mendation shall include, where appropriate, an evaluation

of the faculty member's performance in each of the catago-

ries of responsibility listed in Section 40. All changes to

or from the status of lecturer shall be subject to the same

established personnel review procedures as used in changes

in rank.











There shall be two University Personnel Committees, one to

review recommendations for tenure and promotion, and the

other to review procedures followed in determining recom-

mendations for merit increases. It shall be the function of

each Committee to insure that comparable criteria and pro-

cedures are used and that standards and criteria delineated

in Departmental, Unit and University Bylaws are followed.

The Tenure and Promotion Committee shall review all recom-

mendations submitted to it, including any decisions on re-

considerations, and make its recommendations to the Presi-

dent. If the Merit Committee finds in its review of pro-

cedures that a unit has not followed established Departmen-

tal, Unit and University criteria and procedures, it shall

so notify the President with appropriate recommendations.

When appropriate, the Committees shall recommend on person-

nel policies.

Each University Personnel Committee shall be selected in the

following manner to serve three-year terms with one third of

the members rotating off each year. Initially, a panel of

at least 18 shall be elected by and from the faculty at

large. Twelve members of this panel shall be nominated by

Faculty Senate vote. The President shall appoint a Commit-

tee of nine, at least seven of whom shall be selected from

the twelve Faculty Senate nominees. Three shall be appoint-

ed for three years, three for two years, and three for one-

year terms. Thereafter, a panel of six shall be elected by

and from the faculty at large as nominations to the Faculty

Senate. Four members of this panel shall be nominated by

Faculty Senate vote. The President shall appoint three,

at least two of whom shall be selected from the four Faculty

Senate nominees. No person may serve on both Committees


President Crowley stated that upon advice from Vice Chancel-

lor Lessly, he wished to withdraw subparagraph (f) of Sec-

tion 35, recommending approval by the Board of Regents of

the remaining amendments.

Mr. Lessly explained that the provision which he had recom-

mended be withdrawn concerned access to personnel files, an

area which he noted has some serious implications. He sug-

gested that this be referred to the System Code Revision

Committee for consideration as a System policy.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the proposed amendments with

the exception of Section 35 (f), with that excepted para-

graph to be referred to the Code Revision Committee. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

8. Proposed Acquisition of Property

President Crowley reported that appraisals have been receiv-

ed on two properties recommended in the University Master

Plan for acquisition by UNR. One property is at number 11

Artemisia Way and includes a home which can continue to be

used as a University rental. It is the only property on the

north side of the street not owned by the University. It is

appraised at $40,000. The other property is a 50 x 140 va-

cant lot, at 836 North Center. It adjoins an existing Uni-

versity parking lot and would be used for additional park-

ing. It is appraised at $56,000.

Dr. Crowley requested authorization to negotiate for the

purchase of these properties at their appraised value.

Funds are available in the University rental and parking

permits accounts, respectively. President Crowley also

recommended that if the North Center property is used in

the future as a building site, the cost of acquisition be

rebated to the parking permits account.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

9. Special Course Fees, UNR

President Crowley reported that the Department of Medical

Technology has recently undergone a curriculum revision

which has resulted in the establishment of separate labora-

tory courses. The labs had previously been offered under

the general course numbers, but now have separate numbers.

Two new courses have also been added to the curriculum.

These changes require a like alteration of the courses

listed in Section 11.3 (Special Course Fees), Chapter 13

of Title 4 of the Board of Regents Handbook. The existing

list is as follows:

Hematology and Immuno-Hematology (Med. S. 303, 304)

Urinalysis and Body Fluids (Med. S. 305)

Clinical Microbiology I and II (Med. S. 306, 307)

Clinical Chemistry (Med. S. 409)

Medical Technology (Med. S. 408, 608)

The new list should read as follows:

MEDT 312 Hematology, Clinical Microscopy, and

Body Fluids Lab

MEDT 322 Immunohematology Lab

MEDT 332 Clinical Microbiology I Lab

MEDT 334 Clinical Microbiology II Lab

MEDT 422 Clinical Chemistry I Lab

MEDT 424 Clinical Chemistry II Lab

MEDT 432/632 Serology Laboratory

MEDT 411 Advanced Hematology*

MEDT 441 Pathophysiology for Medical Technologists*

*new courses

President Crowley recommended that the fees for these

courses, which are used to purchase required expendable

reagents and experimental supplies, continue to be set at

$25 per course, with this special fee to be in addition to

the regular per credit fee assessed.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

10. Bid Opening, Primary Power System Improvements, UNR

President Crowley reported the following bids for Primary

Power System Improvements at UNR:


Bidder Base Bid A B C D Total

Moltzen Electric

$249,000 $75,200 $4,345 $15,500 $2,000 $346,045

Harker & Harker

336,960 69,970 2,540 12,805 3,065 425,340

Jensen Electric

361,540 95,130 5,685 12,240 3,300 477,895

Acme Collins

428,000 50,000 5,000 18,000 8,000 509,000

Alt A - All new 15KV cable to have copper conductors in

place of aluminum cable.

Alt B - Install existing 3-way vacuum switch removed from


Alt C - Provide new 4-way pad mount switch adjacent to

pullbox 29.

Alt D - Replace existing 5KV cable between pullbox 4 and

transformer 15 at Mackay Science building with 3 #2

copper 15KV shielded cables; include 15KV termina-

tions at both ends and delete splicing.

President Crowley recommended concurrence by the Board in

an award of a contract by the State Public Works Board to

Moltzen Electric for the base bid and all four alternates

in the total amount of $346,045.

Mr. Buchanan recommended approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

Mr. Buchanan asked for information concerning the savings which

have accrued as a result of the installation of solar assisted

hot water heating at Nye Hall. President Crowley reported that

he had, as requested by Mr. Buchanan earlier, made some inquiries

and had a report available which he planned to include on the

August agenda.

Mr. Buchanan suggested that there be some inquiry by the Univer-

sity into availability of Federal grant monies to explore the

feasibility of converting the UNLV Campus to solar power.

11. Administrative Salary Adjustments, NNCC

President Berg requested approval of the following adminis-

trative salary adjustments for NNCC:

Name and Position

1979-80 1980-81 (Initial) 1980-81 (Qualified)

Aiazzi, Stan (Associate Dean of Occupational Education)

III-5 1/2 21,995 III-6 1\2 23,566 III-8 24,610

Davies, Bill (Dean of Student Services)

III-10 1\2 25,335 III-ll 1\2 27,046 III-13 28,090

Greenhaw, Charles (Dean of Instruction)

III-13 27,005 III-14 28,786 IV-12 29,636

Karr, Juanita (Director, Learning Resources Center)

III-8 23,665 III-9 25,306 III-10 1/2 26,350

In recommending these adjustments, President Berg reported

that the difference between the initial and proposed con-

tracts for 1980-81 is $3,982, with the additional funds to

come from vocational grant ($1,912), a VCIP grant ($1,800),

and Operating ($270).

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

12. Request for Staff Development Funds

Chancellor Baepler referred to a request contained in the

agenda for an allocation of $50,000 from the Board of

Regents Special Projects Fund for the purpose of staff de-

velopment at TMCC. He suggested this is a System-wide

problem and recommended that it be withdrawn from the agen-

da to allow an opportunity to explore a System approach to

its resolution.

13. Proposed Bylaws, WNCC

President Davis requested that the proposed Bylaws which had

been submitted for WNCC be withdrawn from the agenda to per-

mit further review by the WNCC faculty and Administration of

a number of areas about which Vice Chancellor Lessly had

raised some questions. Dr. Davis commented on the substan-

tial number of hours put in by faculty and Administration in

developing the Bylaws, but agreed that in view of the opin-

ions expressed by Counsel those areas would be reviewed and

the Bylaws would be submitted for consideration in August.

14. Proposed Office For Regents in Las Vegas

Chancellor Baepler reported that in accordance with previous

discussions of the possible establishment of an office in

Las Vegas for the Regents, suitable space had been located

in the La Plaza building, immediately across Maryland

Parkway from the Campus which could be obtained for that

purpose. The proposed space in the La Plaza building totals

605 square feet, at a cost of 90 cents a square foot, in-

cluding utilities and custodial services. Chancellor

Baepler requested that $35,000 be provided from the Board

of Regents Special Projects Account, that the space be rent-

ed, and that he proceed to recruit for a professional posi-

tion to staff the office at an initial annual salary of

$18,000 to $20,000. He proposed that the person so appoint-

ed be titled Associate Secretary of the Board, that she

would look after the Board's business in the south, prepar-

ing such correspondence as individual Regents may require,

and serving as a contact point for the Chancellor's Office

staff who visit Las Vegas.

Chancellor Baepler suggested that ultimately suitable space

might be available on the UNLV Campus, and that reorganiza-

tion of the Chancellor's Office would yield sufficient re-

ductions in staff to cover this operation.

Mr. Mc Bride moved for approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Buchanan, failed by the following roll call vote:

Yes - Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Karamanos, Mr. Mc Bride,

Mr. Cashell

No - Mrs. Knudtsen

Abstain - Mrs. Fong, Dr. Lombardi, Mr. Ross

Chairman Cashell recommended that this proposal be further

studied in the review of the Chancellor's Office.

15. Dedication of Land for Extension of El Rancho Drive

Chancellor Baepler reported that the City of Reno has re-

quested that the University dedicate a strip of land for the

extension of El Rancho Drive westward from Truckee Meadows

Community College and the Desert Research Institute to

Highway 395 at the Parr Overpass. Construction of the pro-

posed road is a joint project of the City of Reno and the

University and will provide an alternate access to TMCC and

the DRI.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

16. Proposed Lease of Classroom Space for WNCC

President Davis requested authorization to enter into a

lease agreement with Mallory Way Partnership for 1418 square

feet at 789 Mallory Way, Carson City, for space for day and

evening classes. The proposed lease is for six months, ef-

fective July 1, 1980, at a monthly rental of $495.60.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

17. Gift Offer from Mr. William Gordon Mc Millan

President Crowley reported an offer of a gift of 5,000

shares of stock in Desert Minerals Corporation from William

G. Mc Millan of Salt Lake City to UNR for the Mackay School

of Mines. Copies of pertinent correspondence was included

with the agenda (identified as Ref. F and filed with per-

manent minutes). President Crowley recommended acceptance

of the offer.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

carried without dissent.

18. Report Concerning Hughes Estate

Chairman Cashell noted the recent payment of $200,000 from

the Hughes Estate, complimenting Vice Chancellor Lessly and

Chancellor Baepler on the settlement. He also recalled that

$30,000 had been advanced from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Account to be used in the litigation of this matter

and asked if this money was needed further in the Litigation

Account or could it revert to the Board of Regents Special

Projects Account.

It was agreed, upon hearing from Vice Chancellor Lessly that

he did not anticipate any need for a transfer to the Litiga-

tion Account in the near future, that the $30,000 would re-

vert to the Board of Regents Special Projects Account.

19. Room and Meal Rate Adjustments, College Inn

President Crowley requested approval of the following ad-

justments for room and meal rates at the College Inn for


CONFEREES Proposed 1980-81


- DOUBLE 21.00

Breakfast $ 2.05

Lunch 3.05

Dinner 4.10

Steak Dinner 5.00


Breakfast $ 2.15

Lunch 3.25

Dinner 4.25

Steak Dinner 5.50


Academic Year Per Day Per Semester

Single - 15 meals $9.41 $1176.00

Double Suite - 15 meals 9.74 1218.00

Large Double - 15 meals 9.34 1168.00

Double - 15 meals 8.86 1108.00

This does not include deferred payment plan.


15 meals per week only $518.00 $ 579.00

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

20. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Baepler reported that the Data Processing Policy

and Planning Board had met on the preceding day with the

various institutional Presidents and had arrived at a strat-

egy for implementation of the recommendations contained in

the Arthur D. Little Report of the Computing Center. Recom-

mendations for action by the Board of Regents would be sub-

mitted with the August agenda.

Upon motion by Mr. Buchanan, seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, the Board

convened into personnel session to discuss the professional com-

petence of an individual.

Upon reconvening into open session, Mr. Mc Bride moved that the

Board of Regents authorize General Counsel Lessly and Assistant

Counsel Rivera to conduct a thorough investigation of the audit

report of the Intercollegiate Athletic Department at UNLV which

had been furnished the Board, that General Counsel also be di-

rected to provide a copy of that report to the Office of the

District Attorney in Clark County, and to advise the District

Attorney of the internal investigation being made by the Univer-

sity, for such action as the District Attorney may wish to take.

Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos. Mr. Buchanan asked that the

motion be amended to stipulate that any individuals who may be

involved in or concerned with the matter under investigation be

provided an opportunity to meet with the Board, President Goodall

and Dr. Negratti in closed personnel session at the August meet-

ing. Request to amend the motion was accepted by Mr. Mc Bride

and Mr. Karamanos. Motion then carried with Mr. Ross abstaining.

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board