UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 24-25, 1923

Volume OE - Page 357

                         Reno, Nevada
                        July 24, 1923

A meeting of the Reno members of the Board of Regents with
Mr. Clark of the construction firm of Clark and Henery was
held in the President's Office at the University at 2 o'clock
Tuesday, July 24, 1923.

Chairman Pratt stated that the object of the meeting was to
talk with Mr. Clark about the strip of poor road paving between
the bridge and Hatch Station on the University Campus and asked
Judge Talbot to state what the Regents desired to do about this

Judge Talbot told Mr. Clark that the Regents had understood
that a 5-inch base was to be put in but that this Spring the
pavement had broken through with the heaving hauling and showed
but a 2-inch base.

Mr. Clark said the firm had gone over all their records and
sources of information and they found record for surface only
and cost sheets which showed an average of just a little over
2 inches.  He said that the men on the job, with the exception
of one man who did not remember, were agreed that the Univer-
sity had asked for only this.  Mr. Clark felt there must be
some misunderstanding; his concern about the matter was not that
of repairing and relaying pavement but that his firm should have
been placed in the position of appearing not to have lived up to
its contract.

A general discussion followed, after which Mr. Clark asked the
Board members what they thought his Company should do about the
matter.  Judge Talbot stated that he did not care whether the
pavement was one, two, five or ten inches thick, provided it
was built so it would hold the traffic; that if Mr. Clark would
be willing to dig in, examine it and fix it up some way so that
the Board could feel assured that the paving would stand for a
few years and then keep it in good repair, he would be satisfied.
The other members of the Board felt this was a reasonable prop-
osition and, with the understanding that Mr. Clark should go
ahead and fix up the roadway so it would stand, the Board ad-
journed and went over with Mr. Clark to look at the paving in

                             Walter E. Pratt

Carolyn M. Beckwith