UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 22-23, 1957

Volume 7 - Page 349

                       July 22, 1957

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents held a luncheon
meeting at the Riverside Hotel on Monday, July 22, 1957.  Pres-
ent:  Regents Anderson, Hardy, Lombardi and Thompson; Comptroller
Hayden, Engineer Poolman and President Stout.  Vice Chairman
Lombardi presided at the meeting.

Reporter Jim Hulse of the Nevada State Journal and William Friel
of the Reno Evening Gazette came into the meeting and requested
that they be permitted to report the meeting.  Discussion follow-
ed the request, and a motion of Mr. Thompson carried, with the
following vote, that the reporters not sit in on this meeting:

     "no"  - Anderson
     "aye" - Hardy, Lombardi, Thompson

Food and Drug Control

    President Stout reported on the Food and Drug situation re-
    sulting from legislation at the last session.  The State
    Budget Director is requiring that Mr. Randall, Commissioner
    of Foods and Drugs, submit his payroll directly to the State
    Budget Director's office.  Upon request by the University,
    Mr. Randall is submitting his payroll through the Comptrol-
    ler's office of the University in the form required by the
    State Budget Director.  This procedure was ratified on the
    basis that as long as the University is responsible, it must
    have the opportunity to check payroll and claims from Food
    and Drugs.

Housing and Home Loan Agency

     President Stout called on Mr. Poolman to discuss the request
     of the State Planning Board that the University ask for a
     45-day delay in presenting preliminary plans and final ap-
     plication to the Housing and Home Loan Agency, because of
     the Planning Board's desire to negotiate with the archi-
     tects.  On June 10, preliminary application was approved
     and the University asked the Planning Board to name the
     architect.  The State Planning Board met in Las Vegas on
     June 29, and talked in terms of a new procedure in employ-
     ing architects - by negotiating rather than employing them
     on a flat fee basis.  Because of this fact, no contract
     has been signed with the architects.

     By unanimous agreement, it was decided that a meeting be
     requested with the State Planning Board as soon as possible.

Holmshaw Estate

     Mr. Thompson reported for the committee appointed to repre-
     sent the Regents in matters pertaining to the Holmshaw
     Estate.  The attorney for the estate asked if the University
     would be willing to join with the Executors as plaintiff in
     an action for receivership.  By consensus, it was agreed
     that the Attorney General be asked for an opinion as to
     whether or not it is proper for the University to do so.

The meeting adjourned at 2:20 P.M.