UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 20-21, 1885


Volume OB - Pages 14-17

                          State of Nevada

                   Office Secy. Board of Regents

                    Carson City, July 20, 1885

The Board of Regents, pursuant to adjournment, met at this

place.  Present:  J. H. Rand, L. W. Getchell and H. G. Shaw.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

"Attendance Report" of A. T. Stearns, Principal of Nevada State

University for the term commencing March 16, 1885, received,

approved, and filed.

Upon motion of Regent Shaw, it was unanimously,

    RESOLVED, that the thanks of the Board of Regents be tendered

    to Hon. C. C. Stevenson for his kind offer of the Pavilion

    Building in Reno, free of charge for University purposes,

    until the completion of the University Building.

At request of the President, the Secretary proceeded to open the

sealed proposals for construction of the University, submitted

by the following bidders:

     Burke Brothers           $12,700.00    (19,700.00)

     C. C. Powning             13,000.00    (---------)

     Geo. E. Holesworth        13,000.00    (---------)

     James Bristol             13,000.00    (19,300.00)

     F. M. Payne               13,000.00    (20,000.00)

     W. A. Mc Intosh                        (28,549.00)

Upon motion of Regent Shaw, seconded by Regent Getchell, it was

unanimously resolved, that Burke Brothers bid of Twelve Thousand

and Seven Hundred ($12,700) dollars be accepted.

Moved and seconded that the successful bidders be required to

give bonds for the amount of Ten Thousand ($10,000) dollars.

Motion carried.

Upon motion of Regent Shaw, seconded by Regent Getchell, it was

resolved, that Attorney General Davenport be requested to draw

up a contract, between the Board of Regents of the State of

Nevada, and the successful bidders, viz:  Burke Brothers, in

conformity with the two proceeding resolutions relating to award

of contract and amount of bond.

President Rand waited upon and escorted Attorney General

Davenport to the meeting to have him confer with the Board and

contractors preliminary to preparation of contract and bond.

Upon motion of Regent Shaw, seconded by Regent Getchell, it was

resolved that Judge M. A. Murphy, Grand Master of Grand Lodge,

F. and A. M. of the State of Nevada, be invited to this Board

through its Secretary, to preside at the ceremony of laying the

cornerstone of University Building, due notice of the date to

be given by the contractors.

Bills of John B. Williams, County Recorder of Washoe County, for

recording deed of University site from Newton Evans to State of

Nevada, Five ($5.00) Dollars and of C. C. Powning for publication

of advertisement for proposals, etc., Nine ($9.00) Dollars, were

approved by the Board.

The following suggestions concerning terms of contract and bond

were offered to Attorney General Davenport and Messrs. Burke

Brothers, viz, work to be completed by November 20th, A. D. 1885,

bills for materials furnished and labor performed by contractors

shall be submitted on or about the first of each month, begining

with next month, of the amount of which only seventy five (75)

percent of each bill shall be paid, when approved, the twenty

five (25) percent payable upon completion by contractors and

acceptance by the Board of Regents of the building in accordance

with terms of the contract.

Pending preparation of the bond and contract by Attorney General

Davenport, to be signed by James and Peter Burke and approved by

the Board of Regents.

Adjourned to meet in Office of Secretary tomorrow the 21th, inst.

                             J. H. Rand


M. D. Noteware