UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 16-17, 1982


Pages 120-132



July 16, 1982

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Pine Audito-

rium, Jot Travis Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mrs. June Whitley

Members absent: Mr. John Tom Ross

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

General Counsel Donald Klasic

Acting Secretary Mary Lou Moser

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairmen Curry, Dwyer, Heise,

Beaulieu, Jones, Lambert and Hoffer, and Student Association


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 10:15 A.M.

1. Approval of the Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda, containing the following

items, was recommended (Consent Agenda identified as Ref. A

and filed with permanent minutes).

(1) Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of

June 18, 1982.

(2) Acceptance of gifts and grants.

(3) Approval of the appointment of Mr. Conrad Ryan, Presi-

dent of Nevada Power Company, to the Advisory Board

for the Center for Business and Economic Research at


Mrs. Fong moved approval. Mr. Mc Bride seconded. Motion


2. Regents Mc Bride and Gallagher commended UNLV, and in par-

ticular the committee headed by Dr. Zorn, for the report

on the update and changes which have been adopted in their

General Education Program.

3. Dr. Crowley announced that UNR has recently earned 6 nation-

al public relations awards in an annual recognition program

sponsored by the Council for Advance and Support of Educa-

tion (CASE):

Grand award for best video program, "X-10 Views", con-

sumer education television spots produced by the Col-

lege of Agriculture and aired in 17 states, Art Gould,


Public information award for the 1981 Find Out Fair

at Meadowood Mall, which drew 70,000 people one November

weekend where the University had dozens of exhibits.

Exceptional achievement in alumni events for publicity

for the 1981 Homecoming events.

Public relations award for the 1982 Journalism Ethics

Conference held at Lake Tahoe in January.

Award for overall University advancement for advance-

ment of Departments within the Public Affairs division,

including the creation of the UNR Foundation.

Mrs. Fong added that Mr. C. Linnis Mills, the Agriculture

Extension agent in Clark County, also does an outstanding

job with his video program in Las Vegas.

4. Dr. Berg related that NNCC Advisory Board member Carl Shuck

had passed away. Upon motion by Mr. Buchanan, seconded by

Mr. Mc Bride, the Board moved that a resolution be forward-

ed to the family expressing their appreciation for the sup-

port shown by Mr. Shuck. Motion carried.

5. Approval of the Report of the Audit Committee

Mrs. Whitley, Chairman, submitted the following report of

the Audit Committee, which met at 8:00 A.M., July 16, 1982:

(1) Accepted a report of Internal Audits completed for the

quarter April through June, 1982, and requested Inter-

nal Audit to perform a Systemwide audit of all scholar-

ship funds to be completed in 3 to 5 months.

(2) Discussed the functions of internal and external audi-

tors which included an explanation by Mr. Don Mc Ghie,

Kafoury-Armstrong, who presented a list of recommenda-

tions which had been given to UNS from 1976 through

1981. Regent Gallagher requested Controller Jan

Mac Donald to review the status of these recommenda-

tions and report to the Committee at their meeting

on August 20.

Mrs. Gallagher moved the adoption of the Audit Committee

report. Seconded by Mrs. Fong. Motion carried.

6. Approval of the Report of the Academic Affairs Committee

Mrs. Gallagher, Chairman, submitted the following report

and recommendations from their meeting at 10:00 A.M. on

July 16, 1982:

(1) Approval of the Phase I Proposal from WNCC for an As-

sociate in Applied Science degree to train electronic

technicians. This will expand the present 1-year

program to a 2-year program requiring no new addition-

al positions or funds.

(2) Announced that public hearings will be held in Septem-

ber on proposed changes to tenure policy.

Mrs. Whitley moved for approval. Seconded by Mr. Mc Bride.

Motion carried.

7. Financial Aids Report, UNR

President Crowley stated that the committee studying fi-

nancial aids at UNR has submitted its report and recommenda-

tions, most of which will be effected administratively, and

also calling for a greater coordination between the finan-

cial aids and scholarship offices. Several recommendations

which could be implemented Systemwide were offered for con-

sideration by the Board, including asking the State of

Nevada to support a larger share of the burden of assuring

student accessability to Nevada institutions by:

a) establishing a State financed loan fund;

b) establishing a State scholarship and/or work-study


c) expanding tuition grants-in-aids to include grad-

uate and professional schools students; and

d) increasing tuition grants-in-aids to the full

cost of tuition.

The full report and recommendations are identified as Ref.

B and filed with permanent minutes.

8. Approval of the Report of the Budget Committee

Ms. Del Papa, Chairman, submitted the following report and

recommendations from the Budget Committee which met at

8:55 A.M., July 16, 1982:

(1) Recommended approval of the Estimative Budget for

Freshman English at UNR, which establishes funds to

be transferred from the Jot Travis Student Union

Capital Improvement Fee Funds for the hiring of lec-

turers for the Freshman English Program for 1982-83:


Opening Cash Balance $140,000


Professional Salaries 8.00 FTE $118,729

Fringe Benefits 18,968

Operating 2,303

Total $140,000

(2) Authorized that any current or future Foundation ap-

proved by the Board will set up a University account

in which interest will accrue to the benefit of the

Foundation. Although this is an exception to Regents'

policy, it will be advantageous to the University to

have this account established within the University

System rather than by the Foundation and totally out-

side the University structure.

(3) Approved the following Estimative Budget for the

Tottori English Language Institute program which is

being conducted at UNR for students from Japan:


Student Fees $30,500


Professional Salaries $ 5,900

Fringe Benefits 100

Operating 17,000

Out-of-State Travel 6,000

Ending Fund Balance 1,500

Total $30,500

(4) Tabled action on the distribution of Special Projects

Funds until the August meeting and asked that it be

placed on both the regular meeting and Budget Commit-

tee agendas.

Vice Chancellor Dawson had presented a list of proposed

projects requested by Presidents to be funded from the

Regents Special Projects Fund totalling $696,725. He

projected there would only by $600,000 which could be

distributed to Campuses for 1982-83. During meetings

with Presidents a formula, based on enrollment percent-

ages for Campuses and a professional FTE for DRI, had

been devised which they felt would be a fair and equi-

table solution for division of these funds.

Ms. Del Papa emphasized that approval of this spending

plan would only authorize the Presidents to plan and

prioritize their individual requests which would then

be submitted to Regents in August for decisions on


Mr. Buchanan strongly opposed this formula plan stat-

ing 1) that he felt this would take away the Regents'

authority in allocating Special Project Funds; 2) that

a greater amount should go to a specific project; i. e.

computer program at UNLV; and 3) that should a genuine

emergency arise later in the year, there would not be

funds available.

Ms. Del Papa stated that there would be a contingency

reserve left in the Special Projects Funds account.

Mr. Mc Bride reminded the Presidents that there is a

possibility that the Governor would ask for further

budget cuts in the Fall; and also that he thought

projects such as the TMCC request for tutors and

teacher aids for developmental labs should be funded

by fees in the same manner as the community service


President Crowley stated the formula plans would enable

the Presidents to be more responsible in financial

planning for the year, and further reminded the group

that Board policy has always been that the Special

Projects Funds were for items or projects that are not

likely to be a part of any legislative funding but

rather are for one-shot items, not on-going projects.

Mrs. Gallagher agreed that there should be more finan-

cial planning, but that the submitted plans must be

for crucial projects only, given the current economic


(5) New Business

(a) Approved an emergency item presented by President

Goodall requesting an exception to the purchasing

policy for football equipment in the amount of

$62,557.39. The Rebels Booster Club had ordered

the equipment, but now does not have the funds.

The UNLV Athletic Department does have sufficient

funds in their equipment budget, but, because the

order was placed without following State purchas-

ing guidelines of going to bid, an exception to

policy is necessary before State funds can be


Mr. Cashell requested an itemized list of the

equipment being purchased and further requested

that in the future, purchases made by the Boosters

for the Athletic Department should follow State

purchasing policy.

(b) Regent Mc Bride requested the Campus Presidents

to develop a general contingency financial plan

including a 5% budget cut for 1982-83 and an

additional 10% for fiscal year 1983-85.

(c) Regent Buchanan requested President Goodall to

report on the start-up costs for a comprehensive

Computer Science program at UNLV.

Mrs. Fong moved for approval. Mr. Karamanos seconded.

Motion carried. Mr. Cashell abstained.

9. Appointment of Director, Computer Center

Chancellor Bersi asked for approval of the appointment of

Dr. Lloyd Case as Director of the Computer Center, UNS,

effective July 1, 1982, at a salary of $52,930, Rank IV,

Step 20+.

Mrs. Gallagher moved for approval. Mr. Buchanan seconded.

Motion carried.

Mr. Cashell handed the gavel to Mr. Mc Bride, Vice Chairman

10. Approval of Statement of Repayment for Loan, UNR

President Crowley stated that the Board had previously

authorized UNR to make application for a low interest (at

3%) federal loan in the amount of $3,451,300 for the purpose

of constructing a co-generation plant which will realize

substantial savings in utilities costs. Interim Finance

Committee has subsequently approved the project and final

approval now awaits a statement from the Board insuring

that the loan will be repaid from these savings. The fol-

lowing statement was submitted for approval:

The University of Nevada Board of Regents pledges the

repayment of the Energy Conservation Project $3,451,300

Department of Education, College Housing 3% Loan from

the University of Nevada, Reno, Operating and Mainte-

nance Utility Budget.

Mrs. Fong moved for approval. Ms. Del Papa seconded.

Motion carried.

11. Salary Increases, TMCC

President Eardley requested salary increases for Dean Pat

Miltenberger and Dean Bert Munson due to added responsi-

bilities in assuming the administrative functions formerly

performed by Mr. David Wilkins, who, because of a recent

illness, has returned to teaching in the Math Department.

The decision was made not to fill the vacant position but

rather to seek increased salaries for the two Deans from

$41,369 to $42,650 commensurate with the reassigned duties.

Mrs. Whitley moved for approval. Ms. Del Papa seconded.

Motion carried.

Chairman Cashell resumed the gavel.

12. Custodian Contract, CCCC

The 3 lowest bids for the 1982-83 janitorial service con-

tract for the Cheyenne and Henderson Campuses of CCCC are

as follows:

Bekins Building Maintenance Company $135,107.04

Melba's Cleaning Service 139,676.04

United Maintenance Service, Inc. 141,400.00

President Eaton requested approval for an exception to the

purchasing regulations which states that bids be awarded the

low bidder, because of the performance record of the low

bidder. Melba's Cleaning Service has been used in the past

and has proven satisfactory.

Mrs. Fong moved for approval. Ms. Del Papa seconded.

Motion carried.

13. Approval of Amendment to Title 4, Chapter 4, Section 2, UNS


Chancellor Bersi recommended approval of the amendment to

Title 4, Chapter 4, Section 2 of the UNS Handbook which will

provide guidelines as to the professional employees of the

University of Nevada System and which applies the National

Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines. General Counsel also

strongly recommended the adoption.

Section 2. Standards for Defining the Professional

Staff. Employment positions meeting one or more of

the following criteria shall be in the professional

staff of the University of Nevada System:

1. The term "executive" position shall include any


(a) whose primary duty consists of the management

of the institution or service or special unit

in which the person is employed or of a cus-

tomarily recognized department or subdivision

thereof; and

(b) who customarily and regularly directs the work

of two or more other employees therein;

(c) who has the authority to hire or fire other

employees or whose suggestions and recommenda-

tions as to the hiring and firing and as to

the advancement and promotion or any other

change of status of other employees will be

given particular weight; and

(d) who customarily and regularly exercises dis-

cretionary powers; and

(e) who does not devote more than 20% of the em-

ployee's hours of work in the work week to

activities which are not directly and closely

related to the performance of the work describ-

ed in subparagraph (a) through (d) of this


2. The term "administrative" position shall include

any employee:

(a) whose primary duty consists of either:

(1) the performance of office or nonmanual

work directly related to management

policies or general business operations

of the employee's employer, or

(2) the performance of functions in the ad-

ministration of a school system, or edu-

cational establishment or institution,

or a department or subdivision thereof

in work directly related to the academic

instruction or training carried on there-

in; and

(b) who customarily and regularly exercises dis-

cretion and independent judgment; and

(c) (1) who regularly and directly assists in

employees employed in an executive or

administrative capacity, as such terms

are defined herein, or

(2) who performs under only general super-

vision work along specialized or tech-

nical lines requiring special training,

experience or knowledge, or

(3) who executes under only general super-

vision special assignments and tasks;


(d) who does not devote more than 20% of the em-

ployee's hours worked in the work week to ac-

tivities which are not directly and closely

related to the performance of the work des-

cribed in paragraphs (a) through (c) of this


3. The term "professional" position shall include any


(a) whose primary duty consists of the performance


(1) work requiring knowledge of an advanced

type in a field of science or learning

customarily acquired by a prolonged course

of specialized intellectual instruction

and study, as distinguished from a general

academic education and from an apprentice-

ship, and from training in the perform-

ance of routine mental, manual or physi-

cal processes, or

(2) work that is original and creative in

character in a recognized field of artis-

tic endeavor (as opposed to work which

can be produced by a person endowed with

general manual or intellectual ability

and training), and the result of which

depends primarily on the invention, imag-

ination or talents of the employee, or

(3) teaching, tutoring, instructing and lec-

turing in the activity of imparting know-

ledge and who is employed and engaged in

this activity as a teacher in a school

system or educational establishment or

institution by which the employee is em-

ployed; and

(b) whose work requires the consistent exercise of

discretion and judgment in its performance; and

(c) whose work is predominately intellectual and

varied in character (as opposed to routine men-

tal, manual, mechanical or physical work) and

is of such character that the output produced

or the result cannot be standardized in rela-

tion to a given period of time; and

(d) who does not devote more than 20% of the em-

ployee's hours worked in the work week to

activities which are not an essential part of

and necessarily incident to the work described

in paragraphs (a) through (c) of this section.

4. This section shall not be deemed to apply to cus-

todial, clerical or maintenance employees of the

University of Nevada System who are in the classi-

fied service of the State of Nevada as provided in

NRS 284.140(6). This section shall not be deemed

to require any person employed in an employment

position in the classified service of the State of

Nevada at the time this section was adopted to be

assigned to the professional staff of the Univer-

sity of Nevada System, nor shall this section be

deemed to require any person employed in an employ-

ment position in the professional staff of the Uni-

versity of Nevada System at the time this section

was adopted to be assigned to the classified service

of the State of Nevada.

Mrs. Whitley moved for approval. Mr. Buchanan seconded.

Motion carried.

14. New Business

a) Mrs. Fong presented a request from the Chamber of Com-

merce of Las Vegas for a 4-year scholarship for the

lone survivor of an airplane crash in Florida whose

destination had been Las Vegas. The matter was re-

ferred back to the City of Las Vegas with the thought

that such scholarship would more appropriately come

from that group.

b) Regent Mc Bride asked for consideration of an emer-

gency item from WNCC regarding the awarding of a bid.

Ms. Del Papa moved for approval for consideration. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

Dr. Davis requested approval to the low bidder for con-

struction of faculty housing and fencing at the Fallon

Campus, plus authority to spend an additional $7,831

from the WNCC Capital Improvement Fund. $67,992 was

formerly approved by the Board; however, the low bid

required $7,831 in order to complete the project. Bids

were opened on July 15, 1982 and approval at this time

would save one month's delay on construction time.

Ross Builders $ 75,823

Francovich & Co. 82,900

Southwest Buildings 83,360

Frear Construction 84,789

Clem Beythan Construction 89,700

E-Z Construction 94,923

Action Construction 111,950

Capriotti Construction 112,620

Mr. Buchanan moved for approval. Mr. Mc Bride second-

ed. Motion carried.

c) Mrs. Whitley asked President Goodall for a status re-

port on the matter concerning Ms. Hannah Gleason of

the Social Work Department at UNLV. President Goodall

reported that apparently there would be no federal funds

to support the programs, that he was reviewing UNLV

budgets to determine whether they could continue the

programs in all University Departments similarly affect-

ed. Ms. Gleason has been given a leave of absence for

a 2-month period so that fringe benefits would continue.

Mr. Cashell asked for a report to the Regents outlining

the facts of the case, but to also include other per-

sonnel at UNLV similarly affected. It was pointed out

that there are some 220 employees in the System on

"soft money" which would require some $4.8 million in

salary costs.

d) Dr. Eaton introduced Ms. Bridgett Jones, President of

the Associated Students at Clark County Community


Meeting adjourned at 11:05 A.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Acting Secretary of the Board