UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 15-16, 1914

Volume OD - Pages 527-528

                         Reno, Nevada
                        July 15, 1914

The Finance Committee met at 8:00 P.M. in the President's Office,
July 15, 1914.  Present:  Chairman Codd, Regents Reid and O'Brien
and Acting President Lewers; and Assistant Secretary Gorman.

The Chairman was authorized to approve all necessary repair work,

Moved by Reid, seconded by O'Brien, that the salary of Mrs.
Blaney be made $100 per month, beginning July 1, 1914.

The purchase of metal lockers for the Department of Military
Science was approved.

The holding of a demonstration of First Aid and Mine Rescue Work
on Mackay Field, Labor Day, was approved.

The following changes in salaries were made subject to the ap-
proval of the Board of Regents:

    Miss Lewers be made Assoc. Prof. salary $1800 per year
    Margaret Mack                    salary $1500 per year
    S. P. Fergusson                  salary $2400 per year
    J. B. Lynch, Sup. Bldgs. & Grds. salary $1800 per year
    Donald Fraser                    salary $1080 per year
    Rosalie Pollock                  salary $2000 per year
    A. E. Hill                       salary $2000 per year
    A. E. Turner                     salary $1600 per year
    George Schweiss                  salary $1000 per year
    R. C. Thompson                   salary $2400 per year
    S. C. Feemster                   salary $1500 per year
    Geo. D. Powers                   salary $2000 per year
    A. W. Preston                    salary $1800 per year
    J. Claude Jones                  salary $2100 per year
    Walter S. Palmer                 salary $2000 per year
    Kate Reigelhuth                  salary $1500 per year
    Maude Denny                      salary $1500 per year
    Captain Applewhite               salary  $500 per year

The bill of City Engineer Meskimons for $25 for inspection of
Lincoln Hall after the earthquake last Spring, was considered
excessive and it was the sense of the Committee that the bill
be reduced to $10, and this amount was ordered paid.

No futher business appearing, the meeting adjourned.

                             H. E. Reid


C. H. Gorman
Assistant Secretary