UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

July 12-13, 1949 

Volume 6 - Pages 157-158

                        July 12, 1949

Meeting as members of the Executive Committee of the Board of
Regents, Mr. Ross and Mr. Hilliard met with Col. Parker, Acting
President, at 3:30 P.M. in the President's office.

Col. Parker gave an informal progress report as follows:

 (1)  ROTC enrollment has taken a definite swing toward advanced
      Air courses.  Recommendation has been made to the Command-
      ing General, Fourth Air Force and also to the Commanding
      General, Sixth Army, by Col. Parker as PMS&T, and now as
      Acting President, that consideration be given to cutting
      down the courses offered, either by reducing the Air
      courses or by cutting out Infantry courses altogether -
      no preference indicated by the University of Nevada.

 (2)  Contract for Navy Research Project, which has been in
      charge of Dr. Sears of the Chemistry Department, expires
      soon and steps have been taken asking that the project be

 (3)  Salary increases for Buildings and Grounds staff will be
      ready for recommendation within the next few days, follow-
      ing further study of the budget.

 (4)  Administrative Council has met 3 times in the past week to
      consider students suspended or placed on probation; these
      two groups constitute over 15% of the student body, sus-
      pensions running about 6%.  Reasons given are:  G. I.'s
      coasting on G. I. pay, admitting any Nevada high school
      graduate who holds a high school diploma, and the over-
      burden of student activities.  3 courses are open:  (1)
      ask the State Board of Education to adopt a plan for ac-
      crediting high schools, (2) better accreditation of teach-
      ers in high schools, (3) retain the policy of accepting
      any graduate of a Nevada high school, but condition them
      better for University work.

 (5)  Clerical Employees.  A plan and recommendation for improved
      coordination and standardization will be presented at the
      next meeting.

 (6)  Standing Faculty Committees.  The Administrative Council
      has been asked at its next meeting to review the functions
      of all standing faculty committees of the University,
      particularly the Administrative Council, to see if some
      of the duties of the whole Committee can be delegated to

 (7)  Group to Assist President.  Carrying out the suggestion of
      the Regents that the Acting President himself select those
      whom he needs to help him, Col. Parker reported that he
      expected to depend primarily on the academic Deans and the

 (8)  Summer courses at Indian School at Stewart, Nevada, are
      being given this year.  The University of Nevada has been
      asked to recognize the School as a first step in obtaining
      recognition from other Universities.  The matter has been
      referred to Dean Traner for recommendation since courses
      offered are in Education.

 (9)  An invitation to visit Hamilton and Lowry Fields, where
      our Air ROTC cadets are training, came to the President of
      the University and is being accepted by Col. Parker, who
      will be accompanied by Dean Palmer.  Of several such in-
      vitations, this is the only one being accepted.

(10)  Employment of a Plant Engineer with the title of University
      Engineer was discussed, suggested salary of about $5000,
      with other duties assigned to him in line with his capa-
      bilities, estimating that about 2/3 of his time would be
      used as University Engineer.  Col. Parker was instructed
      to place this matter on the agenda for the next meeting
      of the Board.

At 4:10 P.M. Russell Mills, Architect, and Mr. Hayden and Mr.
Horn met with the Regents, serving as the Property (Buildings
and Grounds) Committee of the Board.

Col. Parker asked Mr. Hayden to present the main item of busi-
ness, namely, the moving and setting up of the 2 Dormitory
buildings secured from the Reno Army Air Base.  $20,000 was
reserved for the purpose and $8,043.91 spent to date.  Esti-
mates of cost presented by Mr. Mills indicated that between
$12,500 and $15,000 will be needed, in addition to that already
reserved, to make the buildings ready for Dormitory use on the

After some discussion, it was unanimously agreed to go ahead as
planned and the Acting President was directed to give detailed
study to the matter and to make a recommendation to the Committee
on the following Thursday for financing and carrying the project
to completion, using as much material as possible from the old

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 P.M.