UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 11-12, 1914

Volume OD - Pages 525-526

                         Reno, Nevada
                        July 11, 1914

Regents met at 10 A.M. Saturday, July 11th, 1914.  Present:
Regents Codd, Reid, Henderson, Pratt, O'Brien and Acting Presi-
dent Lewers.

Minutes of meeting held July 10 read and approved.

Upon motion of Mr. Pratt, seconded by Mr. O'Brien, it was unani-
mously resolved that the Chairman of the Board be, and he is
hereby authorized and directed to purchase from Mrs. Elizabeth
Evans the following tract of land, for the sum of Seven Thousand
Eight Hundred and Thirty-Seven Dollars and Fifty Cents ($7837.50)
and to take a good and sufficient deed for the same:  Beginning
at a point at the center of the intersection of Center and 9th
Streets; thence North 76 degrees, 12 minutes East seven hundred
twenty (720) feet to a point at beginning; thence North 62 de-
grees, 48 minutes East, one hundred forty eight and three tenths
feet (148.3); thence North 35 degrees 34 minutes East four hun-
dred six feet (406); thence North 17 degrees 7 minutes West one
hundred eight and fifty two one hundredths (108.52) feet to east
bank of Orr Ditch; thence northerly along the East boundary of
Orr Ditch, as now existing, to the Southeast corner of the tract
heretofore conveyed by Elizabeth Evans to the Board of Regents
of the University Nevada, the deed therefor being recorded in
Book 36, at page 279, records of deeds of Washoe Country; thence
South 70 degrees fifty nine minutes West four hundred one (401)
feet to the eastern boundary of the University Campus; thence
southerly along the eastern boundary of the University Campus
to the point of beginning; containing eight and forty two one
hundreds (8.41) acres, more or less, and being in Section 2,
Township 19 North, Range 19 East, M. D. B. and M.; also nine (9)
miner's inches of water to be taken from the Orr Ditch.

Moved by Mr. Codd, seconded by Mr. O'Brien, unanimously carried,
that the Course of Study as approved by Acting President Lewers
and the Deans be approved by the Board.

    The Board of Regents having realized for some time the
    necessity of acquiring more land for the School of Agri-
    culture, and the Board having the matter under considera-
    tion and discussion, and,

    It appearing to the Board that there is no authority to
    purchase such land as is needed for said purposes, but the
    opportunity having presented itself to the Board in such a
    way that the Board deems it advisable to take an option on
    certain tract of land containing about two hundred and fifty
    (250) acres for said purposes, known as the Wheeler Farm,
    until the Board could consult and advise with the Governor
    and the Legislature;

    NOW, THEREFORE, upon motion of C. B. Henderson, seconded
    Chairman of the Board of Regents be, and he is hereby
    authorized to take an option on said property until the
    Legislature can act on said matter.

Moved by Mr. Codd, seconded by Mr. Henderson, and unanimously
carried that the office of Dean of Faculties, is abolished, and
that the office of the Vice President be created, and that
Robert Lewers be appointed Vice President, at a salary of $3000
per year, beginning July 1, 1914.

Moved by Mr. Henderson, seconded by Mr. Codd, and carried that
the Vice President be authorized to arrange for and keep a full,
complete and accurate record of students from date of graduation.

Moved by Mr. O'Brien, seconded by Mr. Henderson, that the salary
of Richard Brown be made $100 per month, beginning July 1, 1914.

Moved by Mr. Codd, seconded by Mr. Pratt, that the Chairman be
authorized to have the University books audited.  Carried.

No further business the meeting adjourned subject to the call of
the Chairman.

                             H. E. Reid


Geo. H. Taylor