UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 10-11, 1914

Volume OD - Pages 521-523

                         Reno, Nevada
                        July 10, 1914

The Board of Regents met at 10 o'clock Friday, July 10, 1914.
Present:  Regents H. E. Reid, J. W. O'Brien, Walter E. Pratt
and Charles B. Henderson, and R. P. Lewers.  Absent:  A. A. Codd.

Minutes of June 2 and 15th, 1914, read and approved.  Report of
Robert Lewers, Acting President, read and filed.

Motion of Regent Henderson that the appointments of the follow-
ing members of the faculty be confirmed:

    Francis Church Lincoln to be Professor of Mining and
    Metallurgy at a salary of $3000 a year to date from July 1,
    1914.  It is understood that Mr. Lincoln is to be allowed
    to do outside work in mining engineering at such times and
    places as will not interfere with his University duties.
    Also an allowance of $250 is to be made to pay his expenses
    in moving from New York to Reno.

    F. W. Wilson to be Professor of Animal Husbandry at a salary
    of $2500 a year to date from July 1, 1914, and an allowance
    not to exceed $300 to pay the expense of moving from Arizona
    to Reno.

    William P. Roseman to be Field Demonstrator in the Smith-
    Lever Agricultural Extension work at a salary of $2500 a
    year to date from July 1, 1914, and an allowance of $250
    for expense of moving to Reno.

    Philip Augustus Lehenbauer to be Assistant Professor of
    Botany and Horticulture at a salary of $1500 a year to date
    from July 1, 1914.

Motion seconded and carried.

Upon motion of Regent Pratt, duly seconded and carried, it was
ordered that the sum of $4000 be set aside in the budget for the
purpose of stock.  This sum is to be expended at such times and
in such amounts as the Department of Animal Husbandry may deem

The tentative plan submitted by Director Chas. S. Knight and the
Acting President for work under the Smith-Lever Bill was ordered
approved when it had received the sanction of the Department of
Agriculture in Washington.

Director Chas. S. Knight was authorized to attend the meeting
of Agricultural Extension workers in Denver in July, to comply
with the request of Director A. C. True.

Regent Henderson moved that the question of the adjustment of
salaries be referred to the Finance Committee, the Acting Presi-
dent and Comptroller C. H. Gorman, with power to act.  Motion
seconded by Regent O'Brien and carried.

Regent Henderson moved that the recommendations of the Acting
President in regard to the following promotions be approved:

    Reuben Cyril Thompson to be made Junior Professor in the
    Latin Department;

    J. Claude Jones to be made Professor of Geology and Mineral-

    Albert Ellsworth Hill to be Associate Professor of English;

    Miss Kate Bardenwerper to be Associate Professor of Home

    Albert W. Preston to be Assistant Professor of Mechanical

Motion seconded by Regent O'Brien and carried.

The Acting President reported that he had appointed a Night
Watchman at a salary of $75 a month and assigned him the care
of the Administration Offices in addition to other duties as
Watchman.  Action confirmed.

The Acting President was authorized to secure a Director of Phys-
ical Training for young men, for the Fall term, and to enter into
negotiations looking to the return of Amos W. Elliott as Physical
Director for next year.

It was moved by Regent Henderson and seconded by Regent Pratt
that the matter of arranging for the use of the history fees be
referred to the Acting President.  Motion carried.

The bill of Professor F. W. Wilson for travelling expenses in the
amount of $97.06 was ordered paid.

The bill of the Sunset Magazine for 100 copies of the Sunset
Magazine ordered by the late President was ordered paid.  Amount
of bill $25.

The Acting President was requested to write a letter to Miss
Anna H. Martin to the effect that the Board of Regents, after a
full consideration of the request contained in her letter, had
decided that the resolution confining the use of the University
name to purposes germane to the institution should stand as

Adjouned to 10 o'clock, Saturday, July 11, 1914.

                             H. E. Reid

Geo. H. Taylor