UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 9-10, 1870


Volume OA - Page 87

                        State of Nevada


                         July 9, 1870

The Board of Regents met at the call of the President at the

Office of Surveyor General.  Present:  C. C. Batterman, C. N.

Noteware and A. N. Fisher.

Minutes of former meetings were read and approved.

Lists Nos. 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Selections of Land for the State

Under the Penitentiary Grant, embracing 5976 43/100 acres, and

List No. 29 of Selections Under the Internal Improvement Grant,

embracing 2235 6/100 acres were received from the State Register,

approved by the Board and returned to the Land Office.

On motion, it was,

    RESOLVED, that until further notice, the State Register be

    instructed to make all selections under the Internal

    Improvement Grant.

On motion, it was,

    RESOLVED, that the minimum price of "Timber Lands" lying

    west of and including Range 19, east, be fixed at $5 per

    acre, and that all the lands embraced in this resolution

    be declared selected, and the State Register be authorized

    and requested to file the proper list with the local U. S.

    Land Office.

The Board adjourned to meet at the call of the President.