UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 8-9, 1950

Volume 6 - Pages 250-252

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                        July 8, 1950

The Board of Regents met in regular session at the University of
Nevada on July 8, 1950.  Regents Hilliard, Sheerin, Cahlan, Ross
and Arentz were present.

At 11 A.M. the meeting was called to order by the Chairman in
Room 222, Mackay Science Hall, for the purpose of considering the
proposition made jointly by representatives of the Board of Ath-
letic Control, the Downtown Boosters, the Alumni Association, the
Student Body and the Faculty Committee on Athletic Policy; and to
discuss with this group the necessity for University aid in the
major athletic program.  After consideration of the "experience
tables" submitted by the Graduate Manager and the projected esti-
mated expenses to continue the major athletic program, the Re-
gents agreed to include the sum of $60,000 in its budget for the
ensuing biennium in support of the athletic program at the Uni-

After consideration of the "Recommendations for Athletic Policy -
University of Nevada, Prepared and Approved by Representatives of
the Student Body, Faculty, Alumni, Boosters and Board of Athletic
Control", the Regents approved the following:

 1.  Students who participated in athletics must meet entrance
     requirements as they appear in the University catalogue.

 2.  A Faculty Eligibility Committee of not less than 5 members
     be set up.  This Committee will be appointed in the same
     manner as all Faculty Standing Committees, i. e., recommend-
     ed by the Administrative Council and approved for appoint-
     ment by the President of the University.

 3.  The duties of the Committee shall be:

     (a)  To certify the eligibility of all students participat-
          ing in extra-curricular activities, intercollegiate
          athletics included.

     (b)  To check on and to report to academic Deans and the
          Director of the particular extra-curricular activity
          those students who, in the Committee's opinion, are
          endangering their scholastic record by reason of par-
          ticipation in extra-curricular activities, intercol-
          legiate athletics included.

     (c)  To report their actions to the President.

     (d)  To recommend to the President from time to time such
          changes and improvements as are necessary.

     (e)  To elect its Chairman and to draw up Bylaws which shall
          govern the Committee, said Bylaws to be approved by
          the President and the Board of Regents.

 4.  The Board of Athletic Control and the Director of Athletics
     be advised from year to year by the Chairman of the Eligi-
     bility Committee of any proposed changes to the University
     catalogue regarding admissions, eligibility and scholastic
     requirements.  The Board of Athletic Control and the Direc-
     tor of Athletics shall be advised of said proposed changes
     in sufficient time to make recommendations to the President
     prior to the submission of such changes to the Board of

 5.  The ruling on probation shall be as follows:

         A student on scholastic probation is entitled to par-
         ticipate in extra-curricular activities including
         intercollegiate athletics.

 6.  That raising of funds for grants-in-aid and employment com-
     pensation for athletes be delegated to the Alumni Associa-
     tion of the University of Nevada.

 7.  That funds for grants-in-aid and employment compensation to
     athletes be received and disbursed by the University of
     Nevada through the Comptroller's office upon recommendation
     of the Director of Athletics and the approval of the Board
     of Athletic Control.

 8.  That a new Board of Athletic Control be established with the
     following composition, responsibility and method of appoint-

         The alumni members appointed by and to represent the
         Alumni Executive Committee; two faculty members to
         represent the faculty (the method of appointment to
         be left to the discretion of the faculty); two students
         to be elected by the Student Body as specified in the
         Associated Students of the University of Nevada Consti-
         tution and to represent the Associated Students; the
         Comptroller of the University of Nevada; the Chairman
         of this Board to be elected by the members of the Board
         from year to year.

 9.  This 7-man Board of Athletic Control will have jurisdiction
     over Intercollegiate Athletics subject to the approval of
     the policy, program and appointments by the President and
     the Board of Regents.

10.  That the various groups coordinate the appointment of their
     members to the Board through their Chairmen so that conti-
     nuity of membership will be assured through staggered terms
     of appointment, and if at all possible, there be no more
     than 3 new members at any time.

11.  That each Board member be instructed that he is responsible
     to the group that appoints him to said Athletic Board; that
     part of his duties is to report to, and continually advise
     his respective group of the Board of Athletic Control's
     progress and action.

The meeting recessed at 12 noon.

The recessed meeting of the Board of Regents reconvened in the
President's office at 1:15 P.M. with all Regents present.

Interviews were then held with 3 of the 4 men under consideration
for the position of President of the University of Nevada.  The
4th person under consideration had been interviewed in person at
a former meeting of the Board.  After deliberation, the Regents
elected Dr. Malcolm A. Love, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Univer-
sity of Denver, to become President of the University of Nevada.
His salary was fixed at the sum of $10,000 per year with the
following appurtenances:

(1)  Official entertainment fund up to $1500 per year, the same
     to be paid upon the filing of statements from time to time
     with the Comptroller.

(2)  Maid service up to $100 per month, said sum being based upon
     1/2 time and pay of a University Janitor.

(3)  Car for use of the President in his official capacity and in
     compliance with the law of the State of Nevada governing use
     of State-owned cars.

(4)  Actual moving expense up to a total of $1,000.

(5)  University residence, including utilities (heat, light and
     water) such furniture as is now owned by the University and
     in the house of the President.

Dr. Love was called before the Board and accepted the position on
the above stipulations.  It was further agreed that he would re-
turn to Nevada as soon as possible to work on the proposed budget
and that his contract would begin September 1, 1950.  It was fur-
ther agreed that, should it take longer to complete the details
necessary for disseverance from his present position, a reason-
able time be granted after September 1 for Dr. Love to take up
residence in active management of the University.

It was regularly moved, seconded and carried that the Chairman
be granted a vote of thanks and appreciation for his work in col-
lecting information relative to respective candidates for the
position of President.

It was also moved, seconded and carried that an additional $100
be given to Miss Faye Ledford for her work as Secretary to the
Chairman of the Board in taking care of the correspondence and
other details.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.