UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 7-8, 1917

Volume OE - Pages 54-55

                         Reno, Nevada
                         July 7, 1917

The meeting of the Board was called to order July 7 at 9:30

Present:  Regents Baker, Curler, Abel, O'Brien and Acting Presi-
dent Lewers.  Absent:  Regent Sullivan.

Pending the arrival of Dr. Sullivan, the Board took a recess.

Meeting was resumed at 10:30 with the full Board present.

The Board went into executive session to consider the names of
candates for the Presidency of the University.

At 12 P.M. the Board took a recess until 2:00 P.M. the same day.

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 P.M. July 7, 1917.

Present:  Regents Curler, O'Brien, Baker, Sullivan, Abel and
Acting President Lewers.

The Board resumed its executive session subject to being inter-
rupted by an appointment made with Governor Boyle.

Governor Boyle appeared before the Board and expressed his desire
to cooperate with the Board in the work of the newly created
State Assayer's Office, in the appointment of a State Assayer,
and explained to the Board the provisions of the law passed by
the last Legislature regarding the office; emphasizing the fact
that he did not wish to put an appointee for this position in
the State Analytic Laboratory -- where the law required the work
should be conducted -- without the approval of the Board of Re-
gents.  A further appointment was made with Governor for 10:45
A.M. July 9th, and the matter was held in abeyance until that
time for further consideration.

Professors R. Adams and Peter Frandsen, a committee from the Uni-
versity Senate, appeared before the Board to supplement by oral
argument their report of April 10 (see File 2 No. 10).  After
discussion they were requested to place a supplementary report
in writing before the Board on July 9th.

The Board returned to executive session.

The Board returned to open session.

The Chairman read to the Board a letter dated July 6, 1917 from
Mr. B. A. Campbell, Jr., Manager of the Sparks Baseball Team,
asking that the team be permitted to use the University of
Nevada Baseball grounds on two Saturday afternoons and one Sun-
day morning, for the purpose of playing baseball games with
other teams.

It was moved by Dr. Sullivan that the request contained in the
communication from the Manager of the Sparks Baseball Team be
granted.  The motion was carried, all voting Aye.

Meeting recessed until 10 A.M. July 9, 1917.